2001-05-23-Reality Perception

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Topic: Reality Perception

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am grateful that you have made the decision to come this evening. Our discussion is concerning reality and its seeming appearance. It interests us to think that human beings emphasize so strongly the idea of objective reality. This idea is very elusive for as soon as you feel you have it nailed down, it changes and alters your perception.


Reality, Perception

Each person views reality through a slightly different lens. Each person's understanding is colored by previous experience and all manner of psycho-emotional states. The idea of objective experimentation itself is a product of subjective thinking and analysis.

Human beings share basic common experience because you share a common mind. The mind fabric that is shared has its own individuation where it impinges upon each personality. The personality itself is what shapes perspective and shapes perception. If every person perceived reality exactly the same way, there would be no personality difference. Reality is a matter of personality perception through the mind. Thus, reality, as it is perceived, is slightly different for every single person. Because of the common mind you all share similar perceptions but at the same time each perception is modified by the personality.

The scientific standard of objective reality, then, does not exist for the personality. But, that does not negate the validity of objective reality as an abstraction nor as a reality for the Father of personality, one who sees all things and is all things. Thus, the ultimate objective reality is also the ultimate subjective reality.

Reality is not found in its entirety through the material senses. Reality consists of sensory perception, mindal level meaning for that perception, and spiritual value of that perception and meaning. Reality, then, must always be three-fold. You have facts as they are perceived, the meaning that correlates those facts, and then the value of the meaning.

At any given moment, all these factors are operating during perception. The mind is pulling in perception, but it is the spirit that sorts that perception as to its relative value. Therefore, the mind itself is always functioning on a conscious level as it is coordinated by the superconscious level. Without this superconscious sorting or relative value, the sense would be overwhelmed with input and there would be no way to understand it. If every perception was equally meaningful, there could be no functioning of life. All living things have that spiritual dimension that mind-spirit which sorts sensory perception. The cat sees movement, but is drawn to certain movement because that meaning has value, that movement may be dinner.

All mind functions with spirit. Mind does not exist by itself. Likewise, all spirit has access to some type of mind. One can think of life as matter and energy, animated by mind and spirit. All life, even the lowest forms, have some type of mindal coordination. The flower follows the sun. Bacteria can sense direction.

Life, Mother Spirit

During creation, matter can be manipulated but it cannot be made living without that special spark of mind-spirit coordination. It is this life secret, this life creative capacity, that exists in the Mother Spirit. The Creator Son can coordinate the necessary chemical progenitor, but the Mother Spirit provides that initial life spark which consists of mind and spirit as one.

Science will run into a dead end when trying to create life with chemicals and energy, electricity for life is more than the sum of its parts. Life uses matter, energy, chemicals, and electricity but life itself is much more than that. When thinking of genetics, think of these chemicals as what is used by spirit and mind in creation. The chemicals themselves do not create the duplicating cells. Life seeks life and once put in motion seeks always to perpetuate life.

Race, Genius, Eugenics

Mankind can manipulate life, but you will never create it from the dead level of chemicals. You are coming to an age where the manipulation of life is more and more possible. You must pray then for the wisdom to use these new discoveries for the betterment of mankind. But, always you must give priority to fostering the normal and average for should you become enamored with yourselves, like Narcissus, you will come to a very unproductive end.

Rarely do we speak of your social or political circumstances. But, we are allowed upon occasion to make these comments when we see you verging upon new discoveries and new capabilities. If as a society, you were to try to increasingly perfect your genes, you would begin to lose that random amalgamation which is the source of all genius.

Always when there is a tendency to go to an extreme, there is the possibility of losing that very thingswhich is most valuable. It is the very wide variety of racial mixing that creates the possibility of genius to occur and without your geniuses, social progress would stagnate and then begin to decline.

When I speak of genius, I use it in a wide sense. Genius is that person that can see possibilities that others do not see. He or she is that person that is different and swimming slightly against the stream. When the Nazis sought racial homogeneity, they may have created a very smooth running society with little social friction, but they would have lost the very thing that would propel and lift their society forward, the genius of their Jewish population.

All races have their geniuses and the mixed races even more so. As society advances, you must learn to foster that average, that mixed race repository of opportunity.

I hope this will be of slight aid to your thinking as you tackle these questions over the next few years. What are your questions?



Q: Say for example we identified the genes for schizophrenia and started removing them from people that would have disastrous consequences.

Ham: Yes, exactly?

