1994-10-09-Parable of Woman of Faith

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Topic: Parable of Woman of Faith

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Douglas



The power of God protects you. The love of God enfolds you. The peace of God the Father be upon you. It is this peace that is minds infinite inheritance from the Father. It is this peace that mankind should be aware of, and partaking of throughout the history of your existence. But the confusion of Urantia, the confusion of your thinking has hindered the benevolent spreading of the Fathers peace. The confusion of thinking has hindered mortals from sharing freely the gift of peace . Wherever you are, whatever your number, the peace and love of the Father is ever with you.

Greetings my students;

Group: Greetings Jarel. Welcome back.

Jarel; My peace be upon you, each of you who are present and on those of our group who are absent in body, but present in thought and spirit, and a true earnest desire for love.


Dear hearts, it is indeed my pleasure as always to be here in this setting, in your presence, to participate with you in this the teaching mission of our sovereign Michael of Nebadon. It is always joyous for me to interact with you, dear hearts, that little bit of enlightenment that I may possess, which is the richest blessing that the Father has given unto us I freely give and share with you.

This day at this time I wish to relate to you a small parable in the book that you have learned to call the holy bible. (The t/r paused and requested that the background music be turned off)

Dear hearts forgive the pause. I personally enjoy the melody and harmony of your music. The rhythms and syncopation’s are akin to higher spiritual elements. This one however, has an inherent rhythm and all outward expressions trigger that rhythm within him, and is distracted. I, as his teacher have learned to appreciate many forms of music. However for our lesson today we shall continue without this distraction.

Healing, Faith

There is a parable that relates to your earlier discussion, concerning love and faith. You have undoubtedly encountered this parable often in reading the bible. It is the narrative of the master as He traveled about the land of Galilee and other parts, where he was surrounded by his disciples. In learning, they sat at his feet and stood by his side to partake of the knowledge and spiritual wisdom that was the gift of the Father through the Master. It was the custom of the people at that time, as our Master walked the towns of the East, that they would hear of His coming and they would leave their homes and fields and follow His footsteps hoping to partake of the power of the Father. Hoping to receive beneficial learning concerning the Father. Hoping to receive a blessing of healing. On one such occasion the narrative continues that a woman, having been described in the narrative of having an issue of blood, was seen to approach the Master during one of his teaching lessons. The twelve disciples stood around Him and the throngs of people pressed against him. This woman could not penetrate the throngs of people. She lowered, herself to her knees and there did crawl on hands and knees through the legs and feet of the throngs of people until she reached near the Master where she reached out and touched His garment.

There is much to be understood in this parable, like lowering herself to her knees. It is symbolic of humility in thinking. Our scholars and theologians were not able to understand the significance, the true symbolism, of these rich parables that are related. Also it is not fully understood why the twelve disciples stood about the Master. Here dear ones, is the teacher, the master teaching. If learning is to take place it must be in an environment free from confusion. Those desiring to learn must have the ability to hear. Listening cannot take place in confusion. The disciples, the twelve, were the order keepers. Listening and learning must come about in an environment of order. The twelve kept order of the multitudes that pressed upon the Master.

The significance of the pressing of the throngs of people is symbolic of the confusion in the thinking of mankind. The woman on hands and knees coming through this confusion to receive her blessing and healing by touching the garment of the Master exhibited great faith. Upon her touching of the Masters garment He immediately said ‘who is it who has touched me for verily this moment a virtue has left me’. His disciples being unaware of what was taking place answered that no man has touched you master for we are here surrounding you keeping order and none have come close. However the Master said, ‘nay, someone did touch me’. It was at this point that the woman replied , ‘it was I who touched you and I have been healed in my body, I had the issue of blood and now the blood has ceased to flow’. The Masters reply was ‘Go thy way good woman, thy faith has made thee whole’.

