2003-12-21-Christ Child Within

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Topic: Chirst Child Within

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teachers: Mantutia, Michael, Gabriel, Elyon

TR: Sheila, John, Jonathan



Mantutia (Sheila TR): I send greetings on this beautiful day of gathering. I am Mantutia.



I have shared with you for a very long time. I have witnessed all of you like a flower that began as a very small bud and has blossomed beautifully. In your time frame you are not always given the pleasure of watching a rose bloom in a moment by moment scenario. I on the other hand have watched you in every moment, and it is truly a miracle. Just as a single rose is beautiful and unique, when you roses gather as a bouquet, the essence is beautiful.

Does a rose really care where it is planted? Not really. It is important for it to be fed, for it to have sunlight and water. But it really cares not whose garden it comes from. Does it really care what color it is? Not really. What it does care is that it is admired. It is used as a gift. and often gathered with other flowers. My dear friends, it matters not where you are planted right now. I would like to shift your thoughts to your essence, your ability to be a gift to others. Individually you are so beautiful, and when you come together and share a bigger vase is needed to hold the beauty, to hold you together for a time.

Dear ones, you are not just a rose on the outside, you have this beauty inward as well, and this is not a rose that will perish any time soon. The essence that you have become will be ever-changing and everlasting. When you admire a beautiful flower do you understand that in that moment of your admiration, of your contemplation of beauty, that you are indeed being that essence of which you will always be? Does it truly take an outside essence to have you become the essence that you are inside? The gifts that you receive on the outside are the gifts that you are already on the inside. Can you trust that you are already what you are trying to achieve? Can you trust the beauty of your essence? Do you dare rely on your essence? Do you dare realize that you are the gift to the Father? There is such great hope, there is such great beauty in watching all of you. On this day we put you all in the center and admire you and pray that each moment you will accept yourselves so beautifully. I thank you for hearing me today.


Michael (John): This is the dawn, the exploration of the light, for nothing that is dark can exist without the light. You are gathered together as testimony of what light brings, for light is the essence of light, which is the essence of you in the becoming of mastership, for you as teachers will know what words to bring to those who need upliftment. You do not need to read them a long manuscript, because the Father will work with them as the words come from you to touch their hearts.

This is Michael, and you are my fellow creator sons and daughters, for we are all creating a new kingdom together. You are the rainbows in the sky with the unbelievable colors who attract those who have hidden so long from my word of hope, for all of your destination can only bring joy and peace to not only this great living planet but to all of my universal children.

Great times are here in every moment that you walk with me on our journeys amongst your brothers and sisters. You walk with me also not only on this planet but through the whole universe, for all are watching this great transformation, this upliftment of loving vibration. Great masters, you may let your egos talk, but when you go within yourselves, when you let the softness and holiness of your breath come through your heart, there is no doubt in your mind of the great accomplishments you have gone through all through your universe career. This career is ever-changing and without limit, for we believe that anything goes, that we can create anything together on the great foundation of love and peace and joy and goodness and beauty.

I am very grateful, very grateful, that you have shown the courage to come and carry out my mission. It is very difficult at times to be within yourselves, but each day, at each moment, in each breath, I see you becoming more and more of who you are, and your colors are there for all to see.I will leave you now, and I give my love to all of you. We will hold hands together in this circle that encompasses all of the Father's kingdom.


Gabriel (Jonathan): Greetings, I appear with you again after only a brief pause in time. I have but one message to deliver to you as I did to that fine woman of centuries past when I told her she was with child. Today I declare to you that you each are also with the Christ child; it is within you; it is born in your very living. You are to care for this revelation as it matures. You will have your flights to Egypt. You will have your disconcerting and confusing times as this child of divinity that has been bestowed within you emerges and becomes self conscious and aware of its origin. This child seeks not to be other than you. This child embraces you, as Michael has told you even at this meeting that you are his creator sons and daughters.

This gift of the Father is for all the world. It is your privilege and responsibility to nurture this creator that resides in our being. The world will be changed as this child reaches the maturity of spirit being, transformed with your humble human help. You who perceive your frailties and faults, who wonder at the effectiveness of your insignificant impact upon what appears to be a large world realize your humble role is crucial in the upbringing of this creator consciousness, the divine personality. Those faults and frailties will stand in the background as your true and highest self emerges to minister to the world, to befriend a child, to heal the sick.

