1993-07-18-Concept of Happiness

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Topic: Concept of Happiness

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Unknown



Opening Prayer

Daniel: "Hello, my friends. I am Daniel, your friend, teacher, and guide. It is good to be back with you today after our absence of several weeks, absence in this form of communication. But do not think that I have not been amongst you for your beings, your lives, and your pathways are of great importance to me, and I am ever mindful of your striving to come into the understanding of what it means to follow the will of the First Source and Center. And, so, to you I say [that] I am ever grateful that I have in my career to be in this type of connection with you who are indeed true and faithful followers, to not only your own selves, but in the faithful work of this mission in striving to be of like mind with the Parent of Us All.



And, so, today, let us look at this concept of happiness. Many of you work through trials, through many experiences, where growth is the outcome, and often times there is an atmosphere that surrounds you where you wonder if happiness will ever again be available to you. I would like each of you to take a few minutes to think about what happiness is. How can it be measured? What does it mean? And if you would then share with one another this concept, we can further speak about this. Please take a few minutes."

K3: "A few weeks ago Daniel spoke about walking in the Spirit of the Father. To me, after rereading that paper, [that] is happiness; happiness in knowing that the Father is with you; happiness in knowing that He loves you; happiness in knowing that you can share with your fellowman and with those that you can't see, those around you, knowing that you can have and nurture your fellowman. I think to me that represents happiness."

T4: "I guess to me happiness is when you have struggled for so long to find something, or when you have some problem that you have to work out or that you have to help someone through, finding suddenly, or gradually, a peace within you. That you know that, no matter what, you're going to be okay with you and that, even though things look so bad, perhaps, in the end, everything will always be okay. I guess to me, as well, it is finding a freedom. For me going up in the mountains and seeing all the free things, all of the animals, for me that is happiness; just seeing the joy in an animal's face; or when you pet it; or when you feed it; or being up in the mountains and seeing a sunset and finding within you from that sunset, or from that smile in their eyes, a very specific peace and happiness within yourself."

N2: "I find the measure of happiness, one of the ways of measuring happiness, is by the amount of peacefulness you feel within yourself, and to me the peacefulness within yourself is achieved when you feel spiritually you are on your right course, and the lessening of the internal anger and conflict. We don't always get to do exactly what would make us happy in our daily professions and in our daily lives, but, as the spiritual growth continues and you find yourself more . . when in your inner thoughts, they're becoming more toward a spiritual pathway. I find my own personal happiness is increasing, now, the less I think of conflicting things and the more I think of the spiritual harmony that can be achieved. That's my measurement."

S2: "Well, for me, happiness is being able to help out somebody else who hasn't been able to, for one reason or another, take care of a problem or a situation, or whatever may come about, and being able to be there, either help them solve the problem, or just give them a little guidance, or just to be there with them when they need somebody. I think that is the measurement for me."

N1: "Happiness is something that I think I don't experience very much. For me happiness happens when I feel like I'm at the right place at the right time, doing what I am supposed to be doing without any other demands. Happiness for me is when I feel like everything is how it should be, that somehow my will is aligned with God's will and that outside demands and outside expectations aren't impinging, that I am not allowing those. So I guess happiness for me is when things have a sense of rightness about them, and it certainly only happens when I don't have expectations of what I think is right and should be. I'm interested in hearing other people's thoughts on happiness."

S1: "Happiness to me is when I feel centered. And what does centered mean to me? Centered means to me when I'm feeling the spiritual flow of energy in me and it is kind of hard to explain. And it's not exactly that I am doing right, but more that I am feeling more in power of where I am going, and that I am doing what feels right and natural to me, in helping others and in being a friend when needed. And also in doing the things that feel good to me, being up in the mountains; being with animals; being with family. And doing something that I personally enjoy doing, whether it is playing a cello; or riding a horse; or painting a picture; or just having a good conversation; or being a helpmate to somebody. I think that is what brings happiness to me."

M4: "I think mine kind of goes along with S2's in helping people. I, especially at work, I've had a lot better days when I feel I can do something to help somebody, somehow, whether it be spiritually, or getting a job done, or whatever it might be. I think . ..having people get along. I have a hard time with conflict and this type of thing, and so I guess I tend to be more the peacemaker. To me, I'm a lot happier when it's more loving and I guess in essence, working toward God's way as well."

P4: "I think little things are what make me happy. Not only knowing the gifts of God that are there for us to partake of, but the little things in life, just this beautiful world that we live in. I like my quiet walks, a child at play, just a flower garden. Just the simple things in life make me happy. I think I find them each day. You people make me happy. I'm happy to be a part of this group. One other thing, Daniel, you make me happy too. I'm happy that you have come into our lives."