Notice, dear ones, that the Master did not take credit for the event that took place. He said ‘go thy way, thy faith has made thee whole’. It was her act of faith, for surely in her hearing of the miracles that had taken place throughout Galilee in the tour that the Master took, she said to herself, I will find this man, I will have my healing. It was indeed her belief and faith that led her to seek out the Master. It was indeed her humility, sincerity, earnestness of heart that allowed her to lower herself and come through the throngs of people to receive the blessing of her healing. But it was her faith in the Master, knowing that she did not need to see His countenance nor touch His hand but merely touch His garment to receive a healing. What was it that left the Master, that allowed him to know that He had indeed been touched. It was as He said a virtue. I tell you It was a virtue of love.

Here dear hearts, is a lesson. The love of the Father clothed the Master, and it was this great love coupled with the faith of the woman that allowed the miracle to take place in her being. The Master has repeatedly spoken and talked of love, even when confronted with death on the cross. The narrative of the book indicated that He said. "Father forgive them for they know not what they do". Dear students, was the Master referring to the evil that was being done to Him, was he speaking of the persecution that He received at the hands of those who crucified Him ? Look further dear ones. Look deeper into His meaning. You find he was not thinking of those who beat him and scourged Him. He was not speaking of those who gave vinegar and gall to quench His thirst. He was not thinking of those who drove the nails thru His hands and feet. He was not thinking of those who made mock of his condition there upon the cross. But He was asking the Fathers forgiving love upon them because they knew not what they did to, themselves. He could endure the physical punishment of death, but His love asked for the Fathers love upon them who committed all of these errors against Him because they knew not what they did to themselves. They separated themselves from the true love of the Father. They denied themselves of the opportunity to partake of true love and fellowship with the Son of Man. Here is the ultimate example of love.

You dear students of this mission, you are similar to this woman. You have said to yourself at sometime, that, yes, you will find this man and you will receive your healing. You have pressed against the throngs of humanity, the confusion of thinking that is prevalent among mankind as a result of the Lucifer rebellion, the isolation, the quarantine of Urantia. You have humbled yourself in your thinking, and proceeded as babes on hands and knees to move forward on your path. There to reach out and touch the garment of the Master within this mission, and acquire your healing.

Dear ones, others are likewise seeking you. You are clothed with the same virtue of love that the Master was clothed with. Through the text and this mission you have been given a renewal of faith, a renewal of love. The more you use this love the more you have to use. Make yourselves ever ready to be the light to your fellows. Allow them to touch your garment and receive their healing, they as yet are walking in darkness of confusion of thinking. They have the spirit of mind. Many have known God but have lost their relationship with him, and many who have never known God will be healed of these maladies through your interaction. Be the lighted candle. Let your bowl be filled with the oil of love. Let your wick be trimmed with the art of forgiving. Let that barrier that protects the candle from the wind be cleaned and shined by you with ample cleansing of kindness, that your candle may be held high and clear to the view of all the pressing throngs of humanity who desire to come and hear the Master relate the power and love of the Father. (A cellular phone rang and distracted the t/r)

Do not be so impatient. Allow the distractions to come and to go of their own accord. do not force the issues. We, your teachers, are patient. We must have great patience, particularly dealing with this modern day mortal. (He chuckles). You dear ones offer great challenge to our abilities to impart knowledge that will enhance spiritual development. It is the welcome task for us. (He chuckles again.) So be not too hard on yourselves for the minor discomforts and distractions of this setting.

It is indeed a pleasure to give to you small gems of knowledge from all that is available to us as teachers. The Father asks of you to be the light bearers of truth. Great light is present this day upon Urantia. You , dear ones, are the light bearers, pattern yourselves after the illuminated master, Michael of Nebadon, clothing yourselves in the virtue of love. Allow others to touch you. Allow them to gather and view your countenance as you share this love upon your every day path. Go about your daily duties with confidence that the Father will bring to you those true seekers of truth and knowledge. Share with them kindly, gently, with great humility and thinking. This knowledge that has been given unto you through the Urantia book and the participation of yourselves and others in the various teaching mission groups.

