1993-01-24-Ideals and Values

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Topic: Ideals and Values

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Unknown



Opening prayer: Prayer of St. Francis

Daniel: "Good afternoon. I am Daniel, your teacher and your friend. As you have faithfully come together, as you have been willing to support one another, and as you have been willing to be open to one another you have, indeed, created a bonding which will always serve you and will always be that framework from which you as a group will be able to work. It is important as people, that the relationships you build with others are relationships which can be open, can be those which all feel at ease with and able to be their own selves, to be able to put down the facades that you carry into the rest of the world.



One of the most important aspects of a maturing and God-conscious individual is the ability to take off the many layers, the many masks that are worn, and be the divine yet human personality that you are. Those who are in enlightened God-consciousness are able to be who they really are and are not afraid of attack, ridicule or discredit from another because of beliefs, personal appearance or any of the human traits that you possess. And so over time many of you have been coming to this realization and you are able to be more of who you are to more and more people. This is a sign of your maturing and your growth. I applaud each of you when you are able to peel off another layer, take off another mask, that the central core and light that you can be for the world becomes more apparent to those around you. The light of which you are burns brightly, but is camouflaged and shielded behind the many layers of pretense. And so today's lesson will deal with looking at the concept of ideal and values.

Value, Ideal

What is the ideal? What are the values that you hold? Is there a difference? What is the difference? Do you perceive the ideal much differently than you do your values? What is it that you value in terms of spirituality?

Let us look at the word value. In the human context these are those things which you hold up as a moral platitude to guide your life by, an idea from which you try to live out your life, the values you have. The ideal is seen in a different light in that the ideal is often thought of as only that which can be manifested within the mind, that ideal that can only be thought of as something that is not really attainable. And so I ask you tonight to look into your own personal lives. Do you see what you value, your values as something that are attainable or do you hold it up here as something that is not always within your grasp? I will, after you have all spoken, try to put forth to you a concept of why and how the ideal is able to be incorporated in your life. And so is my question to you understood enough that you can speak freely about this?


B1: "I'm a little confused, Daniel, about value as you have just discussed it. To me value is that which you consider worth putting time and energy into, whether it be a thing, an activity, a relationship. Is that how you are defining the word?"

Daniel: "This is part of it. It can also be those things which you as a society, as a group, or as an individual believe to be the highest point, the morals that you have within your life, the structure from which you act. Is this more understood?"

N1: "Daniel, are these guiding principles?"

Daniel: "Indeed, guiding principles is another facet of this, yes."

B1: "So you are defining values as more or less moral values, that which we consider to be the most desirable thing that could be done in the moral realm. Is that correct?"

Daniel: "This is in fact how most consider value, your mores, the morals, the thing that, as you have said, you strive to put your effort into. Can the values that you hold and the ideals that you hold be the same? Or do you have another set of principles that is different for your ideal than that which you live in your everyday life?"

V1: "Daniel. I couldn't help but turn in the Urantia Book to check because I was reading about that very thing this week about the Morontia Counselors and that they are the 'teachers of those who seek insight (and that would be me at that point in my life) into the experiential unity at divergent life levels, those who are attempting the integration of meaning and the unification of values'. And this was something that I thought about this week in that philosophy on the mortal level is trying to attempt these very things. And so that we as human beings should try to unify those two things in our lives of meaning and value, so that I would think that our ideals and our values should not be separate. They should be expressed as one in our life."

B6: "I don't know about the rest of the group, but I think further elaboration would be in order. I don't understand the question."

Daniel: "As value you hold certain principles, certain mores, certain morals, certain categories or frameworks from which you live out your life. An organizational type of value would be one where the laws of the land are held by all because this is what is workable. Within each individual life one is given through parenting, through environment, through schooling, etc. certain values, certain ideas that they hold to be important for them. Also values can come through your religious backround. And so many of the values that you hold do, in fact, come from religious upbringing: the value for life, the value of being honest, the value of service to one another, the value of love, of being able to give love and receiving love, the value of living your life morally correct so that you are not hurting or offending another human. These are the values that you hold. Many use values as a way to structure their life so that they can work and live their lives within a certain framework.

