2004-02-01-The Work Is Upon Us

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Topic: The Work Is Upon Us

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Anatolia

TR: Gerdean, Matthew



Prayer: Matthew: Let us place ourselves before Jesus, the Christ. Master Teacher, we come to you today with vigor and enthusiasm in our minds, in excitement for what could be. You have promised us “Peace on earth” as your opening greeting and departing overture to your disciples in terms of “Peace be with you.” That is what each of us does want; each of us does strive for. As we encounter opportunities to do that, that may be fleeting or may be permanent, it is what is in our hearts and minds and we cling to you in the promise that that shall be.

With the open-mindedness and desire to make connections with you and with your teachers, we pray today that we be encouraged and enlightened in the same breath, to be all that we can be here and now, to help bring about the peace on earth that you have promised to us, to be experienced here, both now and forever.

For this and all else that you know within our hearts and our minds, we place before you in trust that they be changed, delivered and brought into fruition. Amen.

TOMAS:Glory be to God in the highest and in you, my associates. I am Tomas, your teacher and friend.

Great things are afoot in your cosmic neighborhood. There have been up-stepped measures because of the plateau of perception you have reached – you people who put the will of God uppermost in your lives, you who promote the gospel of Jesus, and specifically those of you who promote that gospel as propounded through the Urantia Papers, the textual presentation of the fifth epochal revelation of which I and we are a part.


Magisterial Mission

The work is upon us. The fields are ripe with fruit to be picked and made a part of the feast of divine abundance. The clear channel message, which was presented to this movement, “the Teaching Mission,” (as well as myriad other messages which have been coming down in and through the various channels of divine decree to reach into the hearts and minds of the Urantia fellowship of agondonters such as you all are -- all those of you who are believing without proof of the presence of God simply because of your personal experience in and with that reality which transcends, supercedes and glorifies all of this material realm in which you reside and over which you have dominion -- in order to grow into the inheritance which is yours by the fact of your sonship, and by the testimony you have given to seek to do his will in your lives, the work will be commenced beginning now as a part of the “Monjoronson Mission,” which is yet another step in the direction of the progress for light and life and the ministry for Urantia.

The Teaching Mission continues to operate as a fundamental base of operation for teaching and for proselytizing as you see fit. The growth that you garner as a result of your conscious connection and continued growth with and in the spirit, no matter what movement you are a part of, is the forward movement that results from striving to know God, from your Adjuster yearning to return to its Source, to take you with It in eternal tandem.

How the work commences will be determined by your perception of what you are called to do. With that statement made, I will add simply that, for the most part, my work will remain the same. But as yours is enhanced, my opportunities are enhanced, inasmuch as I am your teacher, and as you learn, so am I challenged then to keep abreast of your hunger to learn and desire to serve. In this way you are able to give back to your teachers and spirit mentors the energy that you garner from the work you do with and in and for the divine that we might create this overarching synergy which will lead, even compel, the light and life which is potential within you each and for you all to manifest on earth as it is in heaven.


Standards, Harmony

Today I would like to speak with you regarding Standards. But “standards” being such an emotion-laden discourse, I will choose to use the parable of the choir.

You have all enjoyed being a part of the choir. You often use the phrase, “I am singing to the choir” when you are affirming your own belief system among those who have no argument or who understand your philosophy because they are “on the same page.” You may be harmonizing or you may be singing in divinely orchestrated contrast in order for the crescendo to mount and erupt into a paean of glory for all who witness. [Brief interruption for Carl and Janet’s arrival.] Welcome, beautiful Men-O-Pah and Paula. We are now replete. What pride I take in this configuration. Esmeralda is well. All is well.

We were, yes, discussing standards, but without going into the philosophy of standards inasmuch as they are so very personal, and so I thought the parable of the choir might serve to present the same theories, and so we had just begun our discourse, my discourse, about the choir and how you have enjoyed being a part of the choir and singing to the choir inasmuch as you who love to sing praises of God and who love to tell the story in song of the master and his ways, even as they impact you and your journey through the life experience.

