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Topic: Growth

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Michael, Elyon, Andronason

TR: Ginny, Jonathan



Michael (Ginny TR): Beloved children, we greet you today to assure you of our devotion and our great appreciation of your sincere and wholehearted efforts to understand the Father's will. You are all growing so splendidly; we are so happy to see such enthusiasm and devotion that has grown so large in your very short life. We cannot hope for more; we cannot ask for more. Each of you has a very special place in our hearts. Indeed, it is good to allow this special radiance to flow to those who may need you. Words are not always necessary; a loving heart and a loving intention go a long way.

I greet you this morning with nothing but joy and heartfelt gratitude for taking heed of our Father's message. Have courage; you indeed are blessed greatly with many gifts. We depend on you for your cooperation in spreading the light and life of our Father. Be of good cheer. In you we are well pleased. I remain at your side and in your hearts as your teacher, your brother. My peace I leave with you all.

Elyon (Jonathan): Greetings, friends, this is your friend Elyon. I am here today as I am throughout the week with you because I care for you. As one who is your brother, I also feel the feelings as a parent for his children. I say this to again demonstrate the power of the love that we share in the Father, how it breaks the barriers down between levels, between status and accomplishment, and merely accepts one another for who we are in the present.


Growth, Time

I have chosen to use some thoughts of Jonathan's, as he is beginning to understand from reading concepts of time dilation based on Einstein. I will speak on growth. You have the understanding that growth is unconscious. Growth is like time in that you can live only in the present. You can look back upon the past and witness your growth. You can project forward in hope of future attainment. This is your point of reference. But the Father's presence is beyond time. Your inner spirit knows your to-be-attained states today as if you have already accomplished the growth that you must undertake from your vantage point. Spirit luminosity can project you forward in faith to attain the trust that you are a Paradise finaliter even now while you are yet an animal origin human being. This is because the Father who is above all holds you close in the center of His being. Having accepted His call to become perfect, you are by all intents such. Grasp this as a value of the soul so that you may, during those confusional doubts of the mind, rise above the complexity present in your growth level of the current moment and perceive your worth even during your apparent failures.

Likewise, since you have each make great progress in your ascension efforts, always allow yourself the freedom to recede retrospectively and enjoy the qualities of the attainment you have accomplished in the past. They were pleasurable levels of successful growth at one time, never to be despised later for being immature. Enjoy your retrospective views of your successes. They are as real now, for they are the foundations upon which your current growth level resides. At times when you are disturbed, feeling like you are not growing, that you are in a circular rut, faith grasp firmly that the Father knows the entire growth continuum of your being. It is a reality transcendent of your time location. It does exist now. Take this faith to the Father in worship and realize it for yourself in the present. This will lighten your burdens; it will strengthen you in dilemmas. It will encase your past in the light of high value.

You have all looked forward to that eventful future date when you will leave the realm of time and enter the dimension of eternity. Growth will carry you through the spectrum to this future event. Growth is your sailboat in the ocean of time, and the Father holds this ocean in the palms of His hands.

I have satisfied myself with what I wish to say. The floor is always open. You have several who TR, and we have several teachers present. I thank you for listening.


Ginny: If feel the name Andronason.

Andronason (Ginny): It is time for a new leap, so to speak, in your awareness. You can think of a three-way bulb, if you wish. We are ready to turn it up. Your progress has been such that you all will be entering a new phase of discovery. You will experience it in different ways, but you will notice capacity to handle things, your increased awareness to proceed the steps you should take to further illumine the workings of the spirit. It is important and we cannot stress this enough to continue your quiet times of stillness and prayer and worship. Be not afraid of this. Remember with your increased awareness and capacity comes an increase in ability. You will find new courage, new strength, new pathways opening up.

Know that your teachers are on the alert at this time to give you further instructions and words of encouragement. I will be more and more a part of your instructions as I have been alerted to new levels of capacity. I take this on in great hope and great love and an eagerness to be a part of your discoveries. You have all done well so far. Do not become discouraged with seemingly apparent barriers. Your efforts done with a sincere heart are where your values lie. Nothing of value is wasted. Reiterating our fellow teacher who has preceded me, not much time is spent on things of little spiritual value. We ask that you do the same.

I happily join your company. I hope to speak with you often. I thank you for your attention.

Ginny: He's a tough one! He comes around when there's a change, when the voltage is upped. (some discussion)


Why am I reluctant to be a TR? How can I become more confident these teachers are really here and I am really transmitting truth?

Elyon: Reluctance stems from two factors: the general planetary factor of isolation and the specific personal factor instilled in each from your religious institutions of your dissociation as a human from the Father and His family. This has created the sense that you as a human being are incapable of representing spirit, that you are orphaned and detached.

This process of transmitting our input into your being is one that will restore your sense of right belonging in the cosmic family and your abilities to speak for spiritual realities. The age for the priesthood is over. No longer need you look to another for divine feedback. Error is always a factor on your level of being. This is to be accepted as a fact rather than feared. It cannot be avoided. It is an element in the larger scope of seeking truth. Truth stands in contrast to error. Truth is recognizable both through success and mistakes.

In transmitting for us be humble, but do not allow your desire to be so humble become so strong that you become ineffective. You have a role to play as one who passes the ball from friend to friend. You possess the ball long enough to transfer it, and therefore it does have your fingerprint. But you pass the ball on and no longer possess it, so the messages are not yours to claim as your right. But it is a shared transfer that we all partake in. What I convey in . ..(tape flipped) . ..from Paradise. We each are imprinting this ball with the Father's truth with every touch we make in passing it around. If you have not received the ball to pass then make no false motions that you are passing a ball. But when it does fall into your grasp, freely toss it to another. It is to be seen more as a play, to be approached with lightness so as to alleviate the dangers of over-serious consideration to the point of fanatic response.

On a world as Urantia functioning without the emplacement of normal procedures, this process will inevitably have its shortcomings, but we are not concerned, for progress is more important than your perfection.

For your records, this is Elyon.


Tom: We were talking about a brother with chemical or mental imbalances. Can you offer some advice on how to approach, how to be of service in this situation?

Elyon: This individual struggles with a legacy of a planet torn apart. The greatest gift you can offer him is the demonstration of the Father's love and luminosity through your care and concern. This genuine reflection of the Father touches the soul of your brother. Though you may be in yourself powerless to alter the chemistry, you are able to transform the soul. Help him rise to the level of understanding his soul placement with the Father. It will be a struggle as the vehicle that is out of tune will sputter and misfire, distracting him from the core and important truth of who he is. It would be a difficult assignment. Make every faithful and sincere effort to be one who, having seen you, has seen the Father, and trust the Father is fully willing to reveal Himself through you. Having said that, all else must be left to your trust abilities. Though you are not a doctor, a psychologist, or a theologian, you are a child of God. The spirit resident within this brother is a magnet which will draw your knowledge, your living demonstration, through him toward this inner spirit. Therein is the function of witness.

Does this help?

Tom: Yes. Thank you.


Ginny: Is it part of service to recommend drugs for a condition like this?

Elyon: Drugs are helpful for the body/vehicle when the malfunction is physical. But the anguish of the soul is not cured through such efforts. This must be ministered to as well. It is much like a new paint job on your car will not make you a better driver.

Ginny: Thank you, Elyon, for your teaching and your devotion and dedication to us.


Elyon: Thank you for your boldness and trust in relaying our information to you. I would assure you again of your value in this process of correction to this world. Every grain of sand makes the shoreline, and you are the transitional zone between a world restored in the system and a world that has long been in darkness. Help all to make the crossover.

I now take may leave. Farewell.