2003-02-23-Being Ready

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Topic: Being Ready

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa, Rayson

TR: Daniel Raphael



Daniel: We’ll just take a couple minutes for you to collect yourself, and to become settled. (Pause) [Group now goes through relaxation and releasing; connecting to the merkaba; examining intention and sincerity; invoking spirit-presence.]

Doing this exercise, we become one with spirit, as best we can. Maintaining this in consciousness helps us emulate the Master Consciousness, the Christ Consciousness, throughout the day. And now let us consciously expand the merkaba to engulf this house, so that all the contents in this location are within the merkaba globe. Our Celestial Friends say that they are ready to start.

RAYSON: Good afternoon, this is Rayson. (Good afternoon Rayson. Welcome!) Greetings, it is good to be here with you once again. And welcome, guests. We appreciate your patience and tolerance for letting Daniel be away with his daughter, who has not visited Colorado for many years, two weeks ago. Let us pick up where we were, four weeks ago, then. And in doing so, I will turn over the meeting to Machiventa, who conducted the meeting last time.

MACHIVENTA: Greetings, my friends, this is Machiventa. It is a pleasure to be with you, once again. (Welcome, Machiventa. Greetings!) Thank you. I would like to comment on your meeting last night. [Ed. Note: Reference to a meeting of the Rocky Mountain Spiritual Fellowship in Boulder, Colorado. There was an address by Tom Choquette on Ministry and Service, followed by a potluck dinner and a healing circle.] There were hosts of us there, many, many, many Celestials had come to the meeting that you had last night.

It is delightful the see the progress and evolution of this [Boulder] group of people. Yes, some have come and others have gone, but the energy, the intent of this deeply sincere group, is evident. You are upholders of the Urantia Book faith, the authority that rests within that reference book. We see many of you have opened your hearts, where they were closed once before; where once there was judgment, now there is acceptance; and where once there was withdrawal, now there is presence and greeting.


Variation is ever the signature of the universe and acceptance of variation is an important part of your progress, the allowance of differences between you, and accepting those differences and understanding how others came to their position of acceptance of where they are, and where you are. In doing so, you emulate the Christ Consciousness of acceptance of everyone, for this is as Michael is, our Father and our Creator. He has created us and we are his children, whether you are evolutionary beings or whether you are created beings, as myself and others. He accepts us all, where we are, as we are, and then urges you to continue to grow in concert with your Thought Adjusters. So I salute you for growing, and those in the Boulder group and those in the surrounding areas, have given great evidence of their growth. It is very welcome, for only in growth can you embrace larger definitions of service, as your speaker spoke about last night.

In service, this is the main reason for my presence here today is to speak of the service that you will begin to render to the larger community around you. You have ministered to yourselves, and now you will begin to minister to others, not by active proselytizng, but through, as Jesus did, by “passing by,” and proactively approaching those who are open, to offer the words, the behaviors, the values, the attitudes that have helped people grow to enlarge their soul capacity, their reservoir of greatness, so that when they pass by this realm, they will be greater beings, and in doing so, they will have decided to participate in the larger universe.

The last time I left you, Rayson requested that those with questions concerning the message that was given should raise those questions and present them at this session. Are there questions to be received now?


Agatha: Yes, Machiventa. This is Agatha. As Rayson requested, I have combined the questions and concerns of the transcript readership into six generalized questions, which I will ask first, and then there are two specific questions.

The first one is on validation. I will begin with one aspect that created a lot of discussion on tml, (the Teaching Mission list,) but was not really a question, as such. There was much concern over the validity of this transmission, whether it was really Machiventa Melchizedek speaking, and if so, how was the purity of the transmission? Some of the students have had some bad experiences in the past concerning proclamations that they believed were valid then later were embarrassed when these proclamations turned out to be false. The attitude of many individuals was that this message from Machiventa called for a “wait and see” tactic—wait to see if other Celestial Teachers from other groups support this, and/or wait to see if this message “bears fruit.” Several pointed out that with the eclectic New Age movement, and all of the other channelings with the newly departed going on, that we students need to be extremely careful and discerning, even of the Teaching Mission transcripts. That can be difficult at times and students often have opposite viewpoints or reach different conclusions, using the same tools and techniques for validation.

Could you comment please, on these concerns?

Machiventa: Certainly. No effort, no words on my part now, would validate what was given last time, as it is the same process. It would still be open to question. Therefore, the validation must come within the hearts and minds and revelations and insights by individuals throughout the Teaching Mission effort.

