2002-03-10-Discernment, Healing & Wholeness

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Topic: Discernment, Healing, & Wholeness

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Rayson

TR: Daniel Raphael



Good afternoon, this is Rayson. Welcome to the Sunday afternoon session of the Northern Colorado Teaching Mission Group. Welcome to our guests. As we begin every week, I wish you to declare your intention for being here, why you are here, declare that for yourselves. (Pause) And now invoke this intention into being with the energy of yourself and that of the Father, Michael and Nebadonia. (Pause) Thank you.



Today’s lesson is a small one, in part, and we will have more, later. Today, let us have a credibility check using the process of discerning to determine whom it is you are listening to. We want you to be thoughtful, conscientious participants, rather than mindless devotees. How you do this is by remaining open and questioning, as you do the other open events of your life. And though TRing has made you feel secure and safe, yet it is a process that you must examine for yourself. Any mission or organization that does not have a built-in process for examining itself, oftentimes loses credibility, it is unable to discern its own way.

Have you ever thought why it was that the angels, midwayers, and so many others followed Lucifer into rebellion? What was missing? What was lacking in their thought process that allowed this tremendous misfortune to occur to this local universe, and most particularly to each individual, whether celestial or other? What allowed this tragedy to occur? Was it lazy thinking? Was it long-term indoctrination of going to work every day, so to speak, and following the ways of each day’s work and labor? Or was it due to the sophistries of Lucifer and Caligastia and Satan? Perhaps, all of those things. But when you see a major deviation in the course of life, philosophy, structure, of your leaders and others, what will you think, or will you even be able to think? You see discernment is a primary ingredient to thoughtful obedience. Thoughtful obedience. Was their fault due to disciplined obedience? Perhaps.

So how is it that you know that this is Rayson and not Daniel deceiving you? I do not bring this to the table today to cause you uncertainty, but to teach you a lesson that you must adhere to for the rest of your lives, on this planet and on the next. There is the opportunity for those with self- will to always spout sophistries to appear to be saying the truth but leading others astray. In a choice such as that, it is black and white. You are either "with the Father and on your way to Paradise," no matter how long the duration, or you’re not. There are some simple aspects of this chosen path, which are simple, and clear. If you do the Father’s will then of course you seek the Father’s will, to have it revealed to you in one way or another, through the actions of your life and developments, or through the inner guidance of your Thought Adjuster. And while you as mortals lead an incredibly precarious life, and the uncertainties of your success are everywhere about you, yet you have the truest guide of all within you, and that is your Thought Adjuster.

And why is it, dear Children, that Finaliters who are Agondonters are of such immense value in the universe? It is because they had to learn to discern to live an infinite life; they had to discern and weigh, judge and assess, and sift and sort, truths from those that are not, to find the path, the way forward through their ascendant careers. You have an old saying, "If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, flies in the air, it must be a duck!" Use that simple analogy to discern truth from that which is not. I apologize that I must make Daniel the "figure" of comparison, for I am sure that it is quite uncomfortable for him, yet it is our only example today that we can use. We could use others from other TR sessions, from other places in the country, but this is immediate, and this is now, and this is where you can learn most. So you would question, is this Rayson speaking, or is this Daniel? There are two sides to that, of course. One is, have you ever read anything or heard Daniel speak this way, and hold meetings in his own right, in his own name, or even under the guise of another and produce these kinds of lessons? The other side is, have you heard Rayson speak consistently, as other Celestial Teachers have, giving lesson after lesson, week after week, month after month, with a consistency that leads one to believe that this is something different, something good.

