2000-04-23-Speak From The Heart

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Topic: Speak From the Heart

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Elyon, Rantarason, Daniel, Michael

TR: Gerdean, Mark Rogers, Sheila



Tomas (Gerdean TR): Into this tranquil setting I will interject my presence. I am Tomas. I am a teacher and one of your friends. It gives me joy to be inside your sacred circle of friendship and your family of believers. Your comfort with one another, indeed, your dynamic affection for each other, brings me to a level of appreciation which I will attempt to equate to a cultural parallel to what you might call a Jedi.


I become amused at your mortal attempts to depict by way of your imaginations what would be an ideal of life as you might perceive it depending upon your advanced thought and appreciation for divinity. And so we find the impact of these creations educational material for the young minds up and coming on the spiritual search who would have "the force" be with them. You are indeed a form of Jedi master in as much as you have learned how to master much of that which no longer serves your needs or your purpose, whereas there are some who would bend spoons with their wills as display of their mental giant powers. You have reached a point of realizing the energy that it would take to bend the spoon would be better served to help bend the attitude of the mortal in such a way as to fine tune its receptivity to those harmonics which would align the soul of the being with the oversoul of creation. Your weaponry has lost its zap in terms of Star Wars, has become instead a sword of truth which will not destroy and vanquish but which will embroider the truth such that the defense of the timid is no longer needed. The sword tip tickles and delights.

I feel very much like your uncle. In fact my role with you is very much like that of your father's brother. and like an elder relative. I know when to sit you on my knee or to call you aside to impart my words of wisdom imbued through my attitude, and I know when to leave you to your own devices which I will do soon, for it is time that I do. But I have once again enjoyed the experience of being your conscious friend, counselor, companion, and teacher in particular on this day of adulation and acknowledgment. Farewell.

Teaching, Expression

Elyon (Mark): This is your unseen associate Elyon. I come to you today with great joy, as I am privileged to be welcomed into your circle of friends and your circle of remembrance.

We are as a busy cast on my side behind the scenes, behind drawn curtains, shuffling about here and there making plans and provisions for our next opportunity to be of assistance. We occupy ourselves with the many possibilities before us as we rehearse our roles and practice our interactions on each other. You are as the actors on the stage in the limelight and clearly visible to all those before you who look to you for your next step, your next move.

We are exceedingly glad when at times such as this we are welcomed into the formation of your plans such as the actors would come behind the scenes to a crack in the curtain and seek the next prompting, the next scene to play, words of encouragement, attempts to focus. We see our role, ones behind the scenes, as supporting your role, the ones in front of all eyes. You are the ones who will ultimately deliver the lines, who will ultimately take the steps necessary to provide those onlookers with a stellar performance. We are exceedingly glad that you that you involve us in the formulation of your plans regarding your effectiveness as actors. We are ever willing to be helpful to you in this regard. However, we make an observation that as you grow as spiritual players on your stage you become more familiar with your roles and your cues and with your promptings.

Less and less you find it necessary to come to us, your assistants, to lean on us for your next direction. This is as it should be and a beautiful thing to witness because so much growth is implied in this step. You are indeed spreading your wings, and more and more you summon your own strength to be about your role with passion and vigor. We are your greatest cheerleaders.

I wish it were yours at this time to witness the great cheers that go up behind the curtains when you so beautifully and so brilliantly execute your moves, when you are moved so with passion that you allow the Father's love to flow through you as water. We are overjoyed that you have so much before you, so much potential that you may actualize the skills you are honing at this time. Please make no mistake, as you become conscious of the role you play in this regard, more responsibility is shifted on your performance as it becomes more synchronous with the will of the Father.

You all, you each one, has a part to play on the stage, and you are in training to realize your cues so that you may be there when the line needs to be delivered, when the smile needs to be passed on, when the look in the eye to your brother is needed; that is the time when you will be there to fulfill the role. Be ever alert for your cues to shine the Father's light. They will come to you faster, more frequently, and you will observe them more easily and accurately. When this occurs, seize the moment. The light will sweep and fix on you, and you must step up and deliver the line. You will know what the line is at that time if you allow yourselves to be a conduit for the Father. More and more this is your role to play. You will find yourself in a position more frequently to be at the right place at the right time. While you may still lean upon assistance such as myself or the other teachers who are available to you, less and less will you find it necessary to do so. You are becoming teachers yourselves. You are internalizing the lessons you are hearing over time. They are becoming you; you are becoming them.

So, my dear ones, the next time you feel the heat of the spotlight fix you on the stage of life, take a deep breath. Summon up your strength and your courage and allow your destiny to be fulfilled. Speak from the heart; speak as Michael would have you speak. Be his voice. You will be a great success on the stage of life. Then be content with yourself. Be satisfied with your actions. Be at peace with your station in life. It is the reward for the great effort you have put in at this point. Accept it. Embrace it. Love it. It is your station. It is your point. It is the space you occupy at this point in your ascension. It is to be revered for exactly that, just what it is: you at this point in time and space and in evolution.

