2010-03-23-Monjoronson Q and A Session 93

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Topic: Meditation, Hearing Inner Voicing, How We Prepare

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: [Mark] Divine Parents, we are so grateful for this opportunity to join together with the intention of acting for Monjoronson and his mission, our mission at this time. I would like to express my intention to make myself available as liaison in this service project that we all work on. It is my pleasure and privilege to work with Monjoronson and others in this process. I express my deep gratitude. Thank you.

Mary: As we circle up here this evening, this small group devoted to searching for answers to questions that people have, we express our appreciation for Monjoronson and his reaching towards us as we reach towards him to commune here this evening and share some time. Thank you.

Monjoronson: Hello friends and companions in this project. I am pleased once again to keep our regularly scheduled appointment to work at this service project together. I join you in this feeling of appreciation for all those involved and the process and the glory of the plan which makes all this possible. Let us now begin with some questions.



Preamble: This questioner states that they recently came across a book relating to people in hospices awaiting their final transition to the morontia life. The subject of generational sin came up, where the idea of which concerned the possibility of a parent to genetically pass on his sins to his progeny or for a son or daughter to carry the same dark energy that one of their parents nurtured during his or her life span.

Question #1: If this is true, could this explain why children sometimes carry the same vices as their parents and grandparents?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. I must admit, I am uncomfortable with the use of the term sin in context with this question. I might trade that word for traits, as such experiences of one generation may in fact be burned into the DNA record and be passed on as a marker, if you will, in the evolutionary strain that is being compiled by the ancestral lineage. While this popular term of generational sins may carry with it some impact because a judgment is inferred and an attitude is then derived as a result of this judgment in simply even referring to some previous act as a sin.

So I would move this questioner more into the realm of pattern or trends or experiences or traits that may be had and passed from one generation to the next. In fact it is impossible to escape this passing on of the experience of life. This may be the best trait of a persons life and as well there will be some of the worst traumas and experiences which are harbored deep in this cellular memory. So the phenomenon is most certainly real and genuine, it is observable as you have said. The attitude towards the phenomenon may stand in need of revision. Things would not necessarily be properly judged as being sin but would most certainly be recognized as aspects or components of an individual's collection. I hope this helps to shed light on the phenomenon and the nature of the phenomenon. Thank you.

Question #2: Is there any approach you might recommend in particular to break a cycle of negative patterns or traits being passed on so that future generations of the same family tree don't inherit the dark energy that one of the progenitors of this family might have had?

Monjoronson: Yes, thank you for this question as it takes the observation of the phenomenon, the next step, into the practical applications of how to deal with it. There are indeed very effective methods for one to change such established and reoccurring patterns and to literally rewrite the new reality into the moment and burn it, so to speak, into the record which will then be passed on to future generations. This is a supreme opportunity that you have and will have as you go through your ascension career and it is done by means of first realizing and coming into the awareness that a pattern exists that you would desire to be relieved of, or that you feel no longer serves your spiritual purpose, or even that you become aware of is a real impediment to your spiritual growth.

You have a saying: The first step is to realize there is a problem. This is ever so true and you will inevitably, invariably, repeat patterns over and over again that do not come up for consideration, they simply replay over and over until they come into your consciousness for consideration at some point when you will consider that there may be a problem with the cycle. Then this brings the issue up into the realm for consideration, in fact for re-choosing, or not, this pattern. So the first step is to bring it into your consciousness or awareness and then the next step is to interject your intention.

You are not a victim, you are not a passive part of this equation in so far as you will choose not to be. If you do nothing, many times the circumstance or situation will simply trigger a reliable outcome. If you are aware and if you bring your intention into the process, then the same circumstance will bring up for consideration the issue, at which point your intention may direct your choice with calibrated purpose and in so doing you have broken the cycle.

Now, it will be required of you, that you maintain this new heading and course that you have chosen by matching your further and future decisions and choices to correspond with your new values; in other words, you must maintain the course and heading that you have established, but this is all within your jurisdiction, this is all your opportunity, this is your freewill choice in action. So this question is quite key to changing your individual life, your individual experience and the experience of all those who come after you as you will have modified the pattern, you will have changed the trajectory and all those who come after you will be influenced by the mark that you will leave in your DNA trail. So be about this process with purpose and intention.

