2000-04-02-Correction From The Life Carriers

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Topic: Correction From the Life Carriers

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl, Bersa, Ongaralan, Rasmansatia, Unknown

TR: Steve



I've been asked to say a few words to you this evening. I am Ongaralan, and I'm Rasmansatia We're both Life Carriers and we would like to briefly comment to you about some of the characteristic developments of your world and some of the things that you can expect.


Life Carriers

The way that life was initiated on your planet, was with a potential to manifest a multitude and diverse forms of life, which go through different stages of evolution and development, and were designed to prepare for the time when will creatures would come, and manifest on this world. It was further designed, that will creatures evolve physically, mentally, and spiritually, into the dawn ages and evolving mature years of light and life. Corresponding to this are also the plant and animal kingdoms.

The basic chemical patterns in your cells have already been programmed and designed to manifest at different stages, at this time on your world. There is a characteristic awakening of the potential for light and life to begin to manifest. This characteristic awakening takes place within the micro constituents of your cellular makeup, and therefore you live in an age which is ripe for manifesting full spiritual potential. Once the spiritual potential begins to manifest within the individual, and within a group in a larger constituency on the planet as a whole. There is designed and programmed within the micro patterning of your cellular structure dramatic and sweeping changes, that take place on a physical level. To name just a few changes are, enabling increased health, mental clarity, spiritual connection, enlarged capacity for love and happiness, and longer and more mature years, in which to develop a fuller connection with the Father fragments. Thank you.

Greeting to you. I am Bersa. Thank you for allowing me to share a few words with you this evening. It is the love from Deity, from the Father Mother God, which is the greatest resource and potential that you can ever possess. You are all indwelt with a certain measure of this resource a fragment spirit, and divine gift or treasure. By tapping this resource, you will begin to manifest more fully your task, and potential for spiritual growth and development. We as spiritual friends, on your world greatly uphold and respect your willful decision, and your time honored acts of love and kindness. We respect the slow motion development of the spiritual consciousness, and we as spiritual friends are holding for you all spiritual and conscious thought and endeavor. So know that you are all loved and cared for by many whom you do not see and many whom you do not know. We do this out of love and compassion rather than duty and command. It is a wonderful and joyous opportunity to help bring love and life to a world such as yours, and to people such as yourselves. Thank you for allowing me to speak these few words this evening.

Greetings to you my friends. I am allowed to speak a few words to you this evening. We who work in your stead are ever thankful when opportunity presents itself, that you are able to take our guiding and nudging, and act upon it, this is the greatest acknowledgment that you can give us. We never tire in our service to support your decisions and to help bring you into the right working relationship for your continued growth. We ask nothing personal from you, yet we rejoice when you acknowledge our presence by the simple task of following our nudges, and taking advantage of the choices in which we try to present to you. It is a patient service, the tasks in which we perform.

I am and have been on this world for many centuries, and it is tremendously inspiring at this time to experience the overwhelming uplift which is beginning to surge within hearts all over this world. This time has been planned for a very long time. That it is beginning to manifest is a result of planning, patience and the right combinations of wonderful personality development at this time. We are your friends, and we watch you as you come to this world and you leave this world. We are allowed to acknowledge to you, that it is tremendously uplifting work, to honor and respect the task of evolutionary mortal development, and a blessing to watch it reach an apex of manifestation, as it is beginning to manifest on your world at this time. Thank you.

Greetings to you my friends. I bring you greetings from the Archangel circuit. We are a group of spiritual service helpers on your world, who established and maintained a spiritual headquarters for all the spiritual activity on this planet since the bestowal times of Christ Michael. We also have patiently anticipated the times, which are upon us now. Many have begun to walk the path, yet many become distracted. Know that the path is not always clear. This is why you are indwelt with divine guidance, which is clear. The times of which you live provide opportunity, and overwhelming challenge to stand in trust and faith, to uphold truth, to live in beauty, and to act in goodness. We rejoice that spiritual lights are turning on, are beginning to glow within the hearts and minds of many Urantia mortals. In the service of Christ Michael, we who are on your world await patiently that day, when you yourselves begin to rejoice within your hearts for the wonderful goodness and gladness which is truly your destiny. When the worship of the Father begins to pull beyond the mere utterance of words, and to begin to manifest profoundly in such truth, in glorious beauty, and in divine goodness, that the light of the heavens will have truly descended onto your world. Do not discourage nor despair my friends. You, who are here for such a short time, know that everything that you do is of value and of importance, no matter how slight or menial are seemingly insignificant. It is wholly true that what you do to the least of these, you do for me. Thank you and good evening.


JAREL: Greetings to you, my friends. It is I JarEl. Thank you for allowing a few who, are present to speak to you this evening. There is anticipation with all of us here. A subtle excitement that you are beginning to express yourselves spiritually, in your thoughts, in your actions, and in your intentions. As you were discussing earlier, this thought and intention helps to impress upon those around you the quality and character that is such of spirit.