Which leads us to another point: What is the nature of these lessons, are they good or are they not? Has any one instance in all the many thousands, tens of thousands of words that have poured forth through this mouth ever directed you or guided you or even suggested that you change your loyalties from the Father, from Michael? Have you ever heard one instance, one suggestion that you adhere to the suggestions of the speaker, this mortal? Yes, you are faith-filled sons and daughters of our beloved Michael, who lived here on this planet and knows so well of what you live, and what you go through day to day and week to week, and through your whole lifetime. You are not left without guidance. As faith-filled individuals, you could say, "I have faith that this is alright, that this is okay," but you have seen that and heard that of other people, have you not, who fell victims to some grandiose schemes that cost them their physical, mortal lives, or their life savings, or their homes? You are not left without guidance and without resources. You have your Thought Adjuster, whose leadings are very subtle; and there’s the Spirit of Truth, Spirit of Michael, that was left here to help you reveal the truth of a statement or not, of lessons or not. But you must ask questions! Does this ring of the truth? And then listen, or feel; or is this not of the truth, and listen and feel. The discerning mind asks questions. And so, those who don’t ask questions can oftentimes become the sheep of a wayward leader.

As the Teaching Mission expands, and as the different aspects of the Correcting Time expand in personal areas of your belief systems, and as you see greater awakenings around you in spiritual and religious centers, do not forget this lesson today. There are and will be even more sources of spiritual insight and guidance that will come to you in weeks and months and years to come. And though this may seem to be chaos to you, there will be many threads leading from each one to a center, and those that are true will follow that thread to that center, and eventually, over time, there will be one religion, the religion of the Father. So does this sound of the Father, of Michael and of the way and the light, or does it not? It is not a point of decision; it is a point of discerning. Care must be given, and yes, there will be many prophets who come to you, near you and far, who will have other messages, other words to say, other directions to take you, if you wish.

You have been given a grand insight into the management of the universe, and particularly this world in chaos during its recovery from rebellion through the Teaching Mission, through these personal sources of guidance and wisdom that you have heard through Daniel and many other TR’s across the country and around the world. You have been given an opportunity to help others who come behind you, with you, to help discern. Others will ask you too, "Why do you go to the Teaching Mission, why do you do that, It’s such a farcical enterprise, there’s no one visible, you are just listening to this person spout off every other Sunday or every week for whichever group you go to? Why do you do that?" Do you have a ready answer? Do you know the truths and how to discern them?

Remember that the journey of belief begins with Hope, Faith, Belief, Trust and then Knowing. You have passed the test of Hope, and you are beyond Faith at this time, and you are even into Belief and Trust. And when you come to "Know" the Father’s presence in you and all around you, then you "Know" the beneficence of the universe that is all around you and within you. You then can become a source of truth to others also, for you will know the way and the way will be through you. And you will know Truth, for you will know how to discern truth, and you will look at it and know if it is of the Father’s way or not. many, who read the Urantia Book and other books of wisdom, often do not know the way of truth. That perhaps sounds like an apostate talking to you, but it is not. There are those who read books and study didactically without thought, without logic, only listening to the words and nodding their heads. The requirement to become an ascender, to receive the embrace of the Father, is to be a thinking, thoughtful, discerning individual. There are eras in your future lives in the morontial and spiritual states that will challenge you. Think of those individuals who traverse to Paradise, but are not admitted. Some wait lifetimes, ages, what of them? Why is it that they do not cross? I don’t have an answer for you today, but surely this skill of discerning Truth must be a valuable one to aid you in all your journey’s way. This concludes this part of today’s lesson. Do you have questions concerning it, please?


Guest: Can you tell us anything of your own background, I really don’t understand who you are, where you are from, your history a little bit?

Rayson: Surely. Could you relate that to the lesson?

Guest: Could I relate it to the lesson? I’m sorry!

Rayson: I would be glad to answer your question, once the other questions are completed. I offer this lesson today, not as a chastisement to any of you, certainly not, for that would be demeaning, but this is a lesson of wisdom. How sad it would be, would it not, if you traversed from this planet in rebellion and learned not to discern? (Rayson laughing) What a folly of a soul! What a folly of a lifetime! For you as Agondonters of this planet of rebellion, this is a primary skill! You bring forth wisdom as an Agondonter Finaliter, which will be profound to others, for you will have been there. And this is now, this is today, this is where you begin, and this is where you will learn these lessons. So I say that this is not a chastisement, none of you have anything to worry about concerning this lesson. It is just a lesson of wisdom, and so you do not need to hold your heads low, but really hold your heads high, for you can appreciate the lesson that is to be learned here in your lifetime more completely, through this lesson and applying it, repeatedly, in the rest of your mortal lifetime upon this planet.