There are those who say they are singing to the choir as a way of understanding they are all singing the same song. They are all following the same conductor, like the symphony is following the conductor as well -- the symphony being the primary piece and the choir being the voices which provide the emotional and human element; even as it may sound as angels it is, even so, the voice that personifies the swell of the music.

Those of you who are in the choir have been able to sing in harmony and for the most part this group, for instance, has sung only harmonious pieces – until perhaps today [Editor’s note: we discussed politics before the session began and became a bit discordant]. Discord was evidenced, and it is as if the conductor had turned the page and offered you a more challenging piece to learn for the upcoming recital. Let us continue to work, then, as a choir in this sacred orchestra so that we can bring forth the glory of God in a paean of praise and triumph for the God of all creation.

Individually, choir members are chosen (or choose) to sing in the choir because they love to sing. There are many who would love to be in the choir who cannot hold a note, and so they become the appreciators, who keep the pages turning, or the transportation teams intact, who see to it that the schedule is arranged so that the commitments of the individual members can be met, and they all enjoy a sense of oneness with each other, that - while their voice is important - they are an element of the great One Voice that they bring about when they sing.

This is how we have been enjoying our Teacher Base. And now we have a new piece. This is the work of the Kingdom. It will be a new challenge for you to undertake this development because you may at first only see the discordant notes. I want to remind you, however, that you have your own voice. Everyone in the choir has to have their own voice. They have to know how to sing the song individually, even as they need to know how to sing it en masse -- just as you unique individuals need to know the sound of your voice as it has developed by and through your association with your divine Adjuster.

In order for you to speak as if you were a clear channel of that note you are to sing, that note you are to sing can only be determined by your standards. They will be ultimately known by the choir because of the various demarcations in the choral piece we are undertaking. There will be times when only the baritones will sing, and times when only the altos will hold forth; there will be times when the entire choir joins together in an harmonious chord of perfection.

But in trust of the voice you are given, observe not the difference with concern, but with awe and appreciation of the diversity of voices that are required in order to make up the choir of which we are a part. You will also be mindful that there will be times when the solo is appropriate or the aria, and this could lead into an expanded appreciation of the fact that life itself is an opera, and that like life, all are players and in this parable, all are singers; therefore there are some who will dominate and put forth a solo while the choir rests, and times when the choir stands behind the soloist in contrast, and times when they will stand together in harmony such as to augment neither but rather to elevate the glory to On High.

The only requirement is your desire to sing, coupled with your ability to hold a tune. This process of holding a tune is a discipline, a science, that anyone can undertake to master. This can be done because the Voice itself is a gift of the Spirit. The voice emits from the soul through the disciplines of the adjutants, in honor of the Supreme.

Those of you who in this group are a member of a literal choir are fully able to appreciate that even in the material sense the concert will rise up only as high as the standards of all those who have determined to participate in the production, and to bring with them each the highest standards available to them. Thus, as our standards are upheld, the glory of God is made truer and clearer. It echoes farther and truer throughout the land.

This will be the next leg of our journey, and that concludes my parable. If you find value therein, assimilate it, and accept the purity of your own voice, allowing it to sing as you are directed by the choir Director, in order to maintain your harmonious membership within the choir of those of us who chose to sing his praises and to let his Voice be heard. Thank you.

Students:Thank you.

Men-O-Pah:I’m grateful to you, Tomas, for the discourse on the choir. I think I know that same group of people very well. We go there to sing the praises of our Lord, and we do it the very best that we can. It doesn’t really matter whether there is one person or a thousand in that sanctuary, we go there to sing to him.

TOMAS:And the wonderful result of your group consecration to the work at hand is that all of you are empowered beyond what you thought possible. You rise on the strength of the notes of each other in such power and glory you astound yourselves. This is mota. I am glad you appreciated the parable, and now I look forward to Anatolia’s words.

Matthew:Thank you.

