1997-02-06-On the Subject of Love

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Topic: On the Subject of Love

Group: Butler TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, El Andra, Ralph

TR: Gerdean



TOMAS: Good afternoon, my friends. I am Tomas. I realize I have come in very quickly. I am not yet prepared to hold forth but I wanted to rather come in that we might all together focus by way of a prayer. And so perhaps this will help each of you to become centered and focused that we might then proceed in a fashion most conducive to spirit growth and soul harmony.

Mother and Father of the Universe, we come to You, Your children, this day in search of peace, of order, of understanding, and of joy in Your realm, in our relationship with You, with others, and with our own soul. It is to You that we look for these divine qualities that enable us to have peace of mind and a steady heart in life's vicissitudes and celebrations, ever reminding us of our source of being and our destiny.

When we begin to know You and realize Your place in our life and our place in Your life also, Dear Parents, we are not orphaned, we are part of your multitudinous offspring of creation. We have a sense of belonging which transcends our mere human and finite concepts of belonging, for in belonging to You, Dear Parents, we are free then to bestow ourselves upon any and all that You would have us identify with as being part of our personal experience here and in our growth to come.

And so we thank You, Dear Parents, for this opportunity to get to know You, for the willingness to want to know You. We therefore thank You, Creator Parents, for Your love for us, for Your desire that we should want You to be a part of our lives. We appreciate the challenges You bestow, the comfort that You provide, the adventure of discovery in our path home to You, and we thank You also for making Your home with us, that we may feel at home in Your universe.



It is a pleasure for me to be called to you this afternoon in this unique configuration of sisters, of devoted believers in our Lord and Master, Christ Michael. It pleases me, his teacher aide, to be given the opportunity of communing with you in prayer and thanksgiving in this opportunity to share our spiritual desires together.

When you take time from your busy schedules to seek connection with divinity, either through each other or in stillness, or a combination thereof, you not only benefit yourself by adding a degree of increased reality to your existence, but you also augment the growth of your entire realm by the light that you shine in the darkness.

Your world is not entirely dark any longer. We still have a great journey ahead in order to bring humanity into God-consciousness, into enlightenment, but it has so flourished of late, that it is worthy of clarification that the darkness which was once overwhelmingly prevalent, is lightening with the new dawn. Instead of a black palette, we now perceive the sky of your morning streaked with the light of the Son as the new day breaks and clouds begin to be perceived as not ominous, but colorful divinations of new life.

All this is brought about by you who seek for truth and hunger to know our God as a personal experience in your life. You have become co-creators of the light. It benefits you now when you shine your light with your peers, with your friends in the spirit world, and with each other, for our light then is combined and commingled to contribute that the Son will rise on Urantia.

How may I serve you this afternoon?


Teacher Contact

Student: Tomas, I was going to ask you some questions. I was going to ask for verification of what I think is a spirit name.

TOMAS: Proceed.

Student: I think that — I feel that I have been given this name and it's my sacred name: Elandra.

TOMAS: And you seek confirmation?

Student: Yes.

TOMAS: One moment, please.

EL ANDRA: Yes, child, I am your personal teacher and I am El Andra. It is I who have that nomenclature. I have told you who I am and you have identified this name so closely with yourself, you have taken it to your heart. I, El Andra, am happy to meet you in this way. I will tell you that our work together is well commenced, but you are not El Andra. Close. )One moment.) You are Liana, as the flower. L-i-a-n-a. Liana.

Liana: Thank you.

EL ANDRA: You will begin to appreciate your own fragrance, my child. Like a perfume, your personality is beguiling and captivating. You are not a tiny flower, but a pungent bloom, great and potent while fragile. Identify yourself thus, little flower. I will help you in your development, in your growth to full bloom.

El Andra is a name which is in some ways a title also. "El," you see, represents "The" in your language, and so it is a designation of "the companion". I am the companion of Liana. As your companion, I am intimate with your personal self and it is my duty and my great joy to assist you in your personal unfolding, and in washing away the wounds that wear upon you.

Trust me to be devoted and loyal to your nature, your most divine nature, while being patient and tolerant of your mortal shortcomings, for it is understood that these are part of your experiential packaging, part of the twigs and leaves which surround the growth of a delightful flower. These will be gently pruned to give you growth room. We will then also proceed into great realms of beauty, joy, celebration, and you will give your fragrance as a gift to many.

I, too, am available as a teacher, as your personal teacher, and so as you seek to know yourself, seek also for me that I may help you in your understandings. I return this platform now back to Tomas.

