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Topic: Faithfulness

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Welmek

TR: Unknown



Good evening. This is your friend and teacher, Welmek; and I bid a personal greeting to C. this evening who joins us for the first time. Welcome!

Tonight I have selected the idea of FAITHFULNESS as our topic of discussion, keeping the idea of fullness, which we began last week as the theme for our latest round of discussion. I will be presenting a variety of lessons on the idea of fullness, as you will see in the coming weeks.


Tonight I wish to focus on the faithfulness perspective and energetic essence so that you may become imbued with not only the idea of what living in faith entails, but also the experience of being in the faith grasp of gravity movement toward the Creator for you to gain a greater appreciation for your walk and your devotion to your spiritual growth.

Therefore, I wish to lead you on an exercise of going within. I wish for you to now think of an experience in your life that was particularly challenging - but one that had a fruitful and productive outcome. Recall in your mind the nature of this experience. Spend a few moments now in contemplative recollection, then we will continue.

Now when you have this mental picture clearly in your mind, ask yourself, "Did I understand what was happening to me while I was in the experience? Did I know what the outcome was going to be? Did I have any expectations of a possible outcome? Did I trust that the outcome would be productive to me?"

Spend a few moments now summarizing your experience in this recollection, and when you are ready please share what you felt when you were going through the experience, and what you felt when you realized the outcome.


Student: Welmek, I could summarize what I had, because of an experience that I had, more recently, along with my daughter at a "Who Am I" seminar: Shocking loss with sudden divorce-desire by my first wife. Then anguish while trying to salvage it. Then eventually greater faith due to the fact that my philosophy held-up through the tragedy; what I perceived as a shocking tragedy. Truly I could see the outcome, but there was definitely anguish before the outcome was palpable.

Welmek: Would you say when you experienced the anguish that you could see a positive result on the horizon?

Student: Yes, I could because I was dealing with leukemia and autopsies and death and dying. I could see the outcome but the anguish wouldn't go away right away.

Welmek: But you nevertheless were able to sense that there was the potential for something good to come out of this experience?

Student: Yes, that's what was so shocking. I could see the whole thing - that my character would be strengthened - but it was going to take a long time, and I was going to be in a lower functioning arena for a long time. And that, luckily, it resolved more quickly than I thought it would. But it still seemed to take a long time.

Welmek: How would you summarize that this has impacted your ability to trust in the Father?

Student: I feel that it - the ability to absorb some and understand some of Jesus' character, like longsuffering - made me trust all the more in the universe - that the plan of eventual growth and progress is really for everybody. (Thank you.)

Student: Yes, Welmek, this is D. And what I experienced, as I was going through the experience was like a sort of being "baked", like all the unsavoriness of my past - all the negativity, and all the dysfunction that I was a part of, possibly, kind of became magnified. In fact I felt like I was under a magnifying glass, that everything was being exposed. And at the same time there was this underlying faith, that I was being propelled towards a greater understanding of who I am. In fact I felt like I was being crucified. In fact I had the actual experience of that, during one night. And I just saw - I became aware and understood what Jesus, or who Jesus was all about, and who He was in relationship to me, and to the Universe. And what I got out of this was a closer communion with God, and a great connection and awareness of who I am in the grand scheme of things.

Welmek: Did you feel this underlying foundation of faith while you were actually, as you say, under the microscope?

Student: Yes I did! It was there. It was like I was going back and forth in terms of the mental anguish and the emotional anguish of it all. But I also knew deep down that my mantra, in a sense, is "truth will always prevail" and that's what kept me going: the understanding that truth prevails always, no matter the situation.

Welmek: So, would you say you were able to actually sense the truth as a catalyst to allow the emotional anguish to be expelled or released from your being?

Student: To a greater proportion, yes. Yes! Whenever, even to this day, if I feel any unsavoriness in myself or any emotional or mental anguish, I quickly turn around and affirm the Father in truth and in love. Because that's the reality. (Thank you.)

Student: Welmek, the situation I'm recalling for this exercise, happened a long time ago in my middle twenties. It was a yearlong process of becoming disengaged from the life that I had been living up until then - including becoming separated from: wife, leaving my job, child, and eventually leaving the entire community with the readiness, by then, over a period of a year to never come back, never have contact with anybody in the past, change my name, and have a completely new life.

