1993-03-28-Guilt, Courage

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Topic: Guilt, Courage

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Unknown



Opening prayer and Prayer of St. Francis

Daniel: "Good afternoon my friends; I am Daniel, your teacher and friend. I come to you today with a commitment to you as a guide in helping you in your spiritual ascent. I come in service, to serve Christ Michael and His work in bringing the Father's Kingdom into the hearts and souls of Urantians. As a teacher I am always pleased to hear your comments and to know that the work that is being done is, indeed, working in your lives. For you to come together and discuss openly, helps you to see with broader perspective; and helps you in fine tuning those parts of your character, which is that part of the personality of who you are, that changes and grows. Character formation does not take place if one resides in a glass ball. It can only come about through daily experiencing life; and as you experience life you are beginning to see that you are desiring that the path that you are taking follows that of the Father's will in your life. If you were, of course, born perfect, these experiences would not be necessary.



As you are imperfect ascending beings you utilize all of your experiences to a greater extent when you are in the framework of keeping the Father as your guide. Keeping the Father as your guide, as the One Whom you wish to serve, is not a haphazard event. It is the real commitment. It is a real desire on your part to, 'Be ye perfect as the Father is'. As ascending beings you can survive this world; you can go on eternally without the knowledge of the Father on this plane. Those of you that are fortunate to begin on this level with desiring to know and follow the Father are laying the groundwork to not only bring yourself to greater love, forgiveness, and tolerance, but you are also helping your brothers and sisters along as well.

The time you spend with the Father is important in your being committed to knowing more about Him. The Father loves all, and those who are fortunate to understand the God of Love are likewise more loving individuals themselves. Our mission to Urantia, the Teaching Mission, is to give a concept, an idea to each student, each ascendant mortal of their importance to the Father, of their divine nature as well as their human nature. It is our hope that as you continue to allow the Father and Indwelling Spirit to guide you that you will in turn be laying the groundwork for the future of Urantia.

This is a grand task, indeed! In your understanding of the Father you begin to understand in greater human terms those things necessary to bring about change. The way you process through your life does have an effect on your brothers and sisters. The more that the love of the Father can be spread, the groundwork will be laid and will continue to flourish so that the love of the Father does, indeed, rectify and change the hearts of men, thereby bringing this planet out of the darkness and into the light. As you, my students, weekly work on the stillness, as you weekly commune with the Father, you are becoming more instrumental in this mission, for your thought processes put into the general consciousness more good, more benevolence. And so the task that you are asked to do is really a duty. The person who does, indeed, understand God, the person who has had the experience of the Father can no longer turn his or her back. The steps you have taken will continue to guide you along the righteous path, for your understanding of the Father will in time help you to overcome those character flaws that so plague you.


The Father is difficult, even for myself, to understand; yet through faith you have affirmed your belief in Him. Your belief becomes that which gives purpose to your life. This week I wish to speak with you about courage. I have selected this topic because of the topic of our last get together, shame and guilt. Guilt, my friends, does serve a positive purpose if it is used correctly. If it stirs you to see a difference between that which is right and that which is wrong, it has brought you to a higher level. Guilt becomes negative when you hold on to it instead of using it as a tool to help you in transcending the ego into a more spirit/God-conscious framework.

Courage, my friends, is that attribute that is needed by all of you to transcend the shame and guilt of your being. Courage is a gift that will be your ally when the struggles of life are upon you. When you live your lives, it becomes very easy to settle for the norm of what you are doing, of your own routine. It is easy to say..I will think about that tomorrow. I will deal with that issue at another time, but presently I am too busy; I have other pressing earthly matters. And this can and will serve you on occasion. But in order for there to be real growth one must eventually stop and consider those things that are blocking progress. And courage is a necessary ingredient in helping you to take those steps necessary to change and to grow. Courage is not reckless abandon, my dear students. Courage is that attribute that when it is asked of the Father in faith, His love and mercy will support you in your growth; then that is understanding courage. For the Father will always be there. You need to take the step, be courageous in your faith and know, yes, He is there, and that no matter what occurs, if you are in the presence of the Father, all will, in time, be made right.

Courage is likened, if you will, to a song that children sing..'a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down'. Courage is the sugar that helps you in taking those steps to grow. Let it be a part of your prayers, that through courage and the willingness to take the next step to grow and change that you not only aid in your character development, but because you have taken a step further, you are becoming a more whole person; and you are able to understand life a little better, with more perspective, with more understanding and tolerance. And through your courage, your willingness to grow, others may use your situation as an example for them.

