1995-10-20-Change of Teachers For Group

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Topic: Change of Teachers for Group

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Rayson, Tomas

TR: Isaac, Gerdean, Rutha



Opening prayer

Daniel(TR #1): "Good evening my friends. I am Daniel, your guide and teacher. It is a joyous occasion, indeed, this evening to have amongst us not only all of you and our friends from Utah and California, but Tomas and I are delighted to have Rayson here with you this evening.


Teaching Mission

The understanding of networking, of bonding with many is one which we ask you to always hold open. For the possibilities are endless when like minds, like hearts, and like souls work in unity despite differences. In the framework of the Teaching Mission it is and has always been our desire that there would be intermingling in order to strengthen not just the Teaching Mission itself but to strengthen you the individuals that make up this mission. It is through the individual and their commitment to following the will of the First Source and Center that world changes can take place, that Light and Life can be a reality.

Whenever the Indwelling Spirit is able to reach a certain level within the individual that individual begins to question, to wonder, and to open to many opportunities up to that time not recognized. Through inner work and soul searching the individual grows. That growth has a powerful effect upon society. And so through connectedness with other groups and through your own inner work you are building that framework through which the concepts of Light and Life can be planted.

I am thankful that Joe and Joan have made this trip for Tomas and I have worked together in planning for this day. Tomas has a few words to speak at this time."

Tomas(TR #2): "Good evening children, friends, and siblings in the Spirit. We are quite stimulated this evening, quite joyous as we see the effects of our labors come into fruition for you and for Michael on many ranges of reality level. Although there are the dips in the waves there are also crests; and we are asking that the view be for the overall life of the living water rather than the individual ups and downs and relative heights and depths of temporary events.

And speaking of events, indeed, we greet teacher Rayson this evening. He is eager to speak to us all. I am pleased to give this platform to him for his words this evening."

Rayson(TR #2 of Malibou): Greetings, this is Rayson. I am honored and pleased to be with you here tonight, my dear friends. This evening has been many days and years in the planning, as you have heard from Daniel and Tomas. I and the celestial hosts here tonight heard you express sadness upon hearing of Tomas' pending assignment to another group, however, you have progressed quite well under Tomas and Daniel and because you have worked so hard and diligently it has been decided that you are now ready for a new and higher level of instruction and dialogue.

One of your group shall in the near future begin to offer lessons from a Melchizedek of the region. These lessons at first may seem simple and may be rather difficult for the TR to present. However, the messages will come through with regularity and will be coming for quite some time. In addition, I, myself, will be available to this group as needed. Father Melchizedek looks forward to working with you. He has watched you for quite some time and has been very satisfied with your growth and your eagerness to serve Father above. He also sends a message to you regarding the earth changes which have been a subject of your discussions. It is this:


Doubt not that your spiritual luminosity is easily perceived by the celestial host which is present on Urantia in great numbers now for you have worked hard and progressed well. As you continue your studies and more importantly the application of those studies in terms of action, living out the golden rule moment to moment, your brightness increases and this enables you to be even more clearly discerned by the celestials who are here not only to guide you but also to protect you. Do not misinterpret this protection as a sign of favoritism for, as you well know, all men on this planet are equally loved by God. Rather this mission shall not fail. Its proven workers shall be encouraged and sheltered in all permissible ways once they are marked by luminosity as you are, dear friends.

Heed well Melchizedek's message and his future lessons for you. Although I believe it is unlikely that you will be given specific instructions regarding geologic changes in the near future, the pace of your spiritual instruction will be accelerated, never more than you are able to withstand, for you shall determine the pace. But you can be certain that you will have progressed sufficiently by the time any real jeopardy to your physical person presents. You are much loved, much respected and held in some awe by the perfect celestials among you who are continually surprised and delighted by your actions which demonstrate such deep and abiding faith. So be of good cheer, my friends.

