2000-09-22-The Career Beyond

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Topic: The Career Beyond

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Tanare, Minearsia, Aaron

TR: Bill K.



Tanare(Bill) Greetings. I am Tanare. I wish to lead you in the opening prayer.

Greatest, most wonderful Father/Mother Who dwells within us, Who dwells within all intelligent creation, may these, our friends, be uplifted and feel cherished as they fellowship with us this evening. I am pleased to be in their presence and I ask that we all respect the sacred individuality of each other person, and every other person this evening and for eternity. May it be so. Amen.

Daniel(Bill): Greetings, my friends, I am Daniel, your teacher, your guide, your friend, and your companion. Welcome back to our fellowship, Barbara.. You have been missed and your presence is a delight to me as well as your peers assembled here this evening. Welcome, also, to the rest of you, and I send a welcome to those of you whom you do not ascertain through mortal eyes, but who are in here in large numbers.



One of the greatest joys of the ascension career is the discovery of loving companionship and joyful partnership/teamwork. Yes, unfortunately, it is often true on Urantia that true partnership and teamwork can be rare. Your culture, in particular, is rife with competition to the point of ruthless, ego deflating, personal worth degrading consequences. There is a healthy competition which can be obtained between oneself and another in which there is mutual admiration, sincere compliments and encouragement to the other person to achieve their best. In this type of competition the winner does not glory in their win and the looser does not wallow in their despair. The whole process is taken rather lightly as the purpose of the competition is to enhance one's motivation and effort. I wish to speak this evening on meaningful work. Isaac is mildly distressed for he was having a premonition that I might launch into some discussion of this topic.

My friends, I urge you to look up and forward for, fortunately, the universe career is not merely a continuation of the mortal experience, especially on a disordered and darkened sphere such as Urantia still is.

Ken: Yeah, but we are getting light, Daniel.

Daniel: This is true! This is true, and that's why I wish to shine the light down the road a ways to show you things that are coming and therefor give you inspiration for your remaining days as mortals. My comment about companionship and partnership is an aspect of your lives now, which to some degree and with great variability among individuals, you do experience; but nothing like the quality of fine teamwork which we will be forever engaged in as pilgrims ascending the universe, as Finaliters before our absonite ministry and forever, I am taught, will we be in relationships with other beings. The great joy of work on the morontial level and on planets as they enter early stages of light and life consists in doing the work together with others who share one's goals and one's enthusiasm and one's value for the work itself.

Service, Supreme

The work is important for the work is all a part of the growth of the Almighty Supremacy which is developing in the Supreme Being. Ultimately, all meaningful work is part of the growth of the Supreme. What does that mean, my friends? All meaningful work contributes to the actualization of the finite God of experience, God the Supreme. In the Supreme are we all connected and united and we glimpse this at times when we have a truly good partnership or, in a larger context, good teamwork with others. We sense there is something greater than just the meaning we give to our individual lives when we, together, accomplish a greater goal. Yes, I tell you, there is greater meaning. It is all very important. Nothing that we do that is good is forgotten or lost.

While you must define work in your cultures as efforts which help sustain your lives with food on the table, we have a much larger meaning to the word in universe usage. There is division of labor on the morontia worlds. It is not simply one grand tourist fling. Your work will be arduous but joyful, important but not boring, exciting but not exhausting. It will be what you look forward to from day to day with every bit as much enthusiasm as you now greet your days of leisure. I realize that for many people their work is the love of their life. But for those of you who have not felt that satisfaction, I am telling you, you will experience it! It shall be your possession someday.

Now all of this does not have to wait for pie in the sky, bye and bye. Indeed, I desire to convey to you the idea that work as defined by service is your calling despite whether you are "retired" or not. Service to other people is your calling. It is the Godlike way to behave. It is the work of the Father within who gives you the energy, the purpose, and the joy in serving other people. It must come from an overflow, this service; it cannot be manufactured or generated out of either guilt or duty. The service that I am referring to, which we have spoken of often in this mission, is a great pleasure. It is a natural overflow and outlet of your personality. This is why we are always so joyous to be with you on these evenings when you gather together, for it pleasures me to the greatest extent to sit in your midst and share my passion and my understanding with you. I now am going to allow a new speaker a few moments to address you. One moment please.

The Teachers

Tanare(Bill): I am Tanare. Yes, I am Gwen's teacher, present with you at Daniel's invitation. I will be allowed, as are my companions and peers, time on occasion to address you.I am not as familiar with this transmitting/receiving process for I am relatively new to Urantia, having come here from afar, from a system on the other side of our universe of Nebadon. I have been associated with what you would consider to be "natural healing medicine". I struggle for the right word...not naturopath, but holistic mind/body/soul connected experience with energy transmission, nutritional balance, mental stresses, many of these sorts of things and uniting them in people in such a way as to effect healing. I apologize for the clumsiness of my words. I hope that you can understand what I am intending to say.

