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Topic: Communion

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Gerdean



Moderator launched us with a prayer, followed by a moment of Stillness.

TOMAS: Exalted we are in His presence.

I am Tomas and I am glad to be among you once again. Good evening, friends and companions in this surge forward into spirit liberation through association with cosmic reality.


What a great impetus we provide for one another when we augment and uphold that in each other that we deem to be of lasting value. While that term, “lasting value,” may reflect different meanings to different minds, it is nonetheless true, for we perceive as our capacity permits. A pint cannot hold a quart, and so our effort is fulfilled when our cup runneth over and we are able to exalt the Giver of Life for the abundance therein.

Powerful is the mustard seed, and powerful is the faith of one child of God for it can move mountains.

In order for there to be relationship, there must be communion. In order to appreciate communion, a conversation is often inaugurated. In order to have friends, one must be friendly. Therefore, let me ask those of you who are within hearing to render yourself available to the circuits of divine connection that weave us together – the warp and woof of the fabric of infinite and finite in one morontial plane.

What can I do for you? How can I engage with you? Share with me your reality. I am like an elder sibling. I reach down to you and join with you as you lift up your energy into the realm of consciousness which abuts the spiritual, whereupon we are free to engage in any subject whatsoever, for, from this plane of functioning, we are able to see the inner truth and the outer manifestation of All That Is. (Pause) I invite you to come forth.


[Marty thanks Machiventa for the Teacher Corps experience]

TOMAS: Indeed!

[Marty testifies how important it has been for him during these many years of quarantine to have the companionship of the Indwelling Spirit.]


TOMAS: It is plain to see how faithful you are to your God and his attendance in your life. With such a relationship as you enjoy with your God, both inwardly and outwardly, you have shown to yourself how effective He can be by the way you yourself have been effective.

On those good days when the sun shines, the reflection of the divine is nearly blinding, (as seen in) the tenderness of certain human moments and the beauty of certain physical manifestations of creation.

But on the gray days, the human, being as he is, it is all too common that you forget your tether to the spirit and succumb to the weakness of the mortal condition, leaving you feeling worthless or insignificant. This often brings on a sense of isolation and alienation from all that is true, beautiful and good. But, you know, your friend Rodan, who spoke of the art of living, mentions the value of friendship, that having the company of a friend robs suffering of much of its sorrow, and having a friend at hand also alleviates the inclination to succumb to those gray days that give rise to abject melancholy.

The charm of gray days in company with spirit, rather, gives rise to, perhaps, a cup of tea, and a conversation about old friends or good times or ponderous matters worth ruminating. Indeed, the relationship with the Father is sublime and fulfilling, but the trinity is not complete without that element embraced which incorporates a family atmosphere, the commonality of creativity in association, the fellowship that arises as a result of companionship.

And while the Father is certainly the father of all personality, and thus personality, His is fairly well distributed among His myriad creations, whereas, those of us who are your counselors on high are personalities, indeed, and we exalt that Creator who has given us this priceless experience of revealing who He is through who we are. And this is the nature of the work at hand – that we reveal Him to the worlds of time and space.

This is made possible, of course, by your commitment to such oneness that the fabric of the Supreme is enriched and enhanced by the contribution made through the dual effort of your will and God’s will, to create the pattern of supremacy which will actualize the potential which is inherent in the infinity of time and space.

We can turn from being myopic to being celestial. Instead of turning our eyes inward constantly, to focus internally, it is possible to begin to see outwardly and into the exterior such that we are able to stretch our consciousness and our perceptions of the divine. Ever striving, ever ascending, ever-advancing the greater reality.

Yes, we befriend one another. When times get rough, we can lend a hand. We can offer an encouraging word. We can pour a cup of tea and invite communication and communion, to thus resolve the moment, filling it with the love of the Divine, which we share.


[Doug asks for clarification regarding the opening of the circuits. Are they open? Or do they open as individuals open themselves to re-encircuitment?]

TOMAS: I feel your—yes. [[[listening]]] Well, that’s a good question, and there are two sides to that coin, as there are to most. The quarantine is lifting and has lifted, but it is on-going. There are areas – literal, physical, morontial areas -- existent on Urantia now, that are quite connected. In the heart of each believer, that connection exists. And this connection to the System of Satania and the Constellation of Norlatiadek and those circuits that were closed down, is made by acknowledging the association of which we are a part. And yet there are also areas planet-wide that are quite hidden from revelation, or “the light”, because of the ignorance, the prejudice, the dogma, the fear, the disbelief, the denial, the darkness.

This is a part of the exciting time you live, here on this plane. You are on the teeter-totter that rises and falls on the connecting that is taking place -- as we speak! Each time any of you embrace the light and commit to its continual shining, when you have laid down your will to do the divine will, you have consecrated yourself to the opening of the circuits.

