2003-05-26-Choosing To Have Him Help

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Topic: Choosing To Have Him Help

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teachers: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Greetings. This is Michael. What you are about to experience is an enhancement of your perception of more human complexities of my personality. As you know, I was able to perfect my human thoughts and desires to be in accordance with my indwelling Father Fragment. And you, by your study of your Urantia text or by your own internal longings and desires, are now ready to appreciate these deeper perceptions. I am here to bring this to you as your mind increasingly expands to the truth.



Human life can be simplified into two domains of choices: doing that which serves your own self-interest, or doing that which serves the wisdom of the Father's plan. One is essentially a component of the animal nature; the other an expression of the divine working through you.

Where, in your thinking and feeling, have you found it to be the most difficult in following the Father's will for you? Each of you will have a certain unique way where you feel a conditioned reflexive response that is a part of your rudimentary animal nature; that interferes with your higher desire to do the Father's will. See if you can identify that place within you. (Pause) Now if you have a perception of this, ask me how to overcome this; ask me to share with you how I overcame the very same thing that you are experiencing. Invite me into your mind now and let my presence, my truth illuminate you. (Pause)

You see, my children, I shared the same evolutionary struggles of life as you do. How well I understand, how well I appreciate what you must undergo as part of your growth-part of your spiritual development-that will free you from the trappings of this raw animal nature. You may, in your struggles, come to me for guidance and understanding. You may ask questions of me to teach you the higher response and the more spiritually fragrant behavior that will charm your fellows, inspiring them by your goodness.

I did not walk through my human life alone. My Father became such a pivotal companion at a certain point in my development that it was inconceivable to me to embark upon any life decision without having "a little talk with my Father who is in Heaven." And so you too, like me, have this added benefit of coming directly to me, not only as your Creator-Father, but as your human brother as I understand the conditions of this planet and I am familiar with the particular mind type of Urantians.

Tonight, as you gain a greater perception of my influence within you, I ask you to consider using me as your guiding inspiration to follow the Father's will. I trod where you are now walking. I paved the way for you to achieve this just as I did. So this path on which you traverse is not one for you to walk alone. I am your constant companion. I am your source of inspiration and encouragement. What will your choice be?

Now, take this time, ask Mother-your Heavenly Creative Minister within your mind- to weave these words of mine into your being; to inlay them, to activate them as a stimulant for greater soul growth. Feel Her presence as She weaves this into you, threading the fibers of wisdom into the looming consciousness of me. (Pause)

My presence within you is a constant source of companionship. The question you must ask yourself: Will I turn to Michael as my father, as my brother, as my friend? I know in your hearts your answer. I understand the shortcomings you face. In coming to me as you face your shortcomings, you will be educated from both the human and divine perspective of the situation in seeking my counsel and availing yourself of my wisdom and guidance. You may now give voice to your comments when you feel so compelled to speak.



Student: Thank you, Michael, for your presence tonight. As always, I seem to find the answers here in your presence and in the stillness. Thank you for your patience and your forgiveness and your acceptance. I'm trying to understanding to why I feel the need to take a vacation from such goodness. The other thing troubling me is the profoundly complex question of politics and the use of military force. I don't want to ask you about that - you're pointing the way toward having an open mind on these matters, and it's too complex to go into. I hope to understand these matters as they apply to different situations just by trying to be open to all the various points of view, and perhaps to call on you when my advice and opinions is asked by my friends; simply because of my age and military experience. Thank you for your comfort.

Michael: The complexity of this world's situations can be best simplified by knowing that the Father's plans have not yet been fully instituted in the hearts and minds of the residents therein. This aggressive, self-serving animal nature triggers raw primitive survival responses that when you couple ideological differences into the equation, create the potentials for war and war-like behavior.

You have earlier in your comment also identified the same struggle within you - why you must vacation from goodness. It is this raw nature that is now somewhat rebelling against those potentials within you that have yet been totally activated. This, my child, is perfectly acceptable. It is a natural process that you are undergoing, as it is the stimulus for you to choose how you will live. After a time you will get tired of having this vacation from goodness, and your spirit within you creates that feeling of uncomfortableness that will stimulate you to again choose the better way. Do you recall how important it is for you to make choices as part of your soul growth?

Student: Yes, I constantly pray for self-honesty so that even if I cannot follow the right way, I can always be aware of what it is.

Michael: And as you grow more spiritually mature, you will find that it will not be enough just to know what the better way is, but to actually choose to do it - to become it, to realize it, and thereby fully actualizing those potentials within you. Your brethren are at varying stages in their development. Some people are still entirely rooted in their raw animal behavior, but most are somewhere in between in this process of becoming living vessels of the Father on the planet. Is it your choice how much you wish to develop in this lifetime. This is why my presentation to you this evening was given: to help you in those extra miles of circle attainment for you to find the Father within. Has this answered your question this evening?

