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Topic: An Emerging State of Love

Group: At Large


Teacher: Monmacion

TR: Tiahuan



Again, yes, I am most happy to witness your diligence in gathering, attuning yourselves to the presence of our Father within you, affording myself and others opportunities to join you in ways that are becoming customary in your world.



As this practice proceeds, you grow more at ease with what once was a daunting thought, traversing what appears to be the spatial difference between the terrestrial and celestial realms, but here we are, moving along, beginning to feel a stride, a pace; and as you grow at ease with this inherent capacity of the human mind to avail itself of circuitries that have been restored, what once was most unusual, requiring extraordinary resources, is available to everyone. It is as though you have advanced in the use of tools in your toolkit similar to the way your communication technologies have evolved, speedily and with profound influence. Think - just a moment ago in your life, you would never have imagined that you would be speaking to one another affording me opportunities to speak with you and through you to many more that you cannot see, both your own human associates and those of my own peers in various quarters throughout the universe of Nebadon.


Access to these resources is earned, and most certainly, you and your fellows living upon this realm are aware of just how challenging it is, and how rugged the course of ascension has been and will be for some time, but what is making this much more possible for you to traverse evolutionary dimensions at a greater pace is this enlivened circuitry which you have at least begun acclimating to its use. There are many other resources that are beyond your readiness to use at this time, and so it always will be, but in this particular phase of correction mandated by Michael to assist worlds that have been delayed in sharing in the progression of the larger universe, there is this trend of acceleration.

Acceleration, Healing

You could think of it as if a part of you had been held back for some time while you and or your friends were advancing in other realms, and there was this tardy element that was like a thorn in your side. It was a source of pain, and it just didn’t seem to be able to be relieved, and so you got used to it. You adjusted to this perpetual presence of a form of pain that was never really intended. It is certainly not an intrinsic part of the design of mortal life experience, and you might say the doctor, or the appropriate physician, was called to work on this particular anomaly, a physician that is quite experienced with such injury, able to realign the injury, and immediately, there is this benefit that accrues to the entire body. Functionality that was missing is suddenly available, and yet the body’s practice having become oriented around this injury is a whole different dimension of the healing. You may recall the cases of the Master healing the lame or the blind, particularly those who had borne their illness throughout the span of their lives. While the immediate effects are forthcoming, the adjustment to wholeness takes a longer time.


So it is that you, I speak of you as representatives of your world, you are in this phase of having benefitted from receiving this restored functionality to your bodies, minds, and souls. Your spirit is excited of course because now there is greater ease of communication; the contact that was once deemed impossible is now commonplace, readily available - you might say, on demand. And so you are living in a civilization that, as you know, its infrastructure had been assembled around this particular anomaly of the human life experience, and while individuals can receive this benefit very quickly, the collective reorientation is truly a much more profound and prolonged adjustment. This underscores why it is that we have and continue to focus our efforts upon the individual. Each person is so much more readily open and able to assimilate this adjustment even if there is a period of subsequent reorientation; it is the individual that can make this change. And so it is the individual functioning with other individuals, who likewise have assimilated this healing, who have begun to live and to acclimate themselves to wholeness; it is by these that we make our progress in the realm of the world at large.

Magisterial Mission, Hierarchy

Monjoronson’s assignment, his particular task will be focusing upon those individuals who are likely to be able, in the course of receiving their correction, to have the greatest impact upon the infrastructure of your shared civilization. We, those of us who adjoin his efforts, my Melchizedek brothers, will be focusing upon what you call the grass roots, but all of us regardless of our particular assignments, will be focused upon individuals. This is the focus of the kingdom of God. This is really the simplicity of Michael’s good news of the Father’s love that rules in the hearts of individual men and women throughout this universe of universes. Together we will effect change throughout this world.

The larger logistics and strategies are in the hands of Michael, Monjoronson, and Machiventa who are functioning as the executive committee you could say of this planetary government. But I would remind you, while these structures of governance exist in this world and throughout the universe, truly wherever there are a multitude of persons living and growing in our cosmic home, or perhaps I should say a multiplicity of persons, there exists these structures. Their shape is a function of their time and place, but all of these, great or small, issue from this central pattern that is the presence of our Father seated by the affirmation of the human will, seated in authority with power and glory to rule by love, to guide and govern by the light of this love.

There are those who become distracted by hierarchy, organizational structure, and the sense of relative importance of a particular station or office in such a system of governance. Certainly the struggles of mortals adjusting to advancing revelations makes this very visible and obvious that there is a great need to remember and to remain focused upon the Source of all of these that dwells within each person. It is here that the word great is rightly applied. Relative to this, all things are indeed of but comparative significance. It is this eternal presence that must stabilize these ever-changing structures of governance that are in a constant state of evolution.

Politics, Love

Would you be willing to think of yourselves as politicians? In this world that is perhaps an unsavory thought. In this world and in this country, there is a tendency to despise governance because of the abuse of authority that has transpired in this world, and that is becoming quite visible in its need for change. In this context, you my friends, I would suggest that you begin to think of yourselves as advancing an emerging state, a state of love, whose representatives exist any and everywhere that they make love real, allowing our Father to shine.

You know well, nations rise and they fall, civilizations likewise come and go, but the glory of God living in and through each of his children remains forever. Those of us who come representing a universe government do so in recognition of this singular Source, the First Source, and enjoin you out of respect for your free will, encouraging you to join us more closely and enter more deeply this campaign of our Father on behalf of each and all of his children.

Allow yourselves to consider the reality that we are here to restore the recognition of the source of power. We rely upon you because you are the mortals who will make this change possible. It is after all a mortal realm, but I entreat you to join me and my colleagues in this campaign that never ends, and you will know best, better than we in many cases, for you are on the ground, and so when you decide to extend your hand or not, we understand, and we are standing with you in support, but as you grow in confidence of what it means to be an ambassador of this evolving state of love, you will be surprised, perhaps, to find us standing beside you. It will be simply a natural joining of fellows engaged in common cause.

We will no longer be distracted by rank and title - Midwayer, Morontia Teacher, Melchizedek, Magisterial Son, Michael Son, Planetary Prince, Most Highs, so many others that we could name, many more for you to discover still, but all of these melt into insignificance before the one title that is our Source, your source and my source, Monjoronson’s source, Michael’s source, directly or indirectly, the Midwayers source, the Source of all things, the first and final Source. The state of his love is the title that we would write upon your hearts, sealed forever and secure.

My friends, I know you are happy to be immersed in silence, and it is late, but it would be wrong for me not to invite your comments or questions. It is after all a dialogue of divine attainment, a dialogue of humanity and divinity working as one that makes this the adventure of our lives.



It would appear that I would send you on your way to your rest and remind you that greater questions await us all to explore, the questions of universe destiny, the questions of how Urantia will realize its own potential, greater questions beyond the scope of our current state of learning. So go to your rest, reflect, and realize these opportunities, and continue to dream as the children of God only can dream, of the wonder of our Father.

Bless you my friends.

Student: Thank you for answering many unspoken questions.

It is my pleasure, it is my greatest joy to address what is unspeakable, but let us not be shy even as we humbly accept the limitations of our speech. We have many more threads to weave but we have done enough for a day.

Rest well!