Many of us who have come here, initially came here out of sheer anticipation and curiosity. Could such a world as this, really exist? Not only does it exist, it has moved each one of us to such levels of compassion. It has humbled us in its awe-inspiring nature, that the spirit-fragment, and betrayal, and bestowal on your world in its diluted form. To see many souls open their spiritual eyes, to encounter within, that glorious and wondrous spirit called God, to paraphrase your own speech, "It is awesome". Many of us, and most come from much more tame and civilized spiritual worlds. To come here and view in the wild, the raw nature of spirit manifesting in goodness, seeking truth, and creating beauty is truly an inspiration. This planet is the most sought after service in all of Nebadon, and I myself can truly say that I was not prepared for what I have witnessed on your world. To say that I am impressed, is an understatement.

We have, in the last few meetings, been discussing aspects of spirit mind, and certain aspects and characteristics, which grow and develop out of spirit mind. I have seen a whole new perspective of faith on your world. To witness a material mind embrace the fragment of truth, has made me stop and realize the awesome power that the actual fragment does manifest. It's ability to turn animal consciousness, the heathen mind in its attention, and for that mind to begin to seek and be inspired by the inner presence. To yearn to change, and to dedicate your life and will to open to the potential to greatness, such is faith as I have never seen. In its raw and primordial nature, it has more of nuance and character of beauty, to see a child, trust the dysfunctional parent, and to see a dysfunctional child trust the true parent. It is not only you that is learning and growing, all of us here are also learning and growing. Know that we hold the highest intention for goodness and peace to prevail on your world. Know that we gather and rejoice when one more person opens their heart. We wish that you had more privilege to experience the tremendous joy that exists in our spiritual world. That you begin to sense in your heart, this joy, that the Father is able to help you sense and feel this joy, trust, and open to the truth that you are growing, and becoming a new person, a new being, with a new responsibility.

You are becoming a member of the brotherhood of light, the family of God, the family of Nebadon, and the family of Urantia. Believe with all your heart and begin to know the trust that what you feel, and how you are guided is your destiny. No matter what level of testing you are experiencing at this time, trust that it is only a test. Know that it qualifies you for greater and more challenging responsibilities. Know that it is possible to do what you want to do in this life, and also to serve God, and mankind. Know that the potential for greatness does exist at this time. It is within your grasp. It has already been programmed into you. Begin to identify with this greatness. Not with the smallness, and what I mean by that is, many tend to identify with the guilt, the unworthiness, with the pettiness of mistakes. Mistakes are great. Mistakes are markers and steps, which allow you to further grow and move into this greatness. You are constantly moving towards greatness. God is the greatest. You are to become as God. This is why you are also to become great. Know that it is your right as an indwelt mortal by the spirit of God for you to achieve your full potential of being, that you can take a very simple life, and make it into a great and wonderful life. Thank you for allowing us to have an opportunity to speak to you this evening. Are there any concerns here this evening?


Nell: I would like to thank you very much for a beautiful teaching, and thank all the wonderful friends who spoke to us. It was wonderful to hear from Life Carriers and hear their explanations.

JarEl: Life Carriers are part of a service to Michael and the constellation headquarters. For all practical purposes, they are not part of the ascension scheme. They perform their tasks and functions as an agency of overcontrol, as life supervisors who are able to make certain recommendations at our council hearings.

Lucille: Are they still functioning on this planet?

JarEl: Very much so. As life begins to unfold and manifest, different programs come into play, and the life pattern for Urantia has been initially programmed for light and life. That was basically what was given this evening.

George: I know they gave some examples of the programs that are being activated. Are there many more that are waiting for us?

Light and Life

JarEl: Everything is waiting for you. As you begin to grow in service to the Father's love and will, as the population reaches a spiritual threshold, many physical and mental manifestations will shift to accommodate the images of light and life. One of the most important things that will happen, and this is when you will be able to sense that you are drawing near to light and life, is that adjuster fusion will begin to happen with frequency. This is a signal that Urantia is preparing and is ready for a greater and expanded revelation of truth to come unto your world. Truth, beauty, and goodness manifest on all levels. They manifest on the spiritual level. They manifest in the mental level. And they also manifest within the physical universe. During the ages of life and life, you get a more profound sense that these three spiritual qualities are actually manifesting in physical evidence.

Nell: Would that mean, that new cities and buildings that are being built may be inspired to be more beautiful in the physical sense?

JarEl: It could mean that. What it means, is that there is a dynamic synergy, and harmony between the spiritualized mind and the physical nature manifestation in the vehicle of life. There is sheer joy and happiness at such levels of simplicity such as: the dawning of a new day, the birth of a new child, or the translation of a loved one. The training of your children, the preparation of your food, the maintenance of your structure, the quality of all citizens to have profound respect and love for each other, and their differences, that this begins to, how shall I say, when you are in love, you begin to notice others in love, when you are feeling joy, you begin to notice joy in others, when you begin to experience God, you begin to experience God in others. When everyone is experiencing God, God becomes much more real, and everything else becomes much more real in its manifestation. Things are done more correctly. Everything is done correctly, and in order, by the nature of things. Things return to an empowered and natural estate. The quality of life improves. All plants are beautiful, healthy and vital. The air quality is brilliant. The correct proportion of gases in your atmosphere is phenomenal. The quality of vitamins and minerals in the food substances that you eat, the ability for the physical to manifest, exists during these times. Yes, there is a relationship between life as human, life as plants, life animals, and the earth on which you live. It is a living energy system, complete with manifestation, diversity, a connection to spirit. As the citizenry evolves spiritually, the connection to the earth and to all life becomes much more pronounced. It is truly beautiful. Imagine gardens that are hundreds of years old, all manicured, and new specimens. Imagine the vitality and quality of life to have access to that type of world. And slowly but surely, this consciousness is evolving again on your world. As you begin to grow spiritually, you begin to respect all life, all manifestations of life. The evolutionary begin to remotely reflect the architectural spheres at this point. Were you to go to Jerusem, next week, you would think you were in heaven at the level of seeming perfection and order, beauty and physical manifestations that exist. This will happen here.