Daniel: "Thank you, my dear, thank all of you, for being able to share. I realize that this is not easy for many of you. The more you are willing to open up, the more you will find growth and the more you will be able to feel that inner confidence, that inner strength, that is part of your natures. And let me say that, indeed, I am brought to much happiness by all of you as well.

Happiness, my friends, is such an intangible concept, for many. It is one of those emotions that one has in their lifetime that is not constant. If it were you would not understand happiness. If you were always sad you could not understand sadness. And so you see, part of the experience of living is to feel various emotions at different times, and, to the dismay of many, this concept of happiness brings much sadness in that many think that unless their life is like a fairy-tale, in terms of continual happiness, then they are in error, that they are not perhaps doing what is expected of them because they are not feeling a constant rush of happiness.

And, so, as you listened in this circle, you have been given a glimpse of this broad and ever changing emotion that is from the very simplest form of just being alive to the grand things, events, in your life that do bring about a jubilant feel of happiness. The concept of happiness is one that you must realize cannot be a constant companion in terms of being exuberant and full of so much emotion of happiness. However, as you have all begun to grow in the inner spiritual realm, you are beginning to see that the underlying part of your life is that of more contentment, more happiness, more joy.

You are beginning to experience a different kind of happiness, one that is so subtle, one that you may not always be aware of. Yet as the struggles and trials of life come upon you, you are beginning to realize that because of this inner spiritual growth, this inner spiritual strength, you have, and are developing, an inner core which is laden with all the fruits of the spirit, of which joy, happiness, peace, and contentment are a part.

My friends, as you live your life, day in and day out, rejoice in the times when pure happiness is upon you, but rejoice also in those times when happiness is more subtle, not as recognizable. Rejoice also in the times when there is a sadness for without sadness there could be no understanding of happiness.

As life is lived, you experience many forms of joy, many forms of sorrow. When you build an inner life of the spirit, the underlying joy will always sustain you through any sadness, sorrow.

And, so, as you go through this week, my friends, become more and more aware of subtle happiness, simple happiness, that is not always in your perception. Realize the happiness, the peace, and the joy you develop through the inner-quiet sessions you have with your Mother/Father/Spirit/God Who is all joy, happiness, and love. It is only through your contact with this living personal God that you can truly begin to experience that spiritual happiness, as well as the underlying happiness that is prevalent in life. Know, too, my friends, that happiness can be a state of mind. When you choose your happiness, you are placing boundaries upon those things that can bring you happiness. When you choose to allow God to work through you, then happiness knows no boundaries.

And now, this week, while this lesson is short, it can be very powerful. Think upon this, and recognize that, even though you cannot be in exuberant happiness, there can be the underlying joy that is measured by the spirit. I will now accept questions."


Evil, Correcting Time

N2: "Daniel, I've been thinking a lot this last week about the tragedy that befell a family here in our city. I've been trying to find some sort of a philosophy about it. I'm not sure where to begin, but it seems that the force of evil is always active, is always seeking a victim, and that a victim, innocent or otherwise, can do no other than simply be a passive receptor of that evil. There does not seem to be a balance unless I am somewhere missing the counter to it. I cannot balance the evil at this.... I realize evil is isolated in pockets throughout the universes, and it probably is not experienced on other levels. It is, it seems, like evil is a violation of someone else's freewill where as evil has only an exercise total freewill. Is there someplace, some direction I could look? I guess that is my question."

Daniel: "As there is always a positive and negative, so there is good; so there is evil; so there is happiness; so there is sorrow. Yet you must realize that this concept of evil, while it was, at one certain point, an established part of this realm, as the forces for which evil was presented have been given over into nothingness, that which remains is only the byproduct of a mass influence that was left by the fallen ones.

And, so, let it be known that, even though it is hard to understand the balance between that which is good and that which is evil, in the course of the eons, all evil that has been inflicted will at some point be made right, be rectified, be brought into the greater understanding.

As this planet, so long in darkness, so long held from communication and direct spiritual input, has been in a smoldering pot, boiling over with evil, this boiling pot is now being brought into greater overcare and control with the spiritual circuits being opened. And that which has been simmering and boiling for many, many centuries will begin to lose its heat, will begin to slowly, slowly, more and more, die down.

It will be a long-time process in bringing this planet from the dark ages into light and life, but know that, in the overall picture, this is happening. You are part of the correction time in this regard. It is through understanding, tolerance, and love, generated by each individual on your own personal level that the evil which is prevalent, left over, in this world can be laid to rest.