As far as fruits are concerned, yes, there have been fruits already. Many of you have organized and tried, or are in the process of organizing small, worshipful groups, or small centers, or churches—whatever you may want to call them—where you come together in fellowship and share your spiritual and religious efforts, some with rituals, some without rituals, some with ceremonies and some not. This is evident of a budding need within this group for an organized effort to educate and share and fellowship those who are in need of these services and insights and wisdom and education. Many hunger for this; many will not come to the Teaching Mission because it is so “New Age.” Yet, they hunger for a revision of old religious thoughts and processes. They know that there is more than the staid and antiquarian religious services that do not allow, or do not promote individual growth within those religions; therefore a new approach is provided. The educational era of the Teaching Mission in small groups is not past, but will continue. Yet there is a huge body of evidence related to the values of these teachings that are sufficient to begin a broader dissemination or insemination of these values to others, who may be attracted to this effort and find some similarities in the Christ Consciousness that they found or desired in their own religions.

Third, you will find that none of this speaks against the work of Michael, but only supports that which he has already established. If one were to examine the Teaching Mission and analyzed it, you would think, “Why did Michael do this?” And then you would think, or we would hope you would think, that there would be an evolution of development in this process.

There is a natural growth in any movement that is incomplete. The continued dissemination or awakening of individuals throughout this planet continues; those individuals will become aware of a higher consciousness. Those who have already attained this, as many individuals in the Teaching Mission have, will hunger for new awarenesses, new processes, and new growth experiences. They will want to share this with those they feel comfortable with and will want to form centers of fellowship, and education for those who are new. This is natural. And as these groups develop, there will be other stages that will continue on to develop.

This is not about one personality, this TR, today. It is about every one of you who aspires to be more Christ-like, more genuine, and then to share your joy with others. How can you do that? Not everyone feels comfortable in coming to these sessions, yet they hunger to be with others who feel as they do, a familiar environment. You may call it a church or a center, or a temple, but it is the sharing of fellowship, of shared experiences, where individuals feel safe at the level that they can enter into that organization. They may want to take classes first, rather than come to a channeled session such as this. This may offend them, yet they wish to take in the wisdom that is shared through a safe level that they can accept. Next question, please.

Agatha: While many students and readers are delighted to take on a more expanded role of community outreach, others feel that they are not ready for this step, that they have much more work to do on self-correction—possibly enough to last throughout their mortal career—and that they feel a need to be more finished or polished in their self-mastery before taking on community or institutional projects. How does one decide whether their reluctance to participate in the new phase of the Teaching Mission is truly because they are not yet prepared, or whether their reluctance is a means of avoiding failure, painful self-correction, or fear of moving into a situation of change?

Machiventa: Everyone who comes to this forum and remains with it for a time must learn something, at his or her own pace. To participate in a learning process as this mortal experience, and particularly within this Teaching Mission, and to come away with no expertise, no accomplishments would be tragedy. Each individual who has sincerely remained in this movement for at least five years has grown. Where have you grown? What have you overcome? Have you overcome deleterious, detrimental habits, whether that is excessive drug use, swearing, worrying, being spiteful, resentful, being jealous, being unable to forgive? Are there areas that you have accomplished where you have overcome some of these negative areas? How did you do that?

What I am getting at is that each individual has very small, very specific areas of accomplishment, of self-mastery. Self-mastery leads to trustworthiness, and trustworthiness then leads to service. Yes, there may be self-doubt, and it is appropriate; and yes, there is always exposure to others who would question your mastery, and that is appropriate. No one on this side will ever beat you down for your accomplishments and then the failures when you go back to your old habits. This is natural. We do not uphold you to perfection, and we hope that you neither do that to yourself, for that would be a very harsh and punitive learning situation.

The rewards of growth should be joy, accomplishment, and as our friend here says, self-applause, for you become joyful and happy in your minor accomplishments, mastery of those little behaviors, which were supported by a different value system, different attitudes, and now you have corrected them. This is growth, and in this growth, you can become good teachers because you have the experiential knowledge of overcoming those habits, those difficulties. I would say that almost every one of you could become a teacher in some way. It wouldn’t have to be at these centers; it may be in your work place.

