1994-02-20-You Spread The Seed Of Truth

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Topic: You Spread the Seed of Truth

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Betty



The love of God enfold us and light our way, to the path of the world that man has made. Greetings dear ones, this is your teacher, JarEL.

Group: Greetings JarEL.


Dissemination, Change

JarEL: My heart is full to be with you this day. I have been looking forward to this meeting and the encounter with each of you this week has been rewarding. Today's discussion as to our part in the Correcting Time are responsibilities towards our cultural development is worthy of comment and discussion. We wonder what is our individual task and obligation to the Father in regards to this reality in which we find ourselves living from day to day. Truly the balance required to walk with one foot in each world is tremendous and to acknowledge each world and divide our attention is somewhat taxing and new muscles must be developed. Christ Michael in his last years on this planet, was in constant communication with the Father. If we examine this practice, surely we began to understand the true devotion of which we can gauge our progress. Now let us examine our role in this corrected time. It seems each one would be an individual member worth guiding and administering the persons that will be sent into your realm. Each one has a lifestyle and is surrounded with family and friends that constantly are impacted by our presence. We can only look into our experience to know this is true.

When we are the observer in such a gathering, we often come away with impressions and wonderment as to the things that were pronounced and discussed among our peers and friends. These impressions and opinions are often remembered and repeated to others in our immediate circle of family and acquaintances. Is this not so? Now, dear ones, you have the same impact as to these others on you. We see ourselves as insignificant at times, in the unfolding of these ideas higher values. However, we feel this true because we are not privy to the discussions that are enacted at a later time when our ideas are repeated or modified, or presented to others. Can you see this?? (group answered, yes) So, as I have instructed so often, the seeds you plant you may not be privileged to see them grow, and sprout, and flower with fruit. However, as faith children of the Father, we are required to go forward and not look back. We are guided towards the light and seeing the gravity of (the) circuit that, believe me, is directing and pulling you as the Father would have you go. I have often repeated this message and in no way do I need to reprimand or chastise only comfort and remind you that the presence you now present to the world has changed in frequency and illumination. This may go unnoticed by you but, believe me, these seeds that you plant merely by the work that you do in this realm will indeed germinate. And in this way the mankind of today will began to change. We have heard today a demonstration of this dynamic law in the gun control issue. We indeed, step forward and make our wants known. We may be unaware of our fellow man and his political views however, when these views are challenged by reform, we will see reaction coming from the many.

And now, dear ones, let us pause and consider how we are spreading these seeds and the Father's love in our every day practical existence. It would seem we are confused and unaware of the tremendous good we are studying just as the rock is moved an inch the strength required cannot be performed by one. However, when many present their strength the rock moves effortlessly. Do you see this?? (group answered yes, working together, cooperation)...absolutely. When this cooperation becomes a conscious effort, indeed, miracles can be said to occur.

Hal: In other words, you consciously do these things.

Teacher Contact, Transmitting

JarEL continues: We should consciously ask God to be with us, with each interaction we have with another. In that way the communication is open, the want is heard, the need is provided, and the light illuminates the presence. This is a subtle process, it is a practice that enables you to be in communion with the Father, and ever respectful of His presence in another as you exchange your communication with this other Father fragment. I tell you it is a difficult practice at first, and you will forget to remember but, even as you practice your strength is increased and your illumination becomes more brilliant and this practice will become an automatic response. It will truly enfold you in the presence of God the Father. He will lighten your load and, attribute and worship that comes from this desire and communication will fill your being with a satisfaction and uplift your presence.

Let us discontinue this for a moment and seek the silence together in preparation for a practice of transmitting. I have been instructed and informed that each will be prepared and adjusted for transmitting. This core group of ever faithful participants will begin this practice and preparation by which your teachers will have access to dialogue with you as well. The transmitting each of you will be doing will be impressions from myself and as we strengthen this ability it will also make way for your personal teachers. Do you see this? (group answered, yes) This is a necessary function and the doubts must be overcome and we will use portion of our prepared lesson to guide you in this practice of receiving these impressions. You are encouraged to continue this practice a minimum of twice a week to begin and you will speak aloud as you receive the impressions in your private life at home or in your chosen spot of meditation. Let us relax and as before, listen for impressions. At first, you will be unclear as to my impressions or your thoughts however, let me assure you I have cooperation with many unseen helpers today and your teachers are also present to help you achieve this ability. Let me assure you that this is necessary for your development as your teacher will be much comfort and guidance to you throughout your lifetime and your responsibility will be to open the path and invite her/him to administer to your needs according to your free will. And, dear ones, do not forget to give permission for your teacher and myself to impress upon you these messages so as to ensure their receipt. Let us begin.