You have the gratitude of the entire backstage crew who cheers you on vigorously, who has you in their prayers and in their thoughts and in their encouragement. You have their support and their love to lean on to reassure you, to validate your convictions. Avail yourself of them, and be strong in our growing certainty of direction. Rely on your internal spiritual compass and proceed ahead in the direction indicated. You cannot misstep if this is your guidance.

I offer you all my profound respect, for without you this great undertaking in which we are both engaged would not be possible. You are the link in the chain we need to complete the circuit, and we will ever remain in gratitude and respect for the part you play hand-in-hand with us. We look forward to a greater working relationship as maturity levels increase, and one day we shall embrace each other with spirit arms as comrades who served valiantly together in the service of our Father.

I leave my love with you this day. Thank you for hearing me.

Rantarason (Sheila): Greetings great ones. I am your brother/friend Rantarason.


There has been today yet another display of understanding, of compassion, of great admiration and love for a man who you never met, to a great creator who you know so very well. Through the ages there have been many attempts to know and understand the man named Jesus, yet you have accomplished far more with your true and sincere relationship with Michael, our brother. I would ask that you take into consideration what it must take to have a relationship with a great and compassionate Creator Son. This would be impossible if you did not allow yourself to be him. I have the great privilege

...and I must say that our relationships with him are so very similar that it is inconceivable the notion that you have neither denied him or yourself. Many years ago we began to even fathom the idea of our success in approaching you in this mission, that we would come to know you as knowing him as we do. One of the greatest and most impressive joys we have shared is the relationship we all share with Michael and our love for the Father. In your attempts to share this relationship that you know so very well many times your words have been less productive than the look in your eyes the contentment on your face as you speak of him. Be assured that each one has the same opportunity to know him as you do. Also know that the splendor you receive in knowing him is of your own doing as it will be everyone's doing in their own time. There will be a day when the content faces and the peaceful eyes will be upon the faces of all. I look forward to this, as I know you do.

I, as always, am very grateful to be part of this circle. I am grateful to share in all relationships that bring such contentment. I leave you now with contentment on my face as is on yours.

Daniel (Gerdean): I am your neighbor Daniel. It is wonderful to be here and to share with you the energy of love that you have brought forth with your presence today. The worldwide celebration of the resurrection has brought a multitude of souls into light, the rejoicing is far and wide. Those of you who sit in the comfort of knowing him and his timeless message have the honor of leading the way as elder brothers and sisters to those who follow, maintaining the established curriculum of the Melchizedek teachers in appointing upon humankind those meanings and values which have withstood the test of time and which will provide the foundation for Light and Life in the era to come.

The new seeds sprouting across the world are in danger of being swept into the traditions of past belief systems and emotional maelstroms of the times of your lives. Your spirit stability and constancy, your steady growth, your kind tenacity, your willingness to hold fast to the basket, to cling to the hem of his garment, to maintain your mature and steadfast diligence and devotion in honoring the true purpose of your being are services which carry truth, beauty, and goodness into realms of actualization which will withstand the changes and winds of time.

Thus we come today to celebrate with you the efforts that you have invested as your other teachers and my fellow workers have averred. We celebrate with you your accomplishments, our accomplishments, and anticipate with joy the efforts for the coming in bringing about this glorious kingdom of the Father and the brotherhood of all men. It is a great honor to partake in all of this and with all of you. We reach across time and space in the class of comradeship.

Carry on and farewell.


Michael (Mark): I would come among you today as the one who you make reference to in your celebration. I desire that you know that I hear of your petitions. I witness when you reach out for me. I accept your love. I accept your reach on behalf of our Father. I would grant you the sincere petitions of your hearts consistent with the mandates of our Father in heaven. I desire that you know of a certainty that I know of a certainty of your desires. I desire to be closer to each one of you. I have made you a promise that I will be with you, and I fully intend to manifest that reality. To that end I desire that you know that this mission is made far easier with your active and willing participation such as you are engaged in at this very moment. Your faith enables us to cross this bridge together. I would have each of you know in your hearts how very pleased I am with each of you and how loved and cherished you are as the ones who I adore. You desire my company in your lives and I tell you plainly that I am always attempting to be in your company if you would but let me in and accept me. We will both learn to make this step easier, but doubt not that this union between us stands only to gain strength. I have found each one of you, my dear ones, and now, as you experience life, more and more you come to find me, and you find me with open arms and a loving heart. Please accept this embrace I have for each of you. Please allow me into your everyday lives so that we may the better be about the Father's business. I ask your cooperation, but I know that you have already granted me this, and I am grateful, as this represents a Supreme freewill choice. I respect your choice, and we may both look forward to a closer relationship as time progresses.


Thank you for your sincerity, thank you for your faith. Thank you for the decisions you have made that have brought you to this place where we may the better commune. In the final analysis the steps have been taken by yourselves. I did not direct you to this place; you chose to arrive of your own accord. Now we may begin this process together. Once again thank you, I love you, and my peace I leave with you.