The ideals are those which often are held up as that which is not attainable: the ideal of the brotherhood of all on this planet; the ideal of lasting peace, of harmony among men. The ideal of your democracy is one that is held up and workable and often attained. Ideals in definition by humans is that set of ideas which is often thought of as that which can happen in the framework of the mind. You think, 'let there be global peace' and yet it is only that which is thought of, not that which is yet happening, an attainable goal, but not yet reached. My question to you is, 'Are you restricting yourself to believe that that which is the ideal that you hold up is not attainable?' Is it so different from the values you have? Rather than ask for your opinions on this, think this week on those things which you hold as the ideal and those things which you hold only as the values from which you live, and ask yourself if they can be more meshed and brought together.

Because the ideal is thought to be only something that is within the mind let me put forth to you this thought. Your mind is but given to you, is a gift. As a gift that which is given is so structured that even those things which you deem to be the highest level of perfection, the ideal, because it is a divine gift to you-your mind, that which you deem to be the perfect, the ideal, is, in fact, attainable to all those who are willing to allow God to work within their life. And so as the individual and then outwardly this planet moves toward Light and Life, the ideal that were once held up do, indeed, become that which is thought of as mere value. That which is perfect now in your estimation would become the common and everyday in a world that is moving and reaching or has reached Light and Life. And so I am only asking you to realize the potential that is available, that is open to you in that your values and your ideals at some point in time will be in more alignment, will be on equal footing.

As you have grown from infancy in your human developmental life have you not witnessed many of those things which you held to be an ideal to be not so much out of reach as it used to be? Have you not had an instance when your ideal did become reality for you? The heart of this lesson is to help you to realize that through your faith, through your willingness, and through hope that which you deem to be ideal is possible, is accessible to you. I ask you not to limit yourselves, to open yourselves up to the working of your Indwelling Spirit. The Indwelling Spirit is the perfect within you and is attainable by you as you open yourself up to It, to His promptings. Ever ready is He to give you that which you need to take your next step.

Do not become so entrapped in a set of values or a principle that you cannot or will not be open for change. Most of the values that you follow are, after all, of your own making and this necessarily means that they are not sacred; albeit the values that most hold within this group, the mores and the premise from which you strive to live your lives, are bathed in enlightenment and do bring you closer to attainment of ideals. Many of you are willing and able to look beyond that which you feel comfortable with now, and to stretch and to move beyond. In doing this you achieve a little bit more of the ideal.

In your life this week I ask you then to think upon those areas where you are, perhaps, limiting yourself, thinking that this is not attainable and is just an ideal out there. Open yourselves up to the possibility that ideals can be reached; that through the teaching that Michael has given, He has stated that in and through Him and the First Source and Center, all things are possible. I hope that you will be able to glean some aspect of this lesson so that you will evermore be open to the possibilities and to be willing to achieve your potentials. I have been most pleased with you as a group in that you have been ones who have not put up a shield to the possibility that through God mighty things do happen, and that you are a part of His plan; that you are His son and daughter and that by getting to know Him you are able to understand and know further His will which is the epitome of the ideal, to be able to follow and do as He beckons. Continue to pray that you will always be open to the possibilities and to the will of the Father, despite your not always knowing what that will is. In faith you take your steps that you are working for Him. I will now accept questions."

Free will

N1: "Hi Daniel. The statement that through Christ Michael and through God all things are possible..every time I hear that there is this part of me that says, 'No, that is not true because there is free will'. And people have the freewill to go against God's will and that blocks all things being possible. And that is something I struggle with a lot in my wanting to trust God and my faith. I guess part of me wants to believe that it is true and this other part of me says, 'Uh, uh, the evidence is against it'. Could you explain to me a little bit more how it is that all things are possible when we have free will and can choose against God's will?"

Daniel: "Certainly. One way of looking at this is to know that at some point in time, (except those who choose to not ascend), things, all things are possible. On the first plane of existence as you know it now, as you know it as a planet that is in much disarray, it is seemingly very difficult for you to even grasp or to have any kind of perception that all things are possible. Know that in your lifetime on this planet the good will not always be seen. Over time, in time, and through ascension, through the various morontia worlds, all things are possible. You are very much limited by the perspective of a human plane, of human feelings, emotions and intellect. When Christ Michael spoke these words He spoke from a perspective of the spiritual. And those who take up and follow Him in their life, in their ascension, will come to know that, indeed, through Him and His guidance you will be able to transcend and you will be able to be freed from the shackles and hardships, etc. of this plane. Take in faith, know spiritually that, indeed, all things are possible. And as more and more Urantians become a part of the Kingdom the animalistic trappings for greed, power, and the concept of fear become less and less important. And as the planet moves into Light and Life more and more will all things be possible. Hold in faith, my dear. Trust and know that in the overall picture it is, indeed, possible. Has this helped?"