Lucille: Was the potential for spirit programmed into the evolving life forms from the Life Carriers?

JarEl: Yes, they were. The unfortunate occurrence of the Lucifer rebellion deprived Urantia of a tremendous opportunity to have been manicured at a very early age. Your planetary prince at that time, chose to forego the Father's plan on this world, and in doing so, abrogated an otherwise quality that had been planned for this species. Nonetheless, it has made for an opportunity to grow. It has made an opportunity for spirit to find and utilize more created resources, to manifest within the species, within the human heart and mind. Yes, it would have been wonderful if Caligastia had cleaned up the genetic stock, had continued to working to amalgamate the Sangik Races with the Andonites. It would have been wonderful if Adam and Eve, your material son and daughter would have arrived on the world in due form to continue the task of up-stepping the already blended races. Such was not the case on Urantia. But lo and behold, through such default and neglect, this small and insignificant world was blessed by the bestowal presence of Michael and that one event forever has changed the destiny of this world. And, what is happening now on Urantia, is that the spiritual programming initially programmed into the life implantation, are on a larger scale beginning to manifest. The spiritual potential to manifest is not an automatic achievement nonetheless. Part of the design is to be activated by the will of the individual. Once the individual begins to activate willfully the spiritual component of his mind, his energy system, not only does the connection to spirit begin to manifest in that person's life, but you are altered permanently and begin to show forth a new pattern in a new way of being, which will eventually on a larger scale, begin to signal much more profound and significant changes in the spiritual, mental, and physical manifestations.

Lucille: If it is our desire and intent to contact the spiritual presence, what happens to the next generation. Do they have the same potential?

JarEl: Yes, they have an exponent to the potential. What that means is, for example, for the last fifty years, in your country, the population has tremendously been improved by mandatory education and subsequent establishing of higher education, institutions and facilities, making it possible for virtually every citizen to have access to education. When children will be brought into the world and all have access to loving parents, to teach them of the wonderful joy and opportunity of loving service to Father's will, you will begin to see tremendous potential and growth begin to express itself more fully and completely. This is the exponent. The potential exists right now on the planet for light and life genetically. The majority of the population has not reached the decision and experience to manifest and express it's full potential at this time. But, you are beginning to do this, and many like you are. This does create an opportunity for many more and much more.


Tom: JarEl, some of my understanding of the American Indian tribes is that they were spiritual, but seems to have been lost in the days after the white race settled in the Americas. It seems that there were some people on the planet that were in the direction of achieving the spiritual potential, after the Lucifer rebellion.

JarEl: Numerous times this has happened. Materialism offers a powerful seduction. The one time greatness and spirit of the people was greatly compromised. A lot of the elders foresaw that a greater potential was to manifest on this continent within the white race, and also chose not to interfere with its encroachment. There are many ways in which spirituality can be manifest, and not always in a dramatic fashion. It is extremely difficult for any individual in any race at any time to accept that the will of the Father is of greater importance and value than any individual or group will. It is when the individual-will chooses to adopt to the Father's will, and the Father's will becomes manifest on a social level, that the dynamic of spiritual living begins to manifest. There are many remnants of that already in existence on your world. It is such a peculiar and exotic blend of spiritual, material, and baser realities which is characteristic of this particular world.


Chris: I would like to know if every world is given a completely unique characteristic that sets it apart from all other worlds, and if this is commonly known by celestials. Do they know other worlds by their uniqueness and are we allowed to know what sets the earth apart from other planets?

JarEl: Some worlds are unique because of the relationship that their citizenry had to endure on such physical terrain. There are worlds known for certain qualities that the citizenry manifest. All life is individual and has characteristic similarities. The interesting and obvious characteristic of Urantia has been the betrayal and rebellion, and the gracious bestowal of Christ Michael, which has superseded all characteristic of any world in Nebadon. The peculiar blend of the remnants of all these things blended into the modern day races is quite astonishing to us who have come from other worlds. There is no other world quite like this in Nebadon. Yet, there is such beauty, such truth, and goodness at the heart of your world.

Tom: Sometimes while driving the freeways, I see such beauty of the mountains and their majesty and then I see this destruction just raging through our town.

JarEl: Evolution does have a price. It takes conscious intention and effort to harmonize and bring into sync all manifestations.


Are these all of the questions for this evening? If so, thank you, and we will be back within a few weeks.