2010-01-27-Global Perpsectives

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Topic: Global Perspectives

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Daniel Raphael



MONJORONSON: Good morning, this is Monjoronson. (Group welcome.)


The developments of the Correcting Time continue to unfold with greater rapidity. There are more and more developments occurring on Urantia than previously. It is always necessary to build very strong foundations for the work that will come later. Deep and broad foundations give solidity to the work that we do into the future.


We have spoken to you about sustainability and how to design sustainable social institutions and processes for material sustainability. Inherent in that process is the necessity of doing it right the first time. The work of the planetary caretakers with you is patient, for you it is incredibly slow, but for us the work is sure, sound, and sustainable. You are used to developing a project, finishing it and then oftentimes—very frequently—going back and having to readjust or re-establish or repair what you have already finished. What we want you to do is imagine a process of designing sustainable projects where you do not have to go back and repair them, fix them, adjust them, make them right for the times. This is a unique perspective that you will need to incorporate into your lives, your work, and your belief systems. Whether they are about your relationship to the Divine, or whether it is in working with your companies and corporations, or your own companies and businesses, designing projects, processes that are sustainable, without having to go back and repair them, is quite a unique experience, one that reveals a great deal about your own nature and your brief lives.

It is not that the work and the designs for this planet are impervious to change—that is surely not the case—but the adjustments that are made are few and usually far between. As this is a decimal world and an evolutionary world, those changes are oftentimes more frequent than those that are architectural in nature and established according to long, long ages of design, completion and perfection. So please consider this in your thinking and in your work.

Communion, Groups

Today I will touch on numerous projects, issues, and topics so that you have a global perspective of what we are doing. We have not met with you in this setting for some time, and so I wish to take a round, global perspective of what we are doing. You have been notified and told about the “mystics circle,” and already several of these are established throughout the world. Do not think that you have to belong to a group to practice this deeper meditation, this contact with your Thought Adjuster, this experience with one-on-one relationship with the Divine, for the beginnings of the mystic circle truly begins in your meditative practices, the times of contemplation and reflection upon your life. It also involves reading sacred materials, whether that is the Urantia Book or other materials that lead you deeper to insights and conversations with your Thought Adjuster, your Guardian Angel and teachers. The mystics circles are really a more social environment, where you gather with others and feel comfortable in this worshipful environment, where you among other mystics come together to facilitate your reverence, your worship, your attention to the inner realm of your contact with the God within, the God presence with you always.

Some of you have processes and practices that you have used throughout your lives, which are different from those of others. It would be helpful if you shared these with your fellow mystics, as they will share their practices with you. The intentions that we have in mind for the development of the mystics circles is a much more conscious, deliberate, intentional social engagement between yourself and others, in a setting that promotes this deeper relationship. For too long, you have worshipped alone, and there is nothing wrong with this, but you are isolated in your practices. It is helpful for you individually, and as groups, to meet together in groups of individuals. You are by nature social creatures, and to practice your worship in social settings gives you a greater validation and an authenticity for your practices for your personal beliefs.

We know of thousands of individuals around the world who practice by themselves, and unfortunately, many of these hold in reserve a doubt about whether their experiences are real or not. By gathering with others who have these experiences, by discussing them in an open setting, you can validate your history of contact with the God presence within you. This is certainly a worthy and supportive endeavor in your mystic circles. You are not alone in your practice and there are others with you who believe this way.


The other intention is to develop a cadre of individuals who have the capacity to become conscious clairaudient TRs. These are needed in the coming months, years and decades ahead to fill those positions within co-creative design teams and working teams, for the position of the TR, which is so essential to the a team setting, using a spiritual consultant. This will aid the development of your societies and your communities and your civilization. You see, we have no hesitation to take on processes that are global in nature that will eventually involve hundreds of millions and billions of individuals. The time to begin, of course, is now; and the now is always eternal. For you who are mortal, that means beginning this moment, this moment in time and endeavoring to fulfill your quest, your adventurous spiritual beings, in conjunction and cooperation with the spiritual consultants and caretakers from Machiventa on down to you.