To remain in self-doubt or self-satisfaction throughout your life, both would work against your growth and your movement ahead. I know that your existence on your planet is harsh, criticism from others is harsh, and your self-criticism is sometimes far more harsh. Ease up a bit! Be kind to yourself. Be gentle. Be always loving of yourself. And if you decide you do not want to participate, that is your decision. We are urging you on; we are inviting you in where you feel comfortable, and if you don’t feel comfortable, then don’t. Next please.

Agatha: This question involves several inter-related questions:

Many students have already begun projects of outreach, and feel that they are meeting your challenge. This question is from the students who have not yet found a suitable service project. They wish to know where is the best place to start, and to what extent are they allowed to request Teacher assistance? Is it the responsibility of the student to choose a project and be the main generator of ideas or will they each be “nudged” individually and guided as to how and where they are to serve? Is the project to be in an area of great planetary need, or are they allowed to choose a project that they would enjoy and that suits their present talents? Are these projects to be by groups of mortals, or can they be individuals working alone with some celestial guidance? As one student said, “None of us knows what (we?) are doing but we know it needs to be done.” (Chuckling from Machiventa and the group.)

Have you guidance for these students? Is there a compass you can give them that at least, points them in a starting direction?

Machiventa: Now let us go back to the first question, please. Repeat that.

Agatha: They want to know to what extent they are allowed to request Teacher assistance?

Machiventa: They are always open to request Teacher assistance in all efforts which are of light and good, and which Michael would support, and they know that which Michael would support and that which he would not. Please request. Next.

Agatha: Is it the responsibility of the student to choose the project and be the main generator of ideas?

Machiventa: That is a two-part question. The student must choose; there is no action without choice. And the second part of that question please.

Agatha: Whether they would be nudged individually and guided as to how and where they are to serve.

Machiventa: When needs become apparent, there is an indication of need. They should explore those needs and see if there is something they can do there, within their limits, within their capability.

[This is Daniel. I have a real hard cognitive problem with these big lists of questions. It’s like I’m brain damaged or something.]

Agatha: He’s already answered some of the questions anyway. Are these to be group projects or can they be individual?

Machiventa: This is Machiventa. They can be both. They will be individual as the individual chooses to participate, and there will be group efforts as the individuals decide to work with other individuals. This is not an all or nothing, black and white process, but it is… [This is Daniel. I lost it… let’s go to the next question.]

Agatha: Yes, I think that has been answered adequately.

A student quoting Paper 99, Section 3 from the Urantia Book stated: "Religionists, as a group, must never concern themselves with anything but religion, albeit any one such religionist, as an individual citizen, may become the outstanding leader of some social, economic or political reconstruction movement."

This student then went on to say, “If the primary purpose we have together is a religious, or spiritual purpose, then is it consistent that we should, on a group level, begin to shift our focus into other areas, or does it seem more reasonable that our primary focus should remain spiritual? Individuals can choose to apply that spiritual understanding in whatever social, political, economic, or other areas they feel inclined to get involved in, but for the most part, we are in the business of fellowshipping about the experience of finding God and trying to become more like him….”

The question is, are you supplanting this former, generally accepted consensus of the Teaching Mission, or are you expanding our previous mission purposes to include secular aspects of the Correcting Time as well?

Machiventa: Your planet will never become healed until the spiritual attitudes and values of Michael pervade all of your social, political and economic organizational entities. You must begin to apply yourselves, your beliefs, in these areas. Not by political action, as you see with contemporary religionists in some religions, but through your presence, through the decisions and choices you make and the choices you offer to your groups to make for the higher path of the development of these organizations. This is a continued expansion of the original mission of the Teaching Mission: First awareness, then application. (Thank you.)

Agatha: Machiventa, one person was very pleased that you spoke up about “too little happening,” in such a positive way, and added a request, rather than a question. He hopes that you would talk to the tml group about “respecting the projects of others, and working with greater cohesion and cooperation.” Have you a comment on this request?

Machiventa: Certainly. As was mentioned earlier, the diversity of application may vary as much as by the number of individuals in the organization, or in the effort. You have seen within your own Urantia Book movement, individuals who thought they knew “The way” (with a capital “T” under “The way.”) But it changes. There must be respect for each individual who works for “good,” for Michael. One person’s “good” efforts may differ from another’s, and this is appropriate. There is not “one way” of developing these projects, but many, as there are many needs. You see within your own Christian Church organizations throughout the world that there are well over 200 Protestant organizations alone, within the Christian faith. Each organization represents one application of their interpretation of Jesus’ words, and their beliefs. Such is fine as long as there is not dispersement or conflict between these groups, but that eventually with organization, all good efforts lead toward the one goal of “oneness,” of healing of your planet.

