2010-01-14-Coming Together

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Topic: Coming Together

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Monjoronson, Machiventa, Michael, Nebadonia

TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z.

Session 1


Switchwords, Communion

Mark: Recently some friends exposed me to this book about a subject called switch-words. A brief summary in my estimation is the attempt to take what many cultures have done with things like mantras, prayers, chants and rituals that are formed to kind of guide you into a spiritual place. Through the use of a switch-word, the idea is to condense that process into a single word. Through practice and repetition, one uses this chosen word in association with the practice of, in this case, trying to come to some togetherness with my Indwelling Voice. The word that stuck out to me was the word 'together'. If you use this word in conjunction with your attempts and your efforts to find that spiritual aspect of yourself and come together then this word becomes associated with this act and the word is a stepping stone into the act, it is a leader into the act. And so I started experimenting with that and I invite you all to consider at some point in the next week, using this word 'together' when you desire to have contact with you higher self, some kind of working 'together' with that greater part of you, bringing both parts of you 'together'. I found it to be kind of a powerful tool, another tool in the toolbox to find routes and avenues of approach to where we're going.

Prayer: Divine Parents, thank you so much for the many layers of experience that you provide to us so that we may grow and develop our spiritual awareness as we are ready to take the steps to do so. I would express my intention at this time to work together with my Indwelling Father Fragment, to work in unison, in partnership and to join in common pursuit and purpose. I'd like to petition you in this manner because I see the purpose in stating the word and having created the intention and in following through with the deed. And so I would state my purpose at this time. I ask you to bring forth any contribution that you might have to this process, to this experiment we are engaged in even at this moment. I trust in you and in this process and in this partnership and this partner who I would like to come 'together' with at this time. Thank you.


The Voice: [Mark] Thank you for this request and this invitation. I accept and I am happy to come together with you at any time you will make the time. I honor your observation and the value of using phrases, words, exercises, smells, sounds, thoughts or any other means by which you will make an effort to remind yourself to join me. I am always here and you do not summon me by any of these means but rather these means are significant in summoning you to be in a state where such coming together can happen. I am in support of anything that it takes to help you in this process. I fully understand that it represents the desire of your heart to join me and that you are struggling with your material condition to find me many times but I assure you this entire process gets easier and easier and more and more comfortable, that you truly have traveled over the most difficult part of unknowingness. Now you taste regularly, even frequently this spiritual contact and this brings you the assurance and comfort that you have made progress and that this entire process may be grown comfortable with and cease to be such an apparent struggle.

There are many faiths all over the world which employ a wide variety of strategies to lead or bring one to a particular state of awareness or readiness or preparation and these disciplines have been arrived at because they have worked for some individuals and been transferred and passed down to others who would follow in their footsteps. To the degree that these rather rigid forms are helpful, then they should be employed, but by no means must they be seen as representing the only way to achieve the desired result of growing into spiritual awareness. I say that for each individual out there; there is a distinct and different way for them to find their way back to spirit. This is how the plan is designed, so techniques may or may not be applicable as they are serviceable.

Never be afraid to let spirit lead you to develop your own tricks or shortcuts or mechanism whereby you associate this condition of spiritual awareness with a thought, a practice, a tone, a sense. This is how it becomes easier and easier because you have made pathways of association. Even when we come together in meetings such as this there are standard practices which are observed and the observance of this repeated experience serves to trigger your association back to the prior, similar experience wherein results were achieved and therefore results are expected.

There are many many avenues and means which may be employed while you are in this practice and learning period but you will find that after some experience and practice has been gathered, you will not necessarily need to follow the same ritual the same way each and every time but rather you will find the association becomes made without need to fulfill all the steps that were initially familiar. In this way you can condense these associations to be rather instantaneous transfers much as simply taking the shortcut rather than proceeding around the scenic view that you have traveled so many times, putting yourself there by association without having to undergo the exact experience.


I hope this serves to illustrate the application of this principle of applying these methods of association to bring you back to the place you desire to be in. I would now step aside to allow this platform to be used by others in gratitude for the invitation I have been extended. Thank you.