My message is, as always, share this great love that you have for one another with all of your fellows. Share this great love of the Father with all of mankind. Allow yourselves, dear ones, to reflect accurately the love of Christ Michael. This will help you. As the master said ‘they know not what they do’. They did not know that their actions would affect their spiritual development. You, dear hearts, are blessed to know that sharing of love in your sincere desire to be of service will effect your spiritual growth. You do not have to repeat the lessons of old. You may benefit abundantly from the errors of others during the times of Michael’s sojourn in the flesh. Take example, look deeper into the spiritual significance in all of these parables that pertain to the Master. You will indeed find great gems of wisdom, enlightenment, increased understanding.

You, dear ones, must allow your disciples, your twelve disciples, to surround you and maintain order. Look to these disciples for they are virtues indeed that you as ascending mortals must take upon yourselves that you too may be teachers. There are many teachers that would teach of God, as has been said, ‘many are called but few are chosen’. Dear students, dear hearts that I indeed love greatly. You, dear hearts, are loved immensely by the Father and His Son, our Universal Sovereign Michael. Know that you are indeed chosen.

I conclude this lesson, and I am available to take a few of your questions that I am sure you will have this day. My peace be with you. I am at your service.


Hal: Jarel, that was a beautiful lesson.

Jarel: Greetings dear one, Praises be to the Father for your understanding of that which He has allowed us to impart in His name.

Example, Demonstration

Hal; As we were discussing prior to the lesson. As has been mentioned many times of being an example to those that we meet. We tried to explain it by what you had mentioned prior, that the thought adjuster of those that we meet pick up on our spiritual light and that to be an example we must increase our spiritual knowledge and growth. We still would like further explanation of being an example. We have discussed the spreading of the Fathers love and radiating love to those that we meet as an example. Is there any other enlargement from a practical standpoint of how we can be an example. We do not have the feeling of being an example. We do not see the growth that you see. Can you enlarge upon this ?

Jarel: Well, dear heart. It is sad for me to hear you recount that you do not feel yourselves as examples of the love of the Father. You say you do not see yourselves as we, your humble teachers, are viewing you. Dear one, you, in particular have lived a life of service. You continue to affect the lives of those present and those who have come in your presence over the years with great influence toward the positive aspects of spiritual development. It is not necessarily a willed conscious activity. It becomes as any other thing that you do repetitiously, it becomes second nature. You have an automatic response to share love and knowledge with others. Do not seek to chart your extensions of the Fathers love. Do not attempt to count those instances of sharing His love. Dear one, just continue to do as you have learned through your development to reach out and help those who are needy. Feeding, clothing, sheltering, humanity is indeed a part of the love process. Speaking words of encouragement, giving advice and direction to those who are seeking, and are in need of experienced advice is also a part of this process.

The Father has given each of you a small bit of heaven, it is called l.o.v.e . , love. Love is indeed a principle part of heaven. You, dear ones, must continue to make this a part of heaven, a reality in the lives of those with whom you associate, a light because you illuminate. You give illumination to darkened lives. You illuminate the confusion of thinking that is prevalent among your fellows. So continue in this wise. You are indeed doing the Will of the Father. Does this help you, my dear student ?

Hal Yes Jarel. Very much so. Thank you. To put it in my words I would say then that we should not concern ourselves about being an example. It is a subconscious or unconscious attitude that we show as we serve our fellow man and radiate the Fathers love. We should not worry about it, just accept it.

Jarel: No. Do not worry about it, but initially you must make a willed effort to do this, and through repetition it becomes a natural unwilled process. The mere shaking of the hand of the person will often times give them the love and illumination that you desire. They will go away thinking, ‘wow’, what great energy this one has given me, what is this feeling. As in the parable, the virtue of love departed from the Master unto the woman. You dear ones, in touching your fellows will bestow upon them that same virtue of love, How will you know you have done this, quite simply, you will feel good. You will feel wonderful, you will feel big inside. You will know of a surety that you have helped someone in some way. Here, the virtue of love will leave your being and infuse another. Remember, dear heart, the more you use love, the more love you will have to use. Use it freely. Freely the Father gives to you. Freely you must give to others. Is this clear ?