Michael revealed in his bestowal the very potentials, capabilities, of all his human creatures. He was not here to parade his skills but to reveal your talents. We all honor him each anniversary of every bestowal he undertook, and at this season we do so on this world. Carry this son of God with you and as you. Trust the revelations delivered unto you. Father makes no mistakes. Father is no respecter of persons. Therefore you are cared for, you are blessed. Everyone about you contains the potential to reveal to you your true nature. Understand it may not be in their actions, in their comments. They may insult you, they may praise you, but you have resident within you the divine eye that can recognize truth in all forms, that can possess that truth, that essence. Know this this day. Believe it, for Michael as Jesus revealed it, demonstrated it in human form.

You are my comrades in the progress of Nebadon to the completion of the goals of Michael and Nebadonia. We all stand in honor of our divine and sovereign overseers. It is a privilege to have this time to be engaged in this demonstration of God within our local universe confines. One day you will leave this territory. You will then greater appreciate all the training you have been through, the training that seemed so insignificant this day and in this earth life. Universes are spread throughout space, worlds upon worlds, brothers and sisters in forms you cannot conceive of, challenges of personality attainment, and yes, even then you will confront your sense of inadequacy. But no longer will fear result from that inadequacy. No. Then you will be surcharged with the enthusiasm of the discovery within yourself of the ability to attain and to accomplish the insurmountable.

I, Gabriel, push you to go forth and prove to yourselves the truth of my phrases. Thank you.

Ginny: Thank you. It is a privilege to be visited by Gabriel at this time of the year.

Gabriel: And I give you my love.

Elyon: This is Elyon, greetings to you. I step forward to initiate our typical question and answer period, and I also inform you that there are teachers who are willing to step forward through each TR to round out our perspectives and responses to your inquiries.


Planetary Supreme

Tom: I recently read a transmission calling Earth a living thing or being. Is it minded in any form? Or is it like the power directors?

Elyon: It is minded in one sense and like the power directors in another, as you have inquired. All matter is encircuited in the various gravity cycles of Paradise. This circuitry is intelligent in configuration, yet it lacks any personality singularity of identity. That which manifests as planet Earth is one organ in the great body of the universe and functions coordinatedly within this great living organism. However, Nebadonia is the mind focal point of all Nebadon. She is that which defines this local universe. She pervades all of this realm, fully aware, always conscious of every transaction. Mother Earth is a combination of her awareness and the configurations within the circuits of Paradise as it is implied and impacts matter.

Even your awareness contributes to the mindedness of this planet, for you are her son as much as this planet is her abode. This small rock hurtling through space does have a life cycle. It was born. It did not exist at one time. It is evolving. It has its adolescent years, its continental upheavals, a form of acne. When it emerged as a potential for life as you witness it, it was seen as a beautiful rock with a great life ahead of it, much as you adore a newly born child, as yet unmanifest in its potential but so abundantly full of that potential. Cute in its freshness.

Earth in its history has done much as any child. It has grown; it became lanky; it rebelled; it fought with its insecurities. It is slowly maturing, and that pock-faced teenager of Earth today will emerge as that full statured, golden adult, beautiful for having gone through its life experiences.Each one of you is much like the various cells of your bodies that contributed to your life for a short time and then were shed, yet the body continues. Urantia is living in this sense. Its central nervous system is all your individual conscious focal points connected, incircuited, in Mother Spirit who is the brain of this body of Earth.I hope this addresses your question sufficiently.

Tom: Like I am a child of Michael and Nebadonia, is it possible that the Earth is a child of Paradise?

Elyon: Yes.


John: We read a lot of things and are trying to connect the dots. Going through the ascension process which I guess is the higher vibration, with our consciousness raising we are all ascending together. There's also about Yellowstone and Sheldon Nidle's [?] and all of us going in cocoons as it rejuvenates itself. Is all this coming soon?