Session 2


Henry: Thank you Mark for your articulations and greetings everyone. Switch-words, an interesting concept. For many years I used, and it wasn't so much a word as a thought that I used, soul, to access that space and that condition where I am aware of the connection to the higher self, to the sacred space where for myself, I would call sacred creativity lives, this place of not magic but a place where your mind can think of thoughts that you can project into future progress. Kind of like an affirmation, not to dwell on it but just to be aware and acknowledge that this is possible, a sense in some way responding on some level to this dynamic being in the presence or influence of ones higher self. The clarity at which that space provides, the lightness, the sort of almost knowingness. So yes, this concept I'm sure has a greater paradigm for humanity on some levels. This evening I'm going to go into the space with my Adjuster.

I'm sorry, I'm a little emotional and it's been weighing heavy on me all day I think. I've seen too many internet pictures.

Prayer: Thank you Father for this opportunity to come and share you with others, not so much for any other situation but to share the inner workings on a greater level, a pure level. We thank you for this connection, this life, this tremendously challenging life and we thank you Father for the space which becomes provided through this process.


Resonance, Circuits

Thought Adjuster: My warm introduction to all of you this evening. There certainly is tremendous distraction on this planet, a lack of prioritizing in which in part a humans daily prioritizing include some conscious interaction with the humans Indwelling Spirit of consciousness, this humans Higher Self. Tonight we come into a space to create consciousness and awareness that this idea of a word concept being associated with the human phenomenon of contact, togetherness with the Higher Self.

This word shift becomes a paradigm of sorts in which this space can grow into a communal consciousness, a larger group effort of being conscious, being on the same page at the same time therefore strengthening the connection such as which is prevalent this evening; being able to effect on a larger mental capacity the consciousness of the people you come into contact with. To have a word that quickens a humans consciousness to focus on a conscious awareness level in faith, begins to develop into a greater trust which begins to show forth in the lives you live, the relationships you are involved in, in general, dealing with others. This becomes a priority in times such as these when the quickening of the mind is at a greater level of empathy. Certainly there is the physical nature which can effect mental attitudes and conscious thinking can open up your heart and cause you to ponder the purpose and the meaning of life. Prime situations for energetic awareness and consciousness to be held for the benefit of others.

It is actually creating a circuit, a thought circuit in consciousness, this human spiritual partnership which the reverberation effects of it engender other individuals to develop thoughts likewise. Back to the prioritizing in ones life, this daily consciousness can grow into an expanded consciousness as a result of these daily attempts, sort of like picking though ice with an ice pick till you break through to the water beneath. The expanded consciousness which is capable within the mind circuits you all share, to hold a space of thought and consciousness. This is also of great service. It may even render [one] more susceptible to the awareness of their own inner guidance and relative nature, relative nature of a human responding to situations as they arise, growing in consciousness in awareness in dealing with situations when they arise. In all other senses to maximize an effort to eventually bring the consciousness a greater brotherhood of humanitarianism. All of this through the concept of a word which accesses the possibility of a greater consciousness between the human element and the spiritual divine presence energy circuit as was just shared by another Adjuster. The Adjusters are always present, it is the humans who need to access this space.

These are my sharings for this evening. Go in peace. I open this space for other to interact. Thank you.

Technique, Communion

Monjoronson: [Mark] Greetings my friends, I am Monjoronson here to throw in my two cents worth as it were. I am much pleased every I see this exercise undertaken of this extending out in faith and bridging the gap and making real this connection that you refer to as your Indwelling Guide. Truly, this is what the entire program is designed to accomplish and to that end I will support any avenue of approach which may be chosen and utilized.

If this is the goal, if you will, of this life experience, then should we not promote any and all means that are employed which bring us to this place. Some will prove more effective than others and we are currently at some grand tipping point of finding the new way, the right way for those involved at this juncture of time and space in this process. You see times change greatly the environmental impact on individuals and therefore new challenges arise in this progression towards finding first the desire and the need and next the means to accomplish this coming together of material and divine.

Great advances will be made as these avenues of approach are discovered and refined as the challenges to overcome are met and as a universal desire to progress infuses all the participants with this desire to pursue finding this connection of togetherness in whatever direction they are led, by whatever means are available to them. Frankly it is thrilling to be here at this time when Michael's world is lighting up, as it were. We see such great movement in this inherent desire to reach for spirit that it is quite satisfying to observe.