Yes, the bitter cup awaits but loving hands shall guide it to your lips and loving arms shall carry you from the worst consequences of man's animal condition: fear, greed, rage, pride. Though you imbibe the bitterness you shall find the animal self falling away from you as a cloak untied and you shall proceed with courage, strength, mercy, humility, humor, kindness, truth, beauty, goodness, and love! I am here not only to bring you these glad tidings but also to answer any questions that you may have."

Isaac: Rayson, this is Bill. My spiritual name is Isaac. I want to welcome you personally and thank you for the news. I must say it is exciting. It is totally unexpected to me personally that we should have a new teacher through another TR. But I do want to ask if I understood correctly. Did you say the Father Melchizedek would be our teacher or did I misunderstand that?"

Rayson: "One of the Melchizedeks. It is sometimes said that all Melchizedeks are fathers and so then we refer to any or all as Father Melchizedek".

Isaac: "Thank you for that clarification. I know there is The Father Melchizedek, the first Melchizedek of Nebadon. I wasn't sure if that is what you meant. Well, I personally am excited. Thank you for your presence and this announcement."

Reflectivity, Reflectivation

Rayson: "You are most welcome. I would also like to share with you some information regarding the phenomenon of reflectivation if you are interested in hearing this."

Isaac: "Please".

Rayson: "As you may know, by means of reflectivity great distances can be easily traversed by what you might call information including what you would call material substance, although not exclusively that material. For example it is by means of a permutation of reflectivity that this transmission is occurring now although it is not strictly reflectivity for the human mind of Urantia, although it is capable of reflectivation, has great difficulty in translating reflectivated material to communicable forms such as speech, writing, art and so on. None the less as you hear, then all become more adept as transmitter/receivers, and that part of you which is capable of transmission receiving becomes more and more developed, you might say like a muscle that is conditioned carefully and well. As this occurs you become increasingly capable of receiving by the phenomenon of reflectivation a universe circuit message which is streaming into this planet steadily.

One of the purposes of this mission, in fact, is for there to be cultivated a core of persons such as yourselves who are desirous and willing to offer themselves as blinded reflectivators of a universe circuit message. By blinded I mean that although you will receive and transmit a universe circuit message you shall not do so consciously. This has been arranged as what you might call a 'fail safe' mechanism, for, my friends, while you are not savages, you are semi-savages at this time(laughter) and because of this it has been determined that it would be in the best interests of this mission to protect you and the purposes of the mission by making the reflectivation activity tamper proof, unlike your transmission/receiving which is very much tamperable as all of you have experienced at one time or another. In fact it is hoped that the TR will leave their imprint on the messages that come forth and that, in fact, that all who listen to such messages or read such messages or admire such messages in the form of art or music or other display will learn to discern between information which comes from the teacher and contamination from the mind of man. We do not say that this contamination is necessarily a bad thing. However, as you learn to discern the difference between man's mind and teacher's information it will strengthen you spiritually for it will improve your skill at discerning spiritual reality as opposed to material reality. Being material creatures it is unavoidable that you must reside in material reality and until the moment of translation or material death you shall never be free of material reality. However, this most certainly does not mean that you cannot learn to perceive spiritual reality and become increasingly a participant in spiritual reality for, after all, this is much of what is involved in the movement toward Light and Life establishment on this planet. But until that moment of translation or material death it is likely that any transmission receiving done shall bear the definite material imprint of the person who does this work."

Isaac: "I know others are eager to get this mike so this will be my last two questions. For clarification purposes do I understand you to say that you are non morontially present with us but you are coming through a reflectivation phenomenon, Rayson?"

Rayson: "Yes. I am present by that means, although there are a great many celestials present now."

Isaac: "Good. We have been told that we hear teachers over the circuits. Is this a synonymous term to reflectivation, over the circuits?"

Rayson: "Sometimes. Not always. I am not within access of a circuit at this particular time, although sometimes I am, indeed, as you state."

Isaac: "Thank you for answering my questions. I am going to put this mike down so that others may use it."