Student: Rayson, I have a question. Would you be able to correlate our homework last week to this lesson for the clarification of all the readers?

Rayson: Please do so for our readers and our new listeners today. What was the homework?’

Student: The homework was that we are to practice looking into the hearts of others by picking out someone that we are in contact with in the day-to-day routine and discerning their intentions or their heart.’ What is in the heart of that person? Ideally, it would be someone that we did not know and had just come in contact with, as I recall the lesson.

Rayson: That is correct. And how did you do?

Student: I believe that I did well in discerning the heart of my subject and I felt a connection, a deeper connection to the person’s soul [heart] than I would have had if I just passed this person by and had not engaged them. It was rather much easier than I would have imagined, but I think I’ve had some previous practice in this area.

Rayson: And as each individual has certain preferred ways of perceiving their universe, did you see something, or feel something, or hear something?

Student: I felt the person’s lightness of being,’ if I can use that analogy. His purity of intention was refreshing, and I guess that’s about the best I can come away with, in terms of gross understanding.

Rayson: If we may continue to use your example, if you were to use this practice of discernment, really looking within and weighing and assessing and seeing, you could perhaps see wrong, as well as right and light, do you think? (Absolutely.) And so you could in a small, perhaps primitive way see as Jesus saw with Ganid on the hillside, that man who was not open and would not hear. And how now, would you approach this individual, or do you plan to pursue this at all?

Student: He’s one of my co-workers, so It’s just something to consider and I don’t know if I’ll pursue this relationship with the person, but it was a successful endeavor. Give me some feedback as to the correctness of my views into peoples’ hearts.

Rayson: And I would suggest now that you do try to validate that with him. Introduce yourself and just however you feel easy about it, let it be open as an open-ended situation for him to reveal himself to you. Of course, you must present yourself as being safe to do that with, so that he can develop trust. Very good! And as concerns this homework you will see that it is a very important adjunct to your social skills, to your spiritual camaraderie, your fellowship with others, is to be able to discern or see and It’s not to judge, but is simply to become aware of those aspects. This will help you too, when you work with individuals who perhaps may be, or were, or could be a rebellious individual, maybe immoral. It is a protective device and will aid you greatly. Others? Do you have any reports to make concerning your efforts from the homework of two weeks ago?

Rebellion, Ascension Career

Student: I could speak to that a bit. I am a nurse in a hospital and the people I encounter are many, often sick and negative, and a charge nurse that is extremely militant. And so I am discerning, always discerning, how troubled the individual is and how I can lighten their troubles. But my question has to do with It’s implied then that throughout our universe career we will be confronted, or in the path of, potential rebellion, throughout, otherwise discernment wouldn’t be as crucial. Can you speak to that?

Rayson: Certainly. Rebellion is a very infrequent, scarce and rare phenomenon, yet it does occur. And while you may be perceiving your universe and perceiving others, (and let me tell you it will be very, very clear to you, very easy to do this in future times,) that as you come into the presence of another, you will be revealing to others and they will be revealing to you. It is just part of presenting yourself and them presenting themselves to you, as the Urantia Book explains, that you will know their histories and where they’ve been, and what they’ve done and their credentials and badges of merit and things like that. The aspect of rebellion is not so much (I am striving to put this in quantitative terms) is not so much that you will see it often, as you will certainly not for it is very rare. And that is why it is so destructive, it takes the innocent unaware.

Yet, this skill can be used another way. It can be used to discern your own inner thinking, motivations and intentions. It is not that you are looking for rebellion within yourself, but you are looking for those little erroneous, difficult mind-traps that each us carries may have. And it is not finished until we are through our ascendant career. They become less and less as you continue on, but perhaps as the Melchizedeks say, "It is disappointment, disappointment, disappointment, that you fatten upon." And why is it you would be disappointed? It would not necessarily be due to rebellion of defying the Father’s will, for surely not, but to hold the belief of some preferred outcome. Now isn’t that subtle, compared to open rebellion? Yes, it surely is, and it is a wonderful refinement but often lost in its appreciation on your world because there are so many issues of greater magnitude. But disappointment only comes about due to a misalignment of beliefs. And how would you discover that misalignment, but in the living out of your beliefs in your universe career?

