2002-01-21-Midwayer Image of Jesus

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Topic: MIdwayer Image of Jesus

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl, Benson, Michael, Nebadonia

TR: George B.



JarEl: TR, George. Greetings it is I, your Teacher, JarEl. It is good to be back and see all of you once again. Welcome those that are new for the first time. Since we have new guests, I would like to do an overview of what the Arcadia Teaching Mission is about.


Teaching Mission

Arcadia’s Teaching Mission by JarEl: When this Teaching Mission first started much of the information that was given to the students here was meant to satisfy their curiosity and their intellect. Much of the information had to do with Urantia, Michael and the connection with God. Suffice it to say all of this was intellectual knowledge for them to interpret in their own way. Just recently this group has graduated into a new stage. I call if the experiential stage.

Where the group attempts to combine their energy, energy they fully believe in. They attempt to send this energy out into the world in order to heal, in order to give hope and in order to bring light to the world. They also experiment in self-healing, projecting their light and energy to the individuals in this room, like I said, this has been recent. There is much more knowledge to be known. There are many Teachers available and there are many questions that students are asking.

All this is well and good. Anyone of you here tonight can access this information via your communications. However, this group still asks questions from time to time and there is still much knowledge that is given to them. At times they have been visited by their old friend Hal and many Teachers come to the group and speak to various individuals. At this moment, as you are seated here, there are many celestial beings that are watching over this group, examining them, learning from them and studying them.


  • World Of The Cross

There are celestial students from other galaxies who come to Urantia to investigate the World of the Cross. Urantia symbolizes a great deal in this Universe. It is projected to be the crowning jewel of the Universe of Nebadon when it enters into the stage of light and life. Much help is given to Urantia because of such status. There are many celestial beings that request to come to Urantia in order to help and in order to teach. This is a basic overview of what the Teaching Mission is and of what we do here. My primary mission is the responsibility of this group. The responsibility to take this group as a whole to the next level. Since we are in the early part of the experiential stage I will not divulge the next stage until we get closer to it.



  • Working With Energy

I would like to take this group once again to a far off place. Open your hearts, open your minds and combine your energy and your love. Combine it to the center of this group, to the center of this room. Whatever energy you have inside of you that you feel you should give, give it, add it, and combine it to one another. Project it out into the center. Now all of your energies are combined. All of your energies are one. Now slowly start pushing this energy out of this room, out beyond the walls, out beyond the city, out beyond this state and out beyond this county to above the earth. Now bring the energy down to the places that you feel are dark, to the places where you feel people need it the most. Take this energy and spread it out into waves of love, of glory and of hope. Spread it out among everyone. The energy that you hold inside of you is powerful and great. Visualize this energy passing over things that are broken, over people that are hurt. Imagine this energy passing through as a wave and correcting the broken things, alleviating the hurt and giving light to the darkness. Now bring it all back to this room; bring it all back into the center.

Now I am going to take this energy and use it to heal everyone here tonight. Heal what ever needs to be healed in your hearts, in your minds and in your thoughts. I want you to experience this; I want you to experience this combined energy. Now I am going to combine my energy with yours. I represent a conduit for all the energy in the Universe and through us does my energy multiply. Michael is sending his energy through me and so is God. I would like you all to know that you are loved, well protected and well cared for. The love that comes through is genuine and all of your efforts and your struggles are known. We appreciate all that you do. Continue to find support and love not only from your friends and families but from us as well. We are here to guide you and to love you. Whereas you find yourself with no family at times, you shall always have a family in the kingdom of God. The places that Michael has set for you are of great honor. You will be much loved. I will now give the opportunity for others to speak.

Benson: TR, Steve. This is Benson. To amplify what JarEl said, as just a brief example; it is known that the TR speaking, experienced for the first time the ability to extend a part of this new gift, which has been delivered to you all, to an individual friend of his. One uninitiated so far in the teaching of The Urantia Book but one who at heart has made the decision to live his life accordingly to the way he believes the Father would like us all to live.

This event came when he was able to TR to an individual’s specific need. Quite to the surprise of the TR, the Celestial Teacher who spoke provided the answers the individual was looking for. This gift has been given to all in this room. You will now find it much easier to minister to the needs of individuals outside of the so-called Urantia family. For really all of mankind is the Urantia family and potentially the entire population of this world. This world shall soon be ushered into the era of Light and Life; it shall one day achieve that state of existence as a birthright.


  • Evil Energy Of 9/11 Has Begun To Run Out Of Energy

Be assured that your watchers and protectors are standing by. The terrible evil that has reared its’ ugly head on this world last September has begun to run out of energy, has become scattered, lost its’ focus and to a great extent lost its’ ability to inflict more harm. Should some tragic event still be planned in the minds of such lost individuals, be assured that this time extra spiritual precautions have been installed and in place. Sometimes it is just as simple as the reactions to individuals on an airplane, or of individuals in a crowd witnessing a street crime, who, previously may have stood by idly watching.

Now many of the same individuals would intervene to protect the less fortunate or the vulnerable. Indeed many minds have been changed. Many individuals who did not show care for others have now been so shaken by these acts that actual good has come as a result. Individuals are making new decisions of conscience which they otherwise may not have made had they not been shocked into such a spiritual commitment. Be assured that the race of humans on this planet is very loved.

Many are regarded as extremely courageous by taking a new spiritual stand in the face of the seeming adversary. Michael is pleased and, yes, even humbled by the positive reactions of so many individuals to what seems on the surface to be negative stimulus. That is all, Godspeed and peace for now.