Leetah: "Good evening Daniel, Tomas, and Rayson. Thank you, each of you, for being here tonight. Obviously Tomas has a new assignment and we are going to have a new teacher in the person of a Melchizedek. I am assuming that Daniel will stay with us as our group teacher along with the new one that is coming. Is this correct?"

Rayson: "It would be better to ask Daniel, than to ask me."

Leetah: "I would ask anyone who would answer that."

Daniel: "My dear students, have no fear that I will abandon you at this point. It is my delight that even though we will be under a much higher and spiritualized tutelage I will not leave. I have, like you, committed to doing the Father's will."

Leetah: "Thank you very much, Daniel. I am glad to hear that. And we look forward to newness and change, but it's always nice to have Daniel as a security blanket, too."

Rayson: "Do not be surprised if Tomas comes back on occasion."

Leetah: "We would hope for that. We will look forward to his return."

PamElla: "Good evening teachers. I am so blown away that I am not quite sure what I want to say or ask. Thank you, Rayson, for bringing us this news. Thank you Joan and Joe for coming here to speak with us, to deliver this information. The timing with Tomas is pretty amazing, the synchronicity. Rayson, I would like some further clarification on the intamperable technique of which you spoke. Is this something else that is involved with the 'earth changes' that is separate from the coming of the Melchizedek teacher, that if any of us wanted to offer ourselves for this kind of information, we could?"

Rayson: "Yes."

PamElla: "I offer myself now. I like the idea of intamperability. I have another question that relates indirectly to your message tonight. I think I will will wait and see if there are other questions more directly related and see how our time goes."

Jeremiah: "Good evening teachers, this is Jeremiah. I enjoyed this very lovely discussion tonight. In times of transition it's mixed emotions. Sometimes it's sad, at other times it is exciting, the new teacher coming but Tomas and Gerdean will be reassigned. I would just like to ask if there is anything we can do to help Gerdean and teacher Tomas. I guess I direct this to whoever wants to answer it. What we can do in the intermediate to help and what we can do to establish in a new location, anything we can do to help?"

Daniel: "As always, my friends, it is important to hold individuals in prayer, and to that spiritual end you are beckoned. As physical beings you are beckoned to aid in various ways to lend support, encouragement, an ear, a shoulder, a physical hand, etc. You are able to wisely discern and know when a fellow being is in need. So to answer that question is to say to open yourselves that you may be of service. Tomas has no need, but Gerdean certainly does."

Rayson: "Additionally, although the opera house in Pittsburgh may be very alluring it is likely that there are those in that city who would be very excited to know that an adept TR is about to arrive with teacher. This news may encourage an outpouring of assistance which is probably going to be very useful to the TR. However, it is her decision whether she wishes to disseminate this information or not."

Tomas: Certainly my primary TR would request regular receipt of what is transpiring in this teaching mission base which will continue to encourage and sustain her in her new location. It is most difficult for me to communicate when my vehicle is so emotional. I will therefor excuse us from the balance of the proceedings but not before making witness to the supreme delight we have in this assemblage and our honored guest. For myself, I will speak with you again and anon. Good evening."

Group: "Good evening Tomas."


PamElla: "Daniel, Rayson, this question is for either or both of you. I have been, as I think you are both aware, thinking about ego this week. I am desiring further information on what it is and it's purpose and how it is so awry on this planet. I have a feeling that my ego voice is very similar to many people's and I am wondering if the ego voice is so vicious in planets that are not of rebellion status. And with that information in mind do either of you have more specific instructions on how to integrate my true personality, my true self with that ego self?"

Daniel: "My dear PamElla. We have spoken of ego on numerous occasions within our group. It would behoove you to locate that material and reread it. It is important for all of you to understand that because you are a mortal being it is necessary for you to have an ego. For the ego is what initially defines you. It is through the ego that you are able to begin as an infant and work through the various stages of growth. While the ego often is accorded as the demon it is not always that menacing.

