2010-04-13-Monjoronson Q and A Session 96

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Topic: Soul Evolution

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers


  • Moderator - Mary Rogers


Prayer: Divine Parents, we gather here tonight with you to join in this process of coming together in honor of this service project with Monjoronson. We would pool our intentions here in this process to make this connection and to each one of us be a part in the chain that makes this happen. Thank you for the opportunity. Help us to be pure of heart and intention in this process. We trust that it will be so. Thank you.

Monjoronson: Greetings to all assembled, I am Monjoronson here to join with you as well in this process. It is a pleasure to be working together for the benefit of this world. I am in readiness, let us begin.


Mind, Soul

Preamble: From the Urantia Book: "On the evolutionary worlds, will creatures traverse three general developmental stages of being: From the arrival of the Adjuster to comparative full growth, about twenty years of age on Urantia, the Monitors are sometimes designated Thought Changers. From this time to the attainment of discretion, about forty years, the Mystery Monitors are called Thought Adjusters. From the attainment of discretion to deliverance from the flesh, they are often referred to as Thought Controllers. These three phases of mortal life have no connection with the three stages of Adjuster progress in mind duplication and soul evolution."[1]

Question #1: Can you explain what the three stages of Adjuster progress in mind duplication and soul evolution are? Thank you.

Monjoronson: Monjoronson here to thank you for your question. As this quote you refer to indicates, they are customarily categorized into three general areas which mimic the life of a mortal of this realm except that they play out in a time frame that is infinite instead of the finite time frame. [There is] . . . a beginning phase, an intermediate phase, and a phase of completion. It would do me no good to attempt to put any sort of time frames on these because they are conditioned by the advancements and achievements of the Adjuster and the individual personality that are working towards the eventual union and becoming as one.

This whole first mortal step and perhaps a number of the morontia steps may all be within the first level of attainment of the Adjuster to simply become known by the mortal of his indwelling and phase two can be likened to the morontia realms of the mortal where there is a working together, a growing to maturity, and the final level has to do with operating in the realms of perfection. Much as your infinite career as a child of God, you have a beginning phase which may last through several stages, you have an intermediate phase where you are transforming from your beginning phase into your perfected phase and then there is a stage of achievement. This pattern, as you will witness, is a common one repeated throughout many a universal plan of progression.

So, suffice it to say, it is very similar to what you might have considered about your own eternal career but there are different benchmarks of achievement for the Adjuster. I hope this helps to illuminate some of your curiosity. Thank you.

The Supreme

New Expression of the Trinity

Question #2: It is said in the Urantia Book that on the secret worlds of the Father there are unique representations of the Trinity to be found there. Could it be that when God the Supreme actualizes that there may also be a unique representation of the Supreme to then be found on Ascendington?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. As you may well suspect, everything that is a manifestation or representation is its own unique variation of the One First Source and Center. No representation on any other worlds will be identical because they are manifesting at different coordinates of time and space, under different conditions, with different circumstances attending their manifestation. You witness on your own world that every single unique manifestation of a child of God is unto itself and no two are identical. As many representations as there are there, there are that many distinctions and variations on the theme. The whole idea of expression in time and space and throughout your spiritual dimension is to be a unique expression, an individual expression, one that is not simply a mirror of another. Likewise, when the Supreme is fragmented into its various expressions, each will have its own facets and its own projection of what is a part of the whole.

Running throughout all of these mixed and varied expressions, of course, there remain the key central representation much as the drop is combined of the same stuff as the whole but yet each drop will crystallize individually and distinctly. This is how they can be at once the same and completely individual. This is the pattern which is repeated throughout all that has been created. There is a desire to allow for difference and independence in every creative act of expression and I believe you will bear witness to this even on your own world. Certainly this pattern is replicated on up through the divine realms; as below, so it is above. Thank you.


