2010-04-28-Monjoronson Q and A Session 98

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Topic: Providence, Reserve Corps, Time

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Jonathan



Monjoronson (Jonathan TR): Greetings to you, this is Monjoronson. I am honored and empowered by the Almighty God to be in service with each of you and to provide my brother Michael with assistance in bringing about his goals for Nebadon and all his beloved children residing therein. You are fortunate to be under his care; he is a mercy son; therefore his love is not only for you unconditionally but is there for you transformationally to bring you up to higher levels of being and to broader levels of consciousness and into being one who can give the love to others that he gives to you.

Let us begin our question and answer session.


Truth, Error

  • Truth and Error

Question #1: Could you help me understand why we should now try to integrate the mission’s revealed truth together with what we once perceived as error? As Jesus once said, “And I forgive them as well.” But should we join up with them, those who repeat error, or should we all grow up in the truth as we find it?

Monjoronson: In the course of your growth you have discovered two functions occurring simultaneously. One is a continual unfolding of truth from shallow grasps to deeper and more profound grasps. As you mature spiritually you uncover those significant factors of the truth that were not assimilable in your younger soul years, but you also discover that some things you held onto or conformed to or promoted were in reality erroneous. As you matured you would let those go and replace them with new truth and additional truth to the unfolding truth that you already have received and are developing within.

You need not associate with error coming from others that is in any way which is supportive, but you remember that even Jesus would associate with many that one would not think befitting company for such a being as himself. He did so not to be in alignment but to offer contrast, the turning of the cheek, that they may witness the truth he would manifest in contradistinction to the errors they stood for. But he also kept his company brief; he offered the opportunity and then moved to other situations where he may be in service.

If you find that you can transform error by applying your truth as you have come to realize it, then I encourage you to be engaged. Also be wise in the utilization of your energy, for if you find the resistance strong it is not your time to bring the revelation. Trust the Father and the unfolding of the Supreme to present an opportunity at a future date.

I hope this addresses your question and thank you for asking.


Preamble: You said in special session #10 “As your world changes more rapidly, as you see more disruptions, we have a greater potential and greater activation to be involved in your human activities. You will know that it is we who are present and bringing these developments into occasion”.

Question #2: Are these interventions you speak of truly classified as the providence of God? Please explain the presence of providence in the work of Urantia’s Correcting Time, especially as you may see the work of the Supreme here.

Monjoronson: I will first address the question by making a broad general statement that wherever the divine Sons function God is extending His hand into the affairs of His children. Therefore the presence of Michael, Mother Spirit, myself, and many other Paradise origin beings function providentially. However, I must stress that this providence is not in the form of a miraculous extension of the divine, but it is a utility, a means whereby the divine makes contact with creatures and therefore is from our perspective an ordinary duty. However as creatures respond to the reach of God into their lives they reveal certain strengths and certain weaknesses. This is a Supreme response to the Almighty God, that is the creatures' actions, they become a form of prayer, and providence will function specifically to bring healing or revelation to that individual, for when any of you begin to function with us in uplifting this world or perhaps a community or even smaller groups such as your family, God will assure that each one is touched by His truth and that wisdom is enhanced that all may function in harmony together.

While it is observed that the action of God within the lives of human beings by human beings to be a special event, I must stress that it is not so forthcoming as a response to dire need, but it is rather bestowed in response to creature openness and willingness to receive.

Also within the context of being of service to your fellows for human gain, spiritual advancement, is always linked with ministry to each other. The extra powers that flow through you are for each creature with whom you have contact. Private realizations you must often put forth your own effort to acquire. The function of God in assisting you is by way of the Indwelling Spirit. The rest of us wait for the connection between you and the divine spirit to bring realization, and then we work with you to draw that out into your life and into affecting your fellows.

Thank you for the question


  • Right-Mindedness

Preamble: In the “voice” series an Adjuster said this: “Spirit truly desires to lead the way, to create an opening for you to lead you into an exercise of greater insight, greater understanding, to have you access the courage which is within you.” You spoke of “rightmindedness” which we believe results from attunement to the Father, and that it is this which collectively leads to the eras of Light and Life on a planet.

Question#3: How does God lead the way to change minds to adopt right-mindedness? Is the word “adopt” the right word when the change to right-mindedness is achieved? Or is right-mindedness the result of an act of will that is irreversible?

Question #4: Becoming right-minded takes a lot of work on the human part since we believe that to change the mind we have to have a reason to make the change. What does spirit do which acts to help move minds toward the light, especially right-mindedness?

