1999-03-14-Suicide, Healing

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Topic: Suicide, Healing

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Jessona

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan



Elyon (Mark TR): Good morning, my friends. I rendezvous with you once again for our scheduled encounter, and I would speak to some of the issues on your minds regarding your fragile vehicles.



If one is lucky in this first material existence, it is much like owning a brand new car, very little to think about, simply learn the mechanics of your trusty vehicle. Take your keys and go off to explore life, no concern over the functioning of the many systems involved in your external vehicle, as these systems are new and in good order and in good repair. After much time elapses you may find yourselves completely contented with your traveling device and find yourselves taking for granted the ability of this wonderful device to transport you to and fro as you so desire.

If enough time is spent behind the wheel you will notice gradual changes in this vehicle. Simple day to day wear and tear will require a certain amount of maintenance, and, in fact, if driven long enough certain aspects of this device will need to be replaced as wear and tear accumulate and systems begin to fail. It is only then that you cease taking for granted this trusty vehicle which you have so much experience with and start looking at it as less dependable and more fragile. Eventually given enough time you will encounter this mechanical structure as being less dependable than you are willing to tolerate. At that point you feel justified in trading the older model in on a newer one with less wear and tear on the many systems involved.

You are all familiar with this cycle even in your own short lives. The vehicles you manufacture for your pleasure cannot withstand unlimited mileage, unlimited wear and tear. They are not designed to go on forever. My friends, the same is true of the vehicle you reside in at this moment. This vehicle encounters the wear and tear of material existence. Unlike your mechanical vehicles, this vehicle has some ability to compensate, to repair its system itself. But when too much resistance is met from the outside world this vehicle will, as well, show signs of wear and tear and eventually wear out completely.

There is no famous antidote to counteract these effects of time and space on your vehicle. At one time on your world there was hope that the sustenance derived from the Tree of Life would be beneficial to you through your material upgrade from your son and daughter, Adam and Eve. But this had only extremely limited success. Now your vehicles, each one, will meet these challenges of time and space with all the resources that they have, but you will not stave off this wear and tear on your physical vehicle indefinitely. This is not news to any of you. You are all aware that at some point your vehicle will wear out.

Human Condition

It is an eye-opening experience to have those around you suffer and pass on from this world right before your eyes, so to speak. But it also can serve as a wakeup call, as a reminder to you that your time is short. No matter how long it is, it is still short.

Now there are two reactions one might have to this imminent conclusion: to be fearful of the end and to live one's life in fear that the end is approaching, or to be infused with the dedication and determination to not let time slip by unaffected by your change. To not fully grasp and take hold of each day that you have left on this world would be to admit defeat. None of you is so fatalistically inclined as to sit back and let the end come. So, I encourage you to seize the moment, seize the day, seize the opportunities before you with more vigor. These are the gifts before you, the opportunities presented each and every waking hour. These should not be squandered but be as pearls for you to gather and appreciate. Indeed, you all share the same fate as your brothers and sisters who are going before you. Simply make the most of your opportunities, of your challenges.

You all are aware and have been gifted with the knowledge that to transcend to the next level should not invoke fear, that your next level and the next level of your loved ones, is a joyous affair, and that undue apprehension should not be attached to the circumstance. But still, you are material, you are mortal, you are animal, and it is completely in your nature to exhibit fear of the unknown, and in this life nothing is more unknown than what happens to you after this life. So, forgive yourself your frailties in this regard and help those around you to gain some comfort in the comfort you have regarding this condition, this state. Share with those around you who are seeking to understand this phenomenon, your vision of what the future holds.

You occupy a distinct position on your world full of animal creatures in that you can contemplate your mortality. This can be a great source of apprehension for many who have no information as to what is next in their ascension career. You can be of much help to these individuals with your calmness and serenity regarding the next step.

That is the end of my statement for the day, and I would field comments or questions as desired, or perhaps another teacher will speak.



Kirk: When you are not part of that suffering it's hard to know how one could withstand suffering from a terminal disease. There must be an easier way to go over. Is it only the fear that makes you suffer when the body is shutting down?

Elyon: My friend, the suffering that many endure in the final stages of this transformation is physically real. Their bodies are chemically and physically reacting to the dis-ease and the distress, and their physical reactions are more or less completely out of their control. There also may be involved mental stress around the worry of the effects of this disease, the imminent outcome of this disease. But by and large the effects felt by individuals are very real physically and chemically. It is a byproduct of your dual nature that you be required to feel, not only when your vehicle is functioning properly and smoothly in this life, but there is no mechanism to turn off the sensation when your vehicle is functioning improperly. On the one hand it is a once-in-an-ascension experience to feel all aspects of your human nature, your hands and feet and how the environment impacts your body. On the other hand, when your body is in distress and experiencing disease, you will also feel that, as well.