Let’s say that you progress for 10,000 earthly years in a career of some design that you have chosen and find at the end of that long time, that you had made an initial mistake in your intentions and the beliefs that you held. Would you be disappointed? Yes. You would probably lose contact with the class, your classmates, and be in another wave of those who come behind them. An ascendant career involves the sure, slow process of grinding out trusted, faithful, worthy individuals, who are consistent day after day, eon after eon, age after age, until they have proven themselves consistently true. So this lesson of discernment and a weighing is vital today, just to help you sort through the gross disloyalties that abound around you, and to help guide you on your career. And then as your career develops, and you refine this skill, you discern in your own thinking, what may be leading you astray.

And it is a courageous individual who consults with their Thought Adjuster, their Guardian Angel, their Celestial Teacher, and those around them at all times, who are available to answer your questions. To question your own intentions and growth and values and beliefs takes a tremendous amount of courage. Courage to discover that your own basic beliefs and values may have an error and that you would need to correct them. But I assure you, my friends, that whether you ask the question or not, those flaws of beliefs and values will surely be revealed to you in the outcome and the outworking of your life’s career. make no mistake about that! You will not arrive in Paradise with some hidden agenda! It just won’t happen.


Guest: Rayson, this past week or so I’ve had some very wonderful experiences with people that initially I had this attitude thing that I bring into situations. For instance, I was sitting on an airplane with a man on my left, and a young lady on the right and thinking...(I had a mental block) how do I go about this? How do I start this conversation? And the answer for me in all my questions see’s to be answered this way, "It is my will that thy will be done." And when I reach out for that, then I look over and the man has a book and I start talking to him about the book, and then the lady starts talking because she heard what we said, and then I find out that she has a Urantia Book at home, but is not reading it. We had this wonderful, marvelous time together. But it always see’s to, I always seem to get to a point where I’m looking at the situation and I don’t know what to do. I get my attitude in the way, and my attitude is prejudging the situation in some fashion that’s got me kind of locked up. And I can’t get any more complicated than, "Thy will be done."

Rayson: I couldn’t think of a better way to start either! So you are doing well, right? And do you have confidence in that process? (Yes) And do you feel sure in what you are doing? (I do) And without forcing your will upon others?

Guest: Sometimes I get very excited about the Teaching Mission or the Urantia Book or the relationship that I have with my Heavenly Father or mother I’m a little nervous about saying too much, but I feel that I’ve developed some sensitivity to that now so that when someone’s not interested, I can usually tell that now and just kind of back off of it. I’m getting much better at that.

Rayson: Kind of like leading a horse, isn’t it? (Or a cat.) Let’s try a horse first. You have the bridle in your hands, and you are standing before the horse and you look the horse in the eye and you go, "Click, click." [Transcriber’s note: I do not know how to spell the sound he made! The sound horse trainers use by sucking and stopping the flow of air between their molars and tongue. ] And the horse moves ahead. They’re on the same path, They’re making progress! There might be another instance where you go, "Click, click" and the horse doesn’t move, so you tug on the bridle a little bit, and that doesn’t work, or maybe it does work. And so the progression goes until you get behind the horse, lead with the bridle and pull It’s tail, urging it along. One must look into the heart of those sitting to the left and right of you in discerning how much "giddy-up" you want to give them. Too much and it would be overbearing and then you would lose them, and they would bolt and you would have lost the opportunity, and the bridle would be out of your hand. But discerning rightly, seeing correctly, you can use the right amount of "giddy-up" and they will walk beside you, and they will be on the same path as yourself. Continue to work with this. This is a good, excellent place to be in close proximity to others, to be in personal distance to speak with them, to test your skills of guidance, leadership, both for yourself and for others and to discern within their hearts and within yourself on how to proceed, and will to do the Father’s will in all of that. This is the workshop of much great wisdom and guidance and skill development. And you are congratulated to do this, and do it gently and as it is appropriate. Others?