Elyon: These portrayals of transformation you speak of all indicate an unfoldment in the development of this planet. Each presentation, while oriented according to the perspective of those who perceive it, does contain the thread of truth, that being the upstepping and settling of this planet into what you have been informed is Light and Life. I spoke of it as being born just as you are born. You know you have two options subsequent to your birth: to choose the eternal life that awaits you or to return back into the Father as though you never were. Earth is a living inhabited world and likewise would disrupt naturally through physical events, but it is the plan of your system administrators to raise it into an eternal life. These transformations, these energy uplifts, are required to stabilize a planet of evolutionary origin that it may endure even the passing of suns, the colliding of meteors. This is easy to the many celestials in charge of such activities. What is difficult of accomplishment is the potential destruction brought on by the planet's inhabitants. This is why we are so dedicated to interfacing with you all that you may be part of those active in the upstepping -- not merely waiting, wanting to witness the transformation -- but engaged deliberately in causing the upstep.

There will be cycles, some soon, some distant according to the planet's growth, just as your own human bodies have gone through different adjustments in different decades. Some appear overwhelming and some emerge gradually, unnoticed at first and then realized as having occurred.

John: Is Yellowstone going to blow soon?

Elyon: I'm not at liberty to express my geological opinion.

Ginny: Are you saying that as we work on our spiritual growth as a planet, we need a new planet to live on and that creates some changes?

Elyon: The first goal of those who are guardians of this world is to effect the adjustment of the astronomical bodies such that this little neighborhood may endure for many more years than even your scientists can detect to be the life cycle of your sun and earth. However, we know as you know that many variables come into play. There is in existence a contingency plan for getting you a new house if it is needed. But at this time all energies are being directed toward remodeling planet Earth and making it the home sweet home that you all long for.

John: You're talking about the cleansing; we've soiled the planet so bad that isn't there a natural cleansing that has to go on?

Elyon: Yes. You need to stop painting with lead based paint; to make your developments on this world with a sensitivity to the long life it will have; to keep it fit and healthy so that in its golden years of Light and Life it is that beautiful abode.


John: Is contact with the aliens going to help that? As soon as we get this corrupt system out.

Elyon: In your own lives you have come to admire in your younger years those of older stature who are capable of things that you are yet unable to do, be it riding a bike, driving a car, or running a corporation. As you grew you attained some of these capabilities. Earth would benefit from the witness of the developments of worlds far and near to you that have matured further, that have developed civilizations admirable from your perspective. It will help. But these interfaces between what you call aliens and I call brothers and sisters will happen as you are mature enough to be able to have relationship.

Tom: So, we have earth changes that we have no control over. Then we have control over our own actions. We are related in that we are all part of the spinal column that Nebadonia directs. We have control over how we react. If we pollute ourselves into becoming less, that compounded with Earth changes could make things intolerable. Given that we have control over one of the two things there is hope, correct?

Elyon: Once again I detect that you have taken my study notes, for you have summarized quite well what we have discussed.

John: We look at all the different scenarios on TV. It seems like this is given to us by you guys. Have all these things happened throughout the universe at one time or another? If it didn't happen here did it happen somewhere in the universe, like the futuristic stuff that goes on that we come up with, past things have too?

Elyon: Yes. Much like the crisis that an adolescent experiences through which the world appears to be ending, all so emotionally encompassing that nothing else can soothe or distract such intensity of focus. Soon it is realized that lo and behold others have gone through the same experiences. And this world is repeating what other worlds have likewise been through. However, each world is unique in how it has coped with and solved its problems, therefore many like myself hover about this world curious and excited to witness and be a part of your development. It is our privilege to determine the destiny of this planet, yours while you are here, mine while I am here. Let us make it fun; let us be ever on the lookout for opportunity, and let us be prepared to adjust to changes over which we have no personal control.

John: We all feel tired, at work we all feel like mush. I'm tired all the time. Is it because of the energy changing or am I eating too much sugar?

Elyon: I would venture to say it's both.


My friends, it has been a delight to be with you. I have enjoyed our respite in the last few weeks. I have taken the opportunity to leave Earth for a while to refresh myself in surroundings I call home and to fellowship with my family and friends at that world. I enjoy such reunions. But I am always delighted to be back here in your company to nurture you and to witness your growth. It is a privilege; it is a delight. I take my leave.