1997-06-09-Give Full Authority to Father

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Topic: Give Full Authority to Father

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. My greetings to you here tonight. I am always in gratitude each time we can meet together. It has been a twofold journey for you. On one hand you have sought spiritual understanding as an individual towards divine progressing. On the other hand you have labored to understand your individual position within the whole, and learning to serve within this brotherhood.


Always an adventurous journey when seeing the world through your Father's eyes. Always is there a sense of mystery and excitement when you are completely relying on Father to guide you. In understanding your spiritual place is there more difficulties, but along with that there is great comfort in knowing you reside not alone within your minds. As we take active roles within the brotherhood do we find ourselves in positions to make decisions. Decisions become changed due to your levels of understanding. In learning to walk closely with Father does your decision making improve, self-uncertainty somewhat fades away. Success within this brotherhood will depend upon each brother and sisters decision to give full authority to our Father in Heaven.

We have previously discussed the use of humor and lightheartedness to assist us in our dealings with our brothers and sisters. We have learned that humor is an effective salve to painful wounds and deliverer of balance. As you move further into this brotherhood will you find equally effective ways in which to best care for the whole.

You, my friends, who come here have indeed shown a great deal of courage and enthusiasm to continue your spiritual learning, but I can say in this commitment to learning are you also authorized to spread the good news and teach. Teaching takes very little effort when one has stepped aside to allow for Father's wisdom. If anything it can bring you a renewal of faith and energy. In your dealings with your fellows it takes not a lot of effort to make them feel as though they are each a part. It can be so inspiring to reveal to another that they are loved just as they are. A bit of encouragement to one can change the mind set of the world. Be not afraid to share your good news and make welcome all you meet. I do not say to dress your words with a lot of scripture or reverence, but disperse the good news with humor and joy.

Michael is always working to renew the enthusiasm within the brotherhood. Things are occurring right now to awake individuals to something greater than themselves, to something that makes them a part of all there is. You, my friends, are the bringers of this good news, the confirmers of this new indwelling spiritual knowledge. As you dare to move further within this brotherhood always is there disappointments. I say Jesus, the man, felt very little of this disappointment. He took not certain individuals to be attacking Him, but to just be ignorant within their own minds, and Jesus would move on continuing to spread Father's good news. And those that would not seek for truth He would spend no more time, but move on always mindful of open doors. He took not His fellows ignorance as a personal attack, no. He would say a small prayer for them and move on.

Jesus was persistent in His consistency of Father's words, but never was He persistent in hounding individuals to believe as He did. Jesus was mindful of those spiritual levels mortals must traverse. This attitude to some was seemingly harsh, perhaps cold, but ever was He completely relying on Father for direction. The attacks from His fellows shook Him not. His strength was a never-ending well from His Father in Heaven. Within this brotherhood are you somewhat subject to ridicule, character attacks, disrespect, and disregard, but I can say if your motive is to lean upon Father's love and truth are you immune from the mental strain or emotional pain you might experience.

As Urantia becomes adapted to the newly reorganized circuits will you have several confusing experiences. As the world learns to connect with the cosmic mind will your fellows look to you for direction, definition of what is happening. This service to your fellows is one of little effort and extreme joy. A firm commitment to the brotherhood is to experience a greater amount of Father's fingerprints within your life and the lives of your fellows.

I have experienced a great deal of joy, but also equally have I been ridiculed or disregarded. I remain unshaken. I am with the understanding of Father to guide me to either to endure my fellows or move on. I can say that as you become more familiar with your responsibilities within the brotherhood will you experience a greater amount of logic while your emotional is put on a shelf. In your message to others it is altogether fitting to stand your ground as a child of God while revealing to others they are also the same. In standing your ground forget not to rely upon Father's wisdom. Father is in all things.