Student: Yes, Michael, you definitely read what was in my heart this evening. I just recently read one of your visits here I missed. You mentioned in the context of gardening, not only the sunshine and water, but also the necessity of pruning. I have been trying to take that to heart. I feel at times I'm rather bushy and shapeless and a bit shy of the pruning. But I know in my heart it is necessary.

Michael: Bare your human nature to me and your Mother. In reality, you cannot hide this from us, for we are intimately acquainted with every thought that you formulate within you, with every feeling you enjoy or disdain. In presenting yourself for pruning to us, you are simply allowing yourself to grow more beautiful. It is this simple. Present each unlovely branch or thorn to us in faith-in anticipation-of what will grow out of it. Be joyful that you have developed the requisite trust that allows such a choice as this to occur for you. The more you present yourself to us, the more beautiful you will become. If you feel this resonate deep within your soul, why would you ever shy away from it?

Student: I know you mean that rhetorically and it has no answer, except that it is a bit of a mystery. I think we can get so caught up in the mystery of why we avoid the good that it is simply better just to drop it and let it be a mystery.

Michael: But the mystery is a place of faith. It is where you activate your faith. If the mystery is being avoided, then my question to you, my son, is have you asked for your faith to be stimulated and increased?


Student: My faith is accepting your understanding...my understanding from your point of view of this animal nature where I have spent so much of my life striving for a oneness in acceptance. I perceive even in the animals around me the infinity of the Father. I'm reluctant to accept this thing called 'animal nature,' but I do accept it on faith as a way of understanding something. But I do not yet understand it. It seems like a bag to put all negative things in. All my life I've hesitated to give that reality. And yet I must admit that there is something that rebels. That is the quandary....my faith is in accepting this vision that started with Welmek and the teachings. I'm slowly getting a feeling of what you mean of 'animal nature.'

Michael: These words are presented to stimulate certain ideas in your mind of transcendent growth. Had you been created as an animal such as a dog or a horse, you would hardly be aware of the potentials of the divine within you. Animal life is part of the Father's plan and so is human life. For the purpose of this exercise this evening, the qualitative distinction being made here is that there are certain endowments you have inherited of animal nature that does not befit a growing son of the Father, a child of divine dignity and destiny. In presenting yourself for pruning, you are allowing that which does not befit you to be transformed into something more exquisitely useful, spiritually fragrant, cosmically real that is a certain reflection of an attribute of the Creator in Paradise.

This step by step ascension progression is well outlined in your text. Now is the time of actual attainment of putting forth in motion that transformational pruning process of outgrowing those evolutionary potentials and actualizing your divine destiny. Is this more clarified now?

Student: Yes, Michael. I think where you mean animal nature, I think of specific terms of greediness, compulsiveness, short-sightedness, etc. Is that what you mean of the animal nature? That there are all of these possibilities what we outgrow. I think my concept of human freedom is that they are always there, but as the text says, they do not have to be expressed.

Michael: The negative attributes you identified are a distortion of the potentials of the Father's attributes operating within you in an un-spiritized mindal environment. What I am referring to in speaking of the animal nature is a certain hereditary endowment that you share with your animal ancestors that you are outgrowing. Animal nature does not change. Human behavior, human ideas, human free-will choices grow you out-move you forward-from that which you share with your animal ancestors. You may not fully appreciate the purpose of animal life and why it is so important for humans to outgrow this. But it is part of the larger plan of the Father in this fundamental gradation of intelligence leading from the most basic forms of physical matter moving up from all the various levels to the divine, sublime, perfect essence of Spirit Source. That which you share with your animal ancestors, you will find at some point in your life is no longer useful to you.

Go within and seek guidance. Spend time in spiritual inquiry and asking for a greater expression truth as to the purpose of animal life as it impacts human spiritual growth. Allow what you have come to identify in your own mind to be overshadowed with the truth of God's plans, and you will see more clearly that which is your divine destiny. Do you understand this, my son?

Student: Yes, I do. You have a wonderful succinct, direct way that I treasure the transcripts of our discussions, Michael. You are sometimes so succinct, so precise that it's hard to hold. It's a treasure to read and re-read. Thank you.