Hal: Yes. Thank you very much. Then we must accept ourselves and see ourselves as you see us. We have been raised in this confused Urantia environment where we do not feel that we have this capability. That is difficult for us to see ourselves as you see us.

Jarel: This is not so dear heart. You have had many years of misunderstanding, confusion in thinking, but since you have been coming to this mission you have had many thoughts of clarity, of participation in true love , and the sharing thereof.

We dear ones, have had many, many wonderful moments and experiences within our group here, and in participation with other groups. Have not we all felt this wonderful feeling of enlightenment, warmth. The feeling of great love that has welled up in each of you, and overwhelmed your emotional being, and has flooded your minds with thoughts of no concern for yourselves but of being in service to others. Have not each of you had your hearts filled to capacity and overflowing with an outpouring of great love for humanity. This has been my observation of you, my trusted, faithful students of Arcadia. This has been the observation and report of Machiventa Melchizedek, that you dear ones are full of the spirit of truth and love. We take great pride in you. You must take a little of that pride in yourselves. Not to be boastful, but only to be more conscious of your ability to be a lighted candle and illuminate through love and kindness that great truth of the Father.

Donna: Jarel. yes, I have felt those things you have just described and I have tried to say it many times, perhaps I don’t hear the words but I do have the feeling of the love of the celestials and God and Christ Michael, and the love of each other here in the group. It is a place I have constantly wanted to return to, and be involved in.

Jarel: Greetings dear one. I thank you for your sincere heartfelt comments. It is food to these your fellows. It is good that the experiences that each of you are having can be related in this setting, thereby allowing others to participate vicariously with you. It is as if there was a feast prepared and each that attended brought a dish item and placed it upon the table to be shared by all, and those seated around the table could freely take from whatever dish was there and nourish themselves and enjoy the fellowship that this setting provides. We have in the past encouraged the participation of each member and we have been rewarded with much participation. It is much refreshing for me, your humble teacher, to view your understanding and enlightenment as we sit together at this table. Continue dear heart, to be that light that you are this day. I look forward to seeing your lights reflected in the faces of those who are yet to come to this mission. Be of stout heart, steadfast in your resolve to be the light of Christ.

Hal; We have a ‘pot luck’ of food to eat. We now have a ‘pot luck’ of spiritual values to partake of.

Donna: You spoke of the parable of the woman with the ‘issue of blood’ that there were surrounding the master the twelve apostles to bring order. You mentioned that we ourselves should try to shed forth the light of the Father and the Master, and that we should have twelve virtues as symbolic of the twelve apostles to surround us to maintain order in our lives. If that is correct could you tell us what these twelve virtues are that could help to maintain order in our light ?

Jarel: Dear one, you are experiencing through this mission these virtues. They are becoming part of your consciousness. You will reflect back upon our lessons and you will find that each of you are acquiring or has acquired a great number of these virtues and are using them. I will not give a list of these virtues to you at this time, for each of the virtues may vary because each ones path is different to some degree or another. For example; the Life Carriers who implanted this design upon Urantia had numerous variations to deal with in the implantation, so there are numerous formulas, numerous combinations of Life Carrier designs that are represented here by the human species, but the original complement contained all of these variations. So it is with your spiritual development, your original complement can have multiple variations thereof, but many of your virtues that have been recounted throughout history are part and parcel of that which we desire to assist you in acquiring that will speed and enhance and cultivate in your ultimate spiritual development. It will be interesting if at our next gathering you will each share with us and the others those virtues that you perceive that you have acquired in this mission, or should take upon yourselves. Let each one review the transcripts of this group and find your growth from our beginning to this time. Let us in our next setting discuss these virtues. Perhaps they exceed twelve. Thank you.

Hal: Sounds like an interesting research project.

Stella: What an extraordinary talk today. He has covered most of my concerns and questions.


