1995-11-20-Spiritual Pressure

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Topic: Spiritual Pressure

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. It is my great privilege to meet with you this evening. I am pleased to be witness to your organizational skills. Yes, it is beneficial to have a certain amount of group focus.


Spiritual Pressure

Last week I spoke of the strain that comes with planetary awakening. I spoke of the confusion that can happen while a planet is receiving full spiritual benefits. This sensitivity will become apparent in your fellows. A certain amount of anxiety is inevitable when communicating and dealing with earthly existence. It is my purpose to help you in this adjustment.

This world is feeling a great amount of spiritual pressure. This pressure can create many mortals to stand and awaken with fresh eyes or this pressure can cause mortals to be fearful and go against one another. You will find many of you will assist in guiding your fellows to open their eyes and see this new world laid out before them.


It is important when counseling mortal contacts that you attempt to truly understand what level they may be on to understand what is their mind-set. To say your beliefs boldly is to interject fear and cause your mortal contacts to flee. It is quite beneficial to imagine yourselves in the shoes of your mortal acquaintances. If you can understand your fellow mortals then can you best counsel them.

Jesus had such a honest straightforward attitude that He immediately gained the trust of those He spoke with. He was always with a happy and light countenance that He drew people, attracted people to Him, but what might most stand out in the minds of mortals is His charming manner. He was endowed with a wonderful charm that naturally softened His mortal acquaintances hearts. He could reason with honesty and forthright charm in the face of anger and doubt.

This charm He possessed was a gift He received from His Father in Heaven. This gift was discovered slowly over time. As Jesus grew He discovered that to best communicate with His fellows, it is most wise to use this gift of charm and kindness. This charm was a sincere love He radiated to His fellows. This charm was not used for deception to perhaps win souls for the kingdom. This charm came forth from the Master's honest love for His brothers and sisters.


Right now in this world the hostility is almost overpowering. Too many souls operate on anger and this anger ripples out from this world like waves. This anger is felt by we who endeavor to assist you. We would like to teach our mortal students to better relate with their mortal contacts. It is our goal to help teach you that you, my children, are not only human, but also divine. It is our goal to help you discover your true selves and the personalities that created you. It is our goal to teach you the skills to relate with your fellows and send you with these skills out into your immediate world.

We have found anger to be too easy. It is such a natural emotion among the animal kingdom. To those with survival personality, survival potential, we are asking you to strive not to seek the easy route of anger. I understand this is difficult and sometimes uncontrollable, but also I say, this emotion of anger is easily mastered if you make it your goal. Upon becoming angered it is wise to stop and ask your inner Father Fragment, `help me Father. I am unsure of what to do next.' It is also wise to visualize the Master in your position and think about how He would handle such a situation.

Jesus was the master of many things. Mastering the art of communication was His specialty. He knew His human contact. He endeavored to understand His fellows mind-set. He through communication learned to understand on which level to relate to His fellows. And yes, He was always honest and could be relied upon to be straightforward with His friends. But the key to His fellows hearts was His loving charm. His show of sincere concern for His fellows opened the door to communication, and it was then and there, that He revealed to His fellows the idea of the Kingdom of God. Through His sincere and loving charm He was able to minister to His fellows, and they in turn, lovingly responded to Him.

I would make my plea to you, although it is seemingly easier to take the route of anger, I would ask you to endeavor to take the path of charm and sincere kindness. This is not only helpful to your fellows but allows your mind to be at ease for clear communication from celestial beings and assistance. Jesus was born as you were born. He knew not of His divinity for some time. Once He discovered His divinity He embraced it wholeheartedly and learned to rely on His Heavenly Father each day. I say to you, you shall soon see your divinity in a new light and I would say, hesitate not to embrace it. Are there questions?


C.: It was a wonderful lesson. Like most of these lessons, Abraham, I am sure you know that they come out word for word and they make more meaning when we read them back again. Perhaps we'll have some questions about this lesson next week even. We are planning to discuss these lessons before the meeting and even after if we have time. I can see clearly what...for me I think what you are doing is trying to help us to be more sensitive, more in touch with the morontial existence that is around us and this new circuitry that can connect us all, and come into the reality of your existence on the plane that you exist as much as we can, being in a material body?

ABRAHAM: Yes. You are correct. It is my goal as said and the overall benefits are much greater to the cosmic mind and the growth of the Supreme Being. Have you more to question?