Q: So rather than breeding for the mutant genius, the necessity will be to weed the races of the undesirable, the ones that Adam failed to weed at that time?

Ham: No, these advances will most likely be made in genetic weeding, so to speak. You will be able to cure inherited genetic disease and defects such as certain types of mental retardation. But, the idea of what you would call selective interbreeding, that was Adam's charge, that time has passed.

Q: Or selectively denying the ability to reproduce?

Ham: Well, if you can correct the defects that would be passed on, it accomplishes the same result.

Q: I had a question about, if the Thought Adjuster were removed or detached from the superconscious mind, would this evaluation and prioritizing continue to function?

Ham: Through the mind spirits, yes.

Q: So in every instance, life is an undividable combination of matter, mind, and spirit.

Ham: Yes.

Q: So through this confluence of energies that Mother Spirit couches life the same way a woman does prior to the birth of a human?

Ham: In a sense, that is so. She is the one who sets life in motion. She provides the mind-spirit entity which allows inanimate matter to animate.

Q: The vehicle would you say?

Ham: Yes.

The Teachers

Q: Concerning the first part of your lesson, I read a book many years ago called the Nature of Personal Reality that was supposedly transmitted through Jane Roberts by an entity named Seth. Some of the concepts you talked about are similar to the concepts in that book. Is Seth one of your corps, was or is?

Ham: Yes, however, the person transmitting was more prone to some coloration and was not adequately trained, we found, before the transmissions began to expand her understandings without falling into older conceptions, especially the idea of reincarnation. But yes, Seth is certainly a teacher.

Q: He is not the same as my teacher Set?

Ham: Yes.

Q: That is a revelation and I wondered why I was drawn to those books.

Q: They are one and the same?

Ham: Yes.

Personal Counsel

Q: Ham, would it be possible to have a personal session tomorrow.

Ham: No, it is impossible tomorrow. Is there another time?

Q: How about a personal message tonight?

Inner child

Ham: Understand that this scheduling conflict was Rebecca's schedule. I would be happy to make time. Yes, my son, I understand that you have had many trials and struggles to undertake and these seemingly purposeless trials have great spiritual import. You are coming through a period of inner change, inner alteration and this inner turning is not accomplished without struggles and ramifications both inwardly and outwardly. Right now there is some deep childhood anger emerging and you must recognize that and let it go, be careful not to turn it back onto yourself which is a pattern that is beginning to break. You have a long history of internalizing your anger and swallowing your feelings. This pattern is going through change and it's altering how you see yourself and therefore how you see everything else. Let this continue. Find ways to release those inner feelings. You're someone who has strong emotions that want to be released but you're always checking and its like you decide not there, not there, not there, and eventually your bring it back in and it stays with you. So let this be a week of releasing feelings. Know that you can trust completely in your partner that she can help you through this, that you don't have to do these things by yourself. Build trust with this human being. This also will be a help health wise. These exercises will aid in your recovery. Inside you, as inside every person, there's a little child who is lost, confused, and doesn't understand his feelings or can control those feelings. There is a real need for tears, for being able to cry, to feel those powerful feelings and to let them pass. This is the most important thing for you to know right now. You are in a period of healing and this is part of it. Is this helping?

Q: Yes, thank you.

Q: May I have a personal message please, Ham?

Ham: Of course. My son, your life is also changing, going through some adjustment, and this is a good thing. You are also feelings some intense emotional issues that need to be dealt with, experienced, otherwise they can create inappropriate emotional responses. You are a person of great emotional intensity but not one who displays that. You like to keep a lid on it and after a while that lid tends to thicken so the emotions that come out are really strong. You will want to start to feeling these emotions gradually, rather than just ripping the lid off and being overwhelmed. Sometimes when you feel strongly about something but you are not sure why these feelings are happening, start tracing them, start remembering when you first felt that type of emotion and sometimes you can find an old unresolved issue, some old baggage that you have been carrying for a long, long, time without realizing it. Every person is different, but, there are often traceable to a childhood experience which somehow warps a child's view of himself and this little slight warpage is always trying to be corrected and be fully integrated. So, be aware of that and start working on tracing emotions back to the source.

Q: The only thing is I feel like over the last few months I have been doing what you have been talking about. I agree that there are still things left to discover but I feel like I have been on that path.

Ham: Wonderful.