Then arises what do I do with my intention, where do I direct my purpose and how is it that I do something I have never done before and do not know how to do? This is where you have been told to seek the mind of Christ, to ask that Michael's mind co-mingle with yours and in so doing to reorganize your patterns into more divine patterns. Michael is ever ready to get you started with the right heading. If you know not the right heading, there is one who will always help you. There is one within you who will ever be willing to guide you in the right direction. So first, stop and realize; second, bring your conscious choice and choose anew, and third, if you aren't familiar with the direction to go, there is most certainly help to guide you. These steps will forever break the pattern, as you say, and create a new one. Thank you for this question.


  • Meditation

Preamble: This questioner says they are really learning lots of new things and that they feel that they still haven't digested the new things they are learning. They say it feels like fiction even though they know it's reality. They tried to meditate the other day using a guided video on You Tube but during the process their heart started racing really bad and it felt like it was beginning to explode!

Question #3: I really want to be able to focus and try and meet my higher guide in meditation without feeling scared of what I might see or feel. Please, can you help or tell me what it is I am doing wrong?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. I think this question represents the questions of a great many mortals on this world. The very first thing I must do is to take issue with your observation that you are doing something wrong. If you are attempting to further your spiritual progress, it is not possible to do something wrong. There are however, routes that are more and less effective based upon your individual perception and needs and persuasion.

First and foremost, the practice of meditation or stillness as it has been referred to, is the practice of shutting down all extraneous stimulation and allowing the natural process to occur. Built in to your experience is this natural process of coming to a state of spirit. It is not heralded by sounds or any particular landmark to let you know that you have arrived. What you are attempting to do is to simply create the space, as it were, for you to be in this state of spirit.

Now, as for your concern as to being afraid of what you might find there, I will tell you that what you will find there has been with you since your earliest memories. What you will find there is that instant thought that crosses your mind, that “aha” inspiration, that sense of profound peace, that sense of being connected to all that is, relating to that part of yourself which is connected to all that is and looking at those fleeting thoughts that you have in a different way. So all the while you are trying to simply trying to quiet the material aspect of yourself to allow the spiritual aspect, which is quite subtle, a space to be in.

This is both an active process and at once a passive letting go and drifting into this space. There is no fear in this space, there is no concern for who you might meet. This is a space where you are certain the universe is a friendly place and that you are a member of a gigantic enterprise who are loved, and known, and cared for. If you find that you're mind will not flow as you attempt to slow down your material aspects, then perhaps, direct the mind to be in service to the project at hand and focus the intention of the mind on a worthy pursuit; one of prayer, one of worship, one of deep contemplation, one of profound gratitude.

If you direct the mind to occupy itself with any of these undertakings, then it too is working for the common purpose. But there is a great tendency when the mind is working, for it to become the center of all focus and energy. The idea is for the center you are in, not to be the mind and not to be the body. It is something in between, it is that soul, that aspect of yourself which is neither mind nor body but yet a combination of all. The ultimate answer to your question, is of course as you know internally, and that is that practice, of course, makes perfect in this regard and in all other regards. If it is your desire to become proficient at mastering this internal domain, then efforts must be extended, practice must be undertaken and there are always rewards for such practice.

So I encourage you to pursue your desire with a determined attitude and you will most certainly see the rewards for your efforts. Be at peace with the process. Allow it to be. It should not contain the elements of struggle but perhaps the elements of surrender. I wish you well in your pursuit. Thank you.


Question: #4: This questioner has read in the Urantia Book about Havona natives being eternally existent. How can that Be?

Question #5: They also grasp that the trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Infinite Spirit has existed eternally but how can their children also be eternally existent?

Question #6:The UB states that these beings were not created. How can that be so? If these Havona natives have lived eternally are they not equal to the trinity also in that they have lived eternally also?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. It represents one of the greatest challenges that you have as mortals in time and space to try to understand a concept for which you have no reference to whatsoever. This whole idea of eternal anything is truly beyond your grasp. It is trying to fit the concept of a quart into a pint receptor. It is simply not possible to transfer the true meaning and values associated with this whole idea of eternity and eternal. It is interesting for you to consider and challenging for you to try and embrace but, as you state, it is almost impossible to truly get it.