In the process of that as I left, finally, I had an incident where I had a meeting with two women, one of whom had been a child abandoned by her father. And she proceeded to tell me every single reason why it's not a good idea for someone to abandon or let go of or step out of a family situation like that. And that was what I was facing. And I found it very fascinating, that as I listened very carefully to every single argument, that I realized in the process that I felt no necessity to go back, and that I was fully prepared to proceed to go ahead, because that yearlong disengagement process which was not that enjoyable, covered every single element that I had to have responsibly covered, one way or another.

And within a short time after that, I discovered what it was all about, and it was the beginning of the spiritual path. And I've been participating in that spiritual path for many decades since. So I had the faith, and it built up, I guess, over a period of time. And it was tested, and it was confirmed.

Welmek: At the time of your struggle, did you sense a directional force moving you in a certain path or unfolding?

Student: Yes, I did, very definitely! It was an internal guidance, and it was a sentence - long sentence that I had mentioned to a few people I know, and I can repeat it now. It was a sentence that kept popping into my mind throughout the course of the year, as I was working, at odd moments. And the sentence was that, "I was to go out into the world, anywhere it would take, to find the highest people in the world and the highest knowledge in the world - the top one percent, which I could apprehend, so that I could come back into the world again." I had been a counselor at that time. And this time to help more people, more effectively, with more different types of problems and more resources, and not get drained in the process. And this was the paraphrase of what the sentence was. And it kept coming back into my mind many times. So I proceeded along those lines, and it's held me in good stead all of these years.

Welmek: Would you say that when you received this sentence that it instilled a sense of confidence or clarity of purpose within you?

Student: Definitely! And it did that and it provided a cushion of, comfort is a good word, because it was very painful becoming separated from my child, my wife, my job - everything in my whole existence. So there was continuity there. (Thank you.)

Student: May I speak? I'm thinking back to a time when I'm leaving a job that had grown on me. And yet I felt more and more being dishonest with myself, and limited in who I was capable of being. And I had the image of a monkey with his hand in the jar holding onto something and unable to get the hand out of the jar. But finally, with some kind of momentary prompting, I was able to release myself from that job, and face whatever was coming up next for me. And I always felt that I was a teacher; and so I began to teach dance, and jobs came to me in a variety of serendipitous ways. And many jobs came and went, maybe, some good ideas failed, and finally with the teaching of small children, I - as much as I loved being in the moment with the tiny ones - I ultimately didn't really like the result. So, I had another prompting, and I left that job and feel like I've been in free-fall for awhile. Certainly not a life and death situation, but very uncomfortable nonetheless. I feel like I've always been a teacher, but what am I teaching?

Welmek: Do you find that your ability to trust in an unseen outcome is growing, receding, or staying static?

Student: There seems to be bursts of growth, and then a pulling back, and then waiting.

Welmek: Have you encountered this dynamic within your being, and life experience before?

Student: I believe I have!

Welmek: And can you ascertain from prior experiences that this dynamic now of which you speak is similarly affecting you, and that the outcome would be gainful to you?

Student: It seems like putting my faith in the outer world has brought disappointment. I think I'm looking for a way to give, and yet one needs some form of stability to be able to give.

Welmek: Stability is first produced by having your foundation built upon something that you are able to appreciate in the values of that which roots you in it. Identify in your mind that which you value as your highest truth. That will begin to open a place of trust to anchor a new foundation within your being. From there in time stabilization accrues as you gain new experience in identifying with those values as important and desirous in your life. I will address this in depth in a few more moments as we move into more detailed discussion about the nature of faith-fullness. I thank you for your comments, and am glad that you have felt comfortable to share your experience with me this evening. Are there any other comments before we continue with the lesson and discussion?

Student: Welmek, I think of my first time of real communication with you. At that point I didn't have a place to live, and through your words I reached a new level of faith and understanding about letting go and letting God, and within a week I had a place to live and I felt that it was really, with a lot of help from above, that I found this home. And I know that through that experience, I questioned myself how I could have so little faith, when the example of having faith led me to what I really needed to find.

Welmek: Did you enjoy the experience of your faith growth?

Student: I enjoyed looking back at it, more than I enjoyed going through it. And then when I look back at it, it was almost like taking a gigantic step forward in understand that I was not alone.