TOMAS: It is one of my supreme joys in this Teaching Mission, as your host, to be able to introduce you to your many available spirit helpers. If and as you choose to accept and cooperate with these living realities, you have enriched your life and broadened your appreciation of your cosmic family, of your relationship, even personal, to the spirits otherwise known as the Celestial Hosts who hover near you and oversee your growth.

It is always a joy for me to enable you to see beyond the confines of your singular existences. One moment please.


RALPH: My name, for your purposes, shall be Ralph, and if this brings a smile to your face, I am glad, for I would have you regard me as an affable friend, one who is in many ways much as you. I am a midwayer of the secondary order and we midwayers have been involved in assisting Urantia and Urantians for many thousands of years, and so we are familiar with the climate here. We have observed generation upon generation upon generation of evolving beings come and go and now you are here and we have observed you coming along; we observe you as you experience this life; and we will observe you as you depart from here to ascend to the Resurrection Halls of Mansonia.

It is only recently, however, that we have been able to make clear and consistent contact with many of you, and whereas I heard Tomas say he takes great delight in introducing the various celestial personalities to you, it is also a delight for me, after having been around for literally thousands of years, to be able to make contact with you humans at last!

Although we have been "working in the field" (as the terminology goes), it is a different horizon in many respects that presents itself these days. Although we have seen it coming - indeed, we have worked to contribute to bringing it about - we are so joyed by the channels opening, by the circuits connecting and by your opening up and availing yourself to those of us who would help and assist and companion you in the process, our whole being literally leaps in delight for the experience.

We midwayers are not quite like your personal teachers. I say this for clarification, for although they are close to you in your personal growth, your character development and so forth, we midwayers are yet even closer in terms of your outworking what you have learned, for your arena is the arena that we have worked with and in these many years, and it would be a wondrous leap of growth if and when you mortals, who are becoming aware of your association with your spirit helpers, could begin to perceive and depend upon our fraternity in the work of the field.

It is written that in time, as you hone your spiritual eye, you will begin to recognize and see us as you pass by. We eagerly now look forward to that time when you will focus your spiritual eye on our existence so that we may begin to become yet another dimension of your new appreciation for spirit reality, for we are real and "realer" than even the angels who are over us, for we are more finite than spirit. We are much like you. Much like you. We have perhaps the best sense of humor of the lot because we have come to appreciate the foibles of humanity and the frolic that takes place in the life.

Well, my associates, I will not take up more of your time today, but it has been a pleasure to chat with you for these moments. Remember my name, for when you see me, perhaps you will identify me and say, "Hey, Ralph. How's it going?" and I can tell you how it's going and how we can work together.

Group: Thank you. That's a very social name.

TOMAS: I am Tomas. I have returned, and I have found that many of the midwayers, at their own behest, have assumed names much like your own so that you are not overawed by their presence and their very existence.

Liana: Tomas, I have another question. Actually I have two more questions.

TOMAS: I am eager.

Thought Adjusters

Liana: My sister has had a stroke, and I'm wondering if her spirit is present with her body.

TOMAS: One moment, please. (Long pause) It is. [Tape turned] It has not yet departed. It is questionable as to whether or not she will make sufficient progress to resume a [interruption]. Her Thought Adjuster is still here. It has not yet departed, for it is not yet determined the extent of damage or potential recovery in terms of an ability for her to yet make decisions affecting her "graduation." It will not take long before you will be able to ascertain whether it is functioning with and for her at this time.

The life line of the Thought Adjuster also provides that conduit of healing energy and so it is still needed. Until such time as all measures have been attempted and/or effected, you may rest in the knowledge that it is a place of deep peace where her cognizance lies at this time. It is an interim state of "bliss" which removes her from the mechanical distress of her body. Has that answered?

Romance, Love

Liana: Yes, thank you very much. And lastly, I'd like to ask about my relationship with a person.

TOMAS: Which person has been a catalyst for you in your spiritual growth?

Liana: Yes.

TOMAS: It is common for the mortal mind to attach myths and mysticism to persons, places and things which are part of their framework of discovery that they are a part of the living God. Each nuance in that period of rebirth is heightened, colors take on more intensity, sounds may be impressed as significant, tolling or ticking a momentous message to the mind in it's discovery. Even more so, perhaps, are those moments of mystical connection when a God-knowing being encounters another, and or when their eye falls upon a reflection of the new self that they are, having become reborn of the spirit.

These things are, to the impressionable mind, proof of the experience, and so they are an important facet of the experience. It allows the experiencer to be grounded in that moment in time. You may give credit to the Third Source and Center, the Infinite Mother Spirit, for coordinating your lives at that juncture, that you could see each other in such clarity, and because that moment is rife with the finest, most sublime, and most personal love imaginable, it is a natural inclination, then, for the romantic heart to attach overmuch significance thereon.

