2002-11-24-Utilizing The Higher Mind

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Topic: Utilizing the Higher Mind

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am happy that you have decided to come this evening. We are grateful for your continuing devotion to these lessons and to our teaching staff personally. You have each decided to go through the painful process of change that these lessons allow. No human being exists who is not in need of spiritual regeneration, growth, and change. All people require help to accomplish the process of gradual submission to their higher selves.


Morontia Mind

The ego mind stands ever ready with the assertion that you are right, you are perfect, your are absolutely fine just the way you are, and everyone else is mistaken. That is the ever present voice of fear in your mind. It is the basic animal fear which creates the need for always defending what you perceive to be your self but which is just a position or attitude. And, it is these attitudes and positions which must change, which must be malleable and fluid rather than rigid like a fortress in need of defense.

Think of yourselves rather as water in search of its natural level, its ability to fill in and form into the container or natural bed in the river. This ability to allow change is very hard for human beings to grasp. All humans create an illusion of themselves by contrasting their views, opinions, positions to those of others and the personality or the will invests in that illusion and thus must defend it which makes it even more real. But, all of these things are but temporary states of mind. The mind is not the personality, the mind is not the soul. The personality will must overcome these tendencies of the mind by surrendering to higher will or mind. The natural human mind rebels against any submission, anything which takes away its authority. But, as spiritual beings, you must recognize that this natural mind is mostly driven by fear and so is constantly compensating and disguising its fear.

You Urantia Book states that it is possible for your will, will that is centered in your soul, to override the natural mind, the human mind and to entrust the higher morontia mind which is a part of and in direct connection with the indwelling spirit. When you favor this higher mind, gradually, little by little, the fear dominated lower mind loses its influence, its grip on the personality and gradually, little by little, the morontia mind comes to dominate the personality or perhaps that's not the right term, comes to infuse the personality with consciousness of divine love, power, peace, and protection.

The higher mind is never fearful. That is your test. It is the lower mind which succumbs to fear and all its attendant illusions. The higher mind is immovable. It is peaceful, and it is ever showing the way toward personality change and unification. The more you can let go of the lower mind and grasp the higher mind with you will, the less you will be troubled by anxiety, sudden panic, overwhelming fears, and the more you will have a steady peace, a reasonable optimism, and a quiet confidence.

The ego mind may assert the illusion of confidence, but underneath there is only churning fear and trouble. The God mind feels only security and thus the confidence and peace exuded from such a God knowing mind is real.

As you move gradually into this higher realm of thought, action, and being, there are things which must be gradually left behind. One is guilt, another is avarice, another is shame, another is regret, For as your lives progress, you understand that the Father is always giving and he gives you what you need, just when you need it. There is no sense of needing more. There is no sense of if only I had such and such, done such and such.

For you come to see that throughout your life you have been using the tools at your disposal to the best of your ability and in ways that the Father already knew beforehand that you would do. And so, your life has been a big lesson, journey, a journey take with the Father and his constant giving. There is nothing then to regret, nothing to feel guilty over, nothing to wish for because the best that could have been is right now. Understand this, that you each are at the very best place you could be right now and you all have just exactly what you need.

Find that peace with yourselves. Let go of that inner fear that you've done something wrong, that you should have behaved differently in some circumstance or other. The Father's been with you all your lives. He knew just how you would handle every situation at the time and all of the accumulation of those decisions have brought you here tonight.

Is change painful? Of course it is. It's never easy. If it was, it would be worth very little. Spiritual gains are worth everything. Everything else in life can be set down as a distant second to the value of spiritual growth. What creates growth more than difficulty? What causes the willingness to change more than failure of what is now? There is no motivation to move toward God if everything works just fine with the ego mind and its dominance. So yes, expect problems, expect failures, for these things create the motivation and the ability for spiritual change. Now, as we discussed this letting go of the lower mind and willfully choosing and counsel and the thought process of the higher mind, this is a long process but it can certainly be done. When you have the opportunity to choose, which is all the time, try choosing that higher mind and releasing the lower mind. The more you do this, the more you will remain with the higher mind in peace, security, love, and happiness.

That is my advice for now. What are your questions?

Personal Counsel


Q: Ham do you have a personal message for me please?

Ham: Of course, my son, you are willingly going through the painful process of self-examination and self-honesty. The process is a long one and being free from substances which allow free reign of the ego mind, you are coming to understand the difference in reality between this ego self and your soul. It is very hard to simply release that ego self and embrace the childlike soul. But, that remains the true path. The ego self knows all the answers. The child soul knows nothing for certain. The difference is the child soul is content with that but the ego self is afraid of that vulnerability. Difference is very clear, but it is not always so within the mind. Choose always that more vulnerable and yet higher path, the one leading to God rather than self. To the best of your ability, make that distinction and you will be fine.


Q: Do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Yes, certainly, daughter you are finding that this line between the fear driven self and the higher mind can be filled with pitfalls. As a child your family operate on guilt and fear and so you are easily convinced by fear that you should feel guilty. This tendency must be overcome. In order to remain within the realms of the higher mind you must decide, whole heartedly, to abandon the lower mind with its attendant fear and guilt syndrome. Whenever you feel this tendency to revert to these feelings you must actively oppose it. As a child you passively took on guilt continually and so you tend to revert to that natural state very easily but I tell you now it is time to make a clean break of it and this you can only do by being mentally alert and watchful. Realize, my dear, that you don't need those things. You have worn guilt like a comforter, like Linus's blanket, something familiar which seems to be a comfort but is actually very destructive. It is time then to release those things of childhood and move into spiritual adulthood.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: Yes, my son, you do very well. You are also fighting old tendencies and are being victorious. Your biggest enemy is the feeling of not being worthwhile. Your family operated through varying balancing mechanisms as to who was worthy of what. Your parents acted as judges who constantly told you that you were coming up short and gave you the sense of being not worth their energy and effort, not worth their love. So feeling unworthy of love you have been hampered and are always drawn to that place where love is withdrawn, where you are shown to be unworthy or love. But, you are making great strides and are comfortable now with your self and your place in the universe, your place in love. Be careful to reject that tendency to be drawn toward feeling unloved. Accept, rather, the reality of being surrounded and engulfed with love. Allow yourself to feel secure with love.