As I said, we have not met for some time in this setting. The news that comes through and develops from our endeavors and our work with you is ceaseless. For you who would like to keep your finger on the pulse and your ear to the ground to [learn] what is coming, and what is occurring around your world, you must feel a bit impatient with this longer break. The stream of news is much like managing a multiple news service, whether you have the BBC, Reuters and all the other news agencies around the world — the news continues and does not stop for you or anyone else. Our work continues to unfold and develop.


Many of you are concerned about the developments in Haiti. This is a “perfect storm” environment for you to view how your world, in some places, will look like in decades to come. In most instances it will not be as horrendous as this; the physical destruction will not be replicated as many times, though they will be as severe or more severe, in areas which will be a headline note in the annals of your history. I say this area is a “perfect storm” because this country was before the cataclysm impoverished in so many ways. It was incapable of sustaining itself, even at the point of survival, for a good percentage of that population. It was already dependent upon the goodwill sources of support from outside nations. It was already at the poorest levels of all peoples in the western hemisphere of your planet. Now it is even more so, and what is so desperately sad—to put it in human terms, it is bitterly sad—that this cataclysm will cause even greater dependence and greater impoverishment in those people.

This is, of course, the perfect environment to begin the establishment of operational co-creative design teams and working teams. The work of many design teams would assist that country, and nations and organizations which are providing aid, to begin designing and devising social processes, economic processes, political processes that would assist this nation to become sustainable. This requires a completely different mindset than the generation of dependence upon those you give aid to. You are, in a way, giving only the most meager substantive support to these people, whereas they truly need heart-generated support that sustainable social programs can provide. Whether it is six months or six years from now, this nation will still be tremendously impoverished and incapable—incapable as a nation in economics, political, and social systems. It takes tremendous foresight, insight, and then the application of that wisdom to develop and engender independence in a nation, in a people, in a society. It requires great forethought and selflessness. The tremendous outpouring of good, which you are seeing from many nations, is a wonderful thing, but it is also causing greater dependence – a move away from sustainability.

In many ways, Haiti represents Urantia. The social, political, economic chaos that is prevalent in Haiti is only damped down slightly from the rest of your planet, from the perspective of visitors from the mansion worlds. The arrogance of the Western world rests in its material dominance, yet it has shown itself to be generous materially, but incapable of proceeding toward social sustainability. It is in this way, equally as impoverished as Haiti and other materially impoverished nations. What is missing is the fortitude of character to activate the insights of wisdom that have been instilled in your leaders, your philosophers, social activists, and historians. You are seeking solutions through old answers, though in the process you have evolved past that. Yet, you are unaware and unappreciative of your social evolution, your intellectual evolution, and your cultural evolution. You are unaware of the growth that you have made and do not have the force of character to now take a social leap in paradigm, to activate those insights and that wisdom from your huge libraries of social research conducted around the world, in this culture and other cultures, in this nation and all other nations.

As the times are short until new cataclysms come, you truly need the assistance, the presence of character and wisdom of an objective, yet compassionate nature that is provided through the spiritual consultants in co-creative design teams, for you to move ahead rapidly. Even those of you who know how powerful and competent and capable design teams are, have not moved ahead to propose this almost preposterous proposal to those who can make decisions to implement these teams. Yes, it will become an eventuality that co-creative design teams will come into popular acknowledgment in decades ahead, but your world is at a climax now for change, geologically, socially and spiritually. It is never too late, but it would be most difficult to bridge the immense social changes that are going to take place in the next fifteen years, by waiting another forty or fifty years to implement the creative solutions, which your planet needs now.


Yes, Machiventa and my own joint-liaison team are working with the midwayers, celestial teachers and the angelic corps to bring about the awareness of options for leaders to implement in their decisions. That is why you are seeing immense revelations coming forward into the world now. You are seeing many new processes that bring this wisdom forward to the general population. There is within the human character of this world the fortitude of “Doing it myself!” “Doing it my way.” “Doing it our way.” “We have the answer. Go away, leave us alone until we are done.” This attitude is failure bound, particularly when it comes to the magnitude of social change that your world is undergoing. Given the state of your world, and comparing it to a world that is an evolutionary but not a decimal world, which is receptive to spiritual guidance and which has not had the tremendous spiritual, progressive anomalies that your world has undergone, from this state that you are in now, and the similar state of a non-decimal world, it would still be a thousand years that your world would be in the early stages that would presage the days of light and life.


