1999-10-17-Rewards In Heaven

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Topic: Rewards In Heaven

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Lantarnek

TR: Jonathan



Goodness, Soul

Ginnie: How do we accumulate good; what happens to the good that we do? I think of brownie points and gold stars; is there some "bank" we can put our good into to be used later? I know that is an analogy, but how does the good we do effect us now and in the morontia life?

Lantarnek (Jonathan TR): I greet you, this is Lantarnek. It would be my pleasure to address your question.

This goodness you refer to may be likened to nutrients. Goodness feeds the soul. The soul during your physical life is incubating; it is in the womb. Every act of goodness brings nourishment to the soul that it may develop healthy. When the soul is born, you reap the rewards of your acts of goodness on the morontia level. You invested in a healthy, strong, and well developed soul that is capable and ready for the morontia ascent. The reward for acts of goodness in this life is often more for those to whom you have given in kindness and in love and in ministry. The rewards received by oneself are often the reflections back from these people whom you have served.

The storing up of treasures in heaven refers to this development of the soul, for on the morontia level it is what is living that is of prime spiritual importance. So, as you refer to the "bank", these treasures are not so much stacks of coins, inert rewards, the brownie points, -- as you indicate you knew was only an example -- but it is the living, breathing, pulsating alive soul that you are becoming.

All of you are aware of the beauty of the birth of a child into a family and how often a parent will go to great extremes to preserve this wonderful treasure. The greater your expressions of goodness in this life, the more capable will be your soul functions in the next. If you were to consider this soul potential accumulating within you at this point like a term of pregnancy, every good mother seeks to nourish this developing child, to take care of herself knowing full well that she is taking care of this little one. Herein enters the importance of such practices as stillness and the discernment of truth. Though these exercises, these disciplines, are beneficial to the personality directly and immediately in the life you live, they contribute to this future being that you are giving birth to.

A father and a mother contribute significantly to the combination that is the child. The Father within you and you as the carrier of this growing soul are both contributing to the new birth. But, whereas in the physical realm of procreation a distinct individual results apart from the parents, in the realm of the soul you are merging into one being.

The percent of return for your goodness investments today is beyond one hundred percent, and the significance will be better understood on that hour of your resurrection when you are, yourself, in complete engagement with this soul, when it has emerged from potential into full expression. You all experience soul qualities in this life, but this soul is morontia in nature and functions on morontia levels. In your rebirth on the mansion worlds you will feel it fully, not objectively, but as you entirely. I would express to you that this reward, this soul, is unique to mortal creatures. There aren't other beings who bring about such a creation.

I hope this has been helpful to you, and I would love to receive your feedback.

Ginnie: I was separating what I do from what I am. We will experience the growth of our souls more on the morontia worlds. Thank you.

Survival, Resurrection

Kirk: Is it true that, without nurturing or growing your soul, your chances of survival are lessened?

Lantarnek: In distinction to physical births, as I have done so today in reference to the soul, on a spirit level once a soul is born it does continue to survive. There are no stillbirths. There are no deformed births. But if no effort ever has been made, then the soul is not initiated. Survival is unlikely. But the soul that has begun can survive, and many mechanisms are in place to nourish such underdeveloped souls. You are aware of some of these processes from The Urantia Book. The handicap is that the developments for soul-being that could have been experienced on earth must be experienced in substitute in the first mansion realm.

You know it has been said that it takes no great learning, no extreme knowledge, to comprehend truth and to live out the will of the Father. What you experience is what you have at your resurrection; nothing else is gained. It is this experience, not necessarily the knowledge that may have contributed to experience, that you awaken with. You might liken this knowledge and many other forms of purely earth-oriented endeavors as an umbilical cord or a placenta that serves the purpose of the birth of the soul. The material mind is left; the physical body is left.

The only danger to the continued life of any soul lies in the personal choice of the being who carries this forming entity. The choice for survival is yours. Unbeknownst to anyone, they may bring into existence their soul. Similarly, it is often unbeknownst to a new mother she is carrying a child. Everything in the universe is geared toward its continued existence except for and relying wholly, solely, upon the choice of the personality who harbors this budding morontia being.

Does this help you?

Ancients of Days, Judgment

Kirk: In the end don't the Ancients of Days judge the potential for that being who grew the soul?

Lantarnek: The Ancients of Days discern which avenues the soul is capable of progressing down. For instance you have read where primitives have so little soul development that Father fusion is not possible. The Ancients of Days will discern and judge this condition and order spirit fusion to take place. The Ancients of Days will also discern impeccably the will of the personality who is up for adjudication. The will must want survival. If the personality has rebelled against the way of the Father and stands before the Ancients of Days choosing to survive, the Ancients of Days will discern the sincerity and the repentance and will reveal this unmistakably to the personality in question such that the personality will accept the decree of the Ancients of Days. There will be no room for misunderstanding or delusion or confusion. It may be seen that the Ancients of Days are experts in revealing to the personality the reality import and sincerity of this decision for eternal life. When the personality agrees to this inescapable truth, then the Ancients of Days will act in making the decree permanent, whether it is survival or cessation of existence.

Further thoughts?