Q: I wanted to say that you said some stuff tonight in your lesson that I have been trying to get my pliers on for 20 years, about the mind and all that.

Ham: The lessons are designed to give you each what you need. That is my greatest reward to know that you are being given something you need through my ministry.

Q: May I get some advice from you please?

Ham: Certainly. My daughter, you have from your childhood, the burden bearer. The burdens that your parents refused to shoulder you took upon yourself and this same tendency still continues. As you try to move into spiritual realms of freedom, this seeming obligation to bear the burden, pulls you back into that natural mind cycle of fear and reaction. Being the burden bearer you are also responsible for every one and so you continue to be drawn into these feelings and ways of thinking because they are comforting and familiar. While this is going on, you have another side that to balance this oppression goes for other extremes and seeks freedom and deliverance from burdens. And so, in this way you are going between extremes of crushing responsibility to irresponsibility.

Everyone has reactions to these early experiences and all these things are known by the Father and are to him as predictable as the sunrise. Your main job right now is to get out of that cycle of the natural mind and instead choose the higher mind which isn't always completely obvious, it is a process. The higher mind accepts what is and is a peace with it. The higher mind accepts the world as it is and accepts your place within that greater world completely. When you ask for help from the higher mind, you're asking for change, for growth, for new reactions to old problems and this can only occur little by little. The mind is not like a door that the will can simply walk through. The mind is like a living breathing changing melding flexible organ. There is nothing fixed, everything can be changed. But, the change is within yourself, that is what leads to peace, tranquility, happiness. The ego mind convinces us that if circumstances were changed, if other people were changed, if other people had not taken certain actions and instead taken different actions, all these things would bring peace and tranquility. But of course, that is not so.

It's easy to know this in the mind, to see it, to understand it, but it is quite another thing to experience the actual change and to be growing into your greater self because it requires leaving the smaller self behind little by little. And children, we are awfully fond of our small, little selves. The ego convinces us that if we could crystalize it just as it is, it would be the answer for every one. But the higher mind says no. The higher mind says each one must find his or her own path with all its attendant pitfalls and problems, all the things that are not under the control of any one person.

Q. This is pz Ham, and I have an intricate question. If you remember, after our Dad's passing, almost 4 years ago, he left a wife, which in fact was our Aunt, our mothers youngest sister. My question to you at that time, did our Dad pass over to the other side, and your answer was yes, and he is now with his loved ones and our mother who passed 37 years ago. This question is different, as his wife/our Aunt has moved out of Dad's house, which has the siblings name on it, and into her daughters home, which is out of this state. My eldest sister and only brother visited her and saw how unkept and thin she has become, she stays in her bedroom with her two cats with their food on trays with ants crawling all over them and her only means of food is beer and cigarettes, which is her choice. We as her nieces and nephew can't do anything for her, and it appears her daughter doesn't do anything for her as well. She has Life Estate in Dads home and wants to move back but doesn't have the capability to do so. She left her best furniture there in Dad's home and actually believes she will move back. If she does, there is no one to take care of her as I have a lung disease, and my brother has his own business and is out of state for weeks at a time and his wife takes care of their children. The other three siblings live out of state. This Aunt is 79 and extremely weak. What can be done? Thank you for your prayers and we pray for you as you do for us.

Ham: My dear, it is good that you are concerned for this woman who means very much to you it is plain. Remember that you cannot control what occurs in her life as she is making her own decisions. Her daughter does care for her and is doing the best she can. It is best not to create more problems by being too helpful. Everyone must find their own way to the Father and it is best to withhold your human judgement when you can. Be at peace with all these things and instead focus upon your own spiritual growth along with your health. You are doing very well, my dear. Let go of your tendency to worry so much.

Q: Liz H. wants a personal message and what is her spiritual name?

Ham: Yes, my dear, you are doing very well. You are finding a great many opportunities for growth in the life you have chosen. Be at ease as you move forward and make progress in the spirit and in life. Go then in peace and be at ease as you do. Your spiritual name is not so important as knowledge and awareness of your own spiritual growth. In English your name sounds like Raymea or Raymela. Either way is very close.

Q: Norbert would like to have a personal message.

Ham: Yes my son, be at ease for you do very well. You are someone who takes life very seriously and you must remember to take time for spiritual refreshment, laughter, rest, for your tendency is to deny yourself these things at times. Be at peace and enjoy your life. You do very well.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Charlie B?

Ham: Yes. My son, you have come very far, very quickly. Remember to be gentle with those who are still behind you, who have not made the progress you have made. Reserve judgment and be very loving and forgiving of these people. Be careful not to adopt the role of teacher during times when a friend is what is required. Be a good listener.

Q: Do you have any feedback for me this week?

Ham: Yes. My son, you do very well. You always find a way to make the best of situations. You are always able to be supportive with others, even when you don't always agree with their decisions. This is a very good character trait. Remember then to keep reaching for that higher mind, that place of peace and perfect love. Be entirely at ease and seize happiness in all the little things of life.


Be at peace and as always my love and my prayers are with you each. Farewell.