Michael: My dear child, you are making good progress as you expand into the mystery of cosmic growth and spirit attainment. Enjoy this time of growth more even though those annoying habits that you still retain irritate you. Truly, this is your opportunity to go within and to present these to me and your Mother for transformation to the eventual point that you can find one of these annoying habits and say: "Oh, goody, there is another one I can be relieved of." This is our delight to help you overcome. It is only your choice that thwarts us from doing this for you. Keep growing, keep presenting yourself for pruning, and you will be overjoyed with the beauty you see emerging from your soul. My blessings of peace and love are upon you now. (Thank you.) (Pause)


Student: Last week when Mother and I spoke about self-justification-that it keeps me from feeling the presence of the Father within me, there is real strong wall keeping the Father from fully enveloping me. During this week I really felt it-felt that defense within me. I saw it play out in my daily life. It feels so hard to let go of-it's so real-that self-justification, that I hardly know what to do with it. It's so strong in my body and psyche. This morning something else was bothering that added edge to my personality: a sense of indignation and self-righteousness-when people hurt other people either knowingly or unknowingly. I have a hard time with people who profess to be spiritual or religious and be humble servants of God, yet their words do not represent that. This feeling of self-righteousness comes up within me. I want to reprimand them, especially when they hurt children. So all these feelings come up within me. I was thinking, how would Jesus handle that self-righteousness, self-indignation, and self-justification? I feel them so strongly within me.

Michael: (in a very gentle and loving tone) Who are you to judge? Who are you to look into men's hearts and to pronounce your sense of standards upon them? I want you to ask this question of yourself now.

Student: I've asked that question because I know I'm not perfect.

Michael: Would you wish to be judged by your own standards when you are acting less than perfect? Why would you wish to subject someone else to this harsh judgement when you yourself would not wish to be diminished by it? This is your opportunity, my son, to come into that place of desire to know another person from the Father's perspective. How do you think I was able to handle something as horrific as my hours of judgement and crucifixion without judging my accusers? It was only from this enhanced vantage point that I could look down upon them and say, "Father, forgive them, they know not what they do!"

The attitude of self-justification is one of the fundamental barriers for you to truly see this from the Father's vantage-point. Here becomes a valuable choice for you. Which is more to you: your self-justification or seeing this from the Father's vantage-point? Only you can answer this.

Student: What I noticed when I experienced that this week of how it keeps me from fully experiencing the moment and appreciating those other persons or myself, it feels so old. I mentioned to Mother that it feels so primal.

Michael: It is a familiar defense posture that you have taken deep within you. But now, my son, have you found it is time to step aside from this and into a greater perspective of the Father? The first thing you can undertake is to ask yourself the question of this choice. Once you have made this question through sincerity, in true honesty and humility, ask your Mother to frame a new idea within you of adding more weight and substance into seeing it from the Father's perspective. Ask for an expansion of this ever so slightly to increase your understanding. Then you will find that as you do this, the weight that holds the lure of the self-justification will gradually recede or release its control over you. You will emerge into God's viewpoint and begin to see the world from His eyes. Take your time. Feel the weight. Feel the control that this has on you. Go into your desire to be a living expression of the Father, and ask for this greater perspective to stimulate new feelings of love and joy and understanding. This will take some time as you identify more fully with seeing things as the Father see it. Call on me, call on your Mother, and we will be there to help you shed the old skin of judgement and justification as you see more clearly through the Father's eyes and through the Father's heart. Do you feel you are now ready for this, my son?

Student: Yes, I am, because I do not like this unsavory feeling within my being. It seems to be really accentuated these past two weeks where I can see it face to face. I never even really knew it existed so dominant in my being! I don't now like its feeling-I do not like how it sees the world through the layers of judgement. Because ultimately, I'm judging myself.

Michael: And so, now you are ready to emerge from this unlovely characteristic that has been operating within you. We are here to help you overcome this, and know that your victory is imminent now. Here again, this is your choice.

Student: There's only one choice.

Michael: Have you any other comments?

Student: No, that's enough for now. Thank you.

Michael: Dear children, these habits, characteristics, and tendencies that you find annoying are all worthy of translation: rebirth through transformation of the Mother's action within your mind creating new levels of the Father's love, the Father's loving character within you. Come to me more joy-fully in presenting these habits, tendencies, thoughts that you find troubling. I will help you overcome each and every one of them. There is no limit of the help I can provide to you.

Let this evening's lesson and experience stimulate you more. Come in to me and think of me in desiring to be free. Will you honor me by allowing me to assist you more fully? Will you honor your Mother by coming to Her to each day and asking for Her purifying action to release you from all these troubling habits? The light of our love is waiting to shine forth through you with greater translucency and magnificence, so you can too provide the way for others to find the healing in their souls that they crave.


Realize, my children, you are not doing this merely for yourselves, and how this will help you brothers and sisters, how this will transform this planet. See this more as part of your cosmic responsibility and one of the duties of being a child in the family of God. But it is a duty of joy and light-heartedness. And the freedom that you will feel from the release from the old as you take on the clothing of the divine will be nothing short of sublime. The choice is yours, my children. Choose wisely. Good evening.