2002-09-16-God Does Not Change

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Topic: God Does Not Change

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Henry Z.



JarEl: TR, Henry Z. Greetings to you this evening, welcome to all of you who have come; to those of you who have not been here for a while and to those of you who are just visiting this evening. First off I would like offer the opportunity for anyone who is receiving any messages from their teachers and who would like to share with the group.



OK, we will move forward here. I am Teacher JarEl and again it is good to have the opportunity to speak to you through this TR. All of God’s creation is a loving creation, from the perfect and sentient beings of Paradise down to the slowing emerging and evolving animals of the evolutionary worlds. Every rock, every plant, every drop of water and all the gases which make up the atmosphere are all part of God’s loving Universe. God has created the universes in the mind of love with the intention that slowly love would bring correctness, truth, beauty, and goodness to bear upon each imperfect situation, that it would bring it into line with the Paradise Directive: "Be you perfect even as the Father in Heaven is perfect."

What exactly does love have to do with it? Has there ever been a situation that you have applied love to that did not benefit and how many times have you tried to deal with a situation and not bring love into it? Did it benefit? Everything was created for you personally, to experience within your own heart and mind the quality of love and to begin to nurture your own life and the lives of those around with this love. Everything was created just for that! Hundreds of millions of years were taken to prepare this world, just so that you could come here and experience the fragment of the divine essence of love and eternity right here and now, this very short life on this very challenging rock. You have been blessed in this Age with a Revelation that beyond any shadow of a doubt continues to show forth and unfold a much larger pattern and picture in which this world and you in your local universe contribute a tremendous and overwhelming importance.

Most of you have heard this before, our intention in this Teaching Mission is to activate the Thought Adjusters and the beings which the Adjusters indwell, to activate the source of love within the human heart and to create a situation through conscious and intelligent effort in which you continue to show forth and hold love in the place of confusion, doubt, suffering, illness, anger, fear, jealousy and hatred. With the whole world crushing down on your shoulders, to be able to smile and open your heart and know that it is God’s Will that you love everything, especially that which you do not yet understand, those people that you have not yet met, especially those that you do not particularly like, for whatever reasons. It is your responsibility to find any way possible to hold forth this presence in a space of love and for each individual it is an individual solution, many will see it in different ways. Some people pray, some people meditate, some people intend, some people talk about it and some people just put their lives on hold to be of service to a much greater understanding of God’s Work in the world of God’s People. You are each indwelt with a life, a purpose, a direction, opportunities, especially you who live in a country that is overwhelming in opportunities and availability of even the most basic of necessities.

Be careful of what you take for granted, there is only one truth. That truth is that you are loved, you will always be loved no matter what you become, how you choose to become that and what you have to do to grow, you will be loved. You are not judged, but loved. Through wisdom you are given mercy, grace and strength. It is the one thing that you can count on until that eventful day when you enter upon the eternal shores of Paradise that you will be lovingly guided, personally escorted.

Jesus, Urantia

The Master of the Universe lived on your world. He lived in your world as one of you, as an example of how one of you could actually be great. His greatness was not in that he had a prestigious position, a tremendous wealth or a large following of friends, but his greatness was that he had deep wisdom and the ability to hold the presence of God within his heart and mind. In that presence he could meet another human being and approach them in a position of understanding of love. He had an innate ability to read a person; to just look at them, see and know what it is that they longed for, what was the heavy burden they were carrying and offer some kind words of encouragement and support, at times clarity and truth. How many times you will read that Jesus went out of his way to attend to a person who was ill or a person who was in need. In Iron Jesus went into the mines and worked as a laborer that he may bring the presence of God wherever men were and women.

