2010-02-16-Monjoronson Q and A Session 88

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Topic: Monjoronson Q & A Session 88

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: [Mary] We ask Michael and Mother Spirit to grace us with their presence, allowing us access, helping us be true. We appreciate all the personalities that are gathered to make this question and answer session as accessible as possible. Be with us and bless our efforts tonight. Thank you.

Monjoronson: I greet you all once again this evening. I am Monjoronson here tonight to keep our regularly scheduled appointment as it is my great pleasure to do so. This connection has been secured, let us begin.

Mary : Thank you for being here Monjoronson.


Question #1: Van and others were informed from a source on high that Caligastia was to be honored as Sovereign of Urantia long ago. Can you inform us any about how it is that Van determined that it was deception and that a rebellion was in progress?

Monjoronson: Hello and thank you for this question. Questions of this nature are most difficult because they require one to speculate about events and distant personalities and I am simply not comfortable assigning any direct significance to any individual in particular but I will be happy to discuss in general terms how such “knowing”, as you refer to, can occur. Once again I refer to the layered method that you have access to as a mortal of the realm. You have your indwelling Thought Adjuster, your spiritual guide and you can turn to this source for verification about anything that you could conceive of. As well you have Michael's Spirit of Truth which can be asked and will supply you with an answer as well. Even available to you, you have your most animalistic innate senses, that immediate feeling that you have as to whether something is right or true or good or not.

Van no doubt employed any or all of these means to make his discernment just as you can here and now, today. I make this point to attempt to dissuade readers of past spectacular events to somehow erroneously consider that such fantastic and extraordinary events were somehow contained to the past. Indeed they are available to you at your command. As your Master told you, you would do things that He had done and even more. I hope this serves to bring this question to a more personal perspective for it is in each day and with every act that you must navigate this maze of discernment and utilize all your different tools to make as wise a judgment as is possible. Thank you.

Mansion Worlds

Question #2: Do each one of us transition to the mansion worlds upon death?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. As your most recent text illustrates for you, this progression of mansion world stops is the natural evolutionary step to be taken by evolving mortals of the realm. You might say this is the lesson plan, however with any lesson plan there are inherent exceptions and it may well be that, for instance, those on this world who have achieved some magnitude of spiritual ascension may not be required to attend mansion world #1 but everyone, every case in this universe is lovingly, tenderly, ministered to. There is no mandatory wholesale program to which you must adhere. In a very real sense, every individual tailors their own lesson plan with their own interests and their own pursuits, albeit all are progressing and evolving and growing at their own pace. So the answer to your question is yes. Thank you and farewell.


  • The Power of Prayer

Question #3: The power of prayer is meaningless if it does not produce the desired effect. Even though I am a human mortal, if my desire matches the will of the Father, will my prayer be answered on behalf of the one I pray for?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. The very first step I must do is take issue with this preamble to some degree. The statement that your prayer is meaningless if it is unanswered is simply a false statement. No prayer is meaningless. Prayer is like meditation or worship in that it is a state that you enter into which always benefits, always helps. Whether or not you are able to perceive whether or not you received answer to your prayer, nevertheless the act of prayer itself was a benefit to you as the one who prayed, and I assure you, to the one you are praying for as well as the universe at large. This act of prayer is a signal to all the universe that you would align with them in actuating this circuitry of spirit and in so doing you are literally growing as a spiritual being and therefore the results are there to be witnessed by all those who have eyes to see or means to perceive in the spiritual dimension.

I understand that as mortals of the realm you are clearly tied to a rather cause and effect existence. This happens, then that occurs, this resulted in that and if you do this, that happens, and every time this happens. And so you would naturally transfer this same desire to see such a clearly evident pattern into your spiritual pursuit and therefore you assign this act of prayer as the cause and you are desiring seeing a meaningful effect. You do not necessarily perceive the effects of the spiritual realm as you are clearly yet so material; so how can you sincerely declare that there are no effects when you may very well be quite unable to perceive what effects there may be? This is where you must exercise your faith, the faith that you know this is the process, this is how it works; it is an unseen process but not an unknown process. Go within, ask your Inner Guides, consult your Spirit of Truth and determine for yourself if you can really make such a statement as prayer is meaningless if I do not see my desired results.

I hope this helps to bring some perspective to the two different realms which you are trying to measure with the same standard. Thank you.

Urantia Movement, Expectations, Perspective

Mary: We have several questions and I'm thinking it might be good just to read all three of them and then maybe you could comment and address this general category after hearing them.

Question #4: What is your view about all the work done to bring us the Urantia Book, having study groups, just to leave most of them unconnected to the progress of the 5th epochal revelation?

Question #5: Most in Urantia group study groups are not on board with the Teaching Mission nor are many in the Teaching Mission supportive of the Magisterial Mission. How has this been allowed to happen?

Question #6: Would the return of Michael before the Magisterial Mission took place on Urantia somehow alter and unify the present disarray of mortal efforts on behalf of the 5th epochal revelation?