N1: "Yes, Daniel. I think I tend to focus on those who don't choose to ascend and I think that is the evidence that I look to. But I guess I need to understand more about myself and why I focus on that. And, yes, that is the effort that I will make..what is it in me that keeps me real stuck..people not going on..that really bothers me!"

Daniel: "My dear, know that the good these individuals have had does go on, does live and continue in the Supreme. And so in that regard, they are still a part of God's plan. And it is God's supreme love for all of His creation that He allows them the decision to ascend or not to. It is truly the ultimate act of love to allow one this freedom of choice. Concern yourself, my dear, with being able to be a light for all, rather than being concerned with those who make this decision to not ascend. Be assured that this decision is not made lightly on the spur of the moment, but is made over much time and over many opportunities that are given. Until the last spark is spent the Father remains open to each of His creatures. And so you also need to know that in the many, many planets that there are, billions upon billions of ascending mortals on this sphere and on others, very few who know God, who are given the opportunity to ascend, very few decide not to. And, my dear, you have grown much, come to many realizations. And this, too, will be something that you will be able to release as time goes on. Hold in faith that one cannot limit the Father. His overcare is not even understood by me and I have traversed along this journey longer than you. It is, indeed, to me humbling as I continue to ascend to see more evidence of this, more evidence of the First Source and Center. Has this helped?"

N1: "Yes, Daniel. It has helped. I guess I'm feeling that part of my concern..I don't know. I'll work on it. It has helped. Thank you."

V1: "Daniel, I have to reflect on this is in that you know and confirmed your concern and knowledge about C8. And she was one who from all mortal appearances would have ended her life with death. And yet she continues. So I think I would have to say that we as mortals do not really know, we only know what appears to be, in someone else's life. That brings me to the facade, the mask that people wear in a crowd. We don't really know necessarily what is going on inside and how the Indwelling Spirit is working. That is a constant reminder for me, because so often people appear in one way and perhaps they are not that way at all."

Daniel: "Indeed. The spiritual nature of each person is also a very important aspect of ascension. Often that which is seen in human terms is not what has transpired or occurred in the spiritual life of that individual. 'Judge not lest ye be judged', is so important to always hold in the forefront, for one has never walked in the shoes of another. One must walk their own path, and even your own path is often obscured from you. That which is your divine nature is not always available or understood or clear to you. You take in faith, you walk your path in the faith that, indeed, the First Source and Center will never fail you. His love and overcare, despite appearances, pervades the universes."

V2: "Thank you Daniel. I can't tell you how much hope I have had and experienced as a result of the Urantia Book and the Teaching Mission. And I appreciate so much the lessons you give and look forward to them weekly. I have to ask a curiosity question just because I want to, I guess. I don't have to but I choose to..personal responsibility here. Is it possible that one of the reasons that I have always been a religious person, a religious child, supposedly different from family and friends, is because indeed I have had a teacher most of my life?"

Daniel: "Teachers are available to all. And the question you ask cannot be answered lightly. It is not just because of a teacher. It is not just because of your willingness to be open. It is not just because of your life experiences. It is not just because of the mind you are endowed with. It is not just because of the Indwelling Spirit that you have. Rather it is a combination of many factors that brings people on their various paths, that brings people to the choices they make in their lives. Those of you who tread the more spiritual life are indeed ones that have many of the factors of which I have spoken, that have come together in more harmony and in better timing so that you could make those choices to be where you are. There are masses of people who do not forage the spiritual path, yet they are every bit as much on the same level as you in many ways. And so to say because you have had a teacher is not, cannot be given full play as to why you are Leetah today. Do you see?"

V1/Leetah: "Yes, Daniel. And I was probably trying to make it far more simplistic than it really is. And perhaps I should really be much more direct and say, 'Can you tell me how long my teacher has been with me?' Maybe that was manipulative rather than a direct question that I asked. And I apologize."

Daniel: "No need to ever apologize. And this question will be better addressed to your teacher. For when you and your teacher are in communication these types of questions are personal to you and will benefit you in your bonding, so to speak, with your teacher. Do you see?"

V1: "Yes Daniel. Thank you very much."

L2: "Daniel, this is L2. And I want to tell you I really appreciate your lessons and I love you. I also would like to ask if you can be present at a family meeting again in the near future?"

Daniel: "When will this meeting be held?"

L2: "Our next one is tomorrow but I know that is very short notice. Tomorrow or after that would be fine, into February sometime."

