2001-05-12-The Part To The Whole

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Topic: The Part To the Whole

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Henry Z.



Greetings to you my friends. Today, I am going to discuss aspects of the part to the Whole.



God the Father designed the personalities of the universe with the concept and function of family in mind. The Father in his infinite and absolute perfection embodies the whole, the complete. The Father has fragmented a part of himself as spirit guides to "gather from the field the wild flowers", to bring the far-flung and scattered parts together as a whole. To unite all personality in the expression of Deity.

It is this concept that takes the Creator Sons and Daughters from Paradise and sends them into the open universe space and there to plan, to tend their "gardens in space". Michael was sent from Paradise with the implicit intention to reproduce personality and in doing so, plan and experiment with life in order to recreate from perfection the patterns of life given him. In doing so, Michael's universe of personality and spiritual countenance created life on thousands of worlds which would take up in time, the honored spiritual heritage reserved for the creature whose will was capable of surrendering its nature to embrace willfully a mightier and more translucent nature, the nature of the Divine and the Supreme.

The model for family was brought from Paradise by the Creator Son and Daughter and in setting up Salvington of Nebadon, there they began to produce beings in multiple orders, their children, and created the family organization. The family is unique in that it demands responsibility from each member to function as a unit. This responsibility is to serve the whole as a part. The will of the Father prevails in the intentions of Michael and Nebadonia. Father's will is the fulcrum around which the family of universe personality organizes itself.

The personalities of the Universe are not indwelt with a Father fragment or any other Paradise aspect of spirit guidance. They receive their concept and awareness directly from the Creator Son and Daughter of Paradise inheritance. It is the allegiance to The Creator Son and Daughter which holds the personality of the spiritual universe of Nebadon together.

Lucifer Rebellion

Of particular interest here is the lesson of Lucifer. Lucifer who being a great and brilliant Son of Michael and Nebadonia, created with free will volition, did choose to segment and segregate himself and his contingent of administrative staff along with their subordinates. It is a part, this breaking away from the family of God which was a great challenge in the universe history of Nebadon.

The family of God is the underlying pattern and scheme of all that in undertook in Nebadon, down to sending a Planetary Prince and his staff to a newly organized life planet and undertaking to generate the patterns of organization which will eventually bring that planet and its inhabitants into the fold of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of man. Lucifer upset that plan and in due course set up his own "corporation" of personal freedom and liberty which was designed to alter each and every plan of the Father's will set forth by the edicts of Nebadon and the administration of the Most Highs on the Constellation worlds.


In this default of grace, Lucifer gathered around himself an organization which would stand in contrast to Father's will and directly challenge the authority of Michael as personal representative of the First Source. Lucifer was successful in aligning most of his administrative executives to his new manifesto and liberating a portion of Nebadon within the constellation of Norlatiadek in the system of Satania to his new 'corporation'. The planetary prince, Caligastia of Urantia was one of these executives who set in motion this new corporation on Urantia. There ensued a great battle between the forces of Michael and the greater forces in number of Lucifer. There was a fall from grace and Urantia was hurled into darkness, run amuck by the renegade celestials and their misguided staff and subordinates.

Even to this day, on your world, this corporation still holds itself apart from the will and responsibility of the greater universe federation which is its inheritance. It is to this particular situation that Michael personally chose to incarnate and regain his inheritance. It is the primary purpose of this teaching mission, to gather this part and bring it back into wholeness.

It is easier for a flower to pretend it is a cat, than for a Son to pretend that he has no Father. It is the duty and responsibility of you on Urantia to bring yourself back into the fold, back into the heartful and willful expression of the Great Father of Spirit which resides within each and everyone of you.


God is asking all that you are to become more like he is. He weeps at the loss of even one of you. Who does not weep at the loss of a child. Lucifer did not weep, nor did he repent. His hardened heart became a shield and armor which the most hardened on Urantia even to this day stand, rule and justify their greed and their power, while disregarding the greater good of Father's children.

Do not be soft spoken to the greed and arrogance which challenges to bring you and your country down. Do not stand by and tell your superiors when you arrive on the mansion worlds that you couldn't do anything, that you had no choice but to give in to the status quo, to uphold your face in the great pretense which characterizes your age of materialism and disregard for human countenance and planetary life.

Free will

You do have a choice to stand within the Presence which resides in you. You can make a difference in your own life and the life of your children and friends. The whole calls for its part. The part cannot exist apart from the whole.

We are now back to the great pattern of wholeness in the greater universe and Paradise where all is designed to orchestrate to become one. Just as your body is patterned to orchestrate itself into wholeness to sustain life, all personality in the universes must orchestrate to the will of the Paradise Father and his "Great Scheme" to bring perfection of Paradise into the time and space universes.

This responsibility is the foundation of your will. My friends, do not take my words as harsh or patronizing, take my words that they strengthen your will and character to grow into the loving presence you are, to not halt or stagnate at adversity but as flowing water to a rock, " roll on by".


Practice greater resonance within the quietness of presence.

Thank you.