Welmek: In retrospect you enjoyed the growth. While you were moving through the experience, could you detect within you an expansion of self-confidence or self-independence from being in a state of mental or spiritual inertia?

Student: Most definitely! And I also have to say that at one point, when I realized just how much I was being guided, and I didn't even have to take down directions, I really found such a great cosmic laugh at myself. It was really a cherished moment when I looked at my hymn inside and realized how I was being taken care of, and I hadn't seen it before.

Welmek: All life is a journey of faith. When you see your life from this perspective alone, you may begin to appreciate that always will the outcome be unknown, unseen, perhaps unexpected. This is the great mystery in overcoming the challenges of human living: To view your life as being the revelation of the unrevealed in time as you gain experience through daily life.

More and more will you appreciate the joy and freedom in this faith-dynamic as you recollect how it has impacted your life over the course of your growth. See those experiences as faith-lures to magnify those qualities that you have that serve your potential development and personality harmonization. These times of faith for you will become the greatest undertakings, and give you great enjoyment as you begin to anticipate living in uncertain times and dealing with uncertain outcomes.

I say these words to you, very carefully and slowly tonight, because the human being does not relish living in faith; does not seek to live in faith at this point in your overall planetary development. You want to know where you are going. You want to see what lies ahead, and you want to get there now. My friends, I say to you that this is not the way of life in the universe. Fullness of faith begins to swell within you, the more you desire to live with uncertainty and to cherish those opportunities where you cannot know and do not see where it is that you are being taken.

Ask yourself this question, "How much do I desire to live in this way?" Ask yourself this now, and be very honest and sincere, with what is your response. And you do not need to express this out loud to me. (Tape ends.) But I wish you to pay close attention to that which you feel in your answer - for that is the limitation that you place upon yourself in your ability to trust. And it diminishes you. It keep you from becoming all that you can be, and all that you desire to be, and all that you sense within you can be.

The sense of being full of faith is directly proportional to your ability and desire to live with uncertainty. The uncertainty colors your perception by casting this shadow of doubt on your abilities and propensities to perform the tasks you must, to achieve the goals you desire.

When you live in faith, you allow that expansion of self to propel you into new arenas of experience that always add depth and breath and height to who you are, and to add new weight within your soul. Think not that the uncertainty is there to harm you, or to make you feel error-prone, or doubting your abilities. It is there to creatively enforce and to capture those abilities that you have to make them more powerful and dynamic within you. How much beauty of self-expression do you wish to achieve in your life? If you begin to attach yourself to that idea that you are becoming only more glorious and magnificent, you will begin to appreciate that it is because you are a child of a loving, devoted, tender and affectionate spiritual overseer that allows this to happen. This is not an aggrandizement of self as it is an aggrandizement of spirit. And the more you identify with this, the greater you become, the greater you allow the God within you to blossom and enrich and ennoble all of your life. Faithfulness creates the way for you to be that which the Father has planned for you. Why would you settle for anything less than this? I will pause for your comments now.

Student: So you are saying that our uncertainty is what propels us to a great achievement, a greater good, a wider pathway?

Welmek: I know this may seem like a conundrum, but what I am suggesting is that when you accept that you do not know what the outcome will be, and that it is acceptable in your inner environment to live with the uncertainty of that which is unknown, that is what will help you develop your capacity to trust and expand your ability to live in faith and be faithful. Does this make the distinction more clear in your mind? (Yes.) Do you need any further elaboration on this idea?

Student: Welmek, do you have any suggestions as how to deal with the time continuum. Sometimes I feel like I have faith but I lack the patience. And the longer it is in time that I seemingly don't have answers, or some kind of definite answer, I begin to, I don't want to say lose faith, but it loses its momentum.

Welmek: My dear sister, uncertainty is part of allowing yourself to walk in faith. You, in walking in faith, must allow for the Father's time frame to prevail. You cannot see the hand of God in how your life will unfold. Is this not so? (Yes) And so, adopting the Father's time frame is fundamental now to appreciating this quality and dynamic of faith more in your life.

Patience is allowing enough time to elapse for the Father's outcome for you to prevail. And if you feel you are impatient, then it is because you are expecting things in your time frame and not allowing the Father's time frame to being more operative. So in these instances, you can say in your stillness, "Father I am impatient, and I do not feel that things are moving ahead. I wish to sense your time frame so that I may cultivate a more patient and trusting attitude toward this situation."