The work of God never changes. Human conditions will continue to impose challenges, as it is so doing now in the world, but the work is the same. There is more fear to calm down, more hearts to gladden with good tidings and more confusion to sort out. So if you are such that you would bend and brake and snap by the overwhelming complexities of human issues and human emotions you will not be able to hold forth in the presence of God and show forth for God. You must be grounded in the presence of Spirit, connected to that Divine Presence within, so that no matter what comes down you are able to show forth the Kingdom within your heart. It is true that there were many people who met Jesus and they were not impressed, they could care less. There were many who where frightened by him, frightened by his self-assuredness, his knowingness, his somewhat insensitivity to criticism or probing. There were people who saw him as a threat and there were those who sought to destroy him and the work he was doing.

Well, what has changed? Two thousand years and you are still dealing with the same things. Now you have people pretending to be Christians who are not necessarily loving and compassionate or altruistic, who are held sway by the slightest human emotion or inclination of war or rumors of war; the fear or rumors of fear, of invisible enemies, of threatening situations. My friends do not fall. Do not fall for the small whims of rhetoric that seek to destroy that which is being prepared for greatness. Hold forth, in that sense the Christians are right, you know, stand on the rock! God is that solid, more permanent.

All of this has been created for a garden of beauty. I will tell you right now that your astronomers in the centuries to come, when they begin to discover planets around suns will seek to find the water worlds and will find very few. You traveling on in your lives and worlds to come will also recall this planet of your initial habitation as one of immense and extreme beauty. There are very few worlds like it in the Universe of Nebadon. You have no idea of what you are living on, an absolute jewel of a world. The Master Creator Son himself came to this world. Yes, it had been distraught by two defaults, spiritual defaults: the Lucifer Rebellion and the Adamic mishap. And yet it as claimed, redeemed at the price of one human life, a life lived in greatness and grace. Each one of you, a son and daughter of the Spirit of Truth itself, have the same responsibility to live that one life in grace, in beauty and in righteousness, with all the strength and all the trimmings that are yours as a son or daughter of God. Do not doubt, belittle or otherwise condemn yourselves or your efforts. There is no wasted effort in the kingdom, if all else fails, a simple smile will due.

It seems to me that those of you in this room have been called to something greater than just casual and ordinary experience. Something that is as profound and extraordinary as discerning the presence of God within yourselves has brought you here tonight; to be able to see beyond the veil, doubts, into the face of possibility, into the eyes of reason, into the mind of wisdom and into the voice of experience. So for a few moments you can come here and experience greatness, you can feel within yourselves this presence. You almost know that you can palpate it, touch it, that it can carry you through the week on wings, like an eagle and soar higher than the seagulls and pigeons, can see whole areas of planets and you can understand who you are and why you are here. Begin to listen when that little voice says the things we don’t like to hear, tells you things that you don’t particularly want to do.

If you are wondering if God is talking to you or not, begin talking to him, present yourself and expect greatness. God is the greatest gift, expect greatness. Don’t expect mediocrity, God is not mediocre and what he asks of you may be simple but it will be dynamic in its’ effect. You may do something very simple for one person but it may have a tremendous and dynamic response.

Jesus really did not do many great things did he? When he lived his life here, he did very simple things. He listened, he touched them, he said a kind word, he avoided confrontation. He tried to find ways to get groups of men and women to learn how to work with each other and show some respect for each other. Yet those simple things still have a profound and dynamic effect upon the lives of the humans who live on this world today. I would encourage you to study those papers, to really begin to see and understand how the man lived. What would Jesus do in this situation? When things got really heavy, look how upset Jesus got, you would be hard pressed. He was much more upset probably by the rejection of his people at the end when he was in the garden laying on a stone and crying. He asked Father to forgive them because they didn’t really understand and he prayed to strengthen those who did understand, so that others would continue to understand because of their lives. He was not disheartened because he could not change the whole world, but he mourned because there was a tremendous opportunity that was being wasted, that more than anything upset him. It was not the hatred or corruption that upset him. He was able to see how small-minded attitudes could move masses of people to do the wrong things, that is what he saw. He knew it would take a long time for these same masses of people to see righteous men in their true life, and yes, he was distraught with that.

