2001-08-19-The Father Indwelling

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Topic: The Father Indwelling

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Greetings children I am Ham and I am grateful to have you here this evening.


Relationship, Thought Adjusters

We are deciding to discuss our Father in Heaven as a friend and comrade who understands your inner-most desires, feelings, and longings. Many times we have spoken concerning this universe truth that God while maintaining his universe, as the first cause and center of all reality while upholding and maintaining an infinity of creation is also personally present in the minds of his mortal children. This presence is like a betrothal like the most tender, closest, merging of personalities that you can possibly imagine. He loves each person so much and desires such closeness with each one of you that he sends his own spirit in a personal way from Paradise and eternity into the realm of space and time and its limitation. He is limitless, perfect, beyond personality, absolute, eternal, the grandest and most remote I am while at the same time he is personal, limited, surrounded by imperfection. One who gives all to your own will. One who waits. One who is subject to the caprices and whims of the human mind. One who serves the lowliest of his creatures who can perceive him in quiet understanding.

The Father loves you so much that in your earliest infancy, your earliest consciousness, he indulges your will and waits with infinite patience for you to turn to him. The Father never coerces, never blinds with light, never really punishes, but allows self-inflicted punishment. The Father forgives and in his infinite mercy allows each child to learn and make all his mistakes without the intercession of a stern and Fatherly hand. He does all this because he values your love so completely. Your love is so valuable that the Father would do nothing to unduly influence your freedom in giving your love to him. This is a profound and universal truth that you are so precious to the Father that he would do nothing to alter or change your freedom to either love or to reject his love. But make no mistake, God is not mocked. You're all given freedom, yes, but that freedom has its limits. A wise Father does not give too much to the immature child. You are free to choose the Father's love and the road to eternal life and yes, you are free to reject it. But in this rejection, there is true limitation.

The Father's world , his vast creation is one of order, one of security, one of bliss in eternal service. The life you accept in accepting the eternal struggle is one of infinite wonder alongside infinite difficulty. Infinite learning and peace alongside an infinite struggle against imperfection and character sloth. Eternity beckons and it is an eternity of infinite self-realization, infinite unfolding. There are some who refuse this gift of their own free will and they decide not to be of use in the universe. These persons then become as though they had not been. Their unique personal gift to the universe is reabsorbed back into the source of personality. I say these things so that you understand there is justice in the universe. There is the road of becoming more and more like the Father in love and mercy kindness, tolerance, and there is another road. The road of serving the self, of demanding obedience to yourself rather than giving your obedience to a higher purpose. This road is one where error becomes sin and sin becomes iniquity. That is, the conscious pulling away from the Father's love and doing that thing in full consciousness that you know is against his will. That's it. There are some who travel away toward the Father and then turn and travel back. And many people get lost in this realm of indecision. But I say to you, that all mortal beings whether in this life or the next, have the full opportunity to choose, knowing the consequences of each choice.

So do not waste too much time and energy worrying about the souls of others. For everyone has essentially the final say concerning their own destiny. Yes, this world is filled with sin and iniquity, filled with confused souls. This life is a harsh testing ground and as you leave this life, you will have been tested indeed.

Keep making those decisions which lead you toward God rather than against him. Keep affirming your love for him. Keep allowing his love to flow toward you. He won't do it for you. You have to do it yourselves.

Are there any questions at this time.


Carol: I feel like my Father is preparing to depart and as difficult as he is I am trying to open a dialogue with him that will show him a way to go home or something. And as you know he's a tough nut and so am I . Have you got any advice for me of how to communicate with someone who tells me that he doesn't think in these directions at all.