It will take the efforts of many people for many years, many decades, many centuries to heal the divisions that exist on your planet. Please support each other’s efforts and honor them, and offer yourselves as a resource for others who you think may need additional guidance. But to force yourself upon others is not prudent or recommended. It would be best when others who are different from you, offer themselves and you ask questions of them, “How would you do this?” “What do you think?” Only by examining reasons for separation will you find reasons for joining together, joining your efforts. If you remain in fear, or remain in resentment from your brother’s and sister’s efforts, then you remain in division, and division is not part of the “oneness” that we know will come through. Next.

Agatha: I’m going to skip the sixth question because I think you’ve already answered it within others.

This next question is a little more specific for a particular student.

This student has not had the benefit of fellowshipping with Teaching Mission folks, or of a personal engagement with Celestial Teachers. He would like to know if there are lessons that could help him in his desire to participate more skillfully in carrying out your mandate. He lives, works, and is a member of a church in a community of German Protestants—Amish, Mennonites, German Baptists, and Brethren. He feels that they are going through an identity crisis and he has carefully tried to share ideas from the Urantia Book without mentioning the source, since they consider it to be the work of Satan. Sometimes his words are well received, but at other times, he finds resistance and even hostility. He sincerely loves these people and would like to help them find a way to ease into updated traditions that do not retard their social advancement, yet give them social stability. He would like some guidance to increase the potential for positive acceptance of these ideas, some techniques he might employ to expand an idea or original thought that has not been sanctioned by the leadership of their particular brand of Christian theology. Rather than rewrite their Christianity, he seeks more to help them find the God of Jesus and to discover the kinship of all mankind.

He feels hampered by the fact that he doesn’t have a TeaM group to support this or the TRing process, where he can get his questions answered. Do you have suggestions?

Machiventa: Yes, certainly! It is good to hear your earnest questions, and the depth of your concern for yourself and for your fellow believers. I would offer you to go to the Stillness and invite in that Stillness, the Christ Consciousness, the Christ Mind to fill your mind. And if you are in doubt whether you can do this, then ask that the Christ Mind be substituted for yours. Be open to guidance that you receive during the Stillness time, and other times during the day when your mind is quiet and at peace. Ask, in the Stillness, those same sincere questions, and then go about your day’s activities, knowing that you will receive an answer. Keep your projects small; do not be over-whelmed by the magnitude of the mission that you see ahead for yourself, but take one small part at a time.

Seek out those who believe or think similarly as you do, even if that is only partial. Do not be divisive though, in your affiliations with these like-minded individuals, against the brotherhood that you share. Know that the answers are forthcoming, and that your mere presence here is a bud of light in the darkness of scattered light that is around you. They too receive this light and knowledge, and in this opening, we know that they ask questions. Call upon their openness in the Stillness to receive the Christ Consciousness, to be open to larger dimensions of belief. Your presence within this group shows in itself, hope of these efforts of yours, to help the group grow. Know that you are not alone, but many are with you in mind and spirit and in the efforts of others around you. I will not say, “Best wishes to you.” I say, “That I place my arm around you as you walk this path.”

Does this close the questions, or are their others?

Agatha: Just one more.

Another student asked: “In regards to this next phase of our development, it is all well and good for us mortals to be involved in the correcting time and take up your challenge...Yet...There are areas that are well beyond us....For example....The biologic uplifting of us humans that was totally thrown out of whack by the default of Adam and Eve....The Life Carriers admitted that many of their "experiments", which proved to be detrimental to us living on this decimal world, such as our susceptibility to diseases, would have been negated had we received the proposed influx of Adamic blood...But...We never received this influx, due to the default....So...My question is....What, if anything, on the Celestial level, is being instituted to compensate for this lack of Adamic uplifting?”

Machiventa: I do not want to be mysterious or deceptive, but I wish you to know that there are efforts being made on the material level to aid your genetic deficiencies. Your thoughts echo those who are not even part of the Teaching Mission or know of The Urantia Book. As you are well aware, the Corps of Destiny contains individuals who do not know that they are working for the higher good of this planet in their efforts. But you do know that individuals, who wish for progress, have an open mind, are also open to suggestion from Celestial and Midwayer sources.