Michael: TR, Nell. My children I greet you, this is Michael. I am in the center of the room and asking you to combine your energy with me. It is a beauty to behold you as I have seen you grow, your light becoming ever more bright. It pleases your Mother and I very much that you continue to come together to allow your love for each other to grow ever deeper and your friendships to become stronger. It is a powerful energy that you give to this world. It is good for you as individuals and good for the group and very good for Urantia, even Nebadon itself. I observe your spirit light as ribbons going out, being caught into the spiritual energies, the circuitry. Without you knowing it, this energy combines with other ribbons of light from other of my children all over the planet. So hold that vision, by extending out your light, feel the joy of being Father’s child. It is a network surrounding the planet more and more. I ask you to keep those brothers and sisters in mind, who you do not personally know. They are all over this world, especially the ones in the places where war and hardship is raging. They need your prayers and your love so they can stand up in that confusion and darkness, so they can keep the courage to keep shining their light. So they can envision you connecting with them, strengthening them and this will give you joy, as it gives me joy to see this effort. I am grateful to you for your dedication and for your consistency in following me. Be still with me for a moment that I may touch you and bless you. Thank you my children, we are doing this together. I need you just as much as you need me. This is a joyous glorious labor we are doing together. I give you my love and my peace. Goodnight.

Nebadonia: TR, Lucille. This is Nebadonia. My dear children, you have heard from Michael your Master. If you could only spread and unite your energy with his energy the world would be bound in love. Shed your light and love your fellow man. Do everything you can in thoughts and deeds to help everyone to have a better world. Send this love and energy to all those third world countries that need your love and many in your own country. I leave you with my love.

JarEl: TR, George. This is JarEl, I would now entertain any questions if there are any?


Midwayers, Vision

Steve: JarEl there seems to be, what I have noticed, a very pronounced increase in what appears to be Midwayer activity in and around my apartment facility. I dare say they have even allowed me to see an image the other day that was an image of Michael. It was a pretty thrilling experience. They made me understand I was only seeing an image of Michael. Michael was not in the room. He was close by and communicating with me in thought. To let me know, they showed me his image in a darkened room, black and white in negative, three dimensional and translucent. It was an awesome experience to say the least. Can you tell me is if this is a widening phenomenon which lot more individuals are beginning to experience?

JarEl: TR, George. There are more people who have knowledge of Midwayers. There are more of them who would like to have a similar experience. Your experience, if not brief, was rather convenient for them to do this knowing that showing you this image would create in you a stronger sense to continue the work which you have begun. Many, who desire to see this image as well, will see it, for it is something very simple that they can do. They are just giving you glimpses, Steve. If they wanted to take their time to show you the image of Michael, it would have been in color and in stereo. Know this Brother Steve the more you search and the more you seek, the more knowledge will be divulged to you, the more information will be given you. Everything that you ask will be given to you according to the Will of God. Yes, it will become a more wide spread phenomena if more people are willing to seek for this, but it is solely up to the individual. You sought for this and therefore it arrived. Those who seek shall receive and shall find. Does this answer your question Steve?

Steve: Oh yes, it is most reassuring. I know that Michael spoke to me, albeit telepathically, not in the physical audible voice. Nevertheless the words he spoke to me were precise and exact. I will never mistake the thought of his voice. I am certain of course that it was he and it was an awesomely moving experience and I am most grateful for it.

JarEl: TR, George. That was precisely the desired effect Steve. I am glad that you understood.

Steve: Thank you. Thank you JarEl. It happened on the Sabbath evening, last Friday. I know it was meant to happen during that time period, a time we often ignore, which the Master never failed to acknowledge.

JarEl: TR, George. He is never too busy to acknowledge all of you, all of his children. Are there anymore questions?


Lucille: JarEl this energy that we have, Michael asked us to combine it with his, is it renewed constantly? Is it like….if we send it out does it come back, is it with us in manufacturing……that is not the right term?

JarEl: TR, George. I understand Lucille. The energy that you combine here is an on-flowing energy.

Lucille: What was that word?

JarEl: TR, George. I have created that word, it is on-flowing.

Lucille: On-flowing, thank you.

JarEl: TR, George. Yes it flows forever. It keeps flowing; it keeps coming out of you.

Lucille: Thank you.

JarEl: TR, George. It is an energy that is drawn from the Universe through you and pushed out into the world with a signature for healing and for correcting the evils in this world. All of your thoughts, that are combined when you send energy out, are programmed within the energy flow that is sent out. Therefore when it reaches its intended target, it does exactly what you have programmed it to do, whether it is healing somebody or giving hope to people or changing the hearts of the leaders who have taken wrong steps. What you program it to do, it will do. It is like raw energy that you help to mold and shape and create. This raw energy you draw from the Universe. You become conduits and, in essence, programmers. The reason I am helping you do this, is so that you may bring this world more into Light and Life, especially at this moment when it is most needed. The evil energy has lost its’ momentum, with much help from the various groups throughout the world who have been sending out their energy much like you have. Many others have prayed as well, it is very similar to prayer. When a person prays, they petition and ask for a miracle. The energy that you send out is very much like a miracle. This energy helps the Midwayers in many ways; they draw strength from it to continue on. The more energy you send out, the better ground they have to work on.

Lucille: So we should be sending it out constantly to those in need.

JarEl: TR, George. Yes Lucille that is most desirable.

Lucille: Thank you.


JarEl: TR, George. You’re welcome…..Are there any more questions?……… I hope you all experience the love of the Universe that ever flows into your hearts. Until next time, goodnight.

All: Goodnight JarEl.