2002-04-07-Divine Minister

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Topic: Divine Minister

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Gerdean



TOMAS: Good afternoon. This is Tomas. It is such a wonderful opportunity for me to have your companionship in this arena, this social configuration which you have brought into being because of your hunger and thirst for righteousness, and to perceive the Divine in your lives. You honor our Eternal Parents by your desire to show your faith in our Heavenly Parents and in each other in faith. It is a great pleasure to be here.


Mother Spirit

I want to share with you today a reference to our feminine deity. The Divine Minister is our maternal frame of reference. It is the Bride of Christ of which I speak. However, this aspect of divinity is a third of the Trinity, and so I'd like to bring to you a perspective on that aspect of spirituality, which is a part of the universe and which is also a part of you.

But I will be brief and depict the macrocosm of creation as First Source, which perceives, which creates, which upholds and administers; and the Second Source which is a personification of mercy and a right hand of God while being also God; and the Third Source, the feminine, is the active angle. The active angle of God is the Mother, the Holy Spirit, that which infuses life into the worlds of time and space.

The Mother is in truth the mother of all her creation. That which you see is of the Mother; that which you think is because of the mind, a gift from the Mother; all that you sense as a sentient being is a gift again from the Infinite Spirit, the mother of creation.

Here you understand "Mother Earth." Mother Earth is a part of the reality of God. The spring rains, the flowers, these are manifestations of God for which we laud the Mother. The culture here indicates a woman's work is never done. Have you seen Mother Spirit in stillness? It is never done. It may pause -- to ponder, or consult with the Eternal Son or the Universal Father -- but the action is the product of the Infinite Spirit, which reaches down into the worlds of time and space through her daughters, the Divine Ministers, who are the Brides of the Christ Michael Creator Sons of time and space, creators of local universes like yours. You thus are living in one of the rooms that has been created by, designed by, conceived by the Bridegroom and the Bride, Michael and the Divine Minister, your Parents indeed.

Now, when Jesus walked your earth, he was not given in marriage. His work was not of this world. He had a bride that waited for him at home, as he went out on his seven bestowals to secure for himself and his consort, their Kingdom they had conceived, planned, designed and created for the glory of their Father in Heaven, our Almighty God.

Thus when you see the wonders of nature, it is appropriate to think of the blessed Mother that we call Nebadonia. Nebadonia is the embodiment of the perfect reflection of the Christ, whose universe, Nebadon, is our home. Thus we live in Nebadon and give honor to Nebadonia, our Mother.


Let me enhance your look at the feminine part of divinity yet further and discuss mind, for the third part of Trinity, Infinite Mind, is the mother of the Divine Minister, who provides you with your mind as a tool to use while on earth.

The mind you've been given is an incredible mechanism, a multi-faceted miracle of creation, indeed, from our perspective. For it is capable of so much consciously and unconsciously, even superconsciously. It is in the mind that the choices are made that will further your growth or halt your spirit progress; thus your mind is your sacred arena of thought. This is where you choose.

The gift from our Father, our Universal Father, is your free will. And so while our Eternal Parents may provide you with every opportunity under the sun to be all that you can be, you have the option to make up your own mind about your destiny. For the greatest gift you can give back to your Father is to respect and love His authority, His overcontrol, His beneficence, and His devotion to your rites of passage such that you opt openly and freely to do His will, to honor His being, and give glory to His name.


There are those who attest that motherhood is inherent, that mother instinct is built-in. And there is, indeed, a pattern of biologic insurance that allows for the young to be born and tendered by its mother until such time as it is able to contend for itself. But the Infinite Mind, the Divine Minister, the Mother Spirit, is devoted not only to Her children but to Her children's children, and the children of eternal-coming-forth.

There are so many qualities of godlikeness that are unnoticed by your people in your culture because they have no reverence for the gifts the Mother brings. This is, in your day and time, a cultural conundrum, for your history has been deformed in terms of its innate appreciation of motherhood.

We would like to re-introduce to your world the wonders of the Holy Spirit. That is your Divine Mother. She holds the worlds of time and space in her arms and to her breast. She cradles her worlds as tenderly as you hold your own, and as animals assist the life of their young.