Monjoronson: Much of what you have stated that places context for these questions are true and valuable to the human being. Let me add to this context a condition to the term “right-mindedness”. Right-mindedness is not simply a state of being that you attain. It is an orientation of mind which facilitates growth. When the divine spirit, the Thought Adjuster, draws upon you to lead you to elevate you in soul consciousness, right-mindedness is the ability to respond, to perceive, to assimilate, and to enact what the Divine Spirit is bringing into you. There is no established state of right-mindedness; it is a continuous condition and, as you mentioned the phrase, “I am willing, Father, to do your will” is right-minded orientation.

You know that the needle of the compass points north, that you may spin the case within which the needle resides to make it appear to point south, west, or north based upon the layout. Nonetheless the compass needle is pointing true north. When one is so spiritually oriented they have right-mindedness. They orient to the discernment of truth continually regardless of ones level of enlightenment.

I will also make one more analogy. The wind may be likened to the force of the Divine Spirit within you drawing you toward God on Paradise. Right-mindedness is the willingness to turn and go with that wind somewhat like would a weather vane or a sail. My illustration here is to emphasize that the attainment, that is, the ongoing condition of right-mindedness, is as simple as the turning of the weather vane in the direction of the wind. It is far more difficult to resist and point another way.

Be not concerned that right-mindedness must be an adherence to guidelines of behavior, to social standards, or those of religious institutions, or the understanding of scriptural teachings. It is simply your ability to orient and move toward the higher levels of living that will bring you to Light and Life.

I hope this provides you with thought and answer to your question.

Question #5: In the same session you reminded the audience that: “Each and every one of you who sojourns with this divine component of the self, the Adjuster, makes one an island of stability when all things seem to shift, and as such an island of stability you become positioned to have a great impact and effect on the pattern of shift that occurs around you.” We ask: Is it the Adjuster alone who takes responsibility for the shift to rightmindedness? Or may we say that the presence of a Paradise Son also contributes in great ways to help us shift to this type of thinking?

Monjoronson: All beings including your own attending angels work in harmony and assist one another. As regards your own personal spiritual well-being, it is the Thought Adjuster who is in full charge. Those of us in proximity are attending to the task that this divine spirit is working to accomplish. If there are external conditions, social environs, workplace, world conflicts, or the like, we have broader range of function under our own power of will.

If I may return to the idea of the compass, we will do what we can to turn the casing so that the N of north aligns with the needle that points the true way. Your right-mindedness again is to follow that magnetic pole of the divine spirit. It will assist those around you to realize they must shift their orientation, and we will do what we can within your environment to assist that shift of consciousness.

Question #6: What is the most basic, foundational change to life on Urantia that must be put into place for the Correcting Time to be successful? Is achieving right-mindedness where it should start? Or is it something even more basic than that?

Monjoronson: As regards the individual’s right-mindedness, it’s a proper way of looking at what will assist the world. But this planet in particular has a great lesson to learn as of yet, and that is the ability to live in harmony with one another. This entails learning to address differences of viewpoint with care and compassion for one another in a sincere desire to bring the greatest good for all. Human beings are wired to have a broad range of viewpoints, for that stimulates the growth of each one. But your world currently engages all too often in forcing the orientation of one perspective upon others or excluding others from that orientation.

There will come a time when, and I say figuratively speaking, the skies will open and you will be introduced to your cosmic brothers and sisters from afar or from a dimension above. The time now is to learn to cooperate with yourselves; it’s a basic lesson; it’s a kindergarten level of social behavior. Then you will be prepared for the embrace of your higher brothers and sisters. You will not be visited until you learn this lesson, for we wish to spare you the embarrassment for not having come prepared. So I am here and hosts of ministering spirits dwell upon your world to take your hand and show you the way. If you take our hands, that is rightmindedness. As you step, that is also that same willingness; when you step we go forward.

I appreciate your interest in my answers to your questions. I am ever thankful for your being so willing to address me. I can only offer you words designed to assist you. But the true work is in your lap, and that is for you to derive the insight and the comprehension you can as these responses are integrated into your personal lives and your personal comprehension.

Reserve Corps

  • The Reserve Corps of Destiny

Preamble: As part of your answer concerning self-acting Adjusters and membership in the Reserve Corps on Urantia, you emphasized this, “Be not concerned noticing your engagement and connectivity with the divine presence or its detachment or its removal for periods of time. Be most concerned about your orientation with reality, with divinity, with the expression of the will of God, for the bottom line of what is important is the human ability to align with truth and beauty and goodness. The divine spirit is there to assist you, but if you do that on your own, in your own power, with your own will, you are expressing the greatest power of God within the human being.”

Question #7: Could one make the generalized statement that those who are members of the reserve corps are also aligned with the Supreme in some manner as well as with the Father’s will?