Hal(T/R):I am JarEL, I come to you with love and praise. Your lessons are well prepared, you are prepared to receive them. Listen carefully.

Marlies: Take your daily dilemmas and questions to the Father in the (T/R)stillness and ask your teachers, all have teachers now, for guidance, for information to guide you, to help you make choices. Nothing is too small. Seek your teachers.

Hal(T/R):Eliminate all doubts as to your reception, relax, accept it, speak it. It is I speaking to you, through you. Eliminate the fear, there is nothing to be afraid of. Proceed as if normal conversation, accept our impressions. There is much to be said, say it!!!

Stella: Are we to record these conversations?? How will I know that I am getting a message???

Hal(T/R):By practice. By accepting. The recording is in your mind.

Lucille: I have tried all week to get your guidance.

Hal(T/R):Relax, enjoy it. Don't work so hard, it should be a pleasant experience. Continue in laughter and lightness. You have one foot in each world, most people have both feet in the material world, lighten it up, lift the other foot into the world of the spirit. It is so much more pleasant, so much more exciting.

JarEL: Dear ones, I understand your struggle. This is a huge leap of faith but each and everyone is up to this challenge. This is the next step in your development and necessary. Let me assist you and guide you through this meditation. I will now ask that you close your eyes, sit back and relax. Deep breaths, breathing in the Father and exhaling all doubt, all fears. We are filled with the light of the Father, all negativity, all doubt evaporates with our breath as we exhale:

We are walking in along a city street in the suburbs and we come upon a gate that encloses a beautiful garden. The gate opens and we enter. Look down and there is this path of yellow stone sparkling under our feet. The flowers are fragrant and brilliant, the trees are moist and full. The birds singing and peace overcomes us. As we stroll along the path, we notice in the distance a bench of wood and as we turn the curve in the road, we are headed nearer the bench. We notice that sitting on the bench is a beautiful, beautiful, being. And as we approach, this being stands and opens the arms to embrace us. As we are enfolded in these loving arms we are sure that we are loved and cared for as a child of God. And now, this beautiful white being holds both of your hands and sits with you on the bench. And you know that this beautiful being has something to tell you, and now you will receive this message.

Donna: You are loved, be at peace.

Marlies: You are loved, love another.

Lucille: Shed your light before you.

Stella: You are loved.

Douglas: Share the love of the Father with one another.

Marlies: Have a joyful heart.

Stella: Don't be afraid.

Hal: We are one with the Father, He is in us and we are in Him.

Lucille: Let go and let God.

Marlies: He will guide you.

Betty: I am here with you forever. I will always comfort you, you need only to sit down beside me and I will comfort you. I will come to you whenever you call. We will face all adversaries together. This is a promise to you.

Marlies: I am always with you, I will never leave you.

Betty: It is my greatest joy that you seek my presence, and together we will find the path to do the Father's will.

JarEL: As you have demonstrated, this practice may be re-enacted anytime you choose. I would like your comment and discussion to reflect this experience and as Douglas is with us today, as this one is filled with emotion, we will continue our lesson and questions with Douglas.

At this point Douglas became the Transmitter.

JarEL: May His light shine upon you, fill your hearts and increase your knowledge of His presence and His being. Yes, I shall entertain any questions at this time. Greetings to each.

Morontia, Vision

Hal: Greetings JarEL, I have a question that I think is pertinent. You mentioned we have a foot in our world, or a foot in both worlds. Our problems seems to have been most of us have had our both feet planted in this world. Can you enlighten us, expand us more into the unseen world that we may feel comfortable in the unseen world. That our foot may be firmly implanted in it also. This, I think, seems to be what we are striving for. Can you enlarge, speak to that, the difference.

JarEL: Only through faith can you be able to partake of the unseen world. Your belief system is strong in the Father and this is sufficient to do good works in this existence and preparation for the next. You are given small glimpses of how things function in the Morontia world to aid you here to confirm to you, your being that life exists after your departure of this physical vessel. The Morontia existence is factual.

From time to time throughout history, seers have seen a glimpse of it and have written of these experiences. For you and this mission, the glimpses that you receive in participation with your teachers, should confirm your loyalty and dedication to being about your Father's business. It should urge you onward, forward, toward perfection, toward the goal of paradise ascension. One cannot walk the path with one foot in both worlds per se. Only through your faith and belief can you walk your path in this mortal existence with your eyes ever toward the next.