Hal: I have a trivia question. In regards to the original life patterns that the Life Carriers implanted here. Were all of the ‘DNA’ and genetic patterns that have created all of our plant and animal life of past, present, and future, present in the original implantation ? If so it was a fantastic microscopic procedure.

Jarel: Indeed it is quite, as you say, fantastic. The planet itself was prepared long before the implantation of the Life Carriers for human origin. Here is where the division takes place. I spoke of the origin of mortals and the vast numbers of possible gene splicing, mixtures, and admixtures, that could take place in just that initial complement. It becomes astronomical. It will enhance your understanding of the great magnitude of the universe in just this simple aspect of origin. You have read in the text the great astronomical numbers that represents the planets that exist in the known organized space of the seven superuniverses. These numbers magnify beyond conscious representation in the first through fourth outer space levels. So dear ones we are dealing with vast astronomical numerical recognition’s in just the material planets. We are dealing with vast astronomical numbers in dealing with the existence of not only mortals of this sphere but of all other spheres, and superuniverses, continuing on. You dear ones live in a well organized, much loved universe.

Lucille: It just ‘boggles’ my mind. I cant even conceive of such wonders.

Teacher Contact

Hal: We were listening to Norson’s transcripts in which he indicated that one of the things we are missing on Urantia, due to the rebellion and the things that have happened since then, is our ability to contact or even be aware of celestial beings. I inferred from that that on a normal planet the mortals do have a contact and an awareness of celestial beings as a normal fact of life. Is that correct ?

Jarel: Yes. Be mindful of the fact that on normal spheres the concept and belief system of the Father is not clouded with confusion. You here on Urantia have suffered confusion, clouded concepts of the Father as a result of the Caligastia betrayal. This however is being corrected by the bestowal of our Creator Son upon Urantia and His subsequent bestowal of this teaching mission upon Urantia, so that error is slowly being corrected. You are indeed able, and in factual existence, in contact with celestial beings.

Hal: It is exciting times that we live in.

Teaching Mission, Energy

Stella: Jarel I would like to straighten something in my mind. When the Urantia papers were received by one individual., and the impact has been so great among those who can believe in and do read the book, is this teaching mission your search for people who can be transmitters of the same type of information so that this, knowledge can be given to many others. Is that the original purpose of this mission, of creating many transmitters like the original ?

Jarel; No. This was not the original intent of this mission. The Urantia papers were delivered, not to one individual, but through an individual and the incorporation of many others in the process. However it is the desire in this mission to have as many t/r’s as possible,. Your earthly saying ‘that many hands make light work’ is appropriate and a guideline for us. As many as possible who can relate and transmit this truth will make the task of spreading this light much easier. The confirmation of that truth is inherent in each group of this mission. Verification comes to each individual through participation in this group.

(The t/r is holding his hands in opposition to each other like a magnetic field)

This one is playing with the energy present here. You may participate thusly. Can you feel it ?

Hal: The energy between our hands ?

Jarel: Yes.

Hal: Do we feel the total energy in the room. ?

Jarel: Yes. . .. You may feel it.....It is amazing to this one, that it is such. Here again, dear ones, this is confirmation to you of the presence of we, your teachers, and your fellow celestials.

Hal: This is what is producing the energy ? Our celestial friends ?

Jarel: All of us conjointly and the circuits that surround Urantia. This spiritual flow. It is good that you are able to touch it, as such. Feel its presence and affects. Much illumination exists here. Dear hearts, as you feel this vibratory energy let it again warm your beings. Let it radiate and confirm to you the love of the Father and your Creator Son and your teachers and celestial companions. Let it be a comfort to you, and in your sharing of it with others.


I will take my leave of you at this time, but my peace be with you. The peace that is your inheritance from the Father be upon you. The love of our Creator Son, Michael. Let it feel your hearts and be ever present with you. Bless you. Bless you. Bless you each my devoted students and coworkers. Farewell

Group: Farewell. Thank you for an extraordinary lesson.

Jarel: All are welcome.

Lucille : A complete feeling of peace.