Student: We can ask the Father to speak through us, ask Him to give us the seeds to plant this day, in this circumstance. (Very similar to what was suggested by doing the Father’s will.) I had a rather discerning service I’ve been going to the Unitarian/Universalist Church and we started adult education classes last Sunday. And I was using that as my weather vane for discerning my classmates and their degree/level of participation and desire to be there it was most enlightening! (Rayson: What did you need to move ahead?) To let the Father speak through me. There were some circumstances where I felt compelled to respond and I asked for help in responding and it was there. (Would anything happen if you did not have courage to speak?) Certainly the words that I was given would not have come forth. (Correct. So if you do not see resistance, then you are encouraged to move ahead. And if you move ahead, then it requires courage to decide to do so. What I am saying is, if you don’t see resistance, move ahead, take courage and speak. What you are encouraged not to do is be wilting flowers and say, "Oh, they might not want to listen to me" or "I might not have anything important to say" or "They are probably going to resist me." And that is nay-saying and works against you.

Student: That was my normal position throughout most of my life.

Rayson: This is a good change then.

Student: Yes. And after I made this statement, I made a point of contacting as many people’s eyes as I could with my eyes. (Excellent.) And I discovered that there were about four there that would directly look into someone else’s eyes, and the rest averted theirs. (Excellent.)

Rayson: So this is a valuable tool. Do you think so? (Yes.) Continue to practice it. It will serve you well, and do not abuse it, as it is a two-sided sword, two-sided edge that can hurt you as well. Let’s take a pause right now, and we will change gears in a few moments.


Rayson: Let’s link up to the merkaba in front of us. What shall we do with it today? Is there anybody who needs any energy in the world? Any issues that need to be resolved? Any intentions that perhaps need to be worked on? mended?

Student: Let’s heal Daniel’s arm. (Cool!) (Group laughing)

Rayson: I am sure he would like that and it is healing, thanks to your prayers, your assistance.

Student: I could put forth for some respiratory healing also.

Rayson: Okay, let us apply the merkaba in a new way today. This is a function that is primal to the universe. You recall that there is an inhalation and an expiration of the universe energy. It flattens out and then it compacts in and goes up as a barbell and then into a disc. Do you recall that from the Urantia book? (Yes) So, that is primal to the universe function. Today, let us see the merkaba as part of this function with your breathing. Let me guide you through the initial steps. Please visualize the merkaba in the center of us. See yourselves and your own merkabas connecting to the north and south poles of the group merkaba; see your energies flow through this circuit, so that you are a group merkaba together now. And you see the lines of longitude that run through you, beside you, through others. Lines of latitude that hold the group together, not literally, but figuratively, that make a whole of this merkaba ball energy. And you see the heart line as it has been described, running to earth center, up through you, down again to your neighbor it is that pink line. Now see the mind line, running from temple to temple at a much higher rate--it is that electric blue line that connects the mind function of all of you with universe mind. What I want you to visualize now is the green, diffused light energy coming into your mouth and into your lungs and pervading your whole body, as you inhale. As you exhale, it flows out again and returns to the merkaba. I wish you to exercise this in the next few minutes.

What will this do for you? It will bring healing throughout your body, and through your intention, make the intention that it goes to the areas that need healing. Pretty simple. You don’t have to think about directing it anywhere; you just draw it into your body, into your whole physiology, through your breath and out again. And you know, I’m sure you know that the breath is metaphorical, that really what you are doing is inhaling spirit-healing energy through your mind/will action. Bringing it into your body function at a cellular level, through your mind direction. And that by mindfully adhering to this process, you direct energy into you, and return it. There is no energy ever lost.