Hal: The knowing complete faith and the intellectual acceptance of the Father in the unseen world is adequate as we go about living in this world.

JarEL: This is so. Faith is the key. Faith unlocks the door to the next world. Your belief in the Father is testified by your acts in this life, insure resurrection. Your acceptance of the hereafter, your desire for eternal living, to venture on the eternal quest preparedness your conscious decision will be made. Such bright lights!!

Donna: JarEL, this is Donna.

JarEL: Greetings Donna.

Donna: Greetings. I was just thinking, it is not true that the eternal life starts here and now, and is it not true that eternal life is a quality of life, a quality of life that is infused with spiritual values and meanings and beliefs?

JarEL: On this mortal realm, yes, but leaving the physical, ascending to the Morontia, it is continuous ascension. Values change, are increased. You began in the flesh and ascending to that perfect spirit.

Donna: Right, I understand that. This was a teaching that came from the church that I belong to, still belong to, which was taught us that eternal life also begins here, it begins in the here and now, even though there is progression ahead of us. That we should not think of it as something that is only ahead of us because it is also something that we can have a part of in the here and now. Do you understand, do you get what I am saying??

JarEL: Yes, this existence is the beginning of eternal life. It is a part thereof but the Morontia existence is the next phase that we are not totally privileged to experience while yet in the flesh. The glimpses are provided as confirmation to you.


Donna: Right, and JarEL you used the word seers a while back. I was wondering if you could speak something this idea of seers. The founder of the church for which I belong was also called a seer, Joseph Smith, prophet and seer, who supposedly had some revelations back in 1830 about God and the kingdom of heaven, which was the beginning of the Mormon church and also the RLDS church. Do you have any comments on this?

Hal: Yes, we would appreciate those comments on Joseph Smith and his relationship to your experiences here.

JarEL: Seers have been used throughout history to keep alive the concept of oneness of the Father, divinity of the Holy Trinity. From time to time the Father has allowed visions to certain mortals who were attuned to receive such and they have recorded these visions, these glimpses into the hereafter. They have recorded in their language according to their backgrounds and education so as we have often said, many are impressed with the same concepts however, their interpretation thereof varies. Seers as Smith, Nostradamus, Abraham, others throughout time have helped to steer mankind ever toward the Father. We have in candles lit, to illuminate the path that mankind must follow to the evolution and evolutionary religion. These have been great helpers to us to date, as you note that Christianity has survived for all these generations and concept of the Father the oneness of Him has not died, particularly in this age that you live.

Stella: JarEL, I have a question, this is Stella.

JarEL: Greetings Stella.

DNA, Healing

Stella: Scientists now think that traits are carried over from one generation to another through the genes which would be shyness or other personality traits. So, could a spiritual gene also be carried down, for instance, when Jesus healed 100's, did he heal the DNA or did he heal the spiritual?? And also, when Adam and Eve came, they were to uplift the human race, was it by changing the DNA?? Could you kindly clarify this in my mind?

JarEL: Your DNA is only one element of your beings. The Life Carriers who plan life implantation on planets consider thousands of issues. You have been allowed to discover only a few. Never will you be allowed to discover the total. The information of life does not, will not, be held in the hands of mankind. Dear ones, you forget there is a divine plan for all existence. You are in part thereof. Each part must fulfill its destiny. It must evolve to its fullest potential. The celestials aid you in reaching your full physical and spiritual potential. The Master did not circumvent any of the life functions of beings in His healing. Those celestial who did His bidding went to work instantly to correct the ills of the 853 persons who were healed instantaneously.[1] The Master's desire became the fact. Does this clarify for you?

Stella: Yes, I think. So it was actually a spiritual healing rather than....yet it must have a physical too!!

Marlies: That was a byproduct. The spiritual healing always came first and the byproduct was the physical.

JarEL: This is so. Even those who had no physical ailments went rejoicing that they indeed were healed.

Stella: Yet many of them really did not believe, but they were healed anyway.

JarEL: These were the machinations of the celestial beings. You do not see these things as they take place. Remember the Father loves the just and the unjust. You as members of this family often suffer the consequences of the acts of a few. Also, you receive the benefit of the acts of a few, so it is in this instance that many who we would have judged unworthy receive benefit by their presence.

