2001-12-10-Paranormal Activity Interest

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Topic: Paranormal Activity Interest

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl, Benson, Michael, Alfana

TR: George B., Steve, Nel, Stella



JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your Teacher JarEl. It is good to be here tonight. Welcome to all of you who come here on a regular basis.


Interdependence, Change

Part of what you were talking about tonight deals with the Correcting Time. Correcting knowledge and past history; and looking at it with a clear view. In this Mission we strive to correct your view of God, of your brothers and sisters, and of the Universe. We want to expand your idea of what reality is. We want you to be aware of how connected you are with everybody and everything. My connection with you is very strong and very interdependent. Much like your connection with the population of Urantia. You are all in symbiosis with one another. If one part of the world is in chaos or conflict it trickles down and effects the rest of the world.

Much like the September 11 events effected the entire world. Many nations that had nothing to do with this event are now feeling the effects of it. This should be used as a lesson to illustrate to you how dependent you are on one another and how connected you are to one another. So when you hear about thousands of people dying in Africa or South America or another third world country you should take notice and you should demand change. For if you don’t demand change and you ignore these events, sooner or later the trickle effect of these conflicts shall be felt by you, either directly or indirectly. It is like a domino effect. If one of your brothers falls, sooner or later you will feel the weight of all your brothers falling. Would it not be better to help pick up your brother so he may stand with dignity? The world goes through many changes and society as a whole goes through many moods. Do not be swept up in this mood change that you feel your brothers and sisters are going through.

Stand out and represent your own; even though the winds are blowing one way, walk against it and try to change reality. There is much help around you when you ask for it. All you need to do is ask and we will help you. We will help you change the winds in your favor, so that they may blow more favorably. At times like this when people are hurting it is so easy to ignore everyone else. It is so easy to ignore the rest of the world. People say that they have problems of their own; that they are too busy to think about what is going on in other parts of the world. I want to let you know that even though something so remote may happen in some distant land that you are not aware of, what happened there will eventually happen where you are standing if you do not act and attempt to change these events. Acting does not mean that you have to go and fight for them. Acting may simply mean that you make others aware of what is going on. The winds of change can be in your favor. All you have to do is ask for help and love one another and remember that you are all brothers and sisters and that God is your Father and that I am your brother. Others may now speak.

Benson: TR, Steve. Good evening, it is I, Benson. I wish to make a few remarks this evening.

Paranormal, Catastrophism

Upon the phenomenon that has been popularly referred to as the awakening or the quickening as one of your radio commentators and psychic phenomenon researchers calls it, many individuals have noticed that there seems to be a more intense interest in paranormal activities these days. Theories range from all extremes of political and scientific speculation. One thing that all of these individuals seem to agree upon is that something seems to be going on that is beginning to attract more notice and more attention. This is true, but perhaps in ways that are not really as well understood as explained by those who purport to have knowledge of such phenomenon.

Several changes in the environment of Urantia have prompted individuals to attribute these changes to external and extraordinary forces. This is slightly true. Mostly, however, it is rather uneducated speculation as to the cause and effect. I can tell you for certain though that the observed physiology changes on the planet are indeed happening and a rate of greater intensity than is even acknowledged or understood by the proponents of such ideas. Global warming, depletion of the ozone layers and a definite increase of the seismic activity worldwide are factual occurrences. Some individuals of one theory will attribute these phenomena to the last days concept where God is punishing mankind for his sins.

This of course is not true and it is an extreme view, nevertheless it finds wide acceptance among many more fundamental types of religious believers. Others prescribe this to environmental causes which are the result of mankind meddling in the balance of the ecology of the planet. This is partly true, greatly overlooked though are certain long term natural ecological and meteorological cycles which are reaching respective peaks. Not enough is known about the natural fluctuations of such patterns over the long term.

Long term changes are being viewed in too short of a time frame. Coupled with political events, the terrorist events of September 11, and also a shaky economy, many individuals are losing faith in the so-called American way of life; systems, institutions, and the very elected government of the people itself. Two basic reactions will occur in general to those who are cognizant of such changes. One group will seek to correct things through the passage of new legislation, environmental laws or political reforms. They will say that is the answer.


Those who are less grounded in the dependence upon these earthly manmade material systems which rules our lives, will admit that the answers or solutions to the problem, at least from a material mortal level, are even more ubiquitous and elusive than ever. Those individuals will turn toward Father in prayer as they admit that they do not have solutions and that a true correction of these problems must come from a higher source. All this can still work on even a secular plane, even among those who have no knowledge of the truths or of the better explanations of spiritual phenomena which may be found in the text that you are all familiar with. The point is, without the added advantage which you in this room have, the individuals who truly seek the answer from their heart and from a higher source are putting their hearts in the right place. On the other hand those who seek tougher legislation, more control by the police forces of your planet (the more regulations to protect us all) are in reality by this method practicing a form of arrogance. Perhaps not in a conscious sense, but nevertheless predicated upon the way they choose to live their life.