You may feel some exhilaration as you breathe deeply you raise your chest as you breathe in and lower your diaphragm and take that last pumping action of air into your lungs, and exhale. Do this repeatedly. Do this as I speak. See the heart line and the mind line functioning also. It is important that you see this energy flowing through all of your body. It is energetic; this is universe energy with the intention of healing. You draw it in and you see it go to all the perimeters of your body, as though your body is a balloon, a sack that holds this it goes everywhere equally, instantaneously. Healing and wholeness is always yours, it is a given. It is something you do not have to request, it is something you do not have to argue for, or make beseeching statements for, to beg for. It is yours, it is free, and it is there for you. You allow it and encourage it to come into yourself.

You can see this for others too, who are ill. As you breathe in, you see it being breathed in by those who need it, exhaled and returned, again and again, it comes to them, it comes to you. And beyond the physical level to heal your body, the hard material of your body, it can heal your mind, bring you clarity of thinking, and clear your circuits, so to speak. You want erroneous beliefs and thoughts removed from your mind, see that too, so that everything becomes in alignment, you will this into existence. You can give the Father permission to correct this, to bring those thoughts into alignment, those which are erroneous, so that you live in alignment, right thinking, right beliefs, right living. If your lungs are clogged, if your throat is full of phlegm, if your body needs clearing, your nasal cavities need clearing, see this and hold this as being so.

And so I hope each one of you has seen this breath, this energy flow into you, much like the inspiration/expiration of the universe energy over the long eons of time, but on a much more rapid basis, going out to you and returning. It’s like a big heart. Now if you wish, you can direct energy through your thoughts/prayers to those who need it. We will take a few moments for this. (Pause) Please bring this to a close.

Rayson: We will now have is an open field for questions.

Guest: I have another question/comment I guess. In the past week or so, I’ve become aware of the Father’s unconditional love, in a way that is a bit overwhelming, in that I see the incompatibility of religions, in part due to the fact that they put conditions on the Father’s love. And I see that also in relationships, when we somehow manage, through our own ego or whatever, to establish conditions on Father’s love. And it just see’s so wonderful to me to look at his love, as truly unconditional. Perhaps you could comment on that.

Rayson: It’s good, isn’t it? And it feels good, definitely! This is an eternal statement about the Father, but it is a finite statement about you. It is a finite statement that says you are open to receive unconditional love, and that you have allowed yourself the capacity to feel this, to know this. And you also expressed the insight into understanding, that now you have come to this place of knowing this unconditional love, that you too must also love others unconditionally. That does not mean that you cannot set social and personal boundaries, for that certainly assists well functioning and good personal and social relationships. But to love others unconditionally, without bigotry, without prejudice, without bias, without judgment, but to love them as they are, another child of God, as you are loved. And so, my friend, I say "bravo," for your insight and I hope you appraise yourself this way as well. Our Father’s love is always unconditional. [It] has always been eternally so, but it can only be felt in the finite presence of your life when you allow it, permit it, encourage it, and are open to receive it.

Student: Rayson, can you answer our guest’s question previously? (Yes, please repeat it.)

The Teachers

Guest: I guess I would just like to know more about you, where you are from, and a little bit of your background, if you would, please.

Rayson: Yes, we covered some of that last week and you missed a rather exciting session, it was a private experience for several people, who wanted to visualize my home planet. So I was their Tour Guide. But to let you know, I have completed approximately half of the mansion schools. I have been in the morontial state for several thousand years. Age is not a factor, to us, it does pass in the morontial state, but is not really relevant. Development is more important than timeliness. my planet is approximately across the Local Universe, closer to the center than your sun. When I had the opportunity to participate in the Correcting Time, I volunteered immediately. As you know, I have been a teacher for a number of groups around the United States and elsewhere. Others know me by other names, but you in the English language know me as Rayson.

I seem to have a propensity for, and talents for, aiding new groups to coalesce, come into existence and to begin functioning. I am very pleased to do this for a number of reasons, one of which is that it is a measurable outcome and I like measurable outcomes. Also, I can measure too, but is less defined, the awakening that occurs in the individuals who participate in this activity, to see their lights become brighter, to see individuals gain hope in a cynical world, that to frequently settles for mediocrity. To see people strive for excellence in their spiritual growth and in their relationships with others.