Stella: But did Adam and Eve when they meant to uplift the human race, was that a change in DNA or is the DNA set from the beginning of time and there is no evolutionary change or sudden mutations.....???

JarEL: There are numerous changes on the evolutionary scale. The biological uplifters had they not defiled would have changed the physical beings of mankind. Mankind would have evolved stronger more spiritual beings, able to withstand various diseases that now plague this society. Mankind would have evolved to be better beings likewise in this mission we are making a few better spiritual beings. We have accepted the biological gift that we have chosen to go on an improve upon our spiritual. Correcting our spiritual will have a profound effect upon our physical.

Betty: In my quiet time with Landsia, I have been experiencing instructions from her in order to heal some of the pain I had in my shoulders and this was an unexpected benefit of being in communication with her. Is this something that is available to all of us or is this because Landsia is connected with Rayson, assisting him in some way.

JarEL: I would venture to say that the results are result of Landsia's close working association with the healer, but for each of you it is available as well. Gifts we desire to improve your stead while you yet are in the mortal flesh.

Betty: Thank you, I certainly appreciate it.

Hal: May I comment on two interesting statements you made JarEL. One, you said the 853 people who were healed by Jesus on earth, was that the total number of all of His healings while He was here?

JarEL: No, this was in reference to the great number that were healed at one time.[2] Remember the Master admonished all not to tell of their healing but human nature did not allow secrecy of this, therefore the Master became known as not only the Master Teacher but also as Healer.

Hal: That was in the front of the Peter's house when the masses came that evening.

JarEL: Yes.

Research, Discovery, Catastrophism

Hal: The second comment you made I would like to ask about, you said we have been allowed to discover certain things. Is the discovery of our research men under control of our unseen friends?

JarEL: Always. Fear not that mankind will destroy this planet through the weapons they have discovered. Also understand that changes to be made on your level must originate on your level. We may influence them and open doors, give insight to those who are dedicated to improving the lives of mankind, we will help where ever we can. But, total knowledge cannot be given. Much has been revealed through the text, much of the text has been verified by your science so this should be confirmation enough.

Hal: Yes, because we wonder about the research being done on so many diseases. It seems to be so slow and take time. They had the cure/prevention for polio, they have developed vaccines and now are working on one for AIDS and cancers. It seems such a slow process to research, I wondered if it mentioned about discoveries that we were allowed to make and whether we are not allowed to some of these at this point.

JarEL: You ask are you not allowed??

Hal: Yes, the research men, are they not allowed to make certain discoveries such as in relation to the DNA and many other things???

JarEL: Whatever is the will of the Father and Creator Son will be manifest in your lives. Whether or not these changes or accomplishments will come about this year or in a hundred years is of no matter. The struggle continues the progress goes on, time is of no consequence.

Hal: Other than to the person who has the disease.

JarEL: Even so, their rewards are with the Father. This is their path, this is what they must bear in order to proceed into ascension.

Hal: Thank you.


Lucille: JarEL, this is Lucille and I have a personal question. We seek for the guidance from the Father everyday and in many things and decisions that we make. How do we affect our guidance to another referring to a granddaughter. If she does things that we feel are not right, she makes her own decisions. But, I seek for guidance from the Father, how does she get guidance or how can we influence guidance to someone else? Does it all come from the Father? I mean how can we influence her to guidance??

Hal: In other words.....HELP!!!!.

JarEL: All guidance is from the Father, directly or indirectly. You however must address your needs in prayer and wait patiently for a response, carry that response that you have been given into action. Often times it is subtle, again very subtle. You know in your hearts what is right. The path that this one has chosen, if it is not in accordance with your wishes and dictates, adjust accordingly. Often times, you will have to be firm with youth in order to guide. You are the teachers, you are the controllers.

Hal: She doesn't think so. Thank you, that helps, we will . ...

JarEL: . ...... We have asked of you to proceed from love. Your desires for her good are evident. Proceed from the base of love and concern, ask for the mind of Jesus.

Hal: Yes, certainly will help.

Lucille: Thank you JarEL.


JarEL: All are welcome. In closing, I wish to remind you to read in the text the life of the Master, His interactions with the apostles and others. This will be of tremendous help and encouragement to you in your dealings with one another and your fellows who yet walk in darkness. There is no clear cut path of ease. Each path has its own difficulties. Each must overcome through the aid of the Father and we, your teachers, your path will be easier. This we trust will help you. May peace and blessings of the Father be with you until we are again together. Farewell!!!

Group: Farewell!!