ANATOLIA:Welcome friends, family, and those whom we wish to see on Sunday afternoons. You are all cordially welcomed and accepted as you are for who you are, and there are few other groups that one can rest assured in their acceptance. For this is a unique group, formed and based upon the belief that we are both mortal as well as divine. This effort to be in contact with our true selves, around the common belief that we are the children of a kind, loving and benevolent parent, and other parent (meaning not placing an emphasis on a gender parent) but other qualities are those in which we recognize and cherish in mutual worship on these days of praise and thanksgiving. For few other groups are able to come together in acceptance of one another and acceptance of the purpose for which they meet and share their moments of teaching and education in appreciation which interprets into group worship.

This is the highest form of reaching and maintaining a standard, for in a society there are laws and essentially standards that are upheld, yet most often these standards are given lip service to a great extent and only among those who are truly committed to a higher standard than the lowest common denominator can find the strength and will to live at that level that calls them to greater norm than the group mind.

Let me just say that I, as a teacher of this Corps of Teaching Mission adherents, am proud and pleased to be your teacher, for you offer me your total attention and appreciation for the gift that each of us receives in terms of spirit mindedness and being part of the spiritual creation. Your recognition of this does rise to the standard that is called for by being children of a creator that places you in the driver’s seat of choice as to your belief and practice. You are living your belief by practicing it, not purely on the Sunday afternoons or Sunday mornings or points in between, but on a daily basis.

I wish not to build you up to highly, to have you believe that you are models of citizenship and Christ-consciousness in our midst that all will benefit by following your practice, but let me not discourage you, either, from encouraging you to be the Christ-minded individuals that you strive to be, for striving does bring about the creation of one’s openness and unity with such purposes. So I strongly encourage you to continue to participate in whatever group activity that does rise to the heights of your soul's song that you wish to sing. You are not alone. You will not sing in a close to a deafening thud, but will join us and others as we join with you in singing praise to the Creator that is in each of us.

Peace be with you and know that the love that is within you is there because you are part of the eternal oneness. Be at one with yourselves and all else. Peace be with you.

TOMAS: Amen, co-worker. There is an understanding that there commences a major sports event in your paradigm and we will not extend ourselves into your standards of enjoyment, but rather will respond as we are instructed by the Choir Director who oversees these gatherings. With that in mind, are there questions this afternoon?



Elena: Well, just one. A little bit. You mentioned one, actually, and I don’t know if I’m pronouncing it correctly: Monjoronson? There was an announcement or an introduction of a new level or I think you mentioned the next step that we would be taking. I think there are those – the majority of the group who actually missed that.

TOMAS: This is a new development, so to speak. It is not new in concept, but is new in terms of taking a truth and putting it down as an event captured in your sense of time and space. The Magisterial Son is anticipated at some time on your world, and it is also anticipated by many that this realization will be done in finite form. Whether that, when that, and if that event occurs, it will become obvious to each of you, inasmuch as you will no doubt come to know him.

But in the meanwhile, the influence that he is bringing to bear on the community is such that there was a pronouncement made recently which called for a special group gathering this past Thursday evening (which is, of course, your choir practice night) and groups around the world were invited, if not instructed, to gather to engage in Stillness together for a broadcast. This, unplanned-by-you, human-consciousness, came about and the effects of those gatherings that night are being polled now.

There was a meeting, in fact, that we Teachers were also required to attend, to discuss the effects of the Monjoronson Mission, and how we might help you prepare for that day when the materialization occurs of any of these personalities -- such as Machiventa or his Receivers, Adam and Eve, Magisterial Son, or any entity that is sent by God to work among you.

The fact of the work at hand is, in part, what has compelled the meeting and the pronouncement. This is why I suggested to you that I will carry on rather much the same, for my role has not changed. However, your involvement in our Melchizedek promoted education will change because of the conscious commitment so many of you have made to more visibly reflect the will of God on your world.

