2003-01-19-Things Which You Know

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Topic: Things Which You Know

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa, Nebadonia, Elyon

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan



Machiventa (Mark TR): I greet you, this is Machiventa. Once again a pleasure to be in your company in our classroom assembled at our appointed time to do our appointed task of growing and learning in the spirit realm. It pleases me greatly to witness you attempting to grasp all that is understandable in my previous lessons, and that it provides you with great food for thought is a rewarding comfort to me. That it brings you to greater spiritual awareness is indeed a reward for you.


Knowledge, The Unknown

I would talk today about three different levels whereon all individuals function. You will see today's lesson's relationship to many aspects of your own lives. Within any given individual there are different parameters on which we function. The most central and comfortable level for all intelligent beings is contained in the arena of those things which you know, those things which you grasp fully, you are sure, and completely aware of this set of understanding. This arena is composed of the things that you know that you know. This arena is your most comfortable area and you are somewhat proficient at the wisdom contained there. You are free to use this wisdom to wield these concepts as your level of understanding permits. It is to this safe reason that one always retreats in the event of uncertainty or outside challenges.

Another arena just outside this one is composed of principles and universal truths that you are aware of, that you know about, but that you are not proficient or have not mastered these elements. The intelligent individual may know of a certainty of the application of brain surgery but may be wholly illiterate of the specifics of any brain surgery. Yet one simply knowing that this reality exists provides you with comfort that you are familiar with this reality even on a very peripheral, baseline level. The analogy of course in our case being drawn to spirit, one who actualizes and lives out their spiritual principles, encompasses these principles in their home arena, their safe place, they rely on these principles as fact and act accordingly. Outside this arena one may know of circuits, one may know of potentials, one may know even of potentials that may be actuated, but these phenomenon remain outside the arena of our initial comfort zone. These are the elements you seek to understand through interpretation of the lessons, through discussion with each other, through this form of building upon those things that you know to add those things that you know about. This outside arena can be termed those things that you know that you don't quite know.

Finally I would point out that there is an arena outside of both of these wherein there exist great amounts of principles, wisdom, and truth which are not even encompassed in the arena of things that you don't quite know yet. These aspects outside your being, outside your perception range, certainly outside your understanding capacities, are those things that you don't know that you don't know. These universal truths and principles are not founded or built upon any previous conception, be it inside your comfort zone or just outside. They have relationship to all that you know and all that you don't quite know yet, but are out in left field, so to speak, are so far off your radar screens as to not be picked up yet. My point in illustrating these various levels of universe truth and reality to you are that all these levels filter down one to the next to become part of your personal possessions, your personal experiences. There are many universal truths and principles you are wholly unfamiliar with at this time. They remain in that unknown arena. There are many principles you are coming close to grasping. You are ever encroaching on their presence, someday to bring them over to your own personal familiar arena of those things which are well known to you.

This series of progressions is designed so as to not ever overwhelm an individual with all the information that is potential, to condition the individual to accept that there are truths just outside their reality which they may bring in on the doorstep, so to speak. They are there for you to bring into your personal comfort arena as you decide to open the door and incorporate them into that which is familiar to you. There are as well a great many things not on your doorstep at this time, but they are in your neighborhood. They are making their way one by one to your local region, and in due time they too will become those things that you seek, those things that you know that you do not know yet. It is my task, it is our task, to seize upon those aspects immediately outside of your well known arenas that you may more closely identify with them, that you may more readily assume them into your own lives, and thereby become your possessions, the fruit of your effort in seeking. It would not do to open the door to new truth and have a flood water proceed. It must be as conditions permit and as your willingness will accept and tolerate ever advanced positions of truth, the one complementing and building on the previous ones so as to make a more complete mosaic of truth patterns that we all strive to assemble in our ascension career.

When you function in the capacity of an individual seeking to do the will of the Father in your mortal world out among your comrades you are drawing steadily from the reserve of those things you know well. The more things in your reserve to draw from, the more effective you may be as a minister to anyone you contact. Therefore does it help you to fill your storeroom with available wisdom that you may access at will to share with others, all the while seeking to open the door and discover what truths are immediately outside waiting to come in. It is not yours to concern yourself and worry about all those things that are clearly outside your arenas, the storehouse of information there is to be brought to you as conditions permit. It is not to be a cause of concern for you, as your job is one of assimilating and interpreting those things which the universe brings to your door. All of this is yours in the end. All will be known by you through your efforts in your ascension career. Your position now is just to stockpile all the available wisdom and to become this wisdom, not as books stored on a shelf in a library, but as the encyclopedia of all the books in the library.

I thank you for this time. Each time is a special occasion when we may speak plainly and directly of spirit affairs. Each time is thrilling and provides much insight and wisdom into the functioning of even these universe principles. I withdraw but remain in attendance for engagement if desired. There are others present who would address you as well.

Mark: Aren't those things that we don't know that we don't know your job and the job of those on the other side of the curtain to bring forward to us? I see those as divine channeled news from the outside.

Machiventa (Jonathan): If I may switch TR's in order to present my answer in such a manner that you will know what I know and not doubt the origins, I address you now.