Even so, in-as-much as love is a refinement of emotion, it is a treasured memory that you may call upon in those moments when you grow weary or when you begin to doubt your faith, that you can call up that vision of that friend that will bolster you in your reality. Do not make the mistake of making that friend your God, or the significance of the moment, but as a representative of the divine love that indwells you that you may reflect out, as you become more one with Him, your Father in Heaven. Has that been helpful?

Liana: Yes, thank you very much, Tomas. Is that something -- is this feeling of love something that humanity is going to be experiencing more often?

TOMAS: Absolutely. All forms of love will be on the increase, and it is indeed a challenge for you, and those of you who need love, who love love, who seek love, who give love, who know love, to provide adequate "definitions" for the love that you intend to spread and harmonize. All love is increasing.

All romantic love is capable of being elevated into higher refinements and keener sensitivity of each other's spirit, for is not lovemaking the mortal counterpart to the spiritual embrace? But the elements of divine love also are increasing, and it is this font of divine affection that will infiltrate all other realms and understandings of the capacity to love by the mortal being.

You may look for love to increase, but remember that love must be redefined on each new level of growth, and that includes your new levels of growth as well as the new levels of growth of those around you who are also growing. Part of your eternal adventure is the reflection of and appreciation of the myriad faces of our all-powerful, all-present creator Father, who is love. That is all.

Liana: Thank you.

Hunnah: Could I have you comment a wee bit more on this subject of love? Is there not a lightness of, like, an impersonalization that this love is free-flowing and affectionate without claiming anyone? It's like a movement, a sending up to be forward?

TOMAS: The word that comes to mind is "conditional." And as love is more divine, it is more unconditional, for it sees with more divine eyes that which it is still becoming. As a love, even a genuine and sincere love, maintains standards and conditions, therein is potential struggle, and this struggle in and of itself is an indication of a growth, of progress, for all who are on the path are on the way home to Father, are on their way to learning and living unconditional love, but there are aeons and aeons of time and of personalities in which to experience this growth of love, the growth of giving and the growth of receiving love.

As you have survival matters to contend with, as you have families to rear and values to instill, as you have civilizations to maintain and behaviors to uphold, you will have conditions upon behaviors and upon love, for you require that certain guidelines be followed in order to maintain the status quo as a foundation for yet further growth.

But truly, as you ascend in your own spiritual growth and throughout eternity, you become more amenable to unconditional love. You can let things pass because of your far-seeing vision which develops through experience and through learning to be Godlike, to elevating your perspective above the realm of animal behavior and social behavior to those realms of spirit reality which incorporate a greater appreciation for a greater kind of love. Have I touched upon your concern, Hunnah?

Hunnah: I don't know if it was a feeling of concern so much as it was of celebration, for I have been feeling a release of my involvement with people in areas that I did not need to hold onto, and specifically I would say that it was with my children. Two years ago I was begging to let go of them and it wasn't . .. today I'm hanging on and tomorrow it's easier . .. It's been a gentle release and I feel very good about it. And the more I release, probably the better the correct form of our union is taking hold. I can see it especially in one of my children. And I appreciate the help I have received through this very much. If others only knew how much easier it is, they would probably be flocking in, because it is such a relief.

TOMAS: I would like to respond that your development is a result of divine love in and through trust. Your trust of the Father and his overcare, thus your trust that your children are, in their own fashion, divinely guided, alleviates you of the duty of holding firm to their further development. You will begin to perceive of them more and more as comrades and co-workers, although, of course, the parental connection is undying, and this opens up your relationship with them for greater joys and celebrations indeed.

Hunnah: Thank you. I'm sure this transcript will be beneficial for others, because if one has a question, others have a question, and I appreciate our friend here for sharing her questions, especially when they smack of the words we use here of "soulmate", that people are so "enhungered" for that party that will without question be of a harmonizing nature to them, that that's almost another symptom of what they're sensing is allowed to be in their life. And if this is shared, it would be as you've always said, Tomas. You are always lifting us into a greater, an expanded view, a higher view than what's going on, and I appreciate that.

TOMAS: And thank you, Hunnah, but remember always that I can lift you up no farther than you are willing to climb yourself.

Hunnah: Hang in there with us; we'll go on the journey.


TOMAS: We are on the journey, and even now I am going to journey forth that you might also journey into the balance of your bountiful day. I call again upon our Eternal Parents in Paradise and, as reflected in you and myself as His and Her children, thank you for "the Family." Farewell.