Nevertheless these things are true and what is missing is the translation of what this actually means to one of your order who is so surrounded by time and space that there is no real reference for anything which is deemed to be eternal. This of course does not mean that the state of eternal, doesn't exist, merely your awareness of it and ability to perceive it is so severely limited as to make any form of direct translation impossible. We use these words and we all agree that we will refer to these words when referring to this condition but they hold very little direct meaning and purpose in your lives here in time and space.

At this point I am not able to greatly expand on your capacity to embrace such topics but merely more to sympathize with you in your observation that this disconnect exists between universal reality and the mind of a mortal of the realm to embrace them. It must be this way at this time. Likewise, it is very difficult for most mortals to embrace of their own being that they have an eternal career ahead of them. It is one thing to say but what does that really mean to one whose references of a career are some job or undertaking. Those two terms are incongruent and yet this is as close as we can come in referring to what it is you do for all that what we call, eternity, that you do it in. Trust that you will come to understand all these universe principles, that they will play out in your experiences as you move through the paradigm. Have faith that one day you will gain the capacity to truly embrace all that you seek to desire, even now. Thank you.

Inner Life

  • Hearing Inner Voicing

Preamble: Since last summer, I am sometimes able to sense an inner voice talking to me. Sometimes the inner voice also answers my questions and somehow it doesn't feel like my own thought.

Question#7: Just to be sure, that I do not get completely caught up in "theater", I would like to know if I can trust this voice and who it is and if it is possible to get to know the name of this personality whose voice I hear? Thank you.

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. I note it has some resemblance to the earlier question alluding to some concern over who you might meet in your internal exploration. My counsel to you about being certain as to the validity and appropriateness of any inner dialog you may encounter, is to condition all that happens within by positioning yourself through the process of intentional posturing by asking for help and assistance and even blessings from those whom you can ultimately trust.

You may always call on Michael to assist you in conditioning your environment for where Michael is there can be no malevolence in your process. If it is your sincere prayer and intention to be guided and led, then when asking to be guided and led by those you trust, your path is cleared of obstructions and you will receive the validation that you seek. Simply align yourself with your Father/Brother Michael and ask for His assistance to help safeguard you from any ungodly influences and as well to lead you in the ways of spirit. He is available to preside with you over this inner dialog.

Another sure method for determining the appropriateness is in the fruits of what is shared and expressed. If the answers to your questions are laden with spiritual fruit then they come from a divine source. In every case you will detect a sense of righteousness in answers which come from a righteous place. Again, if in doubt, simply refer the matter to Michael and ask for His interpretation. I applaud your efforts at exploring this internal domain. It is a worthy pursuit for all to undertake.

Set your bearings, as has been said earlier, on the distant shores of Michael's abode and have Him make the journey with you, guiding you each step of the way. In this process there are no wrong turns or inappropriate actions. As Michael was well known for saying: 'Fear not' the process is your friend, the universe is your friend, the Father is your friend, and Michael is your friend. You have all these on your side, all the great things of the universe are aligned with you. Simply choose to line up with them. Thank you for this question.


  • The Nature of Portals

Preamble: A portal, as this questioner understands it, is an opening from one side of the veil to us on a material plane. It is sometimes said that there are some days that a portal may be offered to our world that coincide with our astronomical positions [e.g. the Spring Equinox] or because of the alignment of bodies in our solar system.

Question #8: Do these types of portals exist at all, and if they do, are they opened when significant astronomical events occur on our planet?

Question #9: If there are no portals in the sense we have asked about, how can we anticipate the timing of when some spiritual opportunity may come our way for which we would like to greet them and prepare to cooperate with them, perhaps in a co-creative way?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. Inherent in the question I discern that the portal you refer to are events of time and space but as well they are events of intention. There is some intelligence in this process and I will affirm for you that under such a definition, there truly are such things as portals which are activated at will by those with intelligence to do so and intention to do so. As for determining, based upon this definition, the where and the when such portals may be activated, I would say that I can tell you exactly the where and the when such portals may be activated; they are where you are.

