1995-03-24-Time of Transition

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Topic: Times of Transition

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Tomas

TR: Rutha, Gerdean



Opening prayer

DANIEL: Good evening, my friends. I am Daniel, your guide and teacher. Throughout this evening, Tomas and I have rejoiced in the sharing and the-willingness of this group to work toward more enlightened and progressive understandings. Through discussion and silent contemplation, and through your dedication, in the reverse order of my statement, you are growing and beginning to realize that the importance of the vicissitudes of life lies in the opportunities of these vicissitudes to reach and obtain greater understanding of the goal of universal ascension. Your potential is not able to know fruition unless you are willing to do the work.


Emotion, Transition

The lessons of the last two weeks have been given as a conditioning exercise that will benefit you throughout your life. Through the understanding and the clarity gleaned from looking at your emotions you will gain greater insight into your beingness. And it is via this platform that there will be ensuing growth. Change is that which is the end by-product of your work of working through emotions. Indeed the word was suggested tonight that during the time of understanding and garnering insights regarding emotions the word be termed transition, a time of transition. This term helps to broaden and put into a greater perspective a time reference that is necessary for time creatures as you are and as the teachers are.

During transition, then, you will be able to master level by level, step by step all of those emotional upheavals that bring you into enlightenment, that help you to achieve change. The stigma that is often attached to change, the transitional period of change, is that throughout this time/space you often must experience painful emotions, you must deal with aspects of yourselves; and in order for change to be complete during the transitional process you not only must deal intellectually with yourself but also must be able to take what you are beginning to realize or know intellectually and move it to the next higher step of action, of knowing to the point that it becomes reflexive in your actions.

The strange thing about all of this is that it can be almost paradoxical. For while you are desiring to change you are also in the quagmire of not wishing to experience those emotions, those changes in habits that are painful, yet you are seeing and realizing on a spiritual level a great joy and see opportunity as part of the change.

Growth, Vulnerability

Certainly there are many instances in the material life in which the pivotal point where the change is taking place, as in the breakdown of a relationship, may not be the good or the fun part, but seen from a different time space you can look back and realize that it was through this relationship breakdown you were able to move on and grow. Therefore all change brings forth some good by the fact that there can be growth achieved despite the fact that the object of the change is not good.

There has been a lot to digest and to think about over the last few weeks. This evening's discussion prior to the transmission has in many ways shown that the lessons are triggering your willingness to be open and to share with one another on a personal level. I will restate again the benefit of this personal sharing.

Not only are you allowing yourselves to be vulnerable but you are in that process of opening yourselves up, coming to terms with the underlying you, not a mask. Only through deep personal sharing are you able to gather your thoughts into a more concise package and in this you are able to focus and bring insight into different concepts of your beingness, good and bad, which you are desiring to change. And so deep sharing is beneficial to you. It is also beneficial to others in the group, in their being able to vicariously emphasize or internalize that which you are sharing.

Often seeds are planted for your brothers and sisters in this process. Often your sharing answers a question that they are seeking themselves. Sharing also bonds you as a group and it is through small groups of people that great change can come about. When you can change the way you perceive, when you are able to act on a higher level, then indeed is there a great change upon Urantia for the good of all humanity and the environmental aspect of the earth.

Growth does not happen overnight. You are born as a tiny infant. It takes many years to become the full grown adult, and even then into adulthood does the body still change. So, indeed, there can be great spurts of growth such as in adolescence but, in the average, growth is gradual and can become stagnant if there is not the desire to shed old ideas that are no longer beneficial to your condition at any given time.

As you continue to seek divine guidance, trust that it shall be forthcoming. A yardstick to gauge this is through your desire to rectify those aspects of your being that bring you to negativism, that cause you to anger, that cause you to err. Those who desire to do the will of the First Source and Center begin to readily recognize those errors and begin the transition of working through unto change. That change will at some point become the next stage from which a transition will be made. You see growth begets further growth.

Tomas has some words for you this evening as well.


TOMAS: Good evening. I am Tomas. I am warmed to be in your presence and have felt your responsive attitudes to Daniel's words of encouragement in our combined mission. Indeed are you precious in our sight and indeed are we appreciative of the effort you invest in taking our words to heart in order to augment conditions for a transition into Light and Life.

As I beheld Daniel's lesson this evening I had the pleasure of knowing that he and I work in complete harmony. I have two addenda to add, one of which relates to the self-acting aspects afforded the being who has learned to appreciate the tapestry of the emotional life, who has learned to appreciate the weave of feelings and has learned to incorporate this colorful human pattern into his or her character development and personality manifestation. Recall the Morontia Companion who asked that you begin to be morontially companionable and perceive now the words of this evening both prior to and during this session of sharing those feelings with one another in such a companionable way as to enrich your environment and lives of your fellows with your tapestry of feelings in a productive, harmonious and beneficial manner. In cases where the emotions rule there is the ever-present danger of losing that perspective that gives grace to the art of emoting your feelings. Having thus spoken I conclude my remarks with: the reiteration that you who have been with me and with other personalities of relative divinity and relative wisdom know that you are really real and that our connection and relationship is also real -- real in the highest sense -- real in that which we are becoming. You are greatly loved, every one.

Thank you, Daniel.

DANIEL: Thank you, Tomas, for your added dimension. We are open for questions.


