1998-12-14-Spiritual Growth, Part 2

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Topic: Spiritual Growth, Part 2

Group: Arcadia TeaM



TR: George B.



Discernment, Presence

JarEl; This is the essence of this teaching. It is true, on the mansion worlds you don't have the physical barriers that you do here, but you do have mental barriers and the mental differences, and these things must be addressed. So to begin to actually find God here and now is a wonderful opportunity to prepare yourself for the next life, for if you can't find God here, it will be much more difficult to find him in the next worlds. You say, how is that so? Well, because God is not any more visible in the next worlds than he is here. The presence and the reality of the great spirit is just as easy here, and just as difficult here, as it is in the next world. Actually, all throughout your whole ascension career you will be challenged to discern the presence of God wherever you go - even in Paradise, where you will find the greatest challenge to find God. And yet, that is why you were created and this is your purpose, and this is the whole essence of your spirituality, to begin to discern, first that which you are given as God, which is a fragment, a small personal and intimate piece of him, so that you may get to know that yes, he is real, and yes he is loving, and yes he is very friendly. As you begin to experience the reality of this tiny fragment growing inside of you, you begin to discern these tiny fragments growing in everyone else. As you ascend you begin to discern the presence of these uncountable numbers of fragments developing all over the universes. This is the reality of the evolution of God the Supreme, in which you are taking part, right here and now.


Ascension Career

Q: Our ultimate goal is the Father, the First Source and Center of all things, who has a personal relationship with each one of us. Would we not then be constantly expanding our capabilities to have a personal relationship with countless more and more people as we progress up through Uversa, and up through Havona and Paradise? And when we hopefully reach the Father we would then have a personal relationship with all of his creation, the same as he does?

JarEl: This is very true. Indirectly, this is what I am saying. This is why God chooses to introduce himself in increments, since he is so vast, so almighty, so powerful, omnipresent, absolute, infinite and eternal. You as a mere mortal can never grasp that. This is why he gives you just one drop of himself. And as you become, to satiate throughout, this drop, this tiny little essence of boundless love, un-diminishing mercy, living truth, beauty, and goodness, you will learn to discern this presence wherever you go, and by the time you do reach Paradise you will have reached the capacity to discover its magnitude, the magnificence, and the awesomeness of this reality presence of the Father.

Comment: And is there not within, our fragment of the Father within us, which we will eventually unite with, all of the potential of love and understanding of the entire universe?

JarEl: This is the ideal we are hoping for. I myself am a part of this. I am just a little further along than you are.

Q: I'm just trying to orient my relationship to the Father. We don't go around thinking of the Father at all times, when we are busy, say, with a computer or some other task.

Comment: Maybe if you were thinking of the Father you wouldn't have so much trouble with your computer (laughter).

Q: You mean if I thought of the Father at all times the computer wouldn't cut out on me? (more laughter)

Comment: Maybe the computer problems are part of your spiritual growth.

Mansion Worlds

Q: JarEl, this is Donna. I have a comment. You said something a while back about how on the morontia worlds, or further on, we will not be able to discern the Father any easier than we do here. We will nevertheless be conscious that we are now alive on a different plane with a memory of this prior life, whereas here in this life it takes faith to believe that life goes on -- there we will have had the experience of survival.

JarEl: This is very true, this is part of what you gain in the first stage of ascension, a confirmation of your faith. But to many people it is quite a shock and surprise when they wake up on the mansion worlds. Yes, when you are on the mansion worlds and you are given a new system in which to inhabit, what you would term physical body and mind - morontia body and mind - your potential to connect and contact with deity is much more sure than it is here on this level; but nonetheless you must still make the choice and you still must develop this relationship. And yes, with a greater mind capacity and with special accommodations for spiritual values, it makes for a greater potential, but it doesn't necessarily make it any easier; you still have to discern the presence of God for yourself. If you are doubting and unbelieving at that point, seeing is not necessary for your believing. Take, for example, your now-deposed system sovereign Lucifer, who was given tremendous opportunity for discernment but steadfastly refused to believe. So, it is not necessarily a matter of logic that translating into a grander environment is going to increase or insure your capacity.