Patience is limitless when you ask for it. Recognize that it is your time frame that is operative, and once you are aware of this then, my sister, I hope that it will be easier for you to ask the Father for His patience to take the edge off any doubt or misgivings that you might have. Does this help? (Yes, thank you!) This is a patient universe, as evolution is a slow and incremental process. I am thinking of that fable of The Tortoise and the Hare for you to perhaps identify with and see that slow and steady growth is what was successful in the race to the finish line.

Are there any other comments or points of clarification this evening?

Student: Yes Welmek, I've always felt that I inherited wanderlust, maybe from the Blue Man, and that I kind of thrive on confusion, and uncertainty. But I worry about the ethics of being over-exuberant in front of others, or too rapid of a change of the steps to mercy that we once talked about, several months ago. How to get that, what the Scientologists call, "Power Release", so that we're not feeling guilty that we are overwhelming other people, or hurting other people, as we rapidly change. I don't know if it's a false fear of change, but somehow, some people have an ability to do a lot of things, and that they don't have a fear of hurting other people in the process.

But there seems to be a built in mechanism in us to stay in a fixed condition and not move out of fixed conditions and not to expand too rapidly. I wonder if you could comment on that?

Welmek: In time, as a personality develops more maturity, there becomes the idea of balance and proportion, as you sense the rhythm of growth. There are times for the sudden spurt of growth, and then there are times of the slower amalgamation of new ideas and experiences. Extremes of over-rapid growth, or static complacency are immature responses that are rooted in the human expectations or desires of change or maintaining a status quo. They are not true reflections of the inner spirit working. They are manifestations of the human mind. The greatest mechanism to overcome this, is in one's individual inner communion with the Father to ask, "Not my will, but Your will prevail in my life." And adopting a sense of I wish to co-operatively partner with my inner spirit who is setting the pace and the tenor of my growth.. The more you identify with this, the greater will your pacing and patience be. If you focus on the fear of overwhelming someone, or feeling guilty about overwhelming someone, you can be well assured that it is not the spirit whose mind you are using; it is the human mind at work.

Identifying only that which you wish to become: more balanced, more in-tuned with the rhythm of your Thought Adjuster will you find yourself being able more effectively to communicate with others. Does this help?

Student: It helps a lot! It simplifies the whole years of wondering about that. And it simplifies the steps to mercy which I know will take centuries to learn.

Welmek: Overburdening your mind with trying to figure out how to overcome all of your character frailties will tax your ability to be confident with who you are becoming. Identify only that which you value as good, and beautiful and true will keep you focused and moving forward, so that these qualities or frailties that you have can be made into qualities of such refinement, and grace, that you and your fellow brothers and sisters will appreciate that which you are becoming, and spur new growth, and new abilities and talents within you.

In the human refinement process, allow yourself to detach from all that is unlovely within you, by asking for everything that is beautiful to be amplified. This is how you grow into that diamond that attracts the light and is the light as a beacon to others. Does this help? (Yes it does. Thank you.)


My friends, you are all growing in your capacity to trust. Each time you make a decision, whether it is the right one and you have a positive outcome, or whether it is one whose positive outcome will need to await upon time, you are gaining a greater appreciation for the lure towards your own perfection. And as you sense that deepening foundation of this in your life, you will gain a greater appreciation for the personality of the Father in Paradise who loves you with a limitless affection, and has created the way for you to become so beautiful, so light-filled, so wondrous, and so glorious.

I know this world has been fraught with many teachings that speaks of the degradation of the self and the race, but you, as seekers of the truth, are no longer to be encumbered by these old ideas for the experiences that fostered these ideas within you.

More and more identify your ideas with living in faith, with accepting uncertainty, with appreciating having no expectations but on that which the Father desires for you. Let yourself be lured into this faith-dynamic that creates endless and breathtaking possibilities for your creative self-expression. Take a deep breath. Fill your lungs with faith. Walk forward and take that great giant step.

The Father's arms are outstretched to welcome you; to pull you to Him. My friends, you will not be dropped. You will be carried forward, and you will be delighted that with where you are going, and who you are becoming. Good evening!