Much can be gained by way of suffering through control over the mind and not letting the active mind aggravate the existing condition through such exercises as meditation and stillness and focused visualization. Through these processes much control can be had over the autonomic responses within the body, and much relief can be had through these simple but effective techniques. But always realize that seldom is the mind responsible for the physical condition. More often and more likely the body is simply reacting to an invasion of some sort and is chemically and physically involved in a response to this invasion which is outside the ability of the human mind to control or alter. It is your animal nature taking over.

When someone is in the depths of suffering from a particular ailment much comfort can be had through the introduction of the spiritual as a controlling factor and as a diversionary factor. To try to take people's minds off their physical conditions and alert them to the presence of the spiritual possibilities can be comforting. To engage in a prayerful state and in meditation can be comforting, however, the body will proceed as it knows how to in its attempt to eradicate the foreign invasion, and there will be discomfort in this process.

Does this speak to your question adequately?

Kirk: Yes.


On the topic of suicide, I don't know if suicide looks bad from above this world. In that case would it be suitable? You know what I am trying to say.

Elyon: You as individuals, each and every one of the individuals born to this world is designed to gain an experience here in this life. Your experience here is very valuable. It is only your first experience, but it is a very valuable, fundamental building block experience. We view the premature termination of this experience as unfortunate in any case. We do not view it in any way as overall detrimental to the ascension career, as plenty of exceptions are made and attempts are made to make up for lost experiences. But when an individual here chooses to terminate this experience, it is most usually under a less than desirable, even sad, set of circumstances; that that individual came to believe that the only way was for them to get out meant that there was untold desperation and anguish involved in that person's decision. That is unfortunate. That is sad that that individual will not gain the richness of experience to be had here in his first career.

Make no mistake that that individual will not suffer from this decision in terms of his ascension career. He will be granted every opportunity to grow his experiences and to find himself as did not happen here. So, he is not permanently (or) negatively impacted by this temporal decision at all. He will move forward in his career much as you will move forward in yours, the difference being that his initial opportunity at discovering life and discovering spirituality has been cut short and will need to be made up at some point. That is why there is no particular hurry for any individual to leave this world, because as long as you can still gain experience on this world you are adding to the overall pool of experience you need for your spiritual growth. But again, an individual who does not realize this and chooses to go forward is not penalized in any way for having made this decision erroneously.

This life may be the only one that you know in which individuals around you are so confused and in so much turmoil that they opt out because they know no other way. After your life here there will be a sense of purpose instilled in your comrades and in yourself. You will not see the level of desperation and dislocation involved in those around you again. This sense of involvement and of belonging to the plan will be further bestowed upon all those who wake up on the next sphere, on the mansion worlds.

So, as a practice, I would say this is not recommended. As a reality, we realize it occurs, and it is not in any way long time detrimental to the ascension career of the individual involved.

Does this help your question?

Kirk: Yes, thank you.

Healing, Prayer

Tom: I have a question for Jessona concerning the diminution of our vehicles. When we petition for healing from those involved in healing, how does that differ from prayer? Are they the same or is there a different priority in a petition for healing from the angelic side or from the petition to the Father?

Jessona: My friend, I will speak to you since you have asked for my presence here today.

I would confirm your inner feelings that to pray for healing is no different than to pray for any other aspect of your earthly life. In fact, your prayers are redirected at times to the most appropriate authorities on the matter. We grant that as children you may not be aware of exactly what it is you need when you petition your unseen friends and the Father. This is to be expected; this is as it should be in your stage. We who have a little more insight into your position may choose to react with your petition in accordance with our wisdom, which may not necessarily be as you so desire.

The act of healing specifically is very complicated in its many facets and its many combinations. There may be much more involved in a particular case than meets your eyes or than you are aware of. The Father knows these things, and when a petition is made for healing, for help for a specific individual, your petition is, in a sense, your request that the Father's will be done, that in His infinite wisdom and with His infinite knowledge of eternity, that He take your prayer as a wish or as a vote to add to the energy flow which He commands and controls. If in your prayer you are desirous that a loved one be made whole, be comforted, then your wish, your vote, commingles with that of the Father whose wish is also that His children do not suffer. Given the limitations of time and space and our physical vehicles, the Father acts in accordance with the longterm view of the individual.

The physical outworkings of this world may be inconsistent in your mind with a utopian idea you have of the way it should be, but one day this long-ranging view will be disclosed to you, and even you will see the decisions and subsequent repercussions of the Father in regards to your petitions.