It is easy for you in this room to see that the former method to seek the Father’s Will and His answers is the preferable way of doing God’s Will. Understand that if emergency intervention should absolutely be required to prevent things from getting past a certain line of no return, then it is available if needed. This would call for a certain suspension of leaving open freewill choices (which is one of the key precepts of the celestial helpers); celestial helpers who seek to guide and to offer assistance rather than to mandate corrective procedures. You have no idea how powerful the prayers and meditations can be. To want to live to do the Will of the Father as a way of life is basically all that is needed. This planet will prevail, this planet shall enter the age of light and life, Michael’s mission shall not fail. I wish you peace, beauty, and goodness as you gather with your friends and families over the year end holiday season. God bless you and farewell for now.


Michael: TR, Nel. Good evening my children, I am here with you and so is Mother. I wish to greet you and embrace you in joy. The Father is joy, only His joy is love and He longs for your hearts to be open to Him so that He may fill you with joy and with peace. My bestowal to this world was a gift from Him and it was a great joy for me to be here, to be among my mortal children. So celebrate this season, as I know you do, with my heart in gladness. Do not worry about distortions on the story, the truth is in there and I am in everyone’s mind and heart who speaks the truth. Whoever will listen, will know the truth, will be full of light. My love for you is so profound as I am reflecting the love of the Father. So only joy should be known, for there is really nothing else but joy.

With your enlightenment and allowing me to bring the love of the Father, myself and your Mother moving into your hearts and souls you cannot but shine it forward and that is what you are doing and that is a great joy to me. So be comforted, you are my new shepherds, my new apostles and you are doing well. Spread my love forward and know that light is everywhere carrying you and giving you strength and confidence. Be comforted in who you are. You are children of the Father. That is the ultimate. That is all that needs to be brought to the world and all people will be made glad by that knowledge of being children of the heavenly Father. You know I am supporting you with all that you undertake and all that you are doing is blessed because your heart is there wanting to do the Father’s Will and that is what you are doing, thank you for that. Together this world will be healed. I will go before you, just follow me. Take my hand and the path will be cleared and well lit. Have joy children, grab it, it is there for you. I love you, this is Michael, take my peace with you.

United States

Aflana: TR, Stella. This is Aflana speaking for Correlli who is temporarily on another mission. Be not dismayed at the growing chaos that you see beyond your borders. These are temporary blips, which will pass. However, more attention must be paid to the Middle East where tensions are being exacerbated by Israel’s constant incursions into the Palestinian Land. We fear that this will bring in other nations and that this will be indeed your Third World War.

However, there is still hope if the two sides can sit down and negotiate. It is important that you contact your congress people to avoid further war, as the future may be bleak for Israel and the Palestinians. We know your concerns and you are right, these wars must stop. As soon as the wars are ended your nation will once again take its’ place as a leader. Your nation’s concerns with Afghanistan are legitimate. However, the problem of Israel is not being settled. Please use your influence as best you can. The world is in great need of a solid United Nations that will work towards peace throughout the world.

Your country was given a great mandate when it was founded more than two hundred years ago. At times this mandate has not been lived up to and your country must return to the principles that your founding fathers stood for: peace and equality for all men and women. You have a great task ahead of you, and with American will, it can be done. So get to work and do what you can.

Your courage is indeed very helpful and goes farther than you think and this will lay the path for good men to rule with their hearts and not their heads. Be not dismayed, as Christ says, be of good cheer, these dark days will pass and America will once again take its lead as the leader of the free world. We love you and we plead with you, get busy, there’s much to be done, goodnight for now.

JarEl: TR, George. This is JarEl. Well, there you go. You all have homework assignments. It is up to you in whatever way you decide to execute this assignment, hopefully the best way that you can. I have time for some questions, if there are any.


Lucille: JarEl, last time you talked about the energy and the light that we can send out. I have been trying to send energy and light to the women of Afghanistan, but I understand that the supplies and the food are not reaching the people. I guess the best we can do is to just send the energy and light?

JarEl: TR, George. Yes Lucille continue sending your energy and your prayers for they need much help over there.

Lucille: I pray for the women and the children.

JarEl: TR, George. That is good.

Poverty, Hate

Stella: Is a lot of the hate that is in the world a product of extreme poverty?

JarEl: TR, George. Not necessarily; extreme poverty does not bring about hate. It brings suffering and it brings struggle, but hate is brought on by something else. Hate is brought on by a misunderstanding; of not knowing and by misinformation. Hate is brought on by anger that some people do have in cases of extreme poverty. This anger, if not controlled, can lead to hate. But there are many cases where people are in extreme poverty and have managed to subdue their anger and avert hate. Does this answer your question?

Stella: Yes, thank you.

JarEl: TR, George. I am aware that the group has a question for me.

Lucille: Yes, will you come next week? We would love to have you.