A portal as you refer to it, is nothing more than the activation of the creative act of will. It is the choosing of a co-creative being such as yourself, to leap from this dimension of material confinement into the realm of spiritual freedom and it can be done anytime you choose to do it by simply doing it with that part of yourself which is not encumbered by time nor space; that part of yourself which can be anywhere, anytime, through this point you refer to as a portal which is nothing more than your will and your desire. The moment you choose to activate this portal, this opportunity, your spiritual component may be released from the fetters of its material confines and be allowed to traverse through time and space as easily as you can imagine.

So, it is not as though portals come and go because of geological conditions or the rotation of the stars. Such things as might be referred to as portals are the act of creation, the choosing of the co-creative will and then all things are possible. The limitations of time and space simply do not apply when you are in the co-creative spiritual realm. So I encourage you to be about this discovery that you are a portal yourself and see where this window into the universe that you are might lead you and take you. Thank you for this question.


  • Evaluating How Well We Prepare:

Preamble: These questions go to the concept of how we do or do not study the epochal revelation to answer our own questions about spirit. These questioners also want to address what it is they ought to do to gain greater insight beyond the materials available to study.

Question #10: There are undoubtedly many causes that would keep an individual from using all the materials available at their disposal. Could you address some of the causes and how we might prevent ourselves from falling into the trap of failing in the midst of plenty?

Question #11: They also have another question that is somewhat of an opposite problem to the one just expressed. Is it possible to exhaust resources about how to find spiritual insight, even about commonplace material experiences. How do we reach in further when revelation is exhausted?

Monjoronson: Thank you for these concerns. I sense a line of thinking that has a certain goal in mind for an individual to make by a certain time or in this certain life. Your use of terms like failure to achieve a certain point bring with it certain judgments that there is a required curriculum that all on this world should get in a certain timely fashion with some specific materials, some gigantic test to be taken at the end to see if you have been exposed to enough materials and have done your homework enough to be able to make the grade or pass the course.

This attitude, while commonly shared as a result of your experiences on this world of schooling and grading and passing and failing is not the universal concept. Rather, there is no failure on this world, it is not proper to refer to success or failure on this world in the same way you cannot be definitive on the success or failure of a kindergartner. It is all relative and based upon the apparent success or apparent failure of those around and in a universal scheme as large as incorporate your spiritual ascension, such judgments simply are inconsistent with the overall reality.

It is good and right and noble to pursue your learning of everything that interests you and sparks your desires and interests. The universe has brought you these things and it will continue to bring you all that you seek for the act of seeking solicits to the universe that you are ready and then as if by magic, you are provided with that which you were seeking. However, different avenues of approach, different materials available will have different meanings and different purposes to all that come in contact with them. It is not required that a given set of materials be present within an individuals concept frame for them to have considered to have gained the important lesson of this life which is the awareness of your eternal ascension career.

There are individuals who by circumstance of their location or status may never have the opportunity to be exposed to some of that which you consider to be most relevant and pertinent on this world today and yet through their diligence, through entering into stillness where all answers reside, through their sincere application to exploring their spiritual dimension will make far more progress so to speak, in the classroom of spiritual ascension than may others who are quite privileged and have the opportunity for many fine materials to come their way and yet do not take the personal effort to explore these materials enough to make good and worthy use of them.

Trust that as you seek in the universe, surely you will find; even the monk on top of the mountain, as he seeks, surely finds. The Father has no limitations on how He will minister to you. It will be as you need it, when you need it, every time and there is no great competition or striving for grades which happen, it is rather a passive process, an invitation to join the Father, one which you accept with joy and gratitude and pursue with eagerness and diligence but one which is not forced but rather offered. In this way, all will arrive in their own due time after having their own unique experience and they will not be judged, the one better than the other. They will be complementary pieces on the great mosaic and puzzle that is being assembled by the Father. Thank you for this question.


Mary: Yes, and thank you so much Monjoronson for your beautiful insights to some of our questions. We appreciate your presence here tonight and on the planet as a whole, thank you.