This was a rarity until such time as the revelation conspired to bring this into effect. This is the effect, now, of this revelatory era, you see. You are part of it. As your light comes on, you contribute to the opening of the circuit such that in due time, in the course, you will contribute mightily to the enlightenment of the entire planet, for when a certain magnitude of Reality is reached, as you will remember from the philosophy of the 100 monkeys, the tide turns, and the swell has grown to such power that there will be little resistance.

Bear in mind that, this being an evolutionary world, there will always be those opportunities for imperfect human beings to make certain choices. And yet, it need not be so difficult as it has been for you these many thousands of years. And so as you turn around and bring the greater reality into your life, such that you are fearless in your portrayal of that which you can be – in association with All That is – you will be so much more than you have been. You will shine your light. They will see. The whole planet will be affected. And before long, really, the world will be changed. Because you have helped open the circuits by allowing your circuit to be opened to the divine reality that we know IS. Is this helpful?

[Doug responded affirmatively.]

TOMAS: I admonish you to have courage, my son. You know you have it within you. And with your peers and companions in faith, it is possible for you to augment each other’s faith, such that when you falter in your path and you turn to them in faith of their being, they will respond in kind, for their soul, too, seeks to expand and become more perfect.

And we rejoice. We rejoice and we feel the abundance of that which we are becoming. Day by day. Moment by moment. In full appreciation of that beauteous “thing” we call Our Father.

Out of Body Experience

[Doug asks another question regarding OBE’s]

TOMAS: Let me pause before I respond. {pause}

There are legitimate occasions when your indwelling God Fragment is away, and the custom is to assuredly see to it that you are encased in safety by your guardians and other trusted spirit helpers, such that you are in God’s hands, even when His Fragment is away. As you become more in tune with that Spirit quality within you, you are more prone to perceive through your affinity with It, what it might do, how it might comport itself if and when it is away from you. It is part of the Mystery.

The Mystery Monitor in its relationship with you, may impress your mind any way it chooses in accordance with your free will, in order for you to gain comprehension of what realities it would have you assimilate and know; and thus, if your God Fragment has opted to share with you things from its experience that you would be able to, by and in according with your personality characteristics, in such a way as to augment your appreciation for the magnitude of God and his creation, if these adventures in spirit exploration take you to the realms of space through your imagination, your ability to perceive, and the stimulation of your own Adjuster, who am I or who are we to discourage such an adventure, such an embrace, of what you are being taught?

We cannot presume to discourage your experience. This is an experiential universe here where you live and where I am assigned. You are truly unique! I cannot see what you see in your dreams, in your visions, in your meditations, but I can share those perceptions you have if you reveal them to me, as your interpretation of your reality. This evidently is a very important part of your reality, for you have spent quality time there, you have found merit, adventure, and insight there.

For you to pursue a course of study as a science is an option you have every right to take up as remote viewing is a valid study for the mortals of this plane. There are tremendous fields of dimension at your fingertips that can be appreciated, if not completely garnered. In and through it all, your feet must tread the mortal path of endeavor. You are still flesh and blood and you must deal with the matters of mortality like everyone.

But I wouldn’t construe them as religious experiences, only as adventures, if that is helpful.

[Doug is impressed. He though he was only asking a curiosity question. He likes what Tomas said and is reminded of the many concepts that are revealed to him in his lucid dreams, but regrets he cannot seem to remember them when he wakes.]

TOMAS: I would dally with you here a moment, friend, and think that if you were to discipline yourself somewhat, you might be able to capture some of those concepts that you are engaged in experiencing on your nocturnal flights of fancy, if you had at your fingertips a pen and paper and the determination to train yourself to jot those things down as you awaken. To not dwell on them or flesh them out, but perhaps with a one- or two-word notation, try to secure a remembrance, and then immediately go back into your situation (the sleep state). Perhaps days later that word will come to your mind and the concept will be recalled. This is a technique of mastering your mind. It’s a suggestion.

[Doug is appreciative of the suggestion.]

TOMAS: No doubt your peers will enjoy learning from your experiences, your creative expression of personality perception, yes.

[Student is encouraged.]

TOMAS: I am reminded by my attendant midwayer to say hello if you should run across him in your travels.

[Doug is delighted and looks forward to that contact.]

TOMAS: That would be speculation, for they too are endowed with personality, and their proclivities are extremely varied – as are yours. However, I think theirs may be somewhat developed, for they have, as a group, united behind a purpose and as the United Midwayers motto states, what they undertake, they do, and that would imply/infer they are actively engaged in one activity or another, and I assure you they are active in many ways. Just as like-minded individuals are attracted to each other for certain fields of study or appreciation, the midwayers are also. And as you undertake to perform certain tasks in your realm with a mind to the expansion of the light, they will be drawn to your light and offer to help.

