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Topic: Mortal Teacher Corps

Group: At Large


Teacher: Monmacion

TR: Tiahuan



Good evening my friends, this is Monmacion. I am happy to be with you again. I am glad to know you have each enjoyed some diversion from your regular routines. Diversion and reversion are certainly important elements in any labor of ascension. As you know well, the rigor and demand of this ascent, this daily struggle to move ever Godward amidst such an environment as you live in, swirling with so much uncertainty is literally a world that is rocking and reeling. But this center within, this quiet space of the presence of our Father within each of you, you can enter at any time, and as you become more proficient, you become more real and more effective in assisting others in this course of planetary ascension.

We have a question from an inquirer apparently stimulated by recent references to what you sometimes know or refer to as Starseed, former participants in the Lucifer Rebellion taking the course of renewal and healing by way of becoming human in your world and in others likewise recovering from this state of isolation.

The question pertains to whether there will be mortals of origin on this planet returning to this world in the context of Monjoronson materializing in this world as a way of signifying a new dispensation.


Let me say first that there are some unique and seemingly unusual experiments being conducted in the context of this course of planetary healing as you would expect especially upon a world that hosted the terminal bestowal of its Creator Son. However, the mortals who will be associated with the work of the Magisterial Mission are already in place, and they have been trained and are continuing to practice in preparation for this work. These mortals are self selected by virtue of their soul choice, and they will joining others, members of a variety of orders of being, some seen and many more unseen, to effect a union between the human and divine such that you would no longer be distracted or concerned unnecessarily with the anomalies of personalities coming and going upon your world.

There is an element of fascination with the phenomenon of the spiritual realm for material beings, but I would encourage you to recognize that though mortal, you are a spiritual being. By faith you know this, and I would encourage you to take this more deeply into your heart and allow the truth of this reality to become more fully manifest in your living. It is by such living demonstrations that the divine becomes human and the human becomes divine, and this commingling of these elements, gifts of our Father, constitute the very basis of the unique reality, the altogether novel reality of the soul and the soul of Supremacy evolving in time and space.

This dispensation upon Urantia has already begun. It has been announced; the precursors of this reunion have been in place for some time by mortal standards. The Teaching Mission has been and will continue to be an important part of the spiritual education of this planet. It will become enriched by a wider range of personalities that join in this labor of working from within the heart of each mortal being as a complement to the work of the Magisterial Son focused upon the larger infrastructure of civilization and working with those who are building this infrastructure and who hold positions that could bring to bear this same influence but from within the heart of your planetary civilization.

As we have discussed previously, it is this joining of the personal with the social and political, or what you would call the cultural dimensions of your planetary experience that is planned for this near term of ascension that is the work of the Magisterial Mission. Those mortals who are participants in this process are already teaching and wielding their influence. More will begin to become apparent in their own work, and you should be aware that while this process of transmitting celestial instruction via mortal speech will continue and expand, those of my order and others waiting to become a more prominent part of this teaching enterprise will be supporting the work of human teachers already living on this planet.

Look around you. Where do you behold truth being taught? You may not find this represented so much in your media as you call it, your commercial and mechanical processes of distributing mostly entertainment. Nevertheless, these personalities are well vested in their work and will be supported in this work going forward. Each is invited to explore how they might serve in this context. Look within your heart; seek the presence of our Father and begin to affect the union in your own life that we are working towards in the world at large.

As ever, all things begin within, and there is a period of quiet and very circumspect preparation unbeknownst to the larger segments of the population and certainly without the attention of your commercial media. We do not seek the attention of those who would be enthralled with a spectacle. The spectacle we behold is the presence of our Father within each of you, and it is this presence unfolding in your lives that is the truth that will become more fully manifest.

Already your world has yielded to the shifting of this tide of spiritual gravity, the abundance of personalities gathered in support of this initiative working with those mortals who are willing to be of service in this labor are in effect. You are part of this. Your part is a matter to a large extent of your own choosing. It is the partnership of you, your human mind, and your divine spirit that craft the plans we draw upon when organizing the labor of many throughout this world.

So my friends, it should come really as no surprise that the real work of the Magisterial Mission has little or nothing to do with things that you behold around you as much as what you are drawing forth from within you. When you realize that all that is seen around you comes from within this source and that you are the ones who truly determine the manifestation, then you will understand why it is that we have spent so much time, relatively speaking, and worked so much to assist you in realizing your responsibility as cosmic citizens living on Urantia.

We work as one. That you are mortal endears us to you. We are your seniors, and while you may certainly respect us for our larger scope of experience, this experience we would give to you as much as you would receive, but you can receive only what you give yourself permission to make your own. This is the nature of sharing, and this is why we are here to reassure you that the treasure we represent is already present in you. You represent to us a remarkable opportunity to witness our Father working in and through some of the most difficult circumstances that are encountered in the universes of time and space, and we are humbled, all of us regardless of our rank, our order, our serial number, our various stations or status by the majesty of our Father especially as he is living and through each of you.

I applaud your efforts and encourage your work. I am with you as are many others to a large extent waiting upon you even as you may be waiting upon us. It is the will of our Father that directs all of us whether those beings are Avonal Sons, Daynal Sons, Michael Sons, Melchizedek Sons, seraphic sons and daughters, midwayers, morontians, and so the work is the same as ever; the context is different. The context of this rare moment of time in the shifting tide of Urantia.

And my friend, Xxxx, you have enjoyed the rough and tumble shifts of a beautiful tide most recently, and I trust that you will draw upon your experience as a material being to utilize the gift of your material experience as a teaching tool for knowing joy in the rough and tumble tides crashing over Urantia now. These are the tides of a swelling spirit that are changing the face of the planet, and yes, you could be injured perhaps, but not terribly so, and even your injuries become opportunities for reveling in reflection upon the sheer joy of riding these waves. And so to some extent, I must confess, I look with envy upon you as material beings able to experience such immersion in the material realm while still conscious of your spiritual identity. Use this; do not disdain it. It is a great gift, and it is one I look forward to sharing with you in time.


I love you my friends. Thank you for creating this circuitry of friendship and extending it to others. Though they may not be physically present, they are watching and reading our thoughts and sharing our journey with us. Go in peace and be confident the light of our Father is growing more brightly in and through you upon your world.

Good night my friends.

Students: Good night.