  • Severe Testing

Preamble: Teacher Zarath[2] said in 2006 concerning the changes[3] we on earth are going to experience: "The greater harmony that this world is on the brink of experiencing, first must pass through a severe testing time. Stay firm with your faith in the love and desire of Michael to bring this all about, and also for the mighty efforts of Monjoronson, soon to be evident.

Question #3: Monjoronson, as we undergo "severe testing," how do you plan to reach people with God's reassurance in the midst of dark times?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. I will play on the theme of severe testing and I would ask you to consider what happens when you are tested as students. You are subjected to and required to make a choice, to offer a decision, to come to some point of declaration of the right answer. Such is a similar case that you refer to about this severe testing. As mortals of the realm it is not so much that you will be subjected to severity as you will be required to choose and in making your choices, you then will be subject to the results of these choices. This is not something that is imposed upon you for your discomfort or to somehow cause you undue stress but rather these choices are being offered to you as a divine privilege for you to then choose as you so desire.

It may seem to many individuals as though this is a trying or testing time because many contrasts are being brought to the front to be considered and in so choosing you choose your direction. But this is not in any way a bad thing, merely a part of the process before you. As to what I will do to reach those who are in this turmoil of choosing, I simply come as representative of the Father and offer all those with ears to hear, a choice. I am not here to twist arms or to convince anybody; I simply stand as an option which can be chosen as do all those others who portray the love of the Father.

We will stand on these truths and we will provide contrasts to the darkness and then it will be up to those individuals to choose. Realize also that each and every individual has an internal wired connection to their Indwelling Spirit who is also attempting to assist them in this choosing process. Likewise, do they have the benefit of the Spirit of Truth bestowed by their Father for this same purpose, to aid them and assist them in making the righteous choice. That is how we will reach the many, many, individuals who will find themselves with the act of choosing. Many of you may stand as an example on the outside but there are also internal forces at play working from the very most basic level of the citadel of the soul.

So have faith and trust that individuals will be made aware from these many different angles of the choices to be made and then we must all respect the choices that they make, given these contrasts, and provided with these distinctions. Thank you for this question.

Question #4: Zarath speaks of your "mighty efforts," may we assume these efforts include the means to provide timely instructions for survival and the preservation of resources we have not lost?

Question #5: We know Michael is very interested in helping the planet through its testing. Knowing our own world and its very slow government processes, is one of Michael's contributions to the mission to be the one who will cut through the red tape?

Monjoronson: Thank you for these questions. I would like to remind the questioner that I have been engaged even now for years in providing exactly such instruction for survival and preservation. I primarily refer to your eternal salvation and your everlasting preservation. I have many times stated that you as an individual are quite safe and secure as a child of the Creator, that all that is real and enduring is quite safe and under no direct attack by things of this world. So rest assured that on the level which I argue is the level which really counts, we have been engaged in this process of assuring you that you are quite safe and in the hands of those who are monitoring and implementing this gigantic plan.

That having been said, I also remind you, I have on a number of occasions, offered suggestions as to how to maximize the efficacy of your experience while here on this plane. I am entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing this planetary adjudication and so I am, like you, focused on the direct implication of the time and space existence on this world at this time. I have offered much advice as to how to obtain a shift in consciousness and awareness which would result in the rather wholesale change in the way life is lived which would indeed preserve the resources required to live such a life.

You observe from your brief perspective that change comes to a government or a people very slowly and in relation to your glimpse at the process, I grant you that it may seem too slow for your taste. I remind you, as you have learned in your text, that on many occasions in your planetary evolution, there have been sudden shifts which seem to come about virtually overnight in contrast to the ages and stages that you are aware of. So all things are possible; all things are being considered. They have referred to my mighty mission because I will undertake any and every opportunity at hand to manifest this change on this world with the most positive effect and impact on all those who are involved.