JarEl: TR, George. I would love to be here. I look forward to next week. I have a few words to tell on the coming holiday. If there are no more questions

Influence, Governance

Lucille: JarEl I am bothered by there being so much poverty as Stella stated. What can we do as individuals when our government spends so much on ammunition, guns, planes and everything when it should really be going for food for the third world? What can we as individuals do?

JarEl: TR, George. There is much you can do as individuals and as a group and as a whole. There is much influence that you can have over your government if you are persistent. The government is a representative of the people. The people elect their representatives. If a representative is not representing you in your views then perhaps you might want to convince your neighbor, your friend, your colleague or your relatives that this representative should not be in office and that you should elect one who will represent you. This is the beauty of America. At the moment there are many representatives who have gotten elected on sheer persistency and a lot of them have been elected because of interests. Find out what you can do, find out who stands for what. I know it is a lot of work. I know that you would rather not have to deal with this, but when your representatives are not representing you, then you have to put the effort into finding a new representative. Perhaps one day when you do have the right representatives who are progressive, who want to change the world, who want to make the world an equal place for everybody, then poverty, crime and war will cease to exist. If you ignore your politicians and allow them to run America then you are doomed to their will and their politics. You all have freewill and as a whole you all have a collective freewill and you can bend a politicians’ will because they will feel the pressure of the collective will when it is applied. Does this answer your question?

Lucille: Yes, to a certain extent. I have been writing letters to our representative. Congressman Dreier is my representative, he is a Republican. I have been writing to him about gun control and he won’t do anything about it. He feels that everyone has a right to have a gun. So far I feel I’ve been beaten down by him. He has been in office eighteen years, so he is pretty well entrenched in our area.

Stella: He used to be my congressman too, you could not get anywhere with him. Yet he is reelected constantly.

JarEl: TR, George. Perhaps there should be a campaign.

Lucille: I voted for the Democratic once but he did not make it.

JarEl: TR, George. Perhaps you should double your efforts.

Nel: The problem is to get the collective will going like JarEl has said; collectively to have big groups of people agreeing and then bombarding him with letters or whatever.

Lucille: Do you have Dreier too?

Nel: Yes. His office is in Covina.

Chris: I have a question. Is it very often possible that one can mix faith and spiritual goals with material and political goals and have the spiritual guide the material goals and be successful? Is it wise to mix the two?

JarEl: TR, George. It is certainly possible to ask for help and guidance in the spiritual realm. To take ones’ belief and politicize it and try to push it onto others, that is wrong. To be open minded and to allow Father to guide you in everything that you do, whether it be political or whether it be in your own private job, with your family, with your neighbors, your friends, you can always allow Father to guide you in the decisions that you make and allow your will to be His Will. Does this answer your question?

Chris: Yes, I think so.

Steve: JarEl, Benson wishes to briefly address the question that was raised by Lucille. Is he permitted to speak again?

JarEl: TR, George. Certainly!


Benson: TR, Steve. Hello once again. One of the considerations involved with self-defense and the issues (for example weapons control and gun control) that have been sadly overlooked in this day and age of advanced and advancing technology is the real concept behind weapons. Most of us would agree that an individual should have the right to protect himself and his family, but at the same time if weapons of choice for that protection are lethal this raises a very interesting problem. If we try to control these weapons, it is said that only the criminal will have guns, where an honest man may not be allowed to possess such a weapon to protect his family.

The argument rages on both sides of this controversy year after year, decade after decade. What is being missed is another point entirely which most individuals have not thought of. Individuals must think out the whole psychology of why a lethal weapon to begin with, rather than how do we control them? The way around that dilemma is simple. More than adequate technology exists today where weapons (even personal weapons), for example, protection against home invasion, or car jacking exists. The answer is: the technology exists, which has been ignored, which would allow the development of non-lethal yet totally disabling weapons, a device which could completely disable an attacker without the use of lethal force, until the attacker once disabled could be restrained by authorities. The reason that no effort has been put into a program to develop such devices is because of the very psychology of using a lethal weapon to begin with. That psychology is based on the idea that it would be better to intentionally kill an individual who may commit a crime against someone. That is the easiest and quickest way. Then we don’t have to look at the problem. Yet the answer is very simple. Devices such as tasers have been around for years and they are just as effective and quick as a firearm. They will disable an attacker before he can shoot back. Individuals still choose weapons which can instantly kill another. Again, I am reminded of the story in The Urantia Book where a madman began to attack a young girl and Jesus was at hand. He held the girl out of harms way with one hand while with his other hand extended he held the attacker out of harms’ way long enough for other individuals nearby to restrain the attacker. This is food for thought to share with someone the next time there is a discussion over the merits of gun control and the right to own. That is all.


JarEl: TR, George. Thank you Benson for your observation. I will now close the session. I look forward to next week when we will meet again. Until then, goodnight.

All: Goodnight JarEl.