Ego is an aspect of your being which through spiritual inner work you are able to rise above, control, and are able to fully integrate as a spiritual and human being, one where the dual natures are in synchronicity and that alignment that is necessary in order to truly work within the parameter of God-consciousness. That is not to say that all God-conscious individuals are not at times motivated by the ego for the ego is a part of your human existence and will always remain in a coexistence with the higher motive. While ego is often considered a dark side to personality one must realize that it does support you in helping you in working through various levels of progress. If the ego did not spur you on at times you would often become lazy. If you were not prompted by the ego then your material existence could become compromised, could be in jeopardy. It is, however, through the work of daily stillness, of searching for own understanding of who you are that you are able to keep in check the ego, so to speak, that it does not dominate the personality.

You, my dear, have done much in the way of working to dissolve those issues that have permeated your existence, and the ego which you are seeing manifested this last few weeks is but a lesson for you to realize how fine the line is between that which is high and that which is low. All individuals can choose within the flick of an eye to turn and go a different route. Those who work to maintain a daily communication with the First Source and Center are less likely to choose a darker path. The darker path is one which when chosen after being on a spiritual climb is one that feels wrong, one that does not work with the values, with the understanding to which you have risen.

Be mindful when you work with your brothers and sisters that ego often can control a personality that is not in touch with the inner. To you, I would say, that you have and are fully working toward integration. It is nearly complete. Continue, for once you have reached that point then the merging self of the future will have less trouble in keeping integration. For you see, my friends, integration is on a daily basis, that once you have reached this plateau this does not mean you will remain there. There is always change as your path goes forward. You will meet circumstances, opportunities, all of which will call upon you to keep in touch with the inner. You can incorporate it with the outer and the two will be as one, the dual nature of your being will work together. Has this helped?"

PamElla: "Yes, Daniel, thank you. That has helped very much. I have one further brief question. Is the ego of our animal nature and is the basis of our dual nature, or is it something that continues beyond the physical body? Or is that an inappropriate question because I have only given a couple categories and it is too complex because we don't have the language and understanding to approach?"

Daniel: "It is complex. However, ego most certainly is more involved with the animalistic aspects of your being. It is your experiences compiled together, your understanding, your level of spiritual maturity that aids you in the long run on your ascension career. The more that you can learn, understand, process, integrate and put into action in this life, the easier it will be in ascension. Ego is, as I have said, basically of animal origin."

PamElla: "Thank you Daniel. That's very helpful. Now I remember why I thought it was indirectly related to Rayson's statement about the things that I associate with the animal: the rage falling away, and truth, beauty, goodness and that whole list. I did think it was a related question somehow."

Rayson: "I have a comment if you would care to hear it.

Daniel's answer was masterful. I have little to add except to remind you that ego provides much entertaining material for the Reversion Directors.(hearty laughter) As many ascendant mortals have said, 'Take my ego, please!'(more laughter) Yes it is true that man is that paradoxical mix of material and spiritual, the material comprising the physical body and the mind, with ego being a part of the mind, somewhat enmeshed with intellect, which is why you meet so many egotistic intellectuals.(laughter) But humor aside, you also have a spiritual part with a potential for eternal existence, fusion and communion with God the Supreme. This includes your personality and other spiritual components. Which shall determine the course of your actions, my dear? Shall it be your spiritual component or shall it be your material component? Shall your life be guided by your physical prowess, your reproductive capability, your desire for trophies, your urge to display, the normal human hunger for prestige, power, money? Or shall your every moment and every effort be guided by the golden rule, the paramount expression of your spiritual self on Urantia? If you take the spiritual decision then you will easily be able to hear the ego voice with ironic detachment and amusement as do the Reversion Directors. The choice is yours."

PamElla: "Thank you Rayson. I have had some experience laughing at my ego self this week."

Rayson: "They did call Urantia the 'funny planet'.

Isaac: "Rayson, this is Isaac again. I just want to clarify as the one who types the transcript. This is kind of an important night and an important announcement. It may be very clear when I read it back but it is not clear to my mind so I am asking this question about what you have already told us. This new teacher, this Father Melchizedek is going to be Tring through a different TR than our standard TRs we have here?"