While there are these circumstances which are not right, are unjust, for you as individuals to be able to look past the immediate and hope and hold in expectation that that which is prevalent will, at some point in the history of Urantia, be lessened, will correct itself.

Turn over your own hearts and mind to the Father. Let the injustices which prevail be judged by the Ancients of Days. Let you who are in the search of following the Father's will be able to receive, within yourselves, those answers which will help you in rectifying your own personal weaknesses, that, through your strength, that which is boiling over can be simmered down. It is not possible from a human standpoint at this point to understand the concept of evil, for it brings into play a deeper question. If God is so loving, how can there be such evil? The answer lies in the fact that because God is so loving, He has given to each of His creatures a choice. And in any choice, there are two routes to follow, that which is the righteous and good path and that which is degenerative, digressing. Hold to the truth that the God of love, goodness, and beauty will in time and over time prevail, and goodness will rule. Does this help?"

Free will, Governance

N2: "It would seem that in our seeking the pathway toward light and life, we too, must always choose to allow the free choice of will, or we, too, will be evil. Is this not so?"

Daniel: "I know that you understand the answer is yes! You can not rule another. You can not take choice away from another. In regards to personal freedom and rights, in regards to making the choice, that is part of their sonship, daughtership. In a society there must, however, be laws and rules which one must follow in order for there to be civilization, [for] there to be organization, and not pure chaos. There are, of course, these laws that must be for there to be society. But to violate one's rights for control, power, or greed is not right.

As the planet moves toward light and life, more and more will be given the tools from childhood to realize and make choices that work, not only for their own persons, but work for the whole group. And, as planets move in the direction of life and light, self government, self governing becomes more and more prominent. Less and less of a police state is necessary. Do you see?"

N2: "Yes, thank you, Daniel."

N1: "Daniel, I've had a question for some time, which I think I'm probably a lot closer to understanding, that relates to this issue that N2 raised. And I think it is one of the things that I let interfere with my happiness. It has to do with the belief that `with God all things are possible.' When I see that written, when I hear that said, I feel like screaming out that it is a lie because of this thing of freewill.

In the short-run, certainly in the shorter run -- I don't know how short -- it certainly appears that freewill interferes [with the idea that] `with God all things are possible.' And I guess the thing that has struck me, and I hold on to -- and maybe its just my stubbornness that I want to hold on to this -- is that I'm sure that it was God's will to have Lucifer choose to come back to the righteous path. But Lucifer didn't choose that. So, it seems to me that God...is not powerless in the face of freewill, but God's will can not always reign because God has allowed for freewill, and that interferes. And I guess part of me understands that, given enough time, all things can be used toward the good so that they work out, but, some how, in the playing out, it doesn't appear that God's will reigns at all. And, so, I guess that sometimes that then impinges on, those thoughts impinge on, my feeling that things will work out if I [strive to] do God's will. And I guess I am starting to understand that perhaps my life will flow when I am in tune to that will. But I still wonder about the issue that N2 has raised with [regards to] other peoples' playing out of will. And here's a question, and this sort of relates to what you said to T3 last week. If I am in tune to God's will, will I be spared, will I avoid, through guidance, things like being in an accident, or being murdered, or being in a tornado? I guess that brings up a whole other issue. When those awful things happen to people, does it mean they are not in tune to God's will? I don't know. I probably have just stirred a nest here, but if you could address that for me I would appreciate it."

Daniel: "Your question is understood in its round about way. Let me address it this way. For anybody to assume that they can even begin to understand the mystery, the grandness, of the First Source and Center is error. For even as you reach the Isle of Paradise, the grandness, greatness, and the total understanding of the First Source and Center will not be known. Yet, you will begin to see that the overall picture is one that is befitting of the greatness of the First Source and Center.

It is given to us to know that the Parent of Us All wishes for all of His/Her creations to be able to enjoy the presence and the company of the Parent of Us All. In this regard, it is the will of the Father that all of His/Her children are part of truth, of beauty, part of goodness, are love. And, to those who are on this first level of existence, this concept is overwhelming, must be taken in complete faith.

The will of the First Source and Center is for all to choose ascension, for none to choose extinction. But, because of the love of the First Source and Center in granting free choice, the First Source and Center is saying that I love you so much that I will not force my will upon you. Rather you choose to come into goodness, beauty, truth and love . .. you choose whether the light of which I, the First Source and Center, bestow is that which you choose to embrace.

And, so, even though this freewill choice may not be the will of the Father, it is still within possibility when you say `with the Father all things are possible.' That no matter what transpires in your own personal life, that through the will of the Father, it is possible for even the most monstrous, evil persons, beings, to come back and to seek righteousness. This is the possibility which the Father/Mother has bestowed upon His/Her children. And, so, that question must be understood in that realm.