May it be said that seeking to do the will of the Father is the same as embracing truth, beauty, and goodness?

Monjoronson: Yes, I resist simply stating the affirmative and leaving it at that, but clearly that is the simple response, for what you have stated is true. The clarification I would add, or perhaps more accurately an emphasis, is that the human involvement in the Reserve Corps is an aspect of the Supreme process, and that the seraphic corps that manage these human enlistees are also engaged in the Supreme unfoldment. I say this to affirm your observation. You are correct.

Question #8: Whose concern is it, the reserve corps?, that something like the Fifth Epochal Revelation’s presence on Urantia is not destroyed much like the library at Alexandria was destroyed containing priceless manuscripts? We are told that the text is widely enough dispersed on Urantia that it is unlikely to be lost. However it is not something like the Reserve Corps which may be asked to provide insurance that such a removal is even more likely to happen.

Monjoronson: While there are those enlisted in the Reserve Corps who may function in a manner to preserve any epochal revelation, these corps exist for a broader purpose, and that is for the betterment of all aspects of human culture and civilization. They are capable of functioning in stabilizing matters during conflicts and progressive matters during stagnation, all in regard to human evolution. The prime purpose is to be a functioning stimulant to evolution at a time of crisis; not to be, necessarily, a preserver of revelation. Revelation will ever be forthcoming even if some is lost, and you know that several of your epochal revelatory efforts were lost or severely distorted, and your world has managed to grow.

The preservation of the writings that make up the Fifth Epochal Revelation will continue as long as human beings are interested in the continuing publishing and reprinting of the texts involved. We do not look toward your corps of reservists as programmed beings capable of repeating in recitation what is contained therein. I hope this assists you.

Spacetime, Spirit

  • Between Moments of Time

Preamble: You once said: "In the spaces between moments of time exists spirit and spirit connections." A little later: “As to the spiritual pressure that is being applied to Urantia, it is correct to visualize a blanket action with the spirit pressure being drawn more tightly and pressed deeply into the planet itself.”

Question #9: I really enjoy the poetic statement you provide us about where spirit exists in time, but I do not comprehend how spirit finds space between moments when time to us flows in one continuum. Is it the case of the eternal now being present in the flow of time?

Question #10: I’ve always questioned what was meant by “spiritual pressure”. If I take your statement about spirit existing between the moments of time, how right is it to say that if spirit applies pressure it exerts an influence on time? In what way is that influence felt? What does it do to our perception of time?

Monjoronson: It will be difficult to address this question for spirit does not exist in time, and that is why the comment was made that spirit functions between moments of time. You do perceive time as a movement, a train of successive moments. Spiritual pressure is an attempt to bring spiritual reality into the time frame of human living.

If I may I will use your physics and its understanding of pressure, volume, and temperature. If you look at volume as time, spiritual pressure will change the orientation of the mind in time. If we increase the pressure, we can shorten the time, that is if the temperature is constant. But we are looking to increase the temperature on this world, to fire it up and stimulate its growth. If you are going to be fixed in your perception of time, our pressure will get stronger to increase the temperature. If you can expand your comprehension of time, you increase your volume of awareness. We do not need to add so much to our pressure, for you are doing the work, and the temperature heats up.

You have referenced the eternal now. Since spirit exists between the moments of time, if your perception of time is of all time, not linearly oriented from past to future, but all at once, then you increase the size of your moment from instantaneous to eternal. Then the beginning and the end become one and the each and every becomes all. There you will discern more directly the function of spirit.

If you hop, skip, and jump between one instant and the next you will be too busy jumping from one to the other and will miss the function of spirit. But enlarging the time consciousness then you will be able to perceive the movement of spirit in your life.

Thank you for the question.

Philip: Thank you for the insightful responses. That concludes our question and answer session for the evening. If there are any additional comments you wish to make, we offer you the floor.

Monjoronson: My concluding comment is this: that while you look with that anticipation and acceptance toward spirit assistance, be it from the Divine Indweller to those like myself assigned to your world, do value greatly every effort you make toward your own personal growth and toward planetary advancement. We truly are all in this together. While I may be of a stature of being far above you and have great authority in comparison, you are equally valuable in our project. If you were worthless there would be no need for us to be here. You are the treasure of God, and that is our motivation to be here to serve, to help. So while you look sincerely toward us for guidance, also be brave and creative in asserting yourselves in your lives based on what you have come to understand in cosmic reality as it can apply to your temporal reality.


Thank you for your attention and I will take leave.

Philip: Thank you Monjoronson, we appreciate your insightful comments and would thank our t/r for his services and all those involved in the promotion of these revelations. Good evening.