Rayson: "It shall be one of your regular participants."


Isaac: "Now the promise about foolproof, tamperproof, was this a reference to the lessons of the Melchizedek coming through a TR? You were talking about developing another kind of unconscious ability to receive messages. I was confused about that could you elaborate please?"

Rayson: In order to reach the billions of hungry and thirsty persons on Urantia eagerly awaiting spiritual sustenance we must do with a relatively small number of participants in this Teaching Mission to minister to the many. Although personal contact is highly desirable it is not practical for many reasons to rely on this mode alone at this point in the history of Urantia. Therefor a mechanism has been conceived and used for many purposes in the cosmos whereby each willing participant in the Teaching Mission who has achieved the required level of proficiency as a transmission/receiver will be, in fact, able to unconsciously reflectivate universe circuit message to any and all who are hungry and thirsty for this information. It is said that you cannot entice a person to drink when he is not thirsty. But if he is thirsty he will drink all that you offer and more. It is your job, if you elect to be a reflectivator in the Teaching Mission, to tend the well, to care for your physical/mindal body, to sustain your personality with proper spiritual input including most importantly as you live your life on this planet as a perfectly imperfect being.

It may seem amazing to you, even perhaps preposterous that you, yourself, will act as a conduit of complex information that can reach as many as a billion people at a time. And yet this is so. In fact, this Teaching Mission has been many hundreds of years in the preparation. And although it was not until the time of the adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion that mission participants actually started to coalesce in group form. You can be assured that isolated individuals did, in fact, function as transmitter/receivers and beyond that, as unconscious reflectivators. One of your philosophers has said, 'If I see very far it is because I stand on the shoulders of giants."

Isaac: "Thank you. So this person in our group, one of our regular TRs who is going to be receiving Melchizedek messages, those messages will not be reflectivations. Those will be regular TRing. Is that correct?"

Rayson: "Depending on where the Melchizedek is located. In any case the exact mechanism is less important than the information received and the interaction with the group, is it not?"

Isaac: "Yes but I am concerned about the possibility that somebody's going to announce that they are reflectivating and therefor whatever they say is infallible and can't be challenged in a TR situation. I am sure that can't happen if there is a fool proof...."

Rayson: "Ah, but true reflectivation, per se, is not something that any person on Urantia at this time is capable of uttering or displaying in any other form. However, in some cases what you hear from the mouth of the TR does come to the TR in a form employing some of the styles of reflectivation, but it is not pure and simple reflectivation as I have described for the universe circuit message. Does this help to clarify or does it only confuse matters more?"

Isaac: "When you said that reflectivation is unconscious I flashed in my mind someone in a trance state or what has been regarded as channeling. Am I right about that or am I off completely?"

Rayson: "True reflectivation might be compared to the ancient practice on this planet of two men on mountains separated by many, many miles of valley. At noontime one man holds in his hand a mirror by means of which he reflects the light of the sun overhead to his comrade on the far distant mountain. His comrade, in turn, also possesses a mirror by means of which he as well may not only reflect the light of the sun to the first man but also may reflect the first man's reflection to yet a third man on another mountain. Do you understand this analogy?"

Isaac: "Yeh, it sound to me similar or identical to reflectivity that is described in the Urantia Book."

Rayson: "This is correct."

Isaac: "Okay. I think I have asked enough technical questions. Thank you Rayson. I am sure this will unfold and become clear to us as we move forward in our mission experience."

Rayson: "However, you are blinded to this. It is an unconscious effort because, as I have said, man is sufficiently savage that there is unfortunately a high degree of possibility for contamination. As the present TR reminds me it would be most distressing if junk mail were reflectivated to the multitudes. If you think ego is bad imagine that!(laughter).