Thank you for the efforts that you all make in your individual ways, at your individual times and the efforts you make as a group to come together at times like this and promote an arena that can be reestablished again and again through a variety of means of recreation you can reassemble this space you find yourself in now and the more one practices the easier it becomes; the more of a network gets formed, the quicker it is activated. We are currently in the phase of developing and exercising many of these networks and I thank you all for being a part of these exercises. I bid you all have a good evening and invite you as well to go in peace. Thank you, farewell.


Machiventa: [Henry] Greetings to you this evening, this is Machiventa. I just wanted to make a few comments about this evenings lesson which was spoken by the Adjuster consciousness. One of the prerequisites for the stabilizing influences of Light and Life is coordination of human thought. Notice I used the word coordination rather than saying humans need to all think the same. The distinction in the mode of operation causes a more synchronous nature between the brotherhood of man, [it] is when the mind circuits become tremendously coordinated that great stabilizing influences begin to operate within the planet on all levels from the activity of the planet, the weather, the stabilizing influences of the earths crust, the superior culture which is being created by the way men think and live as a result of their working together for a greater recognition of purpose.

So yes, there is tremendous implication to this effect which the lessons this evening show forth and again it is always important to have this expanded consciousness to ground in this greater consciousness to direct and pull along the greater mass of consciousness needed to bring these realities into fruition. We feel now that the human society is in a greater receptive capacity to effect greater changes on a human sociological level through thought process and followed with action.

Thank you for allowing me to share these thoughts with you this evening. Again, I also bid you peace.


Michael: [Mark] Hello my dear ones, I would take this opportunity to address you. I am Michael, your Father and your Brother and I would come close to you at this time in recognition of the many sad hearts over the recent natural tragedies observed where so many of your brothers and sisters and my children have suffered and even gone through the transition of death. I understand there is a great desire by a great number of my children in their hearts to know what it is that they might do to reach out and to have any effect at all on what appears to be such a senseless random act of fate which is such an obvious hardship on many.

I would refer you to tonight's suggestion of sending out words that are significant to you, to combine this issuing of comforting, soothing words. Send out prayers for peace, send out thoughts for calm, send out hope for healing. These acts which may not appear to you to be significant, are in fact what is required in this coordinating of human thought and I will take your petitions, your requests, your prayers and I would remind you that even before these have been issued, I have seen to the needs of my children and I await to embrace each of them. They will have another chance at life or another life altogether. Either way, I have taken care of them and I will continue to always see to their needs just as I see to yours. They are under my watch care and I will not forsake them. Even though there may be some period of hardships to endure, this too shall pass and I will meet them and embrace them and show them the way beyond the suffering.

So I suggest of you that you send what thoughts and energies you would devote to such a cause and make it a positive, creative contribution, one of projecting peace, of projecting hope and love and grace and being certain in your own internal conviction that it will be so. I have told you so and I will make it so. Even though you may have occasion to witness some extreme degree of suffering, I assure you, this too shall pass and will be as nothing for I have seen to the needs of all my children. Be strong in your faith and conviction that this is so, that I see to your needs as well and I can use from you, your prayer, and your intention of goodness will be the soothing salve to help with all the temporal suffering.

I love you all, I love you each, I love you everyone and I will not forsake even a one of you. I am here for you and I am here for all the others. This I am grateful to have the opportunity to remind you. I pray all those with ears to hear will hear my words and take them as they are my desire to comfort you and assure you that what you know in your heart to be true, once again is true. Go in peace, be strong in your faith that all turns out to the best, even short term apparent ugliness becomes transformed into beauty throughout the program that is in place. I assure you once again that this is so. Go in peace and spread my love as I so freely offer it to you. Farewell.


Nebadonia: [Henry] Greetings my children, this is Nebadonia. As adversity grips your planet and social consciousness, know that we are the lubricant, the cutting oil, that we hold eternal love around the sphere of your whole world, that we hold each human heart and consciousness in our eternal and conscious love. Grow in the honing down of the sharp spiritual edge which cuts through all human situations with ease. Become more receptive my children and learn how to reduce the suffering which is one impending condition of adversity. All things can be turned around for a greater good. The times are ripe and right upon your world for the greater human family of humankind to sit at the same table in peace and harmony, to enjoy the great feast which has been prepared for you and awaits your joining.


The service of my spiritual children is forever forthcoming during the times ahead. Know that we will continue to hold you in this eternal grasp of love and perfection. Go now, the fruit is ripe. Begin the harvest, good evening.