We will refer often and again to the Divine Minister, for God is not only a god of might and power and authority; God is also gentleness and quiet strength and patience. These qualities are also in you and in you each, so that you, in your depiction of our Prince of Peace, may reflect the qualities of the Father and the Son and the Spirit in your life, in your realm, in your family, as you pass by.

These are my words for today that I have prepared and brought as appropriate for this day of nurturing the earth with falling rain in the desert. Will you, with me, rejoice in the profusion of aliveness that is yielded up from this blessing, this kiss of Our Mother?

(Long silence) Are we all together here? Are we indeed working? Is the tape recorder connected and are we all present and accounted for? I ask this in an attempt at good humor, inasmuch as it seems we were remiss (last week) in sharing our private life, our inner life with God, with those who enjoy knowing and seeing that the will of God is being done "on earth as it is in heaven" in other cities and homes throughout the world.


DORENDA: I thought you were talking to me, Tomas, because I was a little tired today and I wasn't as totally with it here as I was. I was thinking, "uh oh!"

MARY JO: I was going to apologize because with that "spring forward" hour -- )and I had a crockpot going last night that needed to be turned off at 3:00 this morning) -- I dozed twice, Tomas, and I apologize for that. It is not that you in any way are not capable of holding my interest. It's just that, at my age, I tend to drop off -- every once in awhile, anyway. But the lesson was great.

And we have a guest for the first time today, and I'm sure you know Yvonne, and we're very glad to have her with us today. Thank you.

TOMAS: I have enjoyed a divine connection in her company this afternoon and have gathered from her personal spirit guides and associates a replete depiction of her own soul growth, and so we've become old friends already. Even so, I anticipate an opportunity to get to know her/you even better as time goes by, as you begin to share openly your challenges and opportunities of developing your soul growth in your life and in enhancing the lives of others.

It is a pleasure, as I have indicated, to be in your company.

YVONNE: Thank you. Likewise.

TOMAS: Are there questions or observations?

DORENDA: I have one question. I was thinking. Our mother gives us our minds for during this life, and so I was kind of curious about after we leave this world, because, Tomas, you are from another world, and Ham is from another world, so I was kind of curious about - I know YOU still think. I mean, you just don't get these little scripts handed to you, I imagine, so you have to think and you need to develop them, and I'm not meaning to be smart-alecky but I just didn't quite get the thing about our minds that we use on this world and how maybe our decision-making process or our thinking process might happen afterward.

TOMAS: Yes, I enjoy your thoughts there. They refer back to the thing about the mind that is on loan for you during this intense time of life, the time in the flesh. There are many things which the mind requires to live in this kind of form that the human lives in, and while the mind is certainly variable and, naturally, will be different in each world, each civilization, each culture, each individual, it is still a mind which is appropriately created for the mortal creature.

The mind that you will inhabit and utilize in your afterlife is concerned in many ways with a continuance of what you're learning here but it will not be so finite, nor will it be so concerned with matters of survival. So many things, as I indicated, can and will be accomplished with this amazing mechanism of the mind which you are enjoying now. Even so, I am working mainly with your divine mind, the morontia mind, the mind which is less pivotally focused on your survival needs in the flesh and more on your survival needs in the spirit.

The exercise that you've developed with your divine mind now, your morontia mind, is going to be immeasurably helpful to you when you resurrect, as you will have already conscious experience in using the higher mind, while there are millions of people and generations of people here who have hardly touched base with their divine mind because the evolution of the races has conspired to keep their attention fast fixed to that which was essential. So you will appreciate that our arrival and our work with you is in large part due to the fact that your minds have reached the point where your survival is assured in the flesh but your higher minds are eager to know more about who you are in terms of eternity.

And so I would ask you to conclude that the other creations throughout the vast universe, the evolving worlds of creature beings, are indeed recipients of the same mortal mind mechanism, but with its own unique needs and benefits, appropriate to the life of that individual.

The realm of the mind is so utterly fascinating. I am certainly not the only teacher in this Teacher Corps who has sat "open-mouthed" and been astounded by the evidence of your mind at work. It is so much like having the opportunity to discover a whole new species of creature.