You, my friends, are, indeed, lights to others. You are not always aware of this. It is important to be with the Father so that you are able to keep your light bright and glowing. Time spent with the Father nourishes this light. Time spent away brings layers and veils around the light, making it hard to see, not only for others, but, my friends, (do you see?) it becomes hard for you, yourself, to see, to know, and to feel. God is for everyone! He is alive only to the degree that you allow Him to be in your life! Through courage, the act of allowing God to be paramount, this is a step in keeping the light bright for others as well as for yourself. This week think about courage. Ask yourself questions regarding your courage. Ask the Father to fortify you that you may continually, courageously know Him, love Him, and serve Him. I will now accept questions."


C2: "Daniel, this is C2. In working with people in recovery and my own recovery from life, the Serenity Prayer that encourages us to have courage and wisdom, and then somewhere in Southern California it is, 'Lord, grant me the courage to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference'. And then there is an addendum I found. I'm not exactly sure how it goes but 'Lord, grant me the courage to hang in there with what I know is right, even at the expense of this sort of serenity', even though I know that it might not make any difference, be committed to a principle and in doing so that continues to give us serenity by being at one with the principles of God and love. Can you say more about that, because I would like to share that with people in recovery, but it seems counterproductive sometimes if they don't understand what else that means?"

Daniel: "The problem as seen by these individuals is a problem that stems from deep within their own being, their history, their understanding, and their heredity character, etc., etc. And the important aspect that is necessary in any recovery from whatever, is that the person is looking for a sense of peace. And one must realize that life is a process and in a process there is involved a person working in their own individual selves as well as working in relationships, working in an environment. Life cannot be isolated in the fact that one cannot put their life into God's hands without a commitment and willingness and work toward that end of finding the Father. Finding the Father is the difficult aspect for many. While they search for peace, serenity, and desire courage to change, there is always the necessary ingredient of the person being willing to work toward that change. The change will not be given. It must be worked for and toward. It is not a freebee of life. Any time you exercise your free will choice you are either bringing about a greater change, or you are perpetuating the status quo. When people in recovery are at the point of the junction in the road where their recovery is imminent if they choose to really change, then helping them to see God is more plausible than for those who are not at that point. And I say seeing God as the fact of them understanding His love and mercy. In seeing love and mercy they can realize forgiveness. Forgiveness of the self is essential and this is what they desire when they wish for serenity and peace. This comes about through one's willingness to commit to time spent with the Father. If you can daily, even for short times, or several times throughout the day, sit in quiet, then that peace which they so desire and are seeking, will emerge for them. Prayer beforehand asking the Father to help them in their growth, in understanding love and self love, in understanding forgiveness and self forgiveness, in understanding these things, and asking for the courage to bring it about, will benefit these people. And let me state that you all know that it would benefit all. But these people especially are in a situation where they are needing to be mended and healed from the inner parts of their being. He who wishes peace of mind is centered on the Father. It is a wonderful quote that you have in your understanding, and this peace and serenity will come to those who have the courage to make the commitment to the Father. Is this helping?"

C2: "Yes, thank you Daniel. That expands on that statement and helps me phrase that. Thank you."

Daniel: "You are welcome."


N2: "Daniel, this is N2. Earlier this week I was reading about a phenomena that has occurred on several occasions, but they chose to make a large article about it, and this is concerning the weeping statues. I have heard that sometimes people have a need for some sort of a physical manifestation to reinforce their faith. This happened to a very devout young Catholic priest and to people who otherwise had no need for a strengthening of their faith. And I also remember that the Urantia Book has taught us that such things would represent interference with our natural way of thinking. I was very interested in the article. I was kind of puzzled at it. I just wondered, could you comment a little on this phenomena?"

Daniel: "Through the eons of time there have always been phenomena, natural and what appears to be unnatural. In the realm of this Teaching Mission, many such questions are addressed to teachers, and it is understood by us, out of your own curiosity and desire to know. What I am allowed to state in regards to these types of situations is limited. It is, of course, the desire of the Father and the will of the Son that all peoples will choose ascension, will receive the gift of faith that they can have within them a personal experience of the Father. These phenomena are not within my jurisdiction to speak on. Understand that spiritual growth and faith are the characteristics that planets such as this gain the most in soul growth. You, who must take on faith the reality of the Father, are the ones who, as you progress, will be instrumental in future mission and service to the Father. Faith in the Father is a giant step for you all. These phenomena, whether natural or unnatural, are, and have, and do provide many with a greater sense of the Father, provide a greater source from which they can draw faith. This is the extent to which I can address these things. I understand your curiosity. I regret my limitations. Please understand."