Thus far in the Mission you have been taught, and you have worked quietly within yourselves toward your own correcting and in the ethos of that act you have grown to observe the acts of the world around you and realize the correcting that will be required in the world at large, if indeed, the era of light and life is to eventuate, and there are many of you who have been of a mind to contribute to this mighty effort. While many of you have had individual ambitions and projects, some of which have even been overseen by midwayers and/or angelic orders, a greater impetus is inherent in the Magisterial Mission which will, if you recognize your place within it, offer you the power that was henceforth unavailable.

Therefore, you are advised that the power to do His will is being broadcast in and through your cooperation with the Directors of the unfoldment of the Divine plan that will enable you to act upon your desire, that will indeed multiply your voice, for you are now consciously tapping into and becoming a part of the universal chorus of those who work for the enlightenment and upliftment of Urantia from the previous administration.

The Most Highs are taking over the rule of men. In particular through you who are mindful of the Most Highs in the part of you that is real, the part of you that is submissive to the direction of the Supernal Choir Master, to whom our voices are raised.

Let us be inspired in our singing, knowing that we are reinforced, upheld, encouraged and added to in our desire to do his will by the augmented energy of the Son of God whose work it is to lure you into the assurance of your own voice, in order that you may go forth in confidence of that which you are given to do.

Group: Thank you, Tomas.

TOMAS: And thank you who are conscious of the soul’s yearning to help humanity move forward from the Lucifer legacy and the detriment of the default to the completeness that is possible now with the total re-encircuitment of Urantia and its sister planets in rebellion. There were, in short, big doings On High this past week and you will soon feel the effects in your own lives by and through your own consecration to the divine will within.

I look forward to the music that will be presented for us to observe and assimilate and detach from, just as those of you who master your notes can distinguish the unique standard of each note on the scale as a pure note, as a clear channel, of that perfect will of God through your own voice. Trust the process, and follow the Director, and we will enjoy the triumph again of the spirit as it leads us into a greater revelation of truth, beauty and goodness for you, for your world and for our efforts with it.

This is experience you can enjoy here and which you will also remember and utilize when you leave this plane for these are exercises in cosmic awareness that will serve you well throughout eternity. Adapting the fact of someone else singing a discordant note and recognizing it is part of the composition. Keep your focus on your source and follow that note when it rises up within you and maintain such a standard as it will be apparent your singing has been inspired by God himself.

Are there other concerns or questions this afternoon?

Matthew: Thank you for the good news.

TOMAS: Yes, my friend. It was a disappointment, in part, for me to not have you together as a group on Thursday to meditate and repose into Stillness for these impressions that would no doubt have been forthcoming within each of your superconscious minds; however, the truth of the fact of the very existence we enjoy is testimony to our involvement already, in that, each of us were doing what we were supposed to be doing, and there is no shame in that. That is precisely what a choir should do.

I was, at any rate, unavailable for I was being given my own instructions and was not called upon to testify or to T/R. I, like many, have been made aware of the evolving circumstances of Urantia and am given these bits of information, in order to respond accordingly, to my standards of what my role is within this Teaching Mission, and as an ascending son in my own right. And thus I will honor my own free will as an entity and sing my notes as I am able, in full confidence of the compliment of my fellow Teachers in this Corps to also carry out the instructions we have been given by our Sovereign Michael of Nebadon in service to him, even as we prepare for his elder brother and those other administrative efforts as are made throughout the local universe for us to comply with the will of God in the unfolding of the revelation of God in this stage of planetary development.

You see? We have our own politics On High, and we are cooperative. We know who reigns supreme. We honor the roles that each of us are given, just as you respect the gifts of the choral participants and the brilliance of the voices that sing the high notes and the low notes that give such range to the music that we speak and that we enjoy and in which we all participate.


Let me take myself and this entourage out of your superconscious range now so that you can enjoy the festivities of this realm and give thought to the potential of tomorrow based on the news we have been given and the satisfaction that you each can garner from an active portrayal therein. God willing and you willing, we will meet again next week. Peace be upon you. Farewell.