Comment: But won't we have a memory of having lived before on Urantia, so that we will know that we have lived before on another plane, another world, another system, or whatever you want to call it? Whereas here on this planet, at least for myself, I don't have any particular memory of having lived before. I know some people say they do, so I would think that would be more evidence, so to speak. And I do understand that we still need to be, even on the other planes, trying to discern our fragment of God, and everyone is trying to grow and ascend. I am just saying that it seems to me that we will have a little more confirmation or evidence that, yes indeed, life goes on, and yes indeed, this was no more than seventy or eighty years of experience, a mere start. When many more people here on this planet do have that concept, maybe it will be easier for them to prepare for the next life, without having to wait until they die.

JarEl: Most definitely. This is very true. It is true that when you personally wake up on the mansion worlds, you will be pleasantly surprised, and your steadfast faith and belief, your personality, and your relationship with God will be memorable and intact.

Q: When we get to the first mansion world, are there only people from this planet, or will we already begin to see people from other planets?

JarEl: You will there begin to see people from other planets. As a matter a fact, the mansion worlds are receiving worlds of all the evolutionary spheres of this particular system. The resurrection halls of mansonia number one are designed to accommodate extremely large numbers of guests, coming to these worlds from over the entire system of Satania.

Comment: They won't have a Urantia compound, like they do in Saudi Arabia for Americans?

JarEl: We have to keep a few surprises for you. (laughter)

Comment: There will be lots of people coming from all diverse ethnic groups. Those who have practiced forgery, dishonesty, murder, rape, war, ammunitions manufacturing, and so on, aren't they very frustrated when they arrive on the other side, since they can't do these things anymore?

JarEl:: For the majority of these people, this is very true, especially those who have no need for repentance and who are of a degenerate nature and cannot grow spiritually; it is unfortunate, but their doom is sealed. But for the majority of these people, they are kept in a detention and a remedial environment in which the basic rudiments of connecting with Deity are challenged upon them, and those who are able to connect spiritually are allowed to advance, and those that are not are advised as to their alternatives.

Q: Do they sleep off any of these daily life patterns that they have led, during the waiting for the dispensation, so that they start in almost fresh, having slept off a lot of this evil.

JarEl: What you've slept off is your physical bodies. What you are faced with is the remnants of deeds. And on the mansions worlds, one of the immediate tasks - what you would classify as reconciliation - is to move forward. All conflicts, if possible, must be remedied. You cannot move forward without having made some reconciliation to those who you have done harm to in one form or another.

Q: Here we can go to bed at night all frustrated and confused, and after eight hours sleep we wake up and start a new day, but with a need to consciously forgive and forget. Does it not work somewhat like this when they have that long dispensational sleep.

JarEl: No, because you will be reminded of that which you have forgotten. You must seek a form of reconciliation, personally if possible, for your misdeeds. This is part of the initial morontia training. This is part of the remedial program.

Q: Is that the deficiency ministry that the Urantia book talks about?

JarEl: Part of it, yes.

Q: When these so-called evil ones find themselves suddenly alive in this wonderful place, is there a large percentage that has an immediate born-again experience when they realize that it was just ignorance that kept them in the dark? When suddenly they find they have been given another chance, do they completely change their values? Does that happen quite often? I imagine that everyone would wake up and say, Oh my gosh, I was wrong! That a hundred percent of them would say, I'm going to start all over!

JarEl: Actually, this does happen. This is wonderful if you can catch people in time who are ready to move forward. When one is steeped in a habit of arrogance and self-righteousness, this is a much more difficult trait to shrug off, and it is much more challenging to reinstate what you would term "spiritually deprived" beings.

Comment: So the same can be in the reverse. In other words, someone as our deposed system sovereign was such an enlightened being, yet decided at some place along the way to turn back and opt for a different course.

JarEl: Yes, that is most unfortunate isn't it? It has been tremendously unfortunate for your world as well. Much responsibility is placed upon higher and enlightened beings, therefore it is much more tragic when there is an abdication of responsibility, for it sets into motion a tremendous amount of conflict and confusion upon those under the tutelage and responsibility of such beings, as was the case with your system of Satania, your own planetary prince Caligastia, and the beings on your world which even to this day have remnants of this Lucifer rebellion activity.

Comment: I guess we are trying to find an out for these con men and those who are not living the right kind of life. There should be an out for them, if they so desire, in a new environment.

JarEl: This is true. One of the opportunities, since these activities have ceased when they enter the mansion worlds, as they are not in any position now to murder, rape and defraud other people. So that if this is the only meaning they have chosen to find in life, then they have chosen to live in the past, which is no more, for to go on and grow, one at that point must accept the responsibility to endeavor to change, and to grow. Yes, the detention spheres do offer this opportunity to the majority of the types of beings that come from a planet like Urantia.