I participate with a group in Edentia, my associates. We confer regarding these efforts; we have what you would call, a working team\ to work on initiating new groups. That is not our function but that is what we do. We assist each other too, to help fine-tune each other. We have retreats where we go to the hills, (I guess you would call them hills,) to natural settings where we confer about problems and difficulties and sincerely examine each other to see whether there are impediments within ourselves that prevent us from being more effective. And if there are areas that need developing, to seek out training and counsel and assistance to gain that. We have a very evolved relationship between ourselves; we are not competitive, we are not egoistically driven to compare ourselves with each other. We strive to aid the best efforts of each and to reveal those areas that need growth, and willingly open ourselves to others to reveal that. You would call this intimacy, being vulnerable, opening yourselves to others, revealing yourselves and then trusting others to aid you, rather than to hurt you.

Do I like this work? Oh, I like it very much! I know that when my work is through and I have re-upped on an indefinite basis, that I will come away with an experience far surpassing those individuals from my planet in contemporary times, who did not have this experience. I do not say that to demean them or to cast any aspersions towards them, but to know that my resume, my history will be very much more developed. I am exposing myself to error, the possibility of becoming God like if I wanted to, in this group, but I don’t. It would be far less than the Father’s will, or with Michael’s delight for me to do that. That would be the way of error. I don’t have any plans, what I will do after this mission and this job is completed, I rather expect it will take many centuries of your time to do that. I look forward to the development of events that will occur on your planet, and experience them for myself. I know that this experience will be mightily handy for me in the future of my ascendant career, and whatever comes in the seventh state that develops, of which we know not much now. Is that sufficient?

Student: It’s going to be a grand adventure. (Yes.)

Rayson: The brochures are less than what the life is.


Student: Rayson, I have a question. I think that I can get some understanding and visualize the merkaba in the group, but I have a question about how to, when I am meditating by myself, how to connect into this, how to connect to the universe energy?

Rayson: Would you stand up with me please, I will show you. You do not have to ask for it or receive it, but stand like this: [stands with arms straight out to sides and tips head back, looking up toward ceiling]. And you should fairly glow in this position. Arms out-stretched, as though this were the equator of your own merkaba. And the flow of energy, from the universe to earth center, through you, passing in both directions through your vertical core. And you are already a merkaba, you don’t need to ask for it; I hope that you can visualize it, however. It may help you to draw this upon a piece of paper, as this will instruct your brain visualization construct in a much more concrete way. If you stand here with head held high, looking up to the Father’s love, grounded in the earth, arms out-stretched as a wind vane to catch the flow of energy in the universe, and see it flow through you, you can do many things, and feel many things. Does this help? (Yes, thank you.)

I don’t suggest or to mean that you have to do this during meditation, but simply to visualize your own self doing this or being this way, in your meditation will help you unfold yourself to the reception of great amounts of energy. You can also do this while sitting in lotus position, too. This is why that position is so powerful, there is a combining or holding in of energy, by holding your fingers together, your feet crossed, and your base chakra connecting with earth and your crown chakra connecting with the heavens. Other questions?

Student: Rayson, you spoke in your lesson about the discernment being a double-edged sword; this troubles me. Could you clear my misunderstanding?

Rayson: Yes, discernment is not a reason or rationale for judgment. It is simply that. If you discern with a biased mind, then you discern with judgment, and then you cut yourself, first. (Thank you) You’re welcome.

Guest: I wish to ask forgiveness of this class, I am just so excited to be here and I have so many questions. For the past year or so, I don’t know what it is in my perception, but I see time being altered somehow. I travel quite a bit across the country and lately I find myself doing things or going from point A to point B, in seemingly less amount of time than it should have been. And I just have this underlying nagging feeling that there’s an element of time that, that time is unstable, It’s not fixed and It’s open to some sort of I don’t want to say manipulation, but some sort of an experience aid (Rayson: Adjustment?) adjustment and I don’t know if I am deceiving myself or in fact I am seeing something, or touching on the edge of something any comments would be appreciated.