So, therefore, as I come to this mission, and to this, my charge, I bring with me these experiences and am offering to you all, when it would be appropriate, further consultation, interaction, and training, perhaps, with this that I can share. I hope that this little bit of background will assist you in getting a feel for my person. Of course, I send my special and warm greetings to my Gwen, who will, I am confident, become more and more familiar with me. I want to thank you all for allowing me this time. Good evening.

Group: Good evening.


Aaron(Bill): (spoken in a loud voice) I am Aaron, hello! Yes, you thought you had perhaps gotten rid of me. (group gasps)......no, I'm joking. But I am still here (group laughs) and I do warmly greet you all, my friends. I have not been dilettante in my attendance, I simply have not taken the opportunity to make my presence known.

As the subject of partnership and companionship was touched upon by my good friend and colleague, Daniel, my nature was aroused by a subject so dear to my heart and one which I have not conversed with you about lately. Therefor it was decided that I should also... (TR makes faces of disapproval)...I will change my words...share my wisdom with you this evening. This may be stricken from the record but I will permit Isaac's request so that you know what his grimaces and strange motions were all about. I was going to say, "shoot off my big mouth", but he refused to transmit those words (giggling and group laughter) He felt those words would discredit my stature in the presence of the minds of others who do not know me so well.(more laughter) But let us continue.

Actually, my friends, what has just happened says a great deal about companionship, for here we have had this most interesting interaction between myself and Isaac, and now, you all. You are all pleasantly emoting as a consequence. You are feeling, I sense, that Aaron is not so bad after all; that maybe he is a pretty nice fellow; that he can talk like he is one of the boys and it has brought us closer together. So what I wished to talk about, I have already demonstrated, and that is the need to take risks in looking foolish with other people, so that your essential humanity, your imperfection, your uniqueness, can spill forth.

What do you have to afraid of, that you should live behind walls of propriety and hide your vulnerability from each other? Oh, I know that out in the cold cruel world there is need for protection. But you see, my friends, with true companionship those walls can be abolished. When you hug another person you let go of the walls. You allow your bodies to contact, firmly press. There is no barrier preventing you from sharing. What's the consequence?...warmth, an overflowing sense of love, peace, a calmness, a relaxation of tension, a security, a taste of the very nature of the universe which is the perfect love of the First Source and Center.

I have missed talking with you these last few months and I promise I will be with you again. Cherish your times together, my dear friends for it is the very nourishment which you need so that you not wilt in the shadows of self consumption. Now I have concluded my comments and I would turn over this meeting to Daniel to moderate. However, I will be glad to respond to inquiry or interact with any who might wish to relate to me. One moment.

Minearisa(Bill): I am Minearisa. I, also, wanted to greet you, my dears and let you know that I, too, have not forgotten you. While I was here last week, it was decided that my time would be postponed.

This teacher base is still valid and even though your numbers have come down, as was discussed before, numbers per se are not the measure of worth. They are not an indication of success or failure. What matters is how you each grow and how you grow in cooperation with each other and all the others whom your life touches on a daily basis. This is what matters: that you go about doing good, even as our Master did; that you value each individual's needs more than the speech you may be giving or the task that you are being interrupted in; that you love others as Jesus Christ Michael has loved you. Very well, please receive my love this evening and know that it is a great joy for me to be associated with this teacher base. Daniel, my friend, you may moderate the remainder of the time.

Daniel(Bill): Let us continue...I am Daniel. Are there questions or comments that you would like to make this evening? The floor is open.


Virginia: Daniel, I would just like to say thank you for being present and being so patient with the questions and comments that I have asked over the last many years. I really appreciate the encouraging words that I listen to from you and the other teachers. I hope you see more growth than I have.

Daniel: Leeta, my dear, you have no idea what a joy it has been to me to be related to you all. I have stated this before, but I repeat it..this has been the most satisfying teaching experience of my universe career. It does not disappoint me, one day after the other, but continues to provide me with growth potential and new experiences different than any I had ever had as a mortal. I feel that you are much more impatient with yourself than is warranted. No, I will be more direct. You, and all of you, are far too impatient with yourself. It is not warranted, for you are all growth seekers, truth seekers, you are marvelous children making great progress! Long has it been true that you are walking, and not falling down every other step. Certainly, you have much more growth to do...so do I! But.....take the pressure off, all of you, and allow yourselves to rejoice in your growth. Can you accept my words, Leeta, my dear?

Virginia/Leeta: Yes, Daniel. I thank you. I will have to work on taking the pressure off.

Daniel: It is not your place to be your judge and it certainly is not your place to be the judge of any other. That is not your job.

Virginia: It is easier not to judge others than it is to not judge myself.