Again, (one moment please) [I’m going to turn the tape over. Thank you, Tomas.] – Again, they, too, are like us. Relationship is developed through time together. Have a cup of tea with your midwayer associates and invite them to reveal themselves. Just as you come to call on me, set up a time with a midwayer, and watch what happens. If you look for something specific, you will miss it. Leave yourself open.

Trust. Trust the universe. You are given faith, but you must apply yourself in trust in order for the reciprocity to take place, for the give and take to be formulated and encouraged. Such an adventure!

[Marty recalls having enjoyed the inspiration of midwayer Sarah and now seeks to know how to work with her more personally]

TOMAS: You know her personality; you know how she feels. Put yourself in her spirit presence, as you understand what that means. The interaction between the mortal and morontial is not that complicated. It is very much like having your mind expanded. As you watch, you lift yourself up into that realm where you make contact. You put yourself forth. You project something. You say, “This is a reality to me. What do you think?”

And then, you leave yourself open. You leave your morontia mind open for the food, for the light, for the concept that will come in because you have invited it. It will come in. Trust the process. Don’t be in a hurry. Learn to feel how it works. And in time, you will “hear” the response. You will be able to carry on marvelous conversations with your spirit guides, and each one of them has its own unique personality, its own perspective to offer.

[Marty would like to know some history.]

Adjutant Mind Spirits

TOMAS: What history are you talking about there?

[Marty refers back to the times of Jesus, when most people were not indwelt. He also refers to the ministry of the seven adjutant mind spirits.]

TOMAS: Instead of answering your question, let me ask you something first. When those human beings were born, would you conclude that they, upon birth, were registered as a personality? [pause]

If they were indwelt with personality, they will have every opportunity. The personality is what is given the opportunity, not the Adjuster.

[Marty asks another question]

TOMAS: That would be my presumption, but I cannot say for certain.

[And another.]

TOMAS: Certainly.

[Marty talking now about how it appears that the animal species are also evolving.]

TOMAS: Well, yes, of course, because they have five adjutant mind spirits! They have consciousness!

[Marty’s turn. Sure wish I remembered what he was contributing to this dialog.]


[Marty, quite engaged.]

TOMAS: This is true. Look at Andon and Fonta, who were quite primitive in terms of evolution, but they made certain choices, and those choices augmented them in such a way as they were able to affect the course of Urantian history. The ones who lived during the time of Christ who had not made momentous decisions such as would affect the course of history, or even their own destiny, were not necessarily barbaric, but they may have been “unconscious” -- dense, insensitive.

The Mother Spirit, you see, has been ministering to this creation from the beginning, even through it all, and the seven adjutant mind spirits are capable of creating quite a specimen of humanity! The augmentation of a mortal’s reality by the Thought Adjuster, even so, is often overlooked completely throughout the life of the individual, and only upon awakening are they made aware of a God-consciousness at all. And so there is not that much difference between those before or after Pentecost when Jesus poured the Spirit of Truth out on all flesh and all men were subsequently indwelt, consciously, by God.


[Marty, responding. And asking now about reincarnation theories.]

TOMAS: You raise many subjects. Your discussion invites many avenues of investigation. But the atoms of life that are a part of a configuration of animal or human, are a part of the life force of that world. And so certainly, when the mortal undergoes terrestrial escape, when the soul is ensconaphimed to Mansonia (the resurrection halls), and the body is “returned to dust,” the life force of the human itself (the electrochemical aspect), stays here in the atmosphere and, yes, becomes a part of the ethers, and it contributes to the refinement of the environment, yes.

And so not only do the animal species evolve, not only do humans evolve, the planet itself evolves from the primordial ooze to the state of light and life that justifies the lowering of a temple to the Father upon it.

This is only vaguely related to reincarnation. Memory is certainly possible through these avenues, but they are mere perceptions; they are not the experience itself.

Those of you who are beginning here, are truly beginning your sojourn. All that comes to you through the goodness of God is a bounty, is a part of the Mystery Monitor, a part of that which you will become in time. But trouble not yourself about where these ingredients may have come from, or how your Indweller might have been endowed with certain experiential recollections of another life, in another time, in another galaxy, in another evolving world. If it is downloaded into your consciousness thus, is this anything but a gift to you of greater comprehension? Greater perspective? A gift, again, from the Great Giver.

All that we have, all that we are, all that we have been and all that we will be … all that is … is a part of the Divine, and because of the great love of the Origin of the entire organized universe. Exalted are we therein, and in His presence.


Let us be about our Father’s business and conclude our gathering.

Father, what a marvelous assortment of children you have provided me to learn to love this evening. I have been enriched because of these, Thy children, Thy gifts.

Amen and farewell.