PamElla: "Rayson, I'm not done with technical questions. I am wondering about this unconscious reflectivity that can reach billions. I'm wondering if the person who is willing to do this is aware that this happens or could this happen while they are asleep? And how can it be that it reaches billions? And this relates to dad's question, 'Are they in a trance state and information is coming out of their mouth? Or are they receiving it mindally, for lack of a better word, and sending it out to our brothers and sisters over the circuits or something in such a way that the reflectivator is unaware of doing this?"

Rayson: "Once you are properly prepared and have sincerely taken the decision to do this it may occur at any time of the day or night, in any geographic location, in any state of mind, wakefulness, sleep, it matter not."

PamElla: "The reason I am asking the question is because it reminds me of the gentleman whose name I cannot remember who was involved with the electronics industry in Washington. He said he was picked. They showed pictures of him on TV in which all of a sudden he would go into a trance any time of the day and all this geological information would start coming about. I'm wondering if that the same process that you are discussing?"

Rayson: "Please describe with more detail the geological information."

PamElla: "This was on a show I was watching called Ancient Prophecies This man was, I believe, an electronics engineer or something. He was giving a talk. They thought he was having a heart attack or something and they took him to the hospital. He thought he saw an apparition in white that gave him instructions. After that he would go into trances and information about the earth changes would come through, similar to what I brought to read and didn't read, giving the exact latitude and longitude of the earthquakes and their magnitude in different areas so that he was remapping what the world might look like when the earth changes were complete. He was not negative and fearful about this but felt like he had been chosen because he would give information out that could be helpful to people. Anyway the geological information is about earth changes, earthquakes, etc."

Rayson: "Midwayer contact is not the same as reflectivity."

Nancy: "So you are saying this is Midwayer contact?"

Rayson: "Most likely. Since the adjudication it has been possible for certain select midwayers to make such contact as you described. It is likely that as this dawn era of Light and Life progresses on Urantia one shall hear of more such incidents."

PamElla: "Thank you Rayson. I have one final question. Could you tell us which of our members will be transmitting the Melchizedek teacher?"

Rayson: "You really wish for me to ruin your surprise?"

PamElla: "I have mixed emotions about that."

Rayson: "I am certain that your ego is highly desirous(laughter) but I believe that your personality might be rather disappointed to know in advance, rather than being able to receive the spiritual growth and progress that will accrue as a result of the adversity of frustrating indecision and lack of knowledge."

Daniel: "Well put my dear Rayson, for you see we must be like the TV show, a cliffhanger.(more laughter)."

Gerdean: "What my ego wants to know, teachers, is how come now that Tomas and I are leaving town after busting our butts all this time, you guys are going to get a Melchizedek here!!"(laughter)

Rayson: "I refer you to the previous answer."(more laughter)

Gerdean: "Well taken."

Rayson: "If you think some of my commentary is humorous then you shall greatly enjoy your Melchizedek dialogue."


Daniel: "My friend, while this has been a grand night indeed, I must bring you back to reality in this aspect. Last week your assignment was to think about your willingness to really step out and go on the line for what is right. What are you going to do? How far are you willing to go?

And it has come to my attention that many of you have avoided deep searching of this question. And so, while you are in eager waiting of teacher transmissions let us remember that life does not really beget life if you are just in a waiting mode. Life is real when you are ready to live it and put forth action. Part of the reason that this group is being raised to a higher level has been because of your commitment and willingness to look at the lessons, to absorb them, to take them in and to strive to live by what you know to be right. And so I must continue to be your taskmaster again this week. Please take the time, search inward, and come to some understanding of this aspect, this part of yourself. For truly the ego can overcome what you know is right because you are afraid of what the consequences and the cost may be.

Tomas and I are grateful to you all and to our guests in both the physical and in the spiritual realms. And to my friend Rayson I say thank you for coming to this group this night to bring them such joyous news. We ask that you take this news with the understanding that it is not going to be a free ride but a time when you will be committed to yet another degree of work. Our love and our peace be upon you.

Strive this week to get to know that part of you that says, 'No. I don't want to go that far' and with the part of you that says, 'Yes, I want to go another step farther. In God's love go now and joyously embrace one another. Good evening."