So my friends do not get distraught over history meaninglessly imposing itself constantly on the present day situations. This is nothing more than the weak and unimaginative minds who are so desperate to hold onto their power and their strength and are afraid to give that power to the giver of all power. Those of you who know God, know that there is no other power than the power that runs within your very veins, the movement of your heart muscles are by his word and his will.

Thank you for allowing me to speak to you tonight through Henry and if any of you have any questions, we will move forth, thank you.


Human Condition

George: Thank you JarEl for that beautiful message. I just want to put out a situation that I have been going through and I feel there was a lesson that was attached and that I failed. I was not too proud that I succumbed to road rage and this time I took it too far. I just lost control and I was actually in a duel with another person who was equally mad at me. We were driving down the 110, it was a very winding road and we were trying to crash into each other and I was angry. Afterwards I felt bad, after all the anger calmed down I felt very bad. What I did was stupid and I should know better. I am not perfect and I realized that the guy was me and that I was fighting against myself. Since then I try to stay calm and try to be courteous to people but I still think about it and I feel ashamed. That is part of the reason why I sometimes fault myself and wonder whether I am capable of making any sort of connection with you or what might be the will of God? Do you have any comments over this?

JarEl: TR, Henry Z. Yes I do. Stop belittling yourself. Stop condemning yourself. God knows you are not perfect. Jesus knows you are not perfect and I know you are not perfect. That is not why we are here and that is not why you are here. We are here to teach you, to help you, to show you how to hold forth in living situations. The fact that you can acknowledge what you have done, share it and put it into perspective shows that you are learning and are understanding. God does not judge my friend, nor does Michael judge you. God does not love you any less because you make a mistake. If anything, God loves you even more because you have acknowledged, have seen. There is nothing magic in here, you are not going to all of a sudden switch into a different frequency and consciousness just because you TR, you pray to God or God speaks to you. No, you have to exercise intelligence, you have to be able to remember that incident. When you begin to feel this chemistry welling up in you and this resentment, that is when you need to have something like a little string on your finger. Then you untie it you remember yes, I am to exhale, I am to breathe, and I am to relax and defuse this way that I feel. Because if I don’t it will take me over and I will not be responsible for its consequence, just a victim. But to feel that there is a problem with the connection, that is only in your mind, that is not in the mind of God, in the mind of Michael or his Spirit of Truth or in my ability to connect with you, it is in your ability.

This is a very good lesson for everyone. When Jesus called forth the apostles to do his work he didn’t pick twelve perfect people. He picked twelve common men, at least ten of them were, and he patiently nurtured and took care of these men and trained them. He never judged them. He loved them and he tried to help avert pending tragedies because they were a little on the radical side and they could have easily…. especially during his arrest, they could have really made a mess of things. They could have really got themselves in trouble. He was just trying to protect them, because he knew that they had a job to do and that his was done, whether they liked it or not. He did not judge or condemn Peter, but Peter felt so guilty because three times he denied knowing his Master. Peter felt unworthy, Peter felt it was because of him that the Master did not appear to the apostles first. It is just in your mind my friend and life is too short to entertain such and if you continue thinking like this you will not open yourself up to greater understanding and growth. I can assure you that you need to change the way you think, you need to open up and expand a little more in that you are a son of God. You are worthy of all the grace and goodness that comes from the son of God, no matter how hard you may slip. It could have been worse, could it not have been? One of you could have wound up being killed, correct?

George: Yes.

JarEl: TR, Henry Z. Yes, so use that lesson wisely. Juxtapose it against the lesson that I gave you this evening and you will see a little clearer what I mean by rounding yourself within the presence of God, not within the energetic emotional nuances of the human mind; your pattern pass and your ego and who is the stronger and more dominant male on the road. These emotional and sociable physiological issues are part of everyday living. So do you understand what I mean when I say that God does not love you less and he does not take away what is given to you? He continues to love and continues to nurture and if he is not going to judge or condemn you, why should you do that to yourself? That is un-God-like and if he is not going to strike you dead at the moment, way should you do it to yourself? That is what I have to say to you, so take this in love and peace, and digest it, thank you.