You enjoy the Discovery channel and looking into the lives of various creatures, like lions or other cats, lizards or other reptiles, birds and the like, and their mating practices and their feeding practices and their migration practices and so forth. You are no less fascinating, and even more so because of the varieties of minds which have developed from the individualism that has been a part of your incredible evolution, as a result of the existence thrust upon you by the default of your Material Son and Daughter who would have been yet again the replication of the Michael Son and his Divine Minister on your world as they are a replication of the Universal Father and the Infinite Mind in Paradise. This pattern reflects all the way down to you, as I mentioned before.

But as for the mind that you will use in your "next life", your morontia career, you will be then tapping into higher mind energy and a reality that is hardly relative to you today in your cocoon of existence here in the material life. Is this helpful?

DORENDA: Yes. Thank you.


MARY JO: Tomas, I found it interesting that you mentioned animals, and for some reason I have had pets on my mind this week, and wondering some different things about pets and what purpose they were designed for in our life, and also I wondered if you had that type of thing, household pets, in your planet.

TOMAS: Indeed, we did, but I will get back to that. You are wondering what the purpose of animal life is, or the pet itself?

MARY JO: Pets in our lives. Nearly all of us have household pets - cats, dogs, various - and I think they set a good example for us in many ways. I think they are loyal, they're faithful, they depend on us, and they're really quite innocent, and they give of their love for us. I think they're pretty good examples, in a way, to follow. I think they show us a lot of good things.

TOMAS: This is a good point of reference for the duplication of the Paradise pattern of perfection as it works its way down into the lower levels of life.

This relationship that you, as human beings, developed with certain animal species, speaks to your own needs and desires for protection and companionship. The success of your domestication of certain animals is a result of reciprocity of these animals to find you delightful and necessary for survival and companionship, although it is said that dogs are more amiable as pets, since cats have such a sense of independence. But this in itself is a reflection of its owner and its legacy.

You are able to learn about yourself by observing how your pets behave, just as teachers are able to learn something from their students. It may not be of eternal value, but it is enhancing, even so, and thus of value, so, for you, the value that you have added to your life as a result of the association you enjoy with your pets. You have added a dimension to your quality of life that has made you a better person, and this will carry with you into your universe career. It is in this way that animals become exalted as having value worth surviving, but they do not, for they are not indwelt with the Spirit as you are indwelt with the Spirit, a spark of God Himself, while they are, however, infused with the energy and pattern of Paradise through Our Mother.

Therefore it behooves you to tend to your animal creatures as extensions of divinity. As above, so below. And is it not said you have been given dominion over these animals? It behooves you to know them and their practices so that you can honor and respect their way of life as we hope to instill in you an appreciation for the ways that other people think and believe so that you can honor and respect how they live their lives.

MARY JO: Thank you, Tomas. That was very helpful.

TOMAS: I would like to recess for a minute. [Tape turned]

I will tell you now about pets. [Household pet meowed.] There's one! You see how we greet one another. This is a dimension of the adjutant mind spirits that my world was far more aware of and sensitive to, although it may not have been understood in quite those terms. If you could see what my culture was like, the culture I lived in was more integrated with life, such that we would not hesitate to relate to any living thing.

It is customary for you to acknowledge the existence of other human beings, perhaps, and certainly register the reality of the animal kingdom, but to go so far as to relate to plants is still a stretch for the human imagination. But we were mindful of life such that we really did have an appreciation for God's omniscience, and when you are aware of the omniscience of God, in that He is in everything, it is easier for you to see God depicted and reflected in all life; therefore, it is easier for you to relate to that life wherever it may be found and, since we were comprised of certain evolved energies and segregated from certain devolved energies, it was not that we had to be on the lookout for dangerous animals or poisonous insects or reptiles -- anything that we knew was friendly -- and so the circumstances as I knew them in my world were completely different than your appreciation here, but to say did I and we have pets? Yes, very much so, in that we understood our animals and they understood us in ways that you only enjoy with a few species.


We would like to return to the focus of the Mother, and touch a bit upon the history of your world. The evolution of the feminine aspect of deity has been thwarted as cruelly as has been the appreciation of the real divinity of manhood. The god and goddess in individuals from this world, Urantia, is severely colored and influenced by this world's history which has not been fostering any kind of liberation or appreciation of godlikeness until only recently.

Historically speaking, you have all been deprived of your birthright, but in the process of reclamation, in the efforts to reunite you with your cosmic neighbors, you've been allowed a new glimpse of how it has been in the greater universe and you can better see how your history, darkened as it was, has inhibited the flowering of men and women both. For while one is oppressed, the other is the oppressor, and neither of these patterns are optimum.