Q: My husband and I have fought long and hard for a piece of property, commercial property. All week long I have been haunted by the song, I surrender all. Is it meant for us to have this, or is it important to surrender and move upward and onward. I am just wondering what is best?

Ham: Well, there comes a point when you've done all you can do and that's when you have to surrender the outcome. Be willing to put the results in the Father's hands and abide by the outcome.

Q: I feel like Abraham with his child on the alter and about to stab years of work and labor and love and if I do that I am sure the reward will be great if I make that sacrifice? I'm not asking from a material standpoint.

Ham: Yes, I understand. It is the most difficult thing of all to have all your hopes and dreams, what you had based your self concept, self-image upon, having that crumble or even facing the possibility of it crumbling, is devastating to the ego. But you are much more than that and much more valuable.

Q: I know that this property is just sticks and stones and spirit is much more important and valuable and there must be a lesson deep here for me to learn and that is what I have been trying to focus on for the last couple of weeks. I have missed my spiritual feeding and read the last several weeks of lessons and gotten great comfort from that, I am not putting my energy into sticks and stones and am looking above and beyond and know that spirit will take care of me. Its hard to put your child on the altar and look to God and say should I stab this child. I know I must be willing to do that to move forward one way or the other.

Ham: Remember that you are not the only one learning lessons here. There are others who are experiencing these things as well. Continue to trust in the Father and know in the deepest part of your heart that he has your life in his hands securely. And, have no fear.

Q: Ham, could I have a personal message please?

Ham: Certainly, my daughter, you are indeed growing in the spirit. Life has taken some twists and turns, but all the while your spiritual path has been straight. Trust in the Father as you take these next steps. Know that he will guide you and give you that which you need. Have no fear. Put your complete faith and trust in him.

Q: Carrie would like a personal message.

Ham: Greetings my dear. You are doing well. Sometimes life moves forward whether you are ready or not. Focus on spiritual preparation and then you will be ready for anything. Strengthen your faith and the winds of life will not move you. The decision that you are beginning to make will be guided by love as long as you are understanding of love and open to its force. As always, that which is confusing will become clear in time. Fear not.

Q: Marija?

Ham: Be of good cheer my daughter. Rejoice in the spirit. Don't worry about tomorrow for it will truly take care of itself. Rejoice in the now time, you do well.

Q: Norbert would like to thank you and ask for a personal message.

Ham: Certainly. My son, fear not. Embrace life with a whole heart. Don't always hold part of yourself back. There is nothing in life so terrible as that which we fear. Let fear go by the wayside. Recognize its many guises and subtleties. Let it go whenever it arises and be happy.

Q: Esmirelda?

Ham: Certainly my daughter. Allow yourself time for introspection. Have not regrets or feelings about your life that would steer you away from remembering and examination. The Father's love is absolute and complete. Be secure in your self and be completely at ease with all of your life.

Q: Elena?

Ham: Yes, my daughter, life is always an adventure. Think of it that way. Find newness in that which is commonplace. Continue with your music. Realize that you are growing and changing and so stretch yourself with your abilities.

Q: Rebecca?

Ham: Daughter, you do well. You are learning to relax more with your life, to be more at peace. This is very good. Find stability and freedom of thought in the spirit. Be unconcerned with results, be concerned with process.

Q: Jarad.

Ham: My son, you are also learning a great lesson. You are learning to take care of the small things and letting the big things take care of themselves. There will always be ups and downs, doors opening and closing, and you are learning to enjoy the ride rather than thinking only of the destination.

Q: Charlie B?

Ham: My son, you are handling a great many small difficulties with increased spiritual coordination and balance. Be happy and optimistic concerning the future. Realize that spiritual growth itself is what opens and creates new opportunity. You do well.

Q: Do you have a message for Frankie?

Ham: Certainly. My son, you do well. Your life is going through a period of reordering. As this occurs, it is important to cling closely to that which you most value. The precious gift of family must always remain central, even as you reorder other priorities.

Q: Ham anything you have to say me this week I would greatly appreciate.

Ham: Of course, fear not concerning certain pressures. The time will be there and everything will fall into place. Don't allow yourself to feel guilty in taking time for yourself. You are creating a much more balanced life and each point on that balance give strength to the center. A two legged chair will not stand, but three legs do. Each part of your life strengthens the rest of it. Be happy and balanced. You do well.


That is all for this evening, unless there is something further you would wish. Very well, until next Thursday night, my love and of course my prayers are with you each. Farewell.