PamElla: Tomas, I was wondering if you might clarify your comments from last week about the everglades for one of our group members, if you please

TOMAS: I trust you are not asking me to give the same lesson?

PamElla: No, Tomas. I trust you know what I am talking about as you were observing our sharing, so I didn't think I needed to go into greater detail.

TOMAS: Indeed, I appreciate the chuckle, since it was quite heavy-laden with anxiety and concern there for a bit. And your question itself, if I were to transcribe it as you delivered it, in saying the 'everglades', I would of necessity know that the Everglades are a specific as compared to generic everglades. I recall hesitating to use that word in the first place since I intended not to call to your attention a specific focus but the general term called to mind (my impression and the T/R's mind) that type of terrain which would connote a vast, thick, rich, verdant, lush, marshy, ethereal, profound, deep, spacious, green, and otherwise environment such as the range of emotions available to the human creature.

Indeed, when I became aware of the distress of my sister/daughter Alice I felt deeply her longing for that place which she recalls fondly, nay, deeply, and felt pathos and appreciation for her sensitivity in absorbing my lesson. Although you say, Alice, that you objected to the word, you also objected to the emotional depth which that conveyed; and this is understandable since deep, lush, verdant, rich, etc., emotions are sometimes frightening and overwhelming. May I suggest you are somewhat homesick for some emotions which you have long sought and been denied.

I apologize for any distress which my choice of words and even my impression concepts might cause any of you. It is extremely difficult, as you have been made aware, for these words and concepts to be delivered in the ideal that we would like. Yet we are so joyed and privileged to have this mechanism of communication that we will bear with its limitation if you will also bear with us in the limitations as presented. Know our motives and intentions are never to cause alarm or induce pain but to enrich your lives to the furtherance of those feelings of love and joy which you will then radiate into your everglade arena to touch the lives of those with whom you have contact. Have I amended our rift in communications?

PamElla: Tomas, we have a nod [a yes nod]. I am sure we will all look forward to reading that further and thinking in depth about what you lave had to say. May I ask a question now?

When you are speaking of the everglades, you are comparing it to our emotions in terms of the extreme ranges of -- I am not very good with the English language unless I am feeling inspired, and I am not, so I will resort to words like stuff. But basically within our emotions there are great ranges from deep despair to overwhelming joy and all sorts of emotions in between. In the everglades there are vast ranges from swamps that can suck us under to the most beautiful ethereal things (I have never been there so I can't even imagine) that just lift the spirit and make it soar. Is that what you were saying when you used the word everglades? Did I understand that properly?

TOMAS: And, too, the realm of emotion is compared to an everglade as being a natural place, unfettered with freeways and other indications of civilization, if you will. The natural terrain is also part of the analogy, for emotions are raw, real, and range, yes, full spectrum. It seemed a better analogy than, well, let me not be specific. I have finished.

PamElla: Thank you, Tomas. That was very clarifying. For me, at least.


Paula: Tomas, at some point at least, like maybe four weeks ago, you mentioned both feelings and emotions. I am wondering if we shall have a lesson in the future about differentiating between the two or the implications of those. Would you care to speak to that now?

TOMAS: I will speak to that briefly now, yes, since it has been alluded to a number of times recently. I will not, however, go on about it. The primary difference between feelings and emotions is that a feeling is something you feel internally and an emotion is something which then is emoted. The emotion is feeling with motion, socialized, if you will. Your feeling is how you feel about a situation, a person, a condition. It is your internalized reaction to your universe, your world, your arena. Your manifestation of your feeling is emotional.

If you feel love or joy, your manifestation generates those energies that have an effect upon your environment. If you feel disgruntlement and distress and frustration to the point of anger, if you feel insecure in your relationship you may manifest emotions of jealousy, anger and the like. Those emittings of your feelings affect your environment. If you maintain a feeling within yourself, in your own microcosm, it will be expressed one way or another. In this internalized place you may mull over your feelings as to why you feel this way, what prompted it, what are the conditions which set it up, the possible effects, outcomes, etc., and acted upon either irrationally or sublimely or many variations in between.

The emotional arena, of which we have spoken at length, is that arena, that Disneyland of activity which has been emitted as a result of feelings, often feelings of people who have not processed why they feel the way they feel. The resultant energies in the environment, then, have a tendency to be unreal, to be fantasy or stressful. The realities of Urantia are largely erratic and unreal. Even so the emotional tapestry of this life of this planet is what we are dealing with. It is by touching you, finding you, identifying you, and assuring you of your true reality that then adjusts your way of looking at yourself, and therefore your feelings, therefore your emoting. Your emotions will take on a more progressive and companionable color. We together will and are changing the environment and changing the world in which you live. This is our mission.

Paula: Thank you, Tomas. That's helpful. I had the differentiation but I had named them opposite from what you have put. And, of course, [the word] emotion, from what you have described -- I know the word emoting, putting forth. It is helpful to make that clarification. I look forward to hearing more about that. Thank you.

TOMAS: You are welcome.


DANIEL: At this point this meeting will be drawn to a close. The circuitry is fading. The emotional aspects of your being play an important role in all areas of your life. At this point Tomas and I would like to thank the transmitter/receivers for their faithfulness, for this has been a trying week for both of them, yet they have been willing servants and have put their own selves aside in order that they can serve a higher purpose.

To all of you we say thanks for your continued desire to move beyond self and ego, to reach levels of selflessness. Our love and peace. Good evening.