N2: "No problem. The other thing that I was wondering about; just in this short period of time in the last few years we have seen so many of our cult phenomena and a person claiming either to be God or a Son of God or some special being has attracted a following; and that following seems to have occurred mostly in this particular country. Is there something unique about our nationality or anything about our culture that makes this possible? I don't recall those things happening in places like Europe or other places. I am curious. Is there something about us that makes this possible?"

Daniel: "Question understood. And this explanation is for you to think upon as a genuine cause. In order to bring about this answer we must have a history lesson. Are you ready?"

N2: "I'm ready."(much laughter and shifting in seats)

Daniel: "As religions came about, and I am specifically relating now to Christianity for it is the line from which Christ Michael is known, let me remind you that even in the birth of Christianity there was much compromise and the coming together of various thoughts, Greek, Roman, etc. and the infusion of the Pauline doctrines, etc., from these beginnings Christianity grew. And while it brought about much good, certain principles underlying Jesus' real message were glossed over so that other messages and unity could be established. While this religion was established in the countries, Christianity has in effect been subjected to and become a part of a social institution (which has brought about many problems not related to this question); and so countries that are predominately one religion are so fixed in their thought, and in the cultural aspect of religion being a part of it, that cult type experiences are not possible as readily, are not introduced to a culture because of the strong background that all people hold to. Do you see? And the United States is a country that is infused with a world population of many ideas, many religions, many thoughts. And while this country has progressed in the material realm, and while there is a wondrous unifying of diversity, there is also, then, opened up the possibility of cultish things coming about. This country is unique in that there is so much diversity, yet in the overall thought of this country toward more materialism, the spiritual part of man, especially through the industrial revolution, has waned. And the people in this country are hungry and thirsty for spiritual watering. And because there is not a centralized church and because so many are seeking, there is this ability, then, of very charismatic individuals to bring and speak to these people who are searching. Does this help?"

N2: "Yes, that's helpful. I was a searcher too, but I somehow knew no person who could claim to be a special emissary of God would be one that I would follow, but others seem all to readily to follow such a person. Somewhere along the line I knew that that wasn't the way it would be."

Daniel: "The Father, and the Son Who is your guidepost/leader to Him, could never bring to this planet or to any of His planets or creations a sense of fear, a sense of needing to set up barriers, or a sense of exclusion. Those who follow in this vein do so out of fear for what they have been told or what they understand about the Father. When Christ Michael comes again there will be no compounds with fences or artillery or ways of annihilating a whole group when the winds of discontent are upon them. Christ Michael already has shown His courage. His death on this planet should be one that all see as courageous, of the willingness to not put up fences or barriers. His death was one of teaching His brothers and sisters about true love. True love does not fear. Fear builds barriers. Fear traps people into cultish ways of thinking, into traditions and ceremonies and the like which are not grounded in the Kingdom. Those who follow in this path do so because of their erroneous understanding of the Father. And this is not to be judged by us, for these individuals are in many respects feeling that their path to the Father is correct. Those who know the love of the Father must help put out this love so that those who fear, can be brought to greater enlightenment. Do you see?"

N2: "Yes, I see that. It seems to me then, that the pathway that the law enforcement agencies are following now, by taking the pathway of no violent maneuvers, seems to be at least somewhat correct, then?"

Daniel: "This is not for me to say in that regard. This is N2's opinion and we respect opinions of all our students. Those who sit with the Father are guided and given answers. Those who turn themselves over to the Father as N2 is doing, as all of you are doing, receive answers. The life you lead is not easy. The questions proposed to you are most difficult. The best you can do is to make that commitment to the Father that your lives will lead you to be perfect as He is. And I applaud you all in your willingness to look at situations to see different sides, perspectives, to research and do what is necessary to help you to formulate opinions based on knowledge and based on the time you sit with the Father. This is all."

B2: "Daniel, this is B1. Over the last week I keep sensing LinEl's presence and yesterday I talked with Terry and Marlene in Corvallis. I was wondering if you could shed some light on what is happening with LinEl and that group. And was he actually with me? That is the second question. I don't know if you care to answer that or not. I would appreciate whatever."

Daniel: "LinEl has been with you. The spiritual work in Corvallis is proceeding. LinEl is a fine teacher, one who is gifted in working to help bring more clarity and understanding of the Father to his students. He is being challenged in that there is much to learn about the peoples on this planet. He is enjoying meeting the many personalities around. You are sensing his presence and feeling him because of your searching for a new place of residency. My understanding is that you must remain open and not make any decision too hastily, to pray daily regarding the most beneficial place for you and your family at this time. LinEl sends you his love. I am confirming that you, also, are definitely hearing from Winslow. Continue practicing and those doubts and uncertainties which you have will pass. Does this help?"

B2: "Yes, very much. Thank you."

B1: "Hello, Daniel. This is the other B1.