Monjoronson: Thank you for these questions. I believe I can understand your interest and concern over your expectations not having been met regarding the dissemination and acceptance of the 5th epochal revelation. Truly, like you, I recognize the great effort involved in this compilation of effort and wisdom of truths and I recognize the energy invested in such a project of love and grace. Like you, I might share the desire to witness even now that such a gift of grace had been seized and taken up and exalted in its proper, as I might consider or you might consider, place. But one of the questions refers to how we could allow such a thing and this borders on humor for me because I come on the scene decades after the 5th epochal revelation and like you are merely interpreting all that has been done up to this point by those who have been involved. I am a spectator just as you are in observing the choices that all those before us have made in the handling of this.

But my larger perspective enables me to realize that it has only been decades, it has only been a cosmic blink of an eye that the 5th epochal revelation has even been in existence. Clearly I can witness that there may not have been, until recently, enough spiritual interest to spark the flames of truth contained in the epochal revelation to burn brightly and light the way for many to find it. I say until recently, because I am privileged enough through my perspective to witness a great elevation in the light emanating from this world, originating from those who are lighting up in spirit. I am hopeful that tools such as have been so lovingly safeguarded will find a new wave of interest that follows the spiritual wave which I foresee washing over the planet.

So I think, my friend, perhaps it is a matter of perspective. For you who see this 5th epochal revelation as languishing and perhaps even retrogressing or failing apart or at least in your perception failing to rise to its potential, I am aware that as a revelation it is but a fledgling, it is but an immature bud that will one day be a glorious flower.

As for the observation that you all register that you are not all on the same page; welcome to diversity, welcome to individuality, welcome to a world in which you're encouraged to be your own unique individual with your own perception and awareness and each will be brought down their own path as a result of the combination of all that becomes them. And with all this potential and with all this diversity, surely you can see there will be great diversity exhibited as it works out into the mortal realm.

You have a bumper sticker that says "celebrate diversity". At this point it is barely a thought, barely a recognition in your human consciousness. As you become more spiritualized, this awareness of diversity will be truly celebrated and appreciated instead of overlooked or downplayed or made to conform. And so it is we must not only tolerate each other who are not on the same page but go past tolerating, go past accepting and go all the way to love. In this way it makes all those apparent differences seem non-existent. If we all can participate in the same common ground of love, we all then may have our own individual ground but can relate to each other in this common ground state of love.

I hope this helps to calm the choppy seas of dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs. All things are in flux, this too is in flux. If something is in flux it may be changed, altered, directed and focused. This is where you come in. You are the director, the one choosing the direction and the focus. Make it as you would have it then. So be it. Thank you.

Materialization, Spirituality

  • No Thought Adjusters

Question #7: When the Magisterial Son personalizes in our presence, are those of us who may be fairly slow in spiritual development but are indwelt, will we still be able to perceive your divinity? Or are we only able to perceive you as within the degrees of our current status of development?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. I desire to alleviate some apparent apprehension. Fear not that you cannot discern by spiritual awareness. You are a spiritual being and you can perceive in the spiritual realm. Likewise you are a mortal being and have all the senses to perceive in the material realm so there is nothing you will not be able to perceive. You cannot be left out, you're not blind to the reality of the situation. I believe your question refers to the awareness that the more spiritualized an individual may become, the more spiritual perception they possess and this is true. But in the scenario you offered, you would lack nothing and have all the access that you may be able to imagine about such a barely imaginable event. Is there more to this question? [No]

Question #8: Could you please give an example of a human on Urantia within whom the Spirit of Truth is functioning as a spiritual co-ordinator of the different spirit ministries, and the spirit of the Bestowal Son is present in humans who have no Thought Adjuster and no soul?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. I have been asked before in this forum to offer a certain service, as it were, and to either endorse or denounce certain personalities that are present in the mix on your world and I have before, declined to do so and I will decline again. To bring up specific examples of individuals is rather an infringement on their sovereignty. They are as they are and they are discernible by the universe at large and by you as well. They are known by their fruits. Those who are connected with their Inner Guides live lives which indicate their association with divinity and there are the fruits to be seen and observed by all those who would simply look.

So I declare there are many, many on your world right now who would thus qualify as endowed human beings, those who are listening, paying attention and then acting on this internal knowingness. But I caution you against putting such ones as might readily come to your mind on an unattainable pedestal for they are not. They are like you in most all respects. They live a life like yours, similar to you as a human being of the realm. They are mortal beings just like you and they are spiritual beings just like you. They perhaps choose to put more emphasis on relaxing into their spiritual dimension that do others but they are inherently the same as you.

I point this out and I decline to endorse individuals to illustrate that this is not a far away process. This is an up close personal process. This is not something to be admired and adored in others, it is to be sought and developed within you. As I say, you will be known by your fruits, by your lives as a testament. So rather than the pursuit of who out there is being led by what internal force, perhaps more is to be gained by turning that search within and looking for where spirit influence may be and going in that direction and in so doing your life begins to mimic your spiritual state and before you know it the fruits are quite evident. You will know them by their fruits and they you will know you by yours. Thank you for this question.


Mary: Thank you so much for addressing that question Monjoronson and we appreciate your being with us tonight. Our thanks to our T/R for his services this evening and to our transcriber who puts all this down in written form. Good evening.