Sharing, Revelation

It is quite true your perception that that which you do not know you do not know falls to the responsibility of a revelator to present the reality such that you may come to know it. However there is a controlling factor, and that is the keenness of your interest and the intensity of your pursuit of that which you do not know. The quandary is that if you are not able to discern what is lacking, you have no direction, no game plan to pursue this unknown. So, much of our lessons do lie in the vaults unpresented until there arrives that interval, that window of opportunity, wherein you begin to know that you do not know. This is when we present to you a new truth. Herein lies the secret of all outreach ministry, of all service.

I will go on. That which you know, that which is a bonafide experience of your being becomes your standard. It becomes the status quo. As you observe the world and its population and the manifestation of events following from the choices of this population, you derive what is viewed as an overall status quo. Yet as you have been informed this world does not follow the normal procedure for an evolutionary world. What is perceived as status quo is not the true standard that is sought for by your world celestial administrators. Therefore as you, each one of you, develop your spiritual insight and expand your wisdom base, become the creators of a new standard, those who establish a higher status quo.

You are encouraged by us to share, to minister, to reveal. Sharing falls well within this threefold level I speak of today. When you perceive another does not know that they do not know, it becomes possible to reveal. However if you do not discern the transfer to the level that they now know that they don't know, your sharing is limited to mere suggestion, to preparing the field rather than planting the seed. If one advances insight ahead of hunger, sharing becomes vanity, merely to the pleasure of the one who shares, for it is of little benefit to the receiver. The skillful revealer withholds just enough information to spark the desire to know what is not known. This is a sharing filled with compassion for the receiver. Soon arrives a time when you are one and the same in understanding, and it develops what you humorously refer to as "preaching to the choir" wherein you both know that you know. Sharing is multifaceted for, as you do these mornings when you gather, you share with one another much that you all have individually experienced, and this co-supportive environment bolsters you for the challenges of the days before you. Likewise, a fellowship as you hold here today is ideal and beneficial for fostering a support toward uncovering what you do not know and even do not know you do not know. Your mutual guidance creates that preparedness for you to each acquire, or at least to acquire the understanding of your need to assimilate more to attain more.

Let me finish with one more element and that is the inverse, polar opposite, crippling perspective wherein you tell yourself you do not know when you do know. Again, your support of one another helps to establish your certainty, to alleviate uncertainty. Elyon has commented over the years that you be bold, to go forth, and it is of record that you often wonder, "What may we do?" His assertion and encouragement is the recognition that you do know, and it is his attempt to help you to realize this acquirement.

I hope this has been supplementary to your inquiry.

Mark: Much to ponder, thank you.

Tom: Your three levels might be interpreted "that you know" is on a physical level; "to know that you know" is on an intellectual level, and "to know that you know that you know" is on a spiritual level. I assume it's our Adjuster who knows. As I read in Conversations With God, we're not here to learn; we're here to re-member. Our Adjusters know all, so when we're one with our Adjusters we know that we know that we know. Does that make any sense?

Machiventa: I don't know! Setting humor aside, you have illustrated a profound principle, spiritual dynamics within the human personality. All that is requested of you from the divine is but one thing, and that is for you to become perfect as the Father of all is perfect. A simple statement, an eternal journey. The Father did not request this of you without already providing you with everything you need for that attainment. You have spoken of this provision, His divine Presence within you. Many a mind is confused when overvaluing the proof of the tangible to substantiate truth, and it is a difficult perspective, for it comes from the position that you speak of, that knowing that you know and attempting to strip it back to simply knowing. In its sincerity it is an attempt to avoid subjectivity, the interjection of a wishful orchestration toward a desired result or proof or demonstration. However it de-spiritizes the process, for comprehension of a thing does not reveal insight or meaning without the understanding of the knower of that thing, that knowing that you know.

Most human beings function well with these two levels, but there arrives a time in many lives when that third element is lacking, the knowledge of your knowledge of your knowledge. This is when you orient. This is when you include beyond your being greater principles, even those unprovable, undemonstrable, the arena of faith. This knowledge arrives through experience. When you seek to comprehend and subsequently better understand the "you" who is seeking to comprehend, then you begin to perceive your position among the matrix of universe reality. This is when you draw into parallel synchrony with the divine Presence and your knowledge spiritualizes, transcends, the human mind and body focus. There is however one lingering membrane of separation between this divine Presence and your spirit level of threefold knowledge. This membrane grows increasingly thin as your soul expands, but it remains and will remain though thinner it becomes until you are a seventh stage finaliter, for the fourth knowledge -- which is the presence of the Father Fragment -- is absolute in nature. Your three levels of knowledge are experiential, and that requires much time for it to accumulate even a small fraction of likeness to this absolute knowledge-ability.