Daniel: "Hello."


B1: "B3 and I have been practicing transmitting/receiving and can you, would you comment on our process so far, specific to yourself?"

Daniel: "You are asking if I have come through you and B3, is this correct?"

B1: "Yes."

Daniel: "And I must ask, again, how do you feel about this? This is, of course, a scary process initially. Indeed, I have been speaking to you. You are both getting stronger in these communication processes. Keep working and with practice the doubts that you have are laid to rest. The importance of the Teaching Mission, my friends, is not for the communication with teachers. This is secondary to the mission. The most important part is for you to get in touch with the inner part that guides you, the Indwelling Spirit and the time you spend with Him, the Father, Christ Michael. The work of the teachers is to aid and guide you so that at any time that you are lacking in spiritual insight or needing a more spiritual boost, your teacher can help you to stay the course or get back on. I commend you all in your good understanding regarding this. Continue practicing and my love to you all in this regard. And I will tell you that I have great faith and hope for you all."


N1: "Daniel, I have two questions regarding the healing, please. The first is technical and the second is wanting some sort of assurance. The first is . .how much time do we have to wait after we call for a Life Carrier to be there?"

Daniel: "Because there are more Life Carriers being reassigned to this planet or given to this planet, the time is relatively short. A prayer to them is sufficient. Even if Life Carrier healing does not commence immediately there is other healing available going on until that time that the Life Carriers come. To say a certain time would be of no benefit. Ask and ye shall receive."

N1: "Thank you. The other part of my question has to do with healing I attempted to give this morning. And I didn't feel the type of Life Carrier energy that I associate when I receive a healing. My hands did feel really hot but I wasn't sure if that was heat from the Life Carriers or from the person I was wanting to help heal. I'm wondering if you could give me any more insight into that, any assurance or suggestions, please?"

Daniel: "Universal energy, healing, was available this morning to you. The Father's love was felt through you. And as time goes on you will become a stronger circuit for Life Carrier healing. Important in all healing is the willingness and the openness to be that conduit for your brothers and sisters or even for yourself in certain situations. To know for your own peace of mind, my dear, energy was available and was transmitted through you this morning. Here again, the more you open yourself to this, the greater will be your ability to serve in this regard."

N1: "Thank you Daniel. Well I guess this is kind of a question that the answer is obvious. I suppose if I could release that blockage that was pointed out to me last Sunday, would that be of significant value in being a more open conduit?"

Daniel: "This is not an easy question, for you see when you serve your brothers and sisters out of a love and willingness, you are by all means serving the Father, being His light to this world. And so, you see, in your action of doing, you have been a willing partner. The question has more underlying concerns. Whenever you have what you call, 'blockages', whenever you have things that keep you from being on the path to the Father, then, of course, there is always a lesser degree of spiritual energy flowing through you. However, because none of you are, no ascending being is, perfect, one must realize that the process of life is to realize your flaws and work to overcome them. And, of course, as you do work and you do make those gains, then you vicariously become more open, more willing, and the like. But to say, 'Well, I have all these character flaws and I just can't do it',[said in a self pitying voice] would be wrong(much laughter) because character flaws are inherent in you. Being able to have the courage to reach out despite these will help you in many ways to grow beyond your flaws, to be attuned to the Father, to love and serve Him. Do you see?"

N1: "Yes, you are telling me I don't have to wait to be perfect to start trying."(more laughter)

Daniel: "Exactly, my dear."

N1: "Thank you, Daniel."

B1: "Daniel, this is B2. I didn't respond to your comments just because I didn't know if you were through. And you asked how we felt about it. And I know you know because you were there. Good old me, with my self doubt, I had some reservations; whereas B3 accepted what happened on face value. But my reservations were based partly on some errors I have made in the past. We have talked about this even in the group. I am just really scared to think that I am hearing from someone other than Alkon who I am quite familiar with. But if I had had to bet at the point whether that was really you, I would have bet it was, but I had some doubts. So I just wanted to let you know. Thank you for your reassurance. And you told us to keep practicing, so we will do that. Thank you, Daniel."


Daniel: "You are welcome, my friend. The time is growing heavy on D3 and the circuitry is difficult now. And so I will take my leave of you. My friends, as you go along life's journey this week keep in mind Christ Michael. Had He not had courage and the faith that was necessary to know the Father, He could have by divine will and thought changed His death, His outcome on this planet. But because of His love and because of courage He took what was dealt to Him and by doing so has forever changed not only the life on this planet but for all of those in His local universe. Think this week, then, on His courage. Call upon Him to bring courage into your own life that you, too, may serve the Father as well as He has done. My love and peace to you all. Good evening."