Ham: Certainly. The only thing you can say that he will hear even though they may not show it, is that you love him. He may not seem to need reassurance, but he does. What you are looking for is the same thing and at some point the two of you may move past your antagonisms and come to some simple declarations of truth. The truth is my daughter, he does love you but has a lot of guilt and baggage especially with you and your mother. You and she are like two sides of the same coin for him And he doesn't know how to deal with either one. You're also alike as you said in many ways. And so you need acceptance from each other. He needs your acceptance as much as you need his. So don't be concerned so much with his soul, for his soul is secure. Rather work toward that place of acceptance of him, then his acceptance of you will come forth.

John: I find that the hard part isn't being afraid to fail. For me I have a fear of success. I feel like I have a lot to be grateful for. . ...

Ham: Well son, you don't have a lot of confusion here. You see the way and you see the pitfalls quite clearly. It doesn't take a genius to see that self-indulgence and selfish behaviors are a major pitfall or stumbling block. You see the evidence of it all around you. Working in the creative arts does not give one a license to be immature. When you accept adult responsibilities then you take on the discipline that is required. This discipline is what will open the door to greater success and will also give you the maturity to deal with it. Many people enter that profession as an escape from adult responsibility and then through lack of discipline and through childish self-indulgence, they quickly wreck their careers on the hard rocks of reality. You see this very clearly. The mistakes you've made are part of your learning process. Be thankful for those opportunities because as success comes, mistakes will have greater consequences than before.

Jim: personal message

Ham: My son you are truly coming through some hard lessons and are growing tremendously from these. This is a time to gain your balance to begin to feel your feet firmly planted once more. Take each day one at a time and do what is necessary for advancement in that day. Begin to relax and let the future develop as it will. Let go of worry. You are doing very well. That is all.

Materialism, Wealth

Katie: Can you talk about the new-agey notion of creative visualization, that if you're spiritual enough you can have the happiness you want, even the material things you want? Is this a waste of visualization?

Ham: Yes of course. There is so much confusion in this world concerning happiness. And yes, the time spent visualizing material things for their own sake and investing these things with the power to bring happiness is a waste of energy. It is much more productive to visualize yourself serving the Father in some capacity. Some longings have spiritual power others have none. The longing for material success for its own sake has no spiritual power. The Father in his wisdom will lead you where you need to be in order to serve him with your own special capacity and this is happiness. Is this helping.

Marc: Is there a danger in religions or philosophies that are based upon the idea that your reality is the way that it is as a result of your own spirituality, and that if you want more material success you have to address something spiritually within yourself?

This way of thinking is unfortunate because the hardships are usually more valuable to your spirit than your successes. If you create the premise that if one person has more material ease and success than another that, that person is more spiritually developed. This is quite abhorrent to the Master. The true treasures of existence and values of life are not found in the material world. The prosperous merchant who comes before god and says: "thank you Father for making me rich and powerful," is he not further than the man who beats his breast and asks: "forgive me Father . " The one man is sincere and reaching and completely open to the Father. The other is self-satisfied and in no real need so he thinks, of the Father's help. No material wealth is often more of a hindrance to spiritual progression than it is a help.

Phyllis: For years I expected God to fulfill my wishes. But now I realize I am there to serve his. Can you help me with this?

Ham: You have summarized the intent of this discussion very well. The danger of this movement in which every person is their own god manifesting their own reality is exactly that. The roles are indeed reversed and this is a dangerous path. You are correct in your understanding and also in your repentance which is completely accepted. The Father forgives all his children for their errors in judgement and he is overwhelmingly concerned with your souls. Once you make that leap of commitment to serving him whole heartedly, the your real need will be met. And the false desires that create unhappiness will fall away. For your true desire will be met: to love God and to serve him.

Personal Counsel

Barb: How is my son doing? It left a big hole in my life and I filled it with all of these children. But the work is just so hard and I want to do it right. I want to serve. How do I do that?

Ham: Oh my daughter these little ones do feel your heart, but of course they can not take the place of your missing child. Take solace in the knowledge that you will have him returned to you in the next world and you will pick up where you left off. But in the meantime, give these little ones your love, for that is what they truly need. In other words, don't be afraid to love them and you will find much happiness there as well. That is all.