In your own personal lives, to say because you are desiring and seeking to follow the First Source and Center, to say that because you have made this decision, because you strive to follow this decision, that the unfolding of life, the unfolding of freewill choice of others will, that you will somehow be protected from natural disasters, from the free choices of others, would be wrong, would be error. For life must be played out in whatever fashion that these come to you.

However, as you walk in the faith, in pursuing the will of the Father, you oftentimes are able to perceive and to understand times when you are in imminent danger, and you can do what is necessary to protect yourself or to walk a little bit different path in whatever area of life you are involved, relationships, businesses, teachings, whatever.

As you become more and more in tune to the spiritual, you are often guided in ways that do seem and are given to greater insights, higher perceptions. But, to say, `I am following the will of the Father, therefore I am in a bubble and will always be protected,' is false, is only a real human misconception.

To be in tune spiritually often affords you insight for you to then, thereby, make the choice of action. You must be the one who does the choosing. You may be given insight, but it is your action that is important. Is this beginning to help you?"

N1: "Yes Daniel. It is, and much of what you said, as I've struggled with it over the months, is [the] understanding I was coming to. It was just back up in my face this week as I did that last transcript. And then N2's question... so I do appreciate your answer. So yes, it is helping. Thank you.

Daniel: "You are most welcome, and know that, as you are all part of the love of the First Source and Center, that it is not just this one lifetime, here, in which you must become perfect. That it takes much, much time and many, many experiences to help in this growth. And, so, while you seem oftentimes to be at a stalemate, that `all things with God are possible' does not seem to be reality on this plane, hold in your perspective that this is but one of the steps in your path to perfection."


N1: "Thank you Daniel. I think that's been the hardest thing for me, patience. This lifetime may be short but it feels pretty long. And to imagine a future one seems as far away as when I was one or two trying to imagine being a grown-up, you know. I do have another question that relates back to last week. I think, perhaps, I am coming closer to understanding what it means to be human. Does human have to do with just this particular one existence, alone?"

Daniel: "You are referring to reincarnation?"

N1: "Oh, no. I'm not. I think part of the things that I've struggled with, and humanness, is that I think I've considered, when I was looking at the difference between human versus divinity, I was thinking of human as being anything material. So I guess I've considered us to be human until about the time we become spirit. And I'm asking, I guess, if human is distinguished from morontial?"

Daniel: "As you leave this plane you will leave behind the fetters and the prison that you often feel that is part of a material existence, the material body. However, you will take with you those experiences and those things which must be worked through in order to become perfected. And while you will not have the trappings of a material existence, you will have to make those decisions that you left off on this plane that help in furthering soul growth, in helping to bring you in to closer and closer (to) spirit. But, as you leave this plane, and go to others, you are, of course, given more guidance, more help, more information from which to make your decisions.

And, so, you will not be human as far as the material body, but the experiences necessary to becoming a perfected being will be with you. And, hence, you could say that you will take some of your humanness with you in regard to personality development and this type of thing. But you will not, of course, be material. You will be morontial. And, because you will not be [?], your morontial body will not be physical. There is given you more time and more perspective for furthering your soul's spiritual growth. Does this help?"

N1: "Yes and no. It, ah, it does. But then it reraised questions for me so I think I'll return to my struggle with what it means to be human. Is being human being imperfect or.... I guess, or what I'm . .. Is the Thought Adjuster the only divine part of us so everything else is our humanness?"

Daniel: "When you make your first mortal choice you are involved with a Thought Adjuster who is the caretaker of the soul which is your divineness, your spiritual aspect. And, as you seek to uncover the will of the First Source and Center in your life, as you seek to follow that will, as you seek to understand and come to know the First Source and Center, then the soul expands and you can, in this lifetime, develop greater and greater spiritualness which is, again, part of what you will take with you in your ascension.

And to say that you are more human or more spiritual is not important. What is important is to understand that you do have two natures at this time. And, as you strive to bring these into a workable pattern, you will, through the help of the Indwelling Spirit, through the time you spend with the First Source and Center, be able to bring the aspect of your divinity into a workable and obtainable goal in your humanness. You will be able to let go of the baser animal instincts and opt to choose a more and greater path. Do you see?"

N1: "Yes, that was helpful Daniel. Thank you."


Daniel: "My friends, as you work through this week, take special time to notice the little things in life, for in a very rushed and complicated world in which you live, often these things which can bring inner happiness are overlooked. Go now in my love and peace. Good afternoon."