Last week we had somewhat of a sharing within the brotherhood. You had requested of me my thoughts on subjects and I had attempted to reveal a positive message. We had experienced the brotherhood firsthand. I was challenged and amazed by your spiritual knowledge and thirst for understanding. In this I had indeed looked to my Father to answer through me, and even though those words that may have brought discomfort, I had remained trusting and joyful. I would not desert you in your misunderstanding. I am dedicated to serving within this great brotherhood. I cannot be driven out or loose my status as a son of God. I cannot step upon the backs of others to progress. I cannot be discouraged. I could not quit or give up on you, my mortal friends. This is our brotherhood. I have a fond dedication to you each, and in all that we may understand differently, our bond cannot be broken.

This week I would ask that you ponder over your commitment level within the brotherhood and give thought to the Master and His unshakable attitude. Forget not in all your learning is there your mission to spread the good news with love and humor. A few questions.


ROLAND: I have a comment. I see as I begin to become aware of my cosmic citizenship that you are truly my brother, and my elder brother who has had four thousand years of experience. I am particularly grateful for your coming here and giving us this information, morontia mota, this practical down to earth kind of experience that you yourself has developed through your mortal life and on through the ascension. I think because I think differently on occasion, and see things in a different way than you do, I am comforted with the Master's answer to James when he asked Him why don't we all think alike.[1] He said, "James, James, when did I tell you you would all think alike? I am not interested in you all thinking alike. What I am interested in is you be in unity of Spirit with one another". Truly I feel in unity of Spirit with you, Abraham. I feel very much like an on-board co-worker dedicated to the love that I have been able to at this point-increasingly so. So if ever there is a time I err or I see things differently, I want you to know that I am one in the Spirit with you.

ABRAHAM: Certainly. It is also for me to be one in the Spirit with you. This is our dedication to the brotherhood. I would not presume you to be my erring brother while I experience more morontia activity, no. I certainly believe you are knowledgeable about living in this world today where I am not. You have experienced it firsthand while I have experienced other things. I would look to you as not a younger brother, but just as a brother. Roland, my friend, you do well. Another question?

MIRIAM: Abraham, I just wanted to say thank you so much. It was like such an excellent example of love. You might have heard me earlier, but that was just so neat what you did, just a lovely thing. I wanted to thank you for that last week. I do have a question. Do you have some guidance for me in the way I especially work with the people I sponsor, and the people I bump up against also, including my husband, etc.? I try to go on attraction instead of promotion. I kind of figure if folks are drawn to me and what I've got going then maybe it will just come out. So I don't feel really well versed in telling people about the Urantia Book per se, but when they ask me about what I am reading, I tell them how much I am enjoying it, etc. So do you have some guidance for me there, if that is the best thing to be doing, or do you have some suggestions? Does that make sense?

ABRAHAM: Yes certainly. I might first say I also thank you Miriam for your participation within this group. You have been a flavorful ingredient to the soup. I thank you. You might each know that Father is unmatched in His vision of each individual path. He can indeed move mountains. He can put you in a situation that benefits all. Do you see, you are learning while others are also gaining understanding? While you may view it as Father's fingerprints or coincidental is a matter of varying levels of joy. In dealing with your fellows it would be perhaps their desire for you to speak what they would want to hear. It would perhaps be their desire to have another reach for Father for them instead of their own attempts at making an effort to reach. You may perhaps come across those who feel powerless, and your best message to them would be, I believe you are a powerful person. I know that you can change the world. You are internally gifted with the presence of the source of all love and power. I believe you are a child of God. Do you see, a show of faith in another is indeed empowering to them. It would appear as though you are somewhat of a cheerleader. To emanate the light of faith in those who you are attempting to help can bring them faith in themselves. Without faith there is no purpose for action. Does this help?

MIRIAM: Yes Abraham, but can I ask just one follow up question? In my cheer leading--is that a good thing? Is that like how you are saying if you approach them with--you are from within powerful. You have the source. Is the cheer leading thing like more surface? Is that a bad thing? I don't know what I am asking. Do you?