Daniel: "I will make the commitment to be there with you tomorrow. My presence will be there, yes."


B2: "Daniel, this is Isaac. I would just like to respond to your teaching today and say that as a result of the Urantia Book and the Teaching Mission (although there were things going on and ideas that I had prior) as a result of these I have reached the point where I believe that anything that is ideal now is possible, including world government for this planet, possibly within my lifetime. The vision of the Urantia Book and the knowledge of the reality of what's going on in the rest of the universe has totally changed me from a person who was pessimistic, although I have my moments in areas. I Just wanted to make this statement for the record, that I believe that even the attainment of God on Paradise is something that is possible for me and for everyone else who desires it. I want to thank you for your part in this whole thing and the wonderful teaching that you have shared with us. And that's it."

Daniel: "Thank you and so noted. Indeed, the general and overall feeling from this group has over the last few years, and especially as of late, donned a more positive and spiritual outlook than previously in your lives. Those who hold to negativeness do not understand the freedom that comes from viewing life and even it's trials and tribulation in a more positive light. For it is through the experiences, the struggles that have that you grow. So even while you are in the midst of turmoil, if you can hold in your thoughts that this is but passing, you are putting forth a positive note. Each time you react with a positive attitude you are creating for your character more reaction patterns that reflect positiveness. And the reverse; each time you react negatively you create patterns of negativity. Negativity is not growth promoting. Work to see and develop the positive that it can become a more internalized natural reflex for you. I am very happy to be a part of this Teaching Mission, to have been selected for this service. The whole notion of the Urantia Book being presented to this planet has been of great significance and will continue to be an important part of the history of Urantia. I understand your thoughts, your exuberance and happy feelings in being a part of the Urantia study groups and now with the Teaching Mission. It is, indeed, an exciting time for this planet." B2: "Thank you very much."

N1: "Your lesson did stimulate a couple of questions for me and I am not sure if I am understanding or if I'm putting things into my old frameworks. I heard two things in your lesson besides, of course, your lesson which were to live our life consistently; that if we hold certain ideals that we need to live in such a way as to make them happen, as well as believe that they can happen. Is that a way in which our values and our ideals are brought together?"

Daniel: "Indeed. For when you live up to the highest expectations of your values and you hold the ideal as a possibility, each time you are able to live your values, hold true to your values, you upstep yourself in spiritual developmental language so that the ideal becomes ever closer, ever more attainable. As ascending beings and on the plane of existence where you now are you are developmental in nature, not only in the physical, but also in the spiritual. Life in the physical runs along a certain path that in order for you to talk you first must experience the tools, the mechanism of speaking and hence you babble. In order to walk you must first be able to sit up, build strength in your muscles that hold you upright. You must then be able to develop the ability to balance on your legs in order to walk. Developmental steps in your thinking and processing, your understanding of cause and effect, all of these things are developmental and as each step is being laid the better the step is cemented the more sturdy. The more that that phase of development is learned the better the next step of development will be. And so you go through life maturing.

The same is true of spiritual growth, of spiritual maturing. And so you have all taken many steps in your path to maturing into God-knowledge and God-consciousness. With the coming of the Indwelling Spirit to your being you have, by this act of incorporating a moral decision, given birth to your spiritual life. And hence you begin your developmental steps to reaching your enlightenment. And so the groundwork, my friends, that you are laying in this lifetime is very important in that you, through faith, are building foundations that will support you as you ascend. As you are able to take that which you value and that which you hold of the ideal and bring them closer together this, indeed, is not only bringing forth more harmony in your human life, but is very soul promoting in your spiritual life. Does this help?"

N1: "Yes and it's helps me in another area too. As you were saying our spiritual development was like our physical development and you were talking about getting the strength in our muscles I saw a toddler and I thought, 'One wouldn't be hard on a toddler and blame them for falling down'. And that was an insight into my spiritual development and the mistakes I might make along the way there too; that it's developmental and I should probably be as tolerant of myself and other's spiritual growth as I am of their physical developmental growth."

Daniel: "I applaud you."

N1: "Thank you."


Daniel: "My friends, I must leave you now. Other business to attend to. I give you my love and my peace. I am so fond of you all. I feel your love; please feel mine. And I look forward to next week.

Think this week upon those things that you hold as value and those things that you hold as ideal. Know that the ideal can be obtained; if not in this lifetime, in the next; that you are steadily progressing, step by step; falling sometimes, yet because of your willingness to get back up again, you are ascending daily. My love to you. Good evening."