Rayson: This is not my field of expertise it is I wouldn’t say a restricted area of discussion, but time is not stable, as you say. I hope you’ll accept that answer. (I will, thank you.)

Student: Aside from its dual nature, It’s not stable either! (Rayson: Explain.) I was thinking about the part in the Urantia Book about the "dual nature of time," and now we discern It’s not stable either. I think I used to play on a mattress like that, jumping up and down. (Rayson: Kind of like driving across the country, huh? Very similar.)

Student: Rayson, would it be accurate to say that "our perception of time" could be the thing that is altering, as opposed to the actuality of time? Or is this relevant?

Rayson: Yes, It’s relevant. The mind always perceives change, differently from mind to mind, and changes in nature and feeling from experience to experience with you. But time is really non-existent. What I mean by that is, time is only observable through the change of the moment. If you had no clocks, you would know that change occurred from wind through the leaves, through the darkening of the day, and through the lightening of the day. Time is the process of acknowledging change. Eternity changes not; it is always the eternal NOW.

Student: The metronome moves faster when you are having fun! (Rayson: Perhaps so. Other thoughts? Other questions?)

Student: I was surprised to hear you say there are ascenders who may not enter Paradise. I just assumed that if they got that far, they had accomplished all their lessons, and surely they would.

Rayson: You would think so, wouldn’t you? It is inexplicable to us. It is a place none of us wants to be in, a place of immense disappointment, for unfulfillment. Now, let us bring closure to the long lesson on energy. We have done a yeoman’s work to get through all of this. And as you think over the weeks and months that have passed, you may perhaps think of something you wanted to ask. Next session will be an open review, bring your blue books,’ please! (Short pause) Not really, there’s no test. (Student: I thought we were the test!’) You’re right, you are the test! Bring your own test. And if we need to bring this journey of energy forward into new lessons, we will. There is much more that we could teach, but would it be applicable to you? Would it be useful to you? We do not want to overburden you with much information that is not practical. Your lives are the process of living practically, spiritually, as best you can, learning those lessons.

Student: Rayson, could I ask a question? (Certainly.) Would it be practical for us to have a preview of what is available before we make that decision?

Rayson: A peek, you want a peek? (Group laughing.) You want to lift the curtain? Oh, naughty boy! Nope, sorry! . No, I want you to do some work! You had some homework to do last time, and this next time I wish you to review this whole process, from where we began with toning. We began with understanding the individual as an energetic being, and we traversed through the group to see the merkaba, which was drawn on the easel. And we moved through that, how to apply that, and how It’s a part of universe energy and its source and its continuation. Again, how you can apply it to your life. So please review that. The lesson’s content will be based upon your questions and the answers that are given. It could be a short lesson, or it could be a longer one. It is your choice.


I wish you to now see yourselves once again in a continuation of your connection with the merkaba. Feel the community that you have between, in and among yourselves, with your fellows to your right and left; feel your oneness of energy and flow, of divine mind, infinite cosmic mind, that you are connected with. See your heart beating with those of others. With a sureness and compassion that is always there for you, that is there for others, and that you share this. And though the times may be challenging and difficult and uncertain, there is always that! And infinite eternal assurance that you are part of the fold and never separated and that only fear can keep you apart. Know that our Brother/Father/Creator Michael abides with us, shares this time with us, and loves each of us and all of us together, deeply. And that our mother, Nebadonia, Spirit of wonderful blue light, fills us, surrounds us and abides in the fullness of Nebadon, and gives us care, ceaselessly caring for us, being with us, nurturing us as we allow her. Know that overall, The Creator is within you. This is a profound aspect of your lives. I know that you invite the Father to work in you and work through you, to reveal itself in your life and that you will to become one with its will, forever, for the fulfillment of this life, and the lives to come. The most precious moment is this moment, when you abide in that realization, that understanding, that totality of all these aspects within yourself, that within this moment, within this lifetime, in that you are in charge and responsible for your life, though never alone. Good day. (Group: Thank you, Rayson