Daniel: And it is easier for you to give praise and encouragement to others than it is to give praise and encouragement to yourself. Do not beat yourself up over these words, for you are pretty typical of the kind of legacy that has been wrought by the rebellion. In other words, it is not your fault.

But, your world is changing, as Ken said earlier. Things are improving. People are learning to encourage each other. Many people are doing a better job with their children. There is progress, there is hope, and there definitely is improvement.

Virginia: Thank your Daniel. I have another question, maybe two of them. One is in regard to what Tanare has said. Do we have to make an appointment with her and be sure Gwen is included so that we might have the input she seems willing to give us about healing, holistic healing? How do we generate that information?

Daniel: I can see that you are eager to know more about this information. Tanare tells me that it is premature to do this at this time. Her intention was to give background so that you could be thinking about these potential situations. I cannot answer any questions about how, when, or where she will proceed with these things. It is at this time too early to say. But your interest is encouraging to us. Yes, it is her intention to be partnered with Gwen, although that all depends upon free will choice and the possible outworking of many factors.

Virginia: Thank you Daniel.

Daniel: You mentioned questions. Do you have another one?


Virginia: Well, I thought of one and then I thought that he is going to tell us to work it out ourselves. But I was thinking in terms of George Barnard coming down from Couer ‘d Elaine and whether or not we should try to make it a joint weekend with Woods Cross or whether we should have days up here and five days down there. Just curious if the teachers had any input?

Daniel: You were right the first time. It is not our place to plan the things that you have full capability of doing. That has to be negotiated with George. You will all profit greatly, I believe, from your encounter with him. He, also, will profit greatly by his encounter with you.

You, children, may sit around at times, and deem yourselves of little importance on this planet and think that another and brighter start will need to shine to light the way to the manger. But you are in error when you think this way, for you all are stars capable of, and in many cases currently involved in, leading others to a contact with the Christ child who is within each of us as the Spirit of Truth. You will not know in any adequate sense the importance that your life has had until you view it upon resurrection morning. Of course you will not understand its significance in an instant. You will review it for a long time as you learn afresh the lessons of your mortal career. It will not be a time of dread, guilt, and sorrow. It will be a time of appreciation, of blending and welding meanings together to show you the incredible growth that your mortal lives have embraced. Has this assisted you, my dear?

Virginia: Your words are always encouraging for all of us, Daniel. Thank you.

Daniel: I speak the truth, and truth is encouraging.

Rebellion, Circuits

Ken: Daniel, I would like to take a little different tack here. Concerning the rebellion, when the Lucifer rebellion occurred and Satania system was cut off from the circuits, what happened to the planets that did not rebel. Were they cut off as well, or the whole system?

Daniel: The rebellion was system wide. All planets were challenged to choose between the Lucifer Manifesto and loyalty toward Nebadon as it represented the universe at large. The system as a whole was severed from the circuits connecting it to the constellation so that there was no chance for Lucifer's doctrines to go beyond Satania as a system and infect any others. But there were differences between planets based on the loyalty of the planetary administration. The planetary Princes that resisted the nefarious sophistries of Lucifer did not experience the isolation in the same way that the rebellious planets did. There was circuitry within Satania which was maintained for those planets whose leadership chose to stay with Michael. But no planet was excluded from the controversy and no will choice being was outside of the mutiny. Everyone in Satania had to make choices. I have not a complete record of these things. I am giving you some general information.

Ken: You answered my question. Thank you.


Virginia: Daniel, along that same line we have been told that rehabilitated rebel midwayers might be returning to Urantia. Would you like to comment on that rumor?

Daniel: Mercy is never exhausted until there is no longer reception for mercy available in the mind of the individual toward whom the mercy is extended. Any being who had joined the rebellion was offered mercy until that mercy was finally refused forever. Many of the angels and midwayers were led astray by their confidence in the brilliance of Lucifer and Caligastia only to find out that they had been deceived, misled, and their trust had been abused. The confusion that was rampant in this System of Satania, which I was not a part of at the time, having come from another system, was beyond our understanding, for we had never had such a thing. So if there be rebel midwayers who have chosen to repudiate their disloyalty and express their heartfelt, fully repentant, mercifully resurrected love for their Creator, Michael/Nebadonia, should it surprise you that they could be offered a meaningful ministry, and even possibly a return to this planet? You will notice, however, that the text speaks of rehabilitation often in terms of new work and not a return to former. If it is to come to pass that rebel midwayers are welcomed back to Urantia, this might be a measure of mercy beyond the standard procedure. My advice is...let us all keep an open mind and if it should come to pass that this rumor gains substance we can be sure that the wisdom of the very highest sort has ordained it. These are my words.

Virginia: Thank you Daniel.Daniel:


And now I do take this moment for closure of this gathering this evening. My TR is depleted and I honor his unspoken request to complete our time together. My love to you all. Good evening.

Group: Good evening, Daniel.