Kirk: No, thank you. You cleared up a lot. There is your freewill choice after this life, in front of the Ancients of Days, when they tell you your future course. You can choose not to accept it.

Lantarnek: Correct. If you choose not to survive, they must clarify to you the actualities involved in such a decision. Not only can they be considered the executioners, but they are also rectifiers. They will reveal to the resistant personality the true nature of the decision such that the personality will not choose wrongly in the sense of not having all the information to choose properly. This is why such beings as Lucifer could continue on in their activities for so long, because the mercy of God requires that even this being accept in full knowledge the import and the impact of his decision and be willing to receive the consequences, consequences he would choose for himself in full enlightenment.

the Supreme

Kirk: The Father needs that personality who rejected survival. So, inevitably does that personality need to be born in a new being starting all over again? That personality that was going to survive has to survive in somebody?

Lantarnek: All personality is potential and resident in the Original Personality of the Father. The Father wills that every personality derived from Himself as He bestows them throughout the realm of the Supreme be contributory to the emergence of Supreme personality. The Father desires all personality gifts survive distinctly, that these discrete personalities exist alongside the emerging personality of the Supreme. The personality that retreats from reality, chooses not to survive, leaves a little hole in the Supreme's completeness. The Father does continue to bestow personality in an effort to complete the Supreme.

Personality is a mystery in the universe, and how the Supreme can be fully maximized in light of the choice of an individual to not contribute to the Supreme is still under research by many beings in the grand universe. It is suspected that the Father has ways of packaging the potentials such that they will become eternalized by the end of time. Exactly how He goes about expressing all that it will take for the Supreme to stand in full completeness is still not understood.

Kirk: Thank you.

Sleeping Survivors, Death

Ginnie: What is the difference between one who has not developed a high level of spirituality or personality development and is simply put into the long sleep and one who refuses to survive? Since this is our first life many of us have come in with disadvantages in making our choices.

Lantarnek: The answer to this question would be far easier to give if Urantia was in Light and Life, for even on a normal course of development the issue of survival choice would be more a process of education and selection than it is today on this world where it is more a case of mystery, misunderstanding, and bewilderment. A sleeping survivor who has elected not to survive will resurrect as would any being at any level of soul development, for, coming from a world like Urantia deficient in its spiritual education, (they) must convince the Ancients of Days that they, in full enlightenment, know why they are choosing as they have chosen.

Ginnie: On this planet no personality can choose not to survive? They have another chance to make a better decision?

Lantarnek: In a sense, yes. Any personality can choose not to survive, but they must, upon resurrection, stand before the Ancients of Days such that all parties concerned are in full agreement that the decision is soundly made, made in a Supreme sense with a total understanding.

Light and Life, Survival

In Light and Life the mortal who elects non-survival status may have a greater understanding as to the import and the desire for such a decision, but on Urantia, with all the confusion prevalent, here this decision is often made from ignorance and frustration and not from enlightenment and a willful election.

But I would also append to this comment that beings who are reared in a Light and Life environment rarely choose that option, for they understand more fully the wonders that lie in store for them in the morontia experience ahead, for these morontia enticements are more prevalent on a world that is in Light and Life. It is possible to foretaste the new realm. On Urantia, with all its upheavals and only this world to compare to an entire universe, the universe can appear grim and full of more of the same upheavals, conflicts, and defeats. Therefore it is witnessed that many beings who laid down their lives hoped for oblivion and a cessation of trouble. There are many schools of rehabilitation to help these souls who have hurt so profoundly.

Your religions place great emphasis upon survival choice before the event of physical death, but it has been revealed to you that there are several worlds that you must go through before this decision is finalized. Certainly once you understand and choose not to survive, this process is greatly shortened. But those who choose survival must continue on developing and becoming capable of that eternity event, the point of fusion. Then there will be no question.

Ginnie: Can we say that people who we think have done terrible atrocities will resurrect and have another chance?

Lantarnek: Yes, particularly on a confused world like Urantia. These same actions in an advanced world would have been made with more deliberateness, more likely to be iniquitous rather than simply, if I may use the term, spiritual insanity stemming from malformed development on a spiritual level, confusional decisions. Hence the importance of the Ancients of Days to help rectify, discern, and clarify all the factors that have contributed to the behaviors and choices of these personalities.

Ginnie: If only more people could understand this, have the information we do, about personality survival.

Lantarnek: Thus the importance of the Correcting Time. It is good that on this world today exists this reference manual wherein this information may be gleaned and incorporated into the life of those who read it. But it is vastly more important for all of those who assimilate this understanding to, in their own creative and individual ways, promote this truth throughout their lives in whatever ways they can. Though you may feel insignificant and have a range of influence that appears to be only a few miles in circumference, this is considered to be a great contribution to the efforts of all planetary administrators seeking to enlighten this world. Just as the Father wills that all personalities contribute to the Supreme, we wish that all of you contribute to the correction of the misunderstanding that is prevalent on this planet.

Ginnie: Thank you for enlightening us.


Lantarnek: I am delighted to be in service, and I am overjoyed to be in your company. May we all continue our tasks with joy and thanksgiving. I take my leave.