Q: How are these people reached? Is it through individual counseling or are they taught in a group?

JarEl: There are many opportunities and programs; and yes, there are group functions and what you would term lessons, and there are also personal administrations. At the present time, the tremendous spiritual support on this world is unprecedented. It is hoped that this world will begin to tune in to the spiritual reality, and personal convictions be made to turn one's life around and eventually turn this planet around. This is very much hoped for.


Q: Despite the immorality, violence and abuse on our planet, is there overall progress being made? Are we going backwards or forwards?

JarEl: It's extremely difficult to judge the progress. It would be as if you lived in your house in the middle of a constant dust storm, and you were able to clean off one table at a time - do you see what I am saying? It would hardly look like anything is being done. Such is the fate of this world. The challenge here to turn this planet around, quite honestly, is quite futile. Though there is tremendous outpouring of love and help here, there is a tremendous feeling and an attitude here of a spiritual potential, but quite honestly it takes much more than just an attitude or a lip service to spirituality; it takes personal, conscious action to control one's own being, one's own actions, and one's own life. There is too much lip service, and not enough "walking the walk." So there is personal spiritual growth within individuals, like within this group, for example, but this is not the normal on your world - yet.

Q: Would you say that what N. is doing, going around the world placing the Urantia Book, is the kind of action you are talking about - someone actually doing something ?

JarEl: Not necessarily. This is a guided action. I'm simply referring to controlling one's own person, learning how to become a better human being, how we treat our immediate family, our friends, strangers, people with whom we work. Eventually this will translate into how one township treats another township, into how one state treats another, into how one country treats another, and eventually into how the whole world begins to benefit through peaceful negotiations, compromise, and respect for the differences that we all have and the opportunities that we have to share this planet together.

Q: Has there ever been a world as bad as ours that came around and went into Light and Life? Do you know of any world in the universe that this has ever happened to?

JarEl: Not right at the moment can I tell you that information. I can tell you that it is not impossible to turn this world around, though it is extremely challenging.

Comment: I would hate to think that your teachings, Machiventa's teachings, and Christ Michael's plans for the correcting of this planet are futile.

JarEl: This is not true. These teachings are for the individuals who are here and for yourself, and these teachings are taking root and taking hold in the individual spiritual natures, through persons who are in groups similar to yours, but the nature of this mission is to transform much-needed individuals who will become beacons of light for others, and this, my friends, takes a tremendous amount of time and effort. It takes every day of your remaining lifetime. It is important for each one of you to enlighten at least one more being before you leave this world. It would be wonderful to have the percentages increase with time. In a sense, yes, there is a time urgency just in respects to your own life. And I make this in no sense a judgment of you or your activities. All I am saying is that it is a daily, constant attention to the presence within and to the changing nature of the human spirit to grow into the reality of your full personality potential, to grow into your full measure of light. And this is all that is asked at the present time, to have a few more enlightened beings who are interacting in the area of life on this world, for you will be perceived as somewhat stable, somewhat fixed, somewhat endowed with a superior knowledge of "being" - not necessarily worshiped, but people will sense through your own attitudes and behavior that you are very acceptable and very pleasing, and others will want to become this way also.

Comment: Think of Jesus: he was just one man and he turned the Roman Empire upside down. If one man can do that, then we each have that potential. It is not a hopeless thing.

JarEl: No, it is not. And this is the challenge for you individually and for your world, to change yourself around, thereby causing a chain reaction in those around you.

Comment: I have been told that spiritual changes can take place rapidly, while societal and political changes all take time, that they have to evolve. I am sure that our unseen friends are working with more than just the Teaching Mission, and I have ultimate faith in human nature that we will eventually solve our problems, but we know that it will take about a millennium to do so and I understand that we are on the "cutting edge' of this time of change.

JarEl: This is true. What is referred to as rapid spiritual changes refers to the threshold of spiritual density of spiritual light, that, like the hundredth-monkey syndrome, when the number of individuals transformed has reached a certain mass, then tremendous things can start to change very rapidly on a spiritual level, which will then change things naturally on a physical level. The same as when things change spiritually for you, to a balance in your personal life, all of a sudden your physical and material follow suit.


So my friends, this is all we are going to discuss for today. Thank you all for coming, and may the joys and blessings of this season be with all of you, and the love of Michael and the love of Nebadonia pervade the hearts of this very special and dear planet. Good-bye for now.

Thank you, henryz