I can tell you, however, that the activities of Michael that have been set in motion, [that] have been executed for Machiventa and myself to implement, will bring about immense changes within two-hundred-fifty and three-hundred-thirty years. Yes, none of you will be here; however, each of you has the capacity to leave a legacy that will still be in your history books at that time. You truly underestimate the capacity of the human will to do good and bring good into existence through the active participation of Providence; you underestimate this capacity. I invite you to look up and read about the activity of Providence in the Urantia Book. Even we—even myself, with a residence in Havona—do not thoroughly and totally understand the coordinative efforts of Providence throughout all the universe from Havona to Urantia. There is a serendipitous, coincidental outworking of good which is initiated when individuals see good in potential and will to participate in bringing it into existence.

We have urged you to work with the merkaba with your intentions. We have asked you to pray selflessly for the good of your world, for the good of Urantia and its evolution. We have asked you to do this without even asking you to go forward, to volunteer socially in your world as an active participant with us in the material realms of your world. You do not need to be an activist, [or an] economist to change your world’s economy. We have not asked you to re-design your medical systems to aid all humankind. We have simply asked you to pray; we have asked you to engage the energy of the universe through the merkaba, which can be done with others, and it can be done [by] yourself, if you see yourself as an agent of directing universe energy to where it is needed, without return to yourself. When you do this, you help us tremendously in the outworking of good in your world. The decades and centuries ahead to the eventual establishment of global peace on your world is not a dream, it is not a fantasy—it is something that has been accomplished upon billions and billions of worlds in the universe already. The Universe can do it as well, but on Urantia it will not be done without your participation, actively, consciously, and deliberately.

We and you must get through these tough times, which are imminent on your world. We must assist you so that good becomes sustainable on Urantia. How many Haitis, how many tsunamis in Indonesia and around the world must happen before your people wake up to the fact that they do not have the answers to global sustainability, but begin to seek a larger consciousness that encompasses all the world, for the highest and greatest good of all concerned, including those who administer this world. You will see that Haiti will have sapped the resources for good of many nations around the world. What would happen to those resources if another such cataclysm occurred again within six months or a year, and sooner the next time, and sooner the next time after that? Where would your social and global thinkers go to find answers? Or would they hole-up in their academia, hole-up in their governmental offices and withdraw from further help, trying to save their own society?

Who then will come forward as leaders, to propose something new? Who will propose something that has already been proven, proven to work, proven to generate concepts, ideas and social processes that are workable? How many cataclysms must occur before your willingness to compromise and demand compromise ceases? How many must occur before you give up to society and say, “We need a way that leads us out of here, that leads us forward, that leads us forward to create solutions, rather than fixing what can no longer be fixed?” Then your world will be receptive to the ideas which are now—and have been—generated and installed, and are now being published around your world.

Humility, Discipline

Jesus gave you the message long ago, that you must give up your arrogance, your ego, your self-aggrandizement and your demands upon others, to embellish your own self, that you must come into humility in order to become a sustainable soul. So too, with your communities, your nations and your civilization, so too must you become humble before you will understand what it is to become sustainable as individuals, as families, as communities, nations and as a civilization in your world. I draw you a closer metaphor, which many of you in the West are familiar with, and that is the breaking of horses to be ridden. They are said to be tame when this occurs, yet they have no less capacity than they had before.

Your civilization is much like a wild horse that likes to break out of the corral and run free, and find its way in the world as it sees fit and as it wishes. Were it to return to the corral to be guided and to be cared for, to be nurtured, it would not have to forage for itself. Yes it would be giving up a bit of its physical freedom, its own idea of what is right and what it ought to do, for the greater good of its life and its adventure and its service. These cataclysms were not devised by God, or the architects of this world. They are simply the outworking of many forces that have been held in abeyance for a long time.