Nebadonia (Mark): I greet you now. This is Nebadonia, and I am filled to overwhelming with the desire to join you in this circle at this time, indeed, to form this circuit at this time with you. I perceive in your lessons today you have been focusing on the aspects of experience, wisdom, knowledge, pursuit, and these are all glorious aspects of your ascension career as you proceed forward. I come today to remind you of yet another avenue of approach to myself and to Michael of your spirit approach, your intermingling presence with my presence and the presence of Michael, indeed, the presence of our Father. This avenue of approach is not contingent upon your accumulation of experiential wisdom but is solely conditioned by your attitude of approach to your divine parents. This spirit in your spirituality must never be overshadowed or overlooked by the accompanying task of accumulating your experiential wisdom. They are two separate paths, and each must be recognized as its own valid approach. It is my desire that we not lose sight of bridging this spiritual gap at any time or in any circumstance not contingent upon your spiritual standing or accumulation, only contingent upon your spiritual desire. You must earn experience. You must strive and seek for wisdom and knowledge. These things must be acquired step by step, piece by piece. But the spirit in your spirituality may be accessed by you at any time by your choice.

I simply wanted to join your circle to draw your attention to this distinction of heart space connection versus accumulated wisdom and knowledge. You have both of these avenues open to you. We have given much discussion as to how to pursue knowledge and wisdom, and now I simply remind you that also to seek spirit in your heart space, to approach your divine parents in this attitude of acceptance and love. Therein we may connect any time, any place, under any conditions whether or not you are fully aware of the many aspects of wisdom. You may still approach me, Michael, the Father, in any state of being at any time in your lives. Our connection is not contingent upon how much you know or on how much you know that you don't know or any of the rest, simply your desire to approach is your passageway, and I seek to meet you on these playing fields.

My love surrounds you all. I beckon you with my call. I seek you within the quiet. I seek you at all times. I await your glance in my direction eagerly and with great love look forward to our spiritual embrace. My peace I leave with you.


Kirk: I have this vision that we live in a perfect world. The collective consciousness is looking for Armageddon, but you've created the perfect opportunity to experience everything on this sphere to grow back to the Creator.

Nebadonia: My friend, I would use your own words so well spoken and make the distinction for you in your own mind that while it may be easy even for one of your stature to look around and see imperfection in this world, it is also easy for one of your stature to realize the perfection that this opportunity is for your world. So, while the outworkings of perfection are in motion there is imperfection, but in the plan of the outworking lies the perfection. It is not proper for all to be well and right from the beginning. One must have stimulus to propel you into searching and seeking. Therefore is the perfection of this plan to provide you with loving stimulus that you may be about this seeking process.

I applaud you for even realizing that there is perfection contained in all this apparent imperfection around you. Truly you are seeing this situation with morontia vision. Therefore do I acknowledge the advances you have made as something distinct and separate from the advances your world has made. That is how the plan works individually and by one piece by piece until assembled or reassembled as a whole again.

I applaud your perspective and admonish you to be about the sharing of this enlightened view of your world so as to lighten the burdens of those around you who are without the benefit of this morontia vision you share. Those are my children as well. I desire you to minister to them so that they may have some comfort in undergoing the apparent inequities of this world. Truly it can be said, to the one who has perspective, all things work towards the good. Peace go with you, my friend.

Kirk: Thank you, Nebadonia, Michael, for the plan, for the beginning. Thank God.

Elyon (Jonathan): Greetings to you, this is Elyon, if I may follow on the high heels of our exalted Mother Spirit, the beautiful manifestation of the Third Person of Trinity here in Nebadon. Kirk, let me for a moment address also your question. Let us take a moment to visualize an amusement park. When it is built, before its day of opening, all rides are ready; all concessions are stocked; the staff is prepared and in uniform. One may ask at this point, "Is this park perfect?" It may be thought that without one to ride these rides, to engage in the activities, it is not perfect. It needs players. So, the throngs arrive and buy their tickets and enter into the park and enjoy themselves. At the close of the day . ... the conclusion of the experience . ... the elements of the day, does that make it perfect? Or is perhaps the perfection found in the participation? An amusement park is manufactured so that amusement may be had. The universe is not necessarily an amusement park, but it is an experiential park. Many long for golden years of an ancient past, a lost paradise, that day before the amusement park opened. It is not anywhere to be found. Others long for that twilight hour when the gates have closed and one can say, "There. It happened. The day of amusement occurred." That utopian era far off in the future. In reality the experience of the universe is much like the day at the park, and that is the perfection of the plan of the Father of all.

Also, those of you who have been so such an entertainment facility know that some of those rides aren't always that pleasant. That also applies to life.

Kirk: Thanks, Elyon. Nice to hear that.

Mark: Nice to hear you.

Elyon: Nice to hear all of you as well.

Kirk: The lesson I see is day to day take experience by experience. Don't jump to God; you've got worlds, wonderful experiences, horrible experiences, to get there. Rides to ride.

Elyon: Likewise each experience has its import in time. It would be unfruitful to purchase your popcorn then ride the roller coaster. It would be better to finish the popcorn first unless perchance that coming experience would upset you.

Evelyn: I know that I don't know where you were off to in the last several weeks. Can you share anything about that?


Elyon: I have been at my residence engaging in recreation, taking time to reflect upon my future. It has been a time of respite. I have not been engaged in preparation for further teaching as I often do during a sabbatical. This was strictly a time for me to be free of responsibility and to delight in the presence of the Father and to enjoy the simplicity and the refreshment of idleness. As the time draws on I will bring close to this session and promise you I will be back next week.