Joan: personal message please

Ham: My daughter, you have grown much over the last several years. You are coming into new awareness of yourself and are finding new ways of service. With growth you are finding that you can be of service while at the same time, not neglecting yourself. Earlier you were imbalanced and your service went overboard even to the point of losing who you were. But this is changing and your future is coming together. Your opportunities for service are multiplying.

Esmirelda: wondered if you had any advice for her doctors.

Ham: Well my dear, your health is in a precarious state but nothing that is life-threatening at this time. The treatments you are receiving should over time become more balanced and give your body a chance to recuperate. It will be a while before this is arrived at. So be aware that you have some time to recover. Be at peace my dear, you do well.

HAL: Did you want Rebecca and I to go to that thing down in Georgia?

Ham: It is not critical either way. We leave the decision to you.

Elena: personal message

Ham: Certainly my dear. You do well. Continue to explore your creative outlets even while you are a necessary comfort to your family. You do very well, that is all.

Rebecca: personal message

Ham: My daughter, you are doing well. You are very well loved by many and are a comfort and help more than you know. Value your friendships and be mindful of them. That is all.

Jarad: personal message

Ham: My son you do well. Your work is proceeding as it should. This is important. Also be open and self-extending in your friendships and cherish these for they are important. That is all.

Marc: personal message

Power, Path

Ham: Of course and you have my gratitude for your diligence on the laptop. It is a difficult task I know. My son, you are indeed progressing in the spirit and you are experiencing the joy of discovering true values and real meanings in the confusion of life. Remember that the Master walks with you and his truth he will give you plainly. You are a man of honest searching. One who abhors self-deception. This quality of open honesty is greatly valued in the universe. Fully dedicate yourself to the Father's will and the Master's service all else will care for itself.

Marc: Wasn't one of the main objectives of the Master's mission to put the power into the people's hands that had been taken from them historically by those in material power? In today's business climate, more specifically the arts, music, and the media there are all of these major conglomerates taking control of everything. Sometimes it's difficult to even want to bother going into that reality at all. Things have been difficult and I often wonder if we've been called to represent an alternative to the corporate controlled reality.

Ham: The Master came to give spiritual power to all and to give it equally. Material power will always be imbalanced but this does not in any way effect true power. True power is gained by progressively surrendering your will to the will of the Father. The Father will unerringly reveal your path to you and gaining the Father's path involves letting-go of your own, or rather making the Father's path your path. In doing this, you will unleash the potentials within yourself, those potentials that remain locked-away when one pursues a selfish path and denies the a Father's path. With all the frustration and all the problems you are encountering are you not staying true to yourself? You are and staying true to yourself is what reveal's the Father's path. His path will have obstacles and problems but you will be doing what you were meant to do and what you love to do and so there is happiness. Success in the world or failure is not a determiner of the Father's path. Many a work of art of lasting value to humanity was a failure in its time. When you choose the Father's path, you must choose it unconditionally.

Hal: The only one who can stand in the way of me doing the Father's will is me.

Ham: Correct

Guardian Angels

John: I feel like I've been inspired by the angels that surround me and Denise and I wonder if they have names and if they ask something of us.

Ham: Yes of course they have names. You each have a pair of guardian seraphim in addition, there are other angelic presences as well. Your angels names are Annopea and Lannopea. Their only message is their overwhelming love and protective motherly feelings for you both. They rejoice in your spiritual progress. Angels are quite reticent about direct communication. They prefer to be in the background. Is this helping?

Charlie B. Personal message

Ham: My son, be at ease. You are finding your way. Let go of the guilt of the past and your way will be much clearer. Don't make things harder than they are and take things a day at a time. That is all.

Is there anything further?

Very well then.


As always my love and my prayers are with you each,. We are happy with your progress; happy with your steadfastness.

Go in peace my children. Farewell.