There comes a time in the moment of a horse—and even of the domesticated dog—when it gives up its will for a higher will. There is actually a consciously recognizable moment when a conscious decision is made by the horse, by the dog, by you and by your global civilization, to take the higher road of humility and a sustainable lifestyle, and a sustainable way of living. Within that context, you as individuals are totally free. You can reject the spiritual adventure, or you can accept it and move on, but you will make a decision, and you will move into the future by not making a decision, for by not making a decision, you have determined your fate in this lifetime and in the mansion worlds. You may defer that decision indefinitely, but eventually you will make a decision to participate or to opt-out of the grand program of ascension that is given to you as an individual. My point in this discussion is to alert you that you as individuals, you as families, and communities, states and nations, and as a global civilization, MUST and WILL make a conscious decision to engage the sustainable social environment or not. The only question is, “When will that decision be made?”

I am open to questions, if you have them, please.


Individual, Authority

Student: Monjoronson, although our country was formed with God in mind, has developed a separation of church and state. I wonder how we are going to get past that separation in order to allow for celestial input into the designing of our social institutions. There are so very few people that accept that it is possible to talk to spirit.

MONJORONSON: As well, do not be mistaken that governments will seek out our assistance. There is no problem or difficulty between the separation of state and religion, as both are institutions of authority. What is painful are the attempts of individuals and groups to separate the individual from God. This then violates freedom in your society. The opportunity to believe or not to believe must be equal, open and available to each individual to decide as they see fit. Do not confuse our work with engaging governments or bodies of authority, for we simply do not. Our attempts and our efforts are to engage the hearts and minds of individuals who have influence and participation in organizations. Governments do not have the will, capacity, or philosophical soundness to engage our work. Neither are they capable of resolving the problems and issues that your society and other societies are now experiencing. Thank you.

Student: Last time we gathered, one of the members asked a question about our economic conditions and unfortunately, it did not get recorded, but your comments were excellent. Would you mind repeating them, please?

MONJORONSON: Re-ask the question, please.

Student: I do not have her exact wording, but she was asking about our economic conditions and whether they are improving or not.

MONJORONSON: Your question is nebulous and it is differential among different people, social class, nations and so on. Those who have little will see little change; those who have a great deal will also see little change in their lives, though they may anguish about the amounts that they have lost in their bank accounts. Those in the middle who fear having less, and who aspire to having more, will rest in fear during these economic times. As for “is the economic condition getting better or worse,” this remains relative to the individual. Thank you.

Student: Also last time I asked the question, “To what degree has the lack of Urantia Book readers and other Teaching Mission folks that have not accepted your reality and of the Magisterial Mission, affected your mission?” This answer was not recorded either. You said that it was “greatly affected,” but I would like to have this question explained again so it can be recorded on the transcript.

Urantia Movement

MONJORONSON: It is most unfortunate that those who read the Urantia Book do not read into the book that Christ Michael was bringing a new era of social and spiritual development into their world. It is unfortunate that the wisdom of this book remains within and has not broken out of its chrysalis into the light of awareness and appreciation of God in their lives, as an experiential aspect, day-to-day. This has made the belief system of the Urantia Book an evolutionary religion, rather than a revealed religion. There is inherent in the Urantia Book and its content, the capacity for individuals and this broader belief system to evolve into a higher state of belief through the revelation of God and the outworking of Christ Michael’s work in their lives.

The efforts of the Teaching Mission, Magisterial Mission, and other revelatory processes are a part and parcel of Christ Michael’s efforts to sustain the momentum that was initiated by the Revelatory Commission and the publishing of this wonderful book. Truth does not stop; it cannot be contained between the covers of a book. It is lived out in the lives of individuals and in that living out, there is revealed the greater awareness of the outworking and the in-working of the God presence of each individual that revelation does not take a static form, but that it continues on day-after-day, year-after-year, decade-after-decade and century-after-century.

Through this process of revelation, you are not asked to come on board at the Tenth Epochal Revelation, which you would not be ready for, but to come on board at the level of revelation that you are comfortable with, and move on when you have satisfied your curiosity and your capacities for growth. Many have stayed in a static state in reverence, in respect and adoration of the truth that has been revealed. By moving ahead, your adoration, appreciation, respect and devotion to the old truths are not diminished one bit, but the new truths ask you, it begs you, to move ahead into greater awareness in your lives. We have had to move forward without this wonderful body of believers.