No petition is ever wasted, ever comes to a dead end. All petitions have weight, have merit; they are real, and your petitions are real when you offer them and request them of the Father. They are never overlooked, and oftentimes they are helpful to strengthen the desire for goodness, for rightness, for overall benefit. It just may be that in any one life at any one time it may not be given you to see the entire outworking of the plan in regards to your petition. But never hesitate to offer it, nevertheless, as even if not now at some point you will see the effect that you have.

Does this further confuse you?

Tom: No, it's been very helpful. Thank you. I have recently been re-examining the aspects of prayer, and I seem to come up with more questions.

I would like to introduce my friend Dirk to you all. I hope if he has questions you might answer them.

Jessona: It is always a pleasure to have truth seekers come and join our activities. It is a pleasure to be surrounded by those who are eager to gain the fruits of the spirit.

Dirk: I'd like to share my appreciation to all for allowing me to be here.

Jessona: You are most welcome and we wish to spread the fruits of the spirit out far and wide, and in your efforts you share this desire with us, and we welcome you on board at any time.


Sarah: When it comes down to death there is still the fear of the unknown. Yes, I have faith, and I try to understand, though I'm not sure we are supposed to. We have a God who is a loving Father who answers prayers and takes care of us. On the other hand I hear a lot of this is universal energy that we are taken back to be one with others in the energy ball. When you talk about universal force that doesn't sound like it could be personalized by a father. If I was near death I would still be fearful. Can you give me any answer between them?

Jessona: My friend, that is exactly as expected. You are exactly as you are supposed to be. When you say that it may not seem to you to be encompassed in an individual personality, we realize this. We know this. It is not even expected of you that you can embrace and comprehend the magnitude of the Universal Father. All you can do during this life and on this world is scratch the surface of understanding the Father. It will be more than most can do if you simply accept that you cannot understand the Father and still exercise your faith in His presence.

My friends, you are not given to understand God the Father in this life. Most of those around you do not even accept this as a possibility, yet you are struggling to go beyond the possible into the details of understanding. This is an admirable goal you have, and you are tackling it with admirable fervor, but do not be hard on yourselves that you do not possess a complete understanding of death, of God, of prayer, of healing. These are systems which function outside of your knowledge. You are simply feeling these on the breeze. You are not given now during this life to fully embrace these. These are outside of your realms of perception. You must exercise faith --as you do-- that these are real, that they exist. By whatever limited means you can you attempt to manipulate them. But, my friends, never berate yourselves because you do not fully understand these systems. It is not going to happen no matter how long your physical vehicles last you on this world. You still, at the end, will not completely understand these systems, these realities which function around you.

So, given the fact that this is the reality, simply seek to accept the level to which you can embrace these truths. Be thankful that you are even aware of their presence and in whatever ways you can seek to recognize these systems in your daily lives and manipulate them to our your best spiritual advantage. You are expected to have fear in life-threatening circumstances. If you did not you would not be human; you would not be the being you are. You are expected to have great misunderstanding regarding the Father's will and His answer to your petitions. You are not expected to understand the dynamics and physics and all that is the healing process. You do well to investigate and to ask for more information as you internalize previous information, but do not be hard on yourselves. This is not to be fully understood in this life. Be gentle. Realize that you are doing well in your attempts to understand and that you are making great progress in these attempts. But never feel as though you have missed the mark by not succeeding. This is not so. Your success is in your attempt. You will be granted these fundamental principles in time, but now you are in this physical vehicle on this planet, and you are surrounded by a physical life. It is all we ask that you attempt to realize the other side of your dual nature, the other aspect different from your physical nature. If we could just get you to do that we have greatly succeeded in this life, and you have greatly succeeded in this life. So, don't fear that you are still showing animal tendencies; this is as it should be.

Your jobs are to grow as best you can in this environment, in this time and space. You are all doing exceedingly well at this task at hand. Hold steady to what you do have in this life. Work with the tools in the situations that you have. Seize the opportunities before you and make the most of what you have this time around so that you have that many more volumes in your library when you proceed forward.

From your perspectives you may think of yourselves as falling short spiritually. From our perspective we think of you as coming a long way animalistically. Treat yourself to this perspective and reach for the stars. You will be granted them as a result of your efforts.

I extend my personal appreciation to each of you in this group today. I look forward to working together. I see great opportunities before us and look forward to the implementing of these opportunities.

Sarah: Thank you. I feel like I've been given the freedom to be myself, and I don't have to work at spirituality so much but just be free on my own and these things will come to me. I thought I had to do a lot of work, but it is like a gift; it's already there.


Elyon: It is my pleasure to offer you some peace of mind over your ascension career. As I view it, it is astounding, and you have every right, every individual in this room, to be pleased and proud of the voluntary progress you have made in your spiritual ascension. I know that each one in this room will take that in the spirit in which it is intended and will continue to work and play for your spiritual advancement in peace and in joy.