George: Thank you.

JarEl: TR, Henry Z. Any other concerns, thoughts or acknowledgements?

Virginia: I have a question, I have been wondering about it a long time. The parents who have children less than perfect, either mentally or physically handicapped, are they chosen to have this child who is less than perfect? Rather than somebody else? Or is it an accident? It is hard for me to understand.

JarEl: TR, Henry Z. Yes it would be hard for one to understand. I would tend to have you look at it more like an accident. That we are all given challenges to work with, some of them may come in the form of children. Some of them may come in the form of a spouse. Some of them may come in the form of a parent. On the world in which you live, in which the genetic racial stocks are less modified through careful and selective manipulation, which would have taken place had not two major spiritual defaults occurred, what happens is that there is a random genetic mishap in which occasionally some of the children born are born with physical and mental challenges. It is not the guilt or karma of the parent, for these are just situations that come up. You happen to be the parent, they happen to be the children and you have free will choice on how to deal with the situations. There are many institutions and much experience and learning knowledge that exist today on your world to address situations of both physical and mentally handicapped children. There is help, yes, but to answer you, of which I think was your major concern, was there some unforeseen connection between particular parents and particular children? This is not the case, it would be better to view this as circumstance….ah…and just the way things manifest themselves on this world in not so perfect situations. Does this help you Virginia?

Virginia: Yes it does, thank you.

JarEl: TR, Henry Z. You are welcome……….Are the any other questions of concern this evening?

Urantia, Limitations

Steve: It was quite inspiring to hear your description of this planet as the jewel of the worlds of Nebadon. Especially compared to the average intelligent life bearing planets we seem to stand out as a world of exquisite beauty in the physical sense. Yet there are a great deal environmental atrocities that are occurring at the present and ugliness in the hearts of human beings in certain parts of the world, really creates a startling contrast to that idyllic picture you painted. I was wondering if there are celestial beings who are trying to reach or can reach the hearts of human beings to make them cognizant of just how beautiful this world is? Perhaps that realization, the behaviors of human beings and their attitude towards the planet and their fellow human beings, can change to the positive. Can you comment?

JarEl: TR, Henry Z. Yes I can comment Steve. Part of the work of the Midwayers and the Celestial Angelic Realm does deal specifically with particular individuals and institutions that have to do with maintaining the symmetry and balance of the physical world. They are working on many levels actually and yes, Urantia being the world of contrast, as you so aptly portrayed in your assessment. For the human it at least does appear to be quite overwhelming and somewhat frustrating. Yes there are things that are going on in this world which will permanently alter some of its’ physical characteristics. It has not yet reached critical mass where it cannot maintain life, though it is swiftly moving in that direction. Yes, there are spiritual agencies who are observant and who are doing, within the guidelines given to them, what they can to effect change. The spiritual universe is limited, first of all by the conscious ability of the human mortals to just acknowledge, so it is very challenging in the spiritual realm to sit and watch sophisticated and intelligent people, institutions and societies have a blatant disregard for the quality of life that must continue to maintain itself after their brief little sojourn here. They are aware of what is going on. Nothing is missed or skips the sight and insight of the spiritual and celestial realms. All is being done that could possibly be done, short of human decision, human will; the ability of consciousness to open up to the divine presence within, to begin to see through the eyes of God, to think with the mind of God and to touch with the hand of God, to speak the voice of God. Thank you.


Any other thoughts? If not, I would like to thank you for coming and would ask in the coming week to take some times to consider what we discussed this evening and to just hold yourself into a beautiful presence and space with God a few moments. To ask God to reaffirm once again with you his love and assure you of his presence. So go in peace my friends, go quietly into your lives, take one day at a time and we will see you shortly, Good bye.

All: Thank you JarEl.