We have moved ahead to reveal Christ Michael’s truths through the Urantia Book AND through other revelations, which continue to come forward. Your intellectual capacity and your capacity for belief in the good of God and of new revelations is often a challenge to those who are limited in these capacities. This does not diminish them one bit; it is not meant to diminish their belief or their capacity for belief, but simply that they have come to the fulfillment within their capacity to hold what has been given to them. We could draw the metaphor that you could not put more in a quart jar than a quart, however the human psyche and mind is infinite. You can break the mold of your quart jar capacity for belief, by going to a gallon size, two-liter size, or to a metric ton size; it is up to you. You hold the boundaries of your belief system. Thank you.


Student: This question is related to meditation. Some TRs and channelers talk of going “deeper” when they transmit. Is this related to a state of self-hypnosis or the Alpha, Beta, Delta stages of sleep?

MONJORONSON: It actually is a combination of those, but mostly self-forgetfulness. The lack of being the observer of your self, which is consciousness, the TR has gone into a deeper state of being, a deeper state of consciousness. They become less conscious of self amongst others, and become less conscious of self at all, and are able to operate as simply a mouth-piece or “Wi-Fi router,” as has been given as an example, without thought of what they are doing or what they are saying, without reflecting upon their social context. Yes, it does involve a consciousness at a deeper level. Yes, it does involve the Alpha state and other states of being. It is being at the deepest levels of self-forgetful meditation, yet being able to operate for the benefit of others, seen and unseen. Thank you. (Student: That is very helpful, thank you.)

Student: Do you see any significant benefit coming out of the Parliament of World Religions that recently met? This bringing together of such a wide variety of people and beliefs? It seems as if they are attempts to improve our world.

MONJORONSON: Yes, there is much good that is and will come out of the Parliament of World Religions, first as an appreciation of other religions that benefit individuals and humankind; second, as a foundation for worthy social action; and third as a forum for those who are not engaged in religions to meet and find commonality in the oneness of their beliefs and the oneness of the God presence within them. That is, they come together seeing and appreciating the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of humankind, and then go forward to engage their world with others. The Congress of World Religions offers an opportunity to others to see that belief systems are only an “overpass,” linking individuals together, that there are millions of others who are not a part of their religion, but are good, kind, worthy and deserving and enjoying the Sonship in the family that God has created here. It is at its worst, however, when it strives to maintain separation between religions and strives to create separation between individuals of other religions. It is far better to appreciate others than to simply tolerate them, but this is a step in the right direction for an eventual global religion. Thank you.

As you have seen, this is one of many forums that I speak through. As well, there are many who are receptive to myself outside of these groups. It is eventual that there will be a recognition in your world that “spirit is afoot” in your world and doing good. It is our hope that this eventuality will coincide [with] the hopelessness that humanity feels to overcome its own inherent limitations and seeks to engage its broader spiritual effort to do good, without calling it a religion, without formalizing it, institutionalizing it, capsulizing it between two covers. Then we can do great good together. I thank you for your attention today, for your questions and for your presence, which is far more than just your physical presence. Good day.

Student: Before you leave, what you just said stimulates a question when you refer to groups other than “these groups.” By “these groups,” do you mean those that grow out of the revelation from the Urantia Book?


MONJORONSON: Yes. I am present with many groups that are meeting, even those who would not call themselves mystics, but who meet in meditation. There is a sense of growing commonality and awareness of the “other” that is with them, which is the Spirit of Truth, which is myself, which is Nebadonia, that this sense of the “other” is benevolent and has the capacity to provide wisdom and guidance. These groups will grow in spiritual and social action when they begin asking questions of this “spiritual other,” accepting the possibility that answers can be provided to them directly, outside of human experience, that experience and wisdom can be gained through discussions with us. Then they will be ready to engage the process of becoming a co-creative design team and to begin actively working with us. Were we to wait for the development of groups as this out of the Urantia Book Revelation, your world would be doomed for centuries. We, however, cannot wait, not that we are impatient, as we are very patient with those of you who do not wish to move forward, but this does not limit our capacity to move forward rapidly without them. Thank you.


Blessings to you all. Thank you for your questions, your insights and your spontaneity; this is as the spiritual experience truly is and exists in most people’s lives. Good day.