There were interesting discussions in our recess. Are you inclined to share your observations and questions with others?

DORENDA: Well, like Angus said, Paul takes the rap for a lot of the subjugation or ignoring of women or of keeping them in a lower place, or however you want to call it, but I guess I am kind of curious. I mean, why didn't any of the other disciples - I mean, that's a good point. Why should we just put it all on Paul's shoulders? Somebody, it seems, could have spoken up.

TOMAS: You can see this better when you put yourself in the apostles' immediate circle. They themselves were mindful of the women's evangelical corps, which members were comprised of their wives, mothers and sisters. They were very much aware of the work of these women. In many cases the women were more industrious than their male counterparts. Thus they could not see that they were remiss. And indeed, this is the way of humankind. When in your immediate circle all is well, it is easy to think that that paradigm extends out into greater planetary life.

Their lives were in turmoil when Jesus was taken from them, and further confounded when he rose and greeted them in his spiritized apparition. Their concerns were immediately very personal and very divine. The matter of women's equality was not a high priority, given the challenges they faced, for their women were at it still.

But we can't dwell on Paul as the bad guy here. He certainly had his faults, but to blame the current state of affairs on Paul exclusively is to short-change your perspective, for well before Paul you were deprived of the paradigm of ideal family life when your Material Son and Daughter, Adam and Eve, were unable to carry on their work with you, and this was immediately and directly related to and because of the initial disruption to your planetary pattern of perfection when the Lucifer rebellion took your world and permanently affected your growth.

Just as I mentioned earlier in the lesson, the mind is the arena wherein you choose to advance your spirit reality or halt its progress. Your progress was irrevocably halted at that critical time when he chose to usurp the divine plan and do it himself. And, without casting overmuch negative shadow on the male energy of your world, there has been ever since a tendency for man to take his realm and control it at the expense of the involvement of divinity, and that includes his mate and his children and his property.

This is in many ways a natural animal trait that you share with the animal kingdom, and so in most regards it is a healthy pattern, but in the case of rebellion, it has a long range detrimental effect, and so for these many, many thousands of years, you men and women have suffered the effects of the Lucifer rebellion even in the relationship that exists between you and each other, and this is indeed one of the bright and shining areas of enlightenment that is coming to be -- the regard for the divinity within you, the microcosm of the macrocosm. Within you lives the Father and the Son and the Mother. Within you resides an element of all that is, for you are a son of the Original I AM or a daughter of the Original Trinity, and so that element of you which is eternal and divine is in need of illumination as to how it is that you will come to recognize in each other what our incredible Paradise Family has invited their creation to share with them.

DORENDA: And I apologize for Paul, too.

TOMAS: Paul has taken many blows.

DORENDA: Well can I take that last one back?

TOMAS: You need not. He is completely appreciative of the heartfelt concern he has as a major player in Christian implantment, of maintaining the remembrance of Jesus the Christ through the ages. This is a heartfelt concern he shares with everyone who opts to co-create with God and who runs the risk of error in inherent imperfection. It is in faith, however, such as we also have in common with Paul, that that which is good and eternal will become activated and actualized in eternity, even as error and shadow will fall away in the light of the sun.

ANGUS: We also have a tendency to blame Eve for a lot of our problems.

TOMAS: Indeed, she was a convenient scapegoat for many and an embodiment of evil woman, and yet if you yourselves could appreciate the conditions they encountered in their assignment here, the realization of what they had to contend with, and after all the time that went by in their only experience, it would perhaps be a solution you yourself might have considered as having merit. She, too, has taken many hits, and yet her legacy lives on in the devotion she shares with mothers everywhere for their mate and their children and their home life. Just as you experience here. And so she is more of your sister than your mother, even while she is supremely experienced in comparison.

She learned; Paul learned; Lucifer did not. More's the pity. We can rebuild from any foundation if we have God at the helm. Any error is able to be aligned and a righted if we have a relationship with divinity, but without God, we are not.


In reverence to the triumph of divinity, let us go about our week in awe of the many dimensions of divinity. Love, Mercy, and Action in the world of time and space which is your home.

Amen and farewell.