Your thoughts reveal too that you know that this will be a long road of recovery, biologically, and so it will. But we also offer you, to look around you and see the new children who are already here. These children will find their own kind and reproduce and evolve. You may think back to the time, in the era of the transition of the Neanderthals and the Homo sapiens, your current species on this planet. How did they sort and sift, how were they separated? How did they find their own kind? These are good questions. The same process is now occurring on your planet. You may anticipate, through this passive program of eugenics, of race selection, that a new species will evolve. This is very possible. You in this group and others are well aware of what you call, coincidences, which are not coincidences. The happenstance of meeting individuals of like-mind is occurring with greater and greater frequency. And some of you know that your lives literally are exemplary of this process, and that great good comes from this process of supposed happenstance, arrangements of meetings. I hope this suggests to you that there is more than literally hope, that there is a design in mind for the upliftment of your species through this precarious process of race selection.

We know that these words, eugenics and race selection, are abhorrent to many of you, because you have seen the devastating, diabolical, incredibly immoral and evil plans of men who have used this process to justify their political and war-like ends. If you think this, think of how Michael would arrange the upliftment of your species. The Adamic era is done and will not be repeated. There will be no insemination of mortals with the seed of the Adamic strain, therefore, the residuals that exist within your species, the “best,” and I say “best,” not as superior or self-aggrandizing, but the best selection process involved, can be used here too. Your question is very deep, and the answers are many. And our efforts are a multiplicity of efforts on many levels on your planet, for the biology of your species affects the mind development, your emotional states, and your capabilities to use your mind and hands and intelligence together. It is a primary project to address this area. Thank you for your question. (Thank you.)

Agatha: That’s all of the questions that I had that were submitted to me.

Machiventa: Thank you.

Student: I have a question.

[Could we wait one moment please? This is Daniel. Could we take a bit of silence, …for me as a TR, the question and answer process is very analytical and…it is probably the most difficult TR situation you can enter into. Let’s take a break, but not a mental or spiritual break.]

[Ed. Note: After the break of about five minutes, the tape recorder was not turned back on, and a short discourse from Machiventa was not recorded. Mea culpa! My apologies to Machiventa and to the readers.]

Student: (tape recorder turned on)…and we wonder how we can best share with them, our hope and confidence in the life after death, the eternal life and our Creator Father’s plan?

Machiventa: I offer a suggestion, a gentle one, that you ask your friend if he would be open to hear your perspectives about the afterlife, for in asking that question, if there is a “yes,” then he has opened his mind to what he will hear. And if there is a “no,” he will not. And if you spoke without asking his permission, his mind may become closed, but offer this as an invitation to learn more. We would be surprised that he would not be open to hear of other opportunities for existence at this terminal stage. Most people become open, if they have not resolutely denied possibility of an after-life. Does that offer you a suggestion? (Yes, thank you, it helps.) Are there other questions at this time?

Student: Yes, I have one. Is war still “necessary” on Urantia for its development, for its evolution? Or has Urantia evolved to the point where war is not necessary any longer for us to evolve?

Machiventa: From our perspective, war is never necessary, but it is always a mortal solution, oftentimes an opportunity. There are wars of opportunity, and there are wars of self-protection. Continuing war-like behavior on your planet can only be detrimental. There is enough wisdom existent on your planet to indicate that war is not productive any longer, but that it works against the best interests of mankind, across the planet, whether on civilizational terms, economic terms, commerce terms, or politically. There are many other options for resolution available on your planet besides war.

Thoughtful war, careful war, deliberate war for specified protective interests, has been necessary. The war that your country and world engaged in, in the middle of the last century, indicates that. The aggression of dominant forces against weaker neighbors exemplifies the worst options for war. Surprise attack on innocent countries is only self-serving. The possession of weapons, whether of single rifles or thousands of warheads, that could completely annihilate and inflame your planet —their very existence begs that they be used. The weapons of destruction must be removed. We always urge peace. To use the processes of negotiation, mediation, even of a stalemate, is best as opposed to war. War from this point forward, even decades ago, will only cause your planet to devolve. Thank you.


Let us close by feeling the presence of our Father/Creator Michael, Jesus here. Take a few moments before we close this session, this meeting, to embrace him, to acknowledge his presence, to feel his presence in your being, in your mind, in your body, as your spirits embrace. (Pause) Be open to his thoughts, his words in your mind. Know that he is here and speaks to each one of you, individually, uniquely, personally, right now. (Pause) As your Planetary Prince, I bid you peace! Good day.

Group: Good day. Thank you, Father Machiventa.