But I am but an outside influence. Truly the results will be obtained, or not, by you; all of you who will follow the directions, make the choice, and proceed in the direction of your choosing. I am not the one with my hands at the wheel. You are the drivers who decide which turns you will take and how fast you will proceed. I am merely a coach offering suggestions on routes that might be taken. So while you might seek for some commander to come forth and set things straight, just like the apostles did of the Master, this is not the scenario which typically unfolds as your history recalls. Great changes rise up from within, they are not forced from on high. Once changes begin to rise up from within, they certainly may be augmented by all the forces of heaven but it is not imposed upon the peoples of this world, rather it is celebrated when it is chosen and embraced when it is come to by the natural course of the free will choice. Thank you for this question.


Preamble: We understand that there are at least three programs or missions that are part of the correcting time for Urantia. We know of the text work, the Teaching Mission, and the Magisterial Mission, and we expect that there are other and simultaneous missions as well.

Question #6: With regard to the Material Sons and Daughters, what role has Michael determined that they will play in the coming revision of Urantia's culture? Will they be within the Magisterial Mission or will they be given a mission to Urantia under their own direction?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. I acknowledge your desire to push to the very brink your understanding of such concepts but I am not at liberty to offer you such revelatory material at this time. That is not my mandate nor my mission. I am limited in my own mandate of engaging in that which concerns my mission and I will answer gladly all questions pertaining to that. But as to what the Father has in mind for various other orders under other conditions I would not presume to engage in either speculation nor revelation. Suffice it to say that the divine plans of which you are becoming more and more familiar is inclusive of all such aspects and that patterns consistent with truth, beauty, and goodness will continue to be portrayed throughout.

The one thing I can tell you of course, is that the plan is under the jurisdiction of the First Source and Center who has all under consideration and as a witness to this process, just as you are, I am certain, just as you may be coming to be, that when these things are revealed they will similarly portray the same values which are consistent with the love of the Father. So the details overall matter little and would be subject to the conditions at hand but would be consistent with the love that is constant throughout. If we learn one thing in this gigantic enterprise it is to trust and have faith. So that I can say with a certainty. Thank you.

Question #7: Will you be instrumental in re-establishing another garden, as in the Garden of Eden on Urantia?

Monjoronson: Thank you. One the one hand, I can assure you that my participation will be instrumental in all acts that work toward the illumination of this world; however if there is to be another garden for instance, it will be as a result of those of you who share a common desire and who are the hands and feet dedicated to getting the job done. If this were the case, I can guarantee you I would be involved to the degree I am welcome in the project. But such a project should never represent a request or mandate from me, rather I wait to give my support to those who are in motion, those who are proceeding in the direction of their faith. Where there is motion, you can count on the fact that I am keenly interested, aware, and even instrumental to the degree I am welcome. So yes, if there is change that is significant and progressive, moving in the direction of spiritual awareness and eventual light and life, I am in, count on me.

To the degree that I will issue mandates and orders defining for you the next step for you to take, I will decline as this would represent the circumvention of that aspect of your being, your free will choice, which is off limits for any other personality regardless of their stature to unduly influence. This is how the game works here on this world. Many are looking for some savior to ride in and rescue. Many would like to be told what to do; many are waiting for signs and symbols so that they may somehow proceed forward with a faith that is newly found. I say, the ones that you have been waiting for are you and it is of supreme importance that the steps that are taken in the redirection of your world be initiated and instituted by those players who are on the field. So I will suggest that you take it upon yourselves to consider that you are the ones in place, you are the ones who can act, who can choose, who can be, who can do. I am merely one offering to help, offering some perspective, offering some inspiration perhaps.

But in the end, this is your world and it is under your jurisdiction and while I may be ever willing to assist, it is not up to me to simply make it right. I will ever be there to guide and direct and inspire. That is my mission and purpose but I am not the one with the material hands and feet that can be about the job of the nuts and bolts of this world. I hope you will become the inspired one and become the choosing one and the acting one. Then I will assure you, I will assist you in any and every manner possible. That is the best way for you who desire to assist me to function, to allow me to be the one assisting you. I hope this shift in perspective can prove helpful to you. Thank you.