C.: Yes. If there is someone that crosses your path and causes much aggravation and hardship, how does one use charm to overcome their negativity. It seems that is the hardest time to practice charm, usually I practice blowing up at them. Are we to maybe stop and consider what the Master would do in the situation?

ABRAHAM: Yes. You are understanding. With the mind set on overcoming negative with the positive you can overcome many personal aggravations. You keep your mind set on the positive while you focus not on how others may have wronged you. It is with this use of charm that you are practically shielded from others negativity. With the practice of this charm you are becoming a soldier of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. I would think it wise of all of you to review in your text some of the Master's experience with people. Does this help? (Yes, very much. Thanks.)

EL.: Abraham, I was wondering is this awakening you speak of, is this going to be a slow and gradual thing or is this going to be sudden God-consciousness awareness that is going to happen? Will we be aware when it happens?

ABRAHAM: You are already aware. It is happening. It may appear slow to the mortals of the realm, but to us that are not time bound it is as it should be. We must attempt to reach what mortals we can. Some choose to answer. Some we ask you, our students, to reach. As you can see, it is a team effort. And this awakening is gradual at times and overwhelming at other times. Everyone aware in this age will be quite astounded in the ages to come. This awakening will be so natural to the youth. It will be for the youth as natural as it is on a planet that has not experienced rebellion and isolation. Does this help? (Yes. Thank you.) Another question?


CA.: Father Abraham, I am real confused about using charm instead of anger. What do you do with the anger? Does it just go away? Do you deal with the anger some other way? I feel real lucky to have just figured out that I am angry and maybe what I am angry about, let alone try to be charming about it.

ABRAHAM: In dealing with your fellows, those that tend to grate upon your nerves, to be shielded from them by charm is to assist and generate positivity within your own mind. Yes, charm in dealing with your fellow mortals. Anger held within is not positive. All anger is not negative. Some is very constructive in understanding yourself and others. When I suggest holding up the shield of charm against those who hurt you is to repel the negativity from them and from yourself. Yes, the anger many times does dissipate. This is what the Master taught to overcome evil with good. I understand you to be on a correct path with your discovery of yourself. Continue in the same direction. You do well. Another question?

H.: Father Abraham, I have something that I could share with the group, maybe you could agree with it I hope, because I found it true. In our psychology classes we learned that out sub-conscious doesn't have an escape hatch. If you hold your anger in, hold your resentment in, it will get down just like putting a lid on a garbage can and then it has got to finally explode. So we were taught to vent our anger a little bit at a time, but not at somebody else, to go where somebody can't hear you and scream, yell, whatever. I found out that that works pretty good and it releases you. Do you find that also true? Do you think that we can't just swallow anger and get rid of it, but we have to release it?

ABRAHAM: Yes. You are correct. These rituals of ridding oneself of frustration can help release this anger. I would also suggest to communicate this anger with a friend is to put this anger in plain view and be able dissect and understand where this anger stems from. Yes, we understand this is a world with much confusion, and much anger and fear stems from this confusion. With the balancing with the scales of sensitivity will you begin to understand your fellows and they will understand you and the anger will decrease. Yes, much of this anger is from incorrect perception. Does this help? (Yes. Thank you. )

C.: I just want to make a comment. At work I have seen a major change in the last few years. I don't really know what is causing it except maybe this thing in the air, circuits opening, whatever. Our Saturday sales meetings are almost like a church session. Last week the general manager gave a little discussion about "are we worthy of God's love and are we willing to love and share with one another," so on and so on. That's not like the car dealership I knew before. Do you have an overview of that?


ABRAHAM: Yes. It is a part of this awakening. It is happening in small groups, doctors with patients, teachers with students, corporate executives with customers, and employees. Yes, this is wonderful and your discussing this helps spread the good news and generates positive feelings of hope. It is time for the children of this world, all children, to stop being so afraid of their own divinity within and fearing the changes that will come to this world if everyone fully believed that they are a divine being closely connected with heaven and heaven is not far off. I look forward to these meetings with you. You are a great source of joy and love to me in this branch of my family tree. I am in awe of your strength and determination to carry on. I am honored to co-work with you in this, our Creator Son's Correcting Time. Until next week, shalom. [[Category: Manner]