ABRAHAM: Yes. I would not mean to say anything but the truth. Yes, always embrace truth, and whether it is nice or not, truth must always be alive. It is important that you do not reach for Father for them, but you show them belief in their ability for them to reach for themselves. Does that help? (Oh yes. Thank you so much.) Certainly. Another question?


NORWOOD: About two years ago I went on my own. I was either prompted or I had a need to do this. I broke off from the group, but not really. I spent almost three years studying, attending the meetings, a lot of prayer, a lot of stillness time, and one night I was in the stillness and I felt an urge that I needed to move along. So I took that as it is time to go out and try your wings. These past two years I have been doing that. I have experienced a lot of ups and downs. There has been times when I have been unable to, and currently I am unable to, and I don't know why, when I go into the stillness or into prayer my mind-it is like I get shut off. I cannot get into a deep stillness or deep prayer. I can do a surface prayer or a surface stillness, but to become one with my inner self and with Father, I am unable to do that. So my question is--I need to find that source again. I need to find a way to have that peace of mind I used to have. I don't know if I am using the right words here, but to find a path in to where I can go back in the stillness, and I don't know if I was shut off deliberately, or intentionally, or I am to do my own thing for awhile more or what. So that is my question.

ABRAHAM: Understood. In your first attempts at stillness there was quite a noticeable difference. Yes? (Yes.) In your spiritual maturing this difference becomes normal, not as extreme, but more consistent, almost as if it has always been there. Your spiritual balancing is affecting all areas of your life, in that you look for Father's guidance regularly, and it is not so intensely concentrated on, no. It is becoming common. Know your spiritual connection is as it always was. The degrees are maturing, and with all new knowledge, there is new goals to reach. The striving is almost eternal. You can reach a spiritual level successfully and feel that joy, and the next day feel a whole new goal in front of you that is seemingly unreachable. This is with your stillness. It is becoming a constant in all areas of your life. Your diligent searching for Father's fingerprints will help you to feel the love and comfort and connection again. You have done well in your search. There is to be no regrets. As you have said, your inner feelings drew you to a certain goal. This is right. Your spiritual lessons are between you and Father. Our Teaching Mission is to assist, but never to replace Father and His intimate contact with His children. You are experiencing a turning of a page that in, that book that is your life, it is in the turning you see many letters, words, but there is no understanding at that point until the page is fully turned, and you can begin again. Yes, always is there striving. Does this help? (Thank you. Yes it does. I appreciate your kind words.) Certainly. One more question.


CALVIN: Abraham, this could be a short one. In our spreading to our brother the good news as we have experienced it, we have seen great insight, I have seen great insight in how to do that, not by coercion or show the "wow" of how angels are here talking, but simply teach the truth of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man, love and service, common sense to one another. In the Urantia Book I read a topic, a paragraph or two about the material mindedness of the youth in this nation. It said when they get to the point of the majority are more material minded than they are spiritual minded that there would be a drastic time for the nation, so on and so on. I look around me and my own situations and surroundings I see more material mindedness way out weighing the spiritual mindedness. Am I seeing that correctly, and is that a concern, or is it maybe my incorrect observation? How do we take a material minded person--I am sure that is the Father's work to turn them into a spiritual minded person. Do we bypass the material minded?

ABRAHAM: It is difficult to explain to a material minded individual that this is not congruent with spirituality. Usually it might take an individual many years to discover this fact, and in the experience of life things do occur to make one realize life is most important. Material is not the bringer of happiness. Your children can learn from your words and set example. (Calvin: set example or sad example?) Laughter. 'set example' It is a sad example when Father must reveal those hard truths to reach His children. It is becoming apparent that even the youth can utilize these mindal circuits and instinctively follow this guidance.


I appreciate your patience with me, and I look forward to meeting you again. My love is with you. Until next week, shalom.