Mature Democracies:

Preamble: You have stated that some countries on Urantia have reached the point [where] we may characterize them as "mature democracies." The United States in particular seems to have reached the point of internal tensions as a mature democracy through a great emphasis by political factions and the multiplication of vicious minorities.

Question #8: Does a democracy that reaches this age, have any choice to change itself peacefully and with a majority agreement that it needs to be done? We would appreciate hearing any comments you may have about these democratic difficulties in America or the rest of the world which cry for solution. Thank you.

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. When a democracy is referred to as a mature democracy, you must realize that is only in relationship to beginning democracies or cultures of any kind. Any governing system is in rather constant need of revision as times change and circumstances shift. You ask the question whether there is hope for change and that is what many people see democracy as offering hope for; that is the whole premise of democracy is based upon the continual choosing and re-choosing of your values as reflected in the officials who stand for these values. This process of continual renewing is designed by its very nature to be flexible and in a state of accommodating the wishes of the people and therein is the hope, as you refer to it, of somehow, someday getting it right.

The hope of the possibility of people coming together and banding under a more ideal condition is only achieved by the offering of contrasts and the subsequent choices between such contrasts. When there is little difference to choose between, it matters very little as to which you choose. The greater and greater the differences between the contrasts, the more significant your choice is and the more important the choosing and the subsequent direction become. That is what you see happening in your politics today. There is great polarization going; many seeing great division between this way or that way. All this serves to make for a more clear cut choice and a greater opportunity to pursue one direction distinctly different from another.

Also remember that any system such as this democracy you refer to, is nothing more than a collective organization of humans and whenever there are people involved, the system is subject to personal individual influences. So no matter what form of system is in place, it is subject to those players who are involved with it and any system may be manipulated by those whose desire it is to direct the process. On a more advanced planet or a world of light and life, these grand distinctions need not be so contrastive to each other because there becomes a time where there is a collective shift towards choosing that which is the higher and more divine way accompanied by a collective awareness of what that way is. Therefore this need of having to choose between two uncertain directions fades away into a collective desire to follow the light, to follow the truth, to seek the goodness and the beauty and to know the direction in which to seek.

Right now there is confusion about your choosing the basic conditions as they are represented to you by those offering you the choice. There is manipulation, there is doubt, there is uncertainty even among those who profess to seek the same ends. The more spiritualized perspective would narrow this field significantly and provide for you a more clearly defined set of choices. This system of democracy is the one you are currently working with so you should attempt to utilize it to its best capacity. Every time you are given a chance to choose you should do so with the new perspective, with the new information, with the new experience of how the current system is working. If you continue to be faithful to this process and if this process is duly upheld, then eventually your choices will be more clearly reflective of divine influences and less reflective of personal interests. That is when a truly mature democracy will flower and be a joyous contribution to be observed and participated in. Thank you.

Preamble: Recently, scientists have discovered that twin star systems are very common in the galaxy and single star systems are actually very rare.

Question #9: Does our sun possess a twin star or perhaps a dwarf companion orbiting it?

Monjoronson: Thank you. Once again I must say that I am reluctant to address such an issue which may be of revelatory nature. Your scientists most surely will come to their own observations and realization. Such matters are of little significance to your spiritual ascent so I would stick more to the matters which pertain to your spiritual career and those matters under which you have some jurisdiction and which have some influence on your lives. Such issues of stars and suns may be fun to contemplate and interesting to ponder but, as I have said, are of little consequence to you, your life, your role in relationship to all that is. It really matters little what is going on in the next state or the next county in relationship to your being. It is far less significant what is going on far out in the starry realms. So I encourage you to dream big dreams about the "what ifs" of all that is but remain focused as well on your own individual universe of life and experience and your orbit around "your own sun" and how that is paramount in your experience and your [[Ascension Career|step by step eternal career].


Thank you for these questions tonight.

Mary: That is our final question tonight Monjoronson. We would open the floor to any further comments you may have this evening. Thank you.

[pause and no further comment from Monjoronson] Well that concludes the session for this evening. We appreciate the services of our t/r and also our transcriber, good evening.