1992-05-31-Paths to Growth

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Topic: Paths to Growth

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Rutha



Opening Prayer: Prayer of St. Francis

Daniel: "Good evening. I am Daniel. I am your teacher. Again I am very happy, very pleased to be with you again this evening; you who are striving to take that higher path; to follow the high road; to learn the love, the grandeur, the all encompassing aspect of the Father, the First Source and Center. I am so happy that those of you who are here have been working towards this end.


I would like to give my love also to T2. Know that this is not to be looked upon by you as something that is less than you do. For, you see, in time and space things appear to have greater importance than they do in the all, the whole picture. And in course of your ascent, in the course of T2's ascent, there will be many paths you will traverse, many areas you must explore, experience; so that you know when the truth that speaks the highest path for you is revealed, so that you may follow. So look upon this as a growing experience for yourself and for T2. Your gracious love and reaching out to him testifies to your growing, to your being able to see and realize that tolerance of all people, of all things is a necessary ingredient. For as T2 spoke, spiritual unity bonded, yes. Different paths, diverse ways. So know that you are still bonded with this individual and so please, B2, give T2 my love and let him know that, of course, our doors are always open. My work with him will always be open to him. Thank you.


So let us look at this thing tonight involving paths. The universe as you see it in your own daily lives is very limited. And is not open for your viewpoint to see all there is to see. In your own little world of going to and from your own daily activities, your job, your social functions, you traverse different paths. If you live in those areas where there are many roads, you will have many different avenues you can traverse to get to your destination. As you travel to your job, think now of the many ways, the different streets, the different boulevards, the different lanes you can take to get to your job. Certainly there is one that can take you to your job at a much quicker rate, a faster pace. But you can travel many different other areas and still get to this same destination, only a little slower.

And so you see, this is the same as the pathway to the Father; many avenues, many approaches, the same destination. And you in your lives have pursued many courses. And you have, when you have come to revelation, known this is a course you will pursue. You feel the truth. You know it not only intellectually, you feel it from within. And as you live this truth you begin to experience it. And it is through this experience that you grow, that you build another layer, another step, so that when another truth is revealed to you, you can take that next step.

Truth is found in many, many areas. And know that when you are ever searching for that truth, you can not go far, for you will always know the route to take. It is like the Super Gal Bargain Hunter who can always sniff out the best bargains in the store; who always comes up with the best buys. This is how you can be, that you seem to sense and know where the bargains are, the truth. So rely on that inner guidance. When you have been in stillness, it has been nourished. And it can guide you. It is your path to always be seeking those truths that bring you to the Father, the First Source and Center. Know, my dear pupils, how pleased I am with all of you for you are on that path. You have, through your free will, chosen to be on that path. And so follow that Inner Guide.

My lesson is short tonight, but I wish for you to contemplate this aspect, this desire of yours to make your will that of the Father's. This is the path that you have chosen. And now it is time for you to come to understanding, to realization of what this path means, what it encompasses in your lives; so that whatever you do, whatever thoughts you have, needs to include being on this path, needs to include the First Source and Center as part of your actions. You are all growing. You are all ready to take this next step.

Pause now. Open up your hearts. Let the universal energy, God's love, penetrate the deep recesses of your being. Let it flood your whole being so that you will be nourished, you will have the strength to take your next step. Feel now this love and give it back. Know always that no matter where you are, no matter where you be in mind\thought or physical presence, so also is the First Source and Center, the Indwelling Spirit within you.

I know that for some of you, you are feeling much in awe. Others are feeling timid. Know that you are all well thought of. Know that your paths are secure; that you have demonstrated a desire. You have withstood the test of time, of always seeking that higher source. And now is the time that you will be called upon to be more in action, to be more accessible to others, to help bring them to the First Source and Center. I will now accept questions."


"Hello, Daniel. This is V1. Your teaching tonight on paths and being ready for the next step, and that we are now to be in action, if I heard the word correctly . .. I wonder if you could clarify or explain to me. I feel very timid now with what you just said. What does this mean?"


Daniel: "This means that as you contemplate your path, your direct line to the First Source and Center, you must now be prepared to incorporate those things that are the Father's will into your life. This means bringing the inner life more in line with the other life. This means looking at all humans, all your brothers and sisters through the eyes of Christ Michael, with love, tolerance, forgiveness, mercy. This means being steadfast in your work, in your ascent to the Father; steadfast in that you are in line with Him. You see situations, events, and relationships as would the First Source and Center. And let me put in a cautionary note here. For I sensed when these words were spoken that many are feeling that perfection is what is required. Perfection is what is strived for. Know that because you are who you are, an ascending mortal on an evolutionary world, that you will not always be in true alignment. The action that I call for now, ask you to take the step to, is to bring this action into this alignment, so that when you fall off your path, you can get back on quickly; that you do not take too many side streets. Look to the life of Christ Michael and you will know those things necessary to follow on this path. And part of the lessons we will have in the future will be on this very thing. You are all raising your spiritual level much higher. And therefor, you are asked to take another step, to move forward another pace. Is this more helpful for you?"

V1: "Yes, I think so Daniel. When I hear action I think in terms of . .. oh, I don't know . .. flag waving, and walking down the street or something . .. and it sounds like you are asking us to... maybe be more consistent, to think before we speak, think before we would do something at work or at home or with friends. And that makes me reflect on something you said last week, if I understood it correctly. And I was going to ask you about this in that you said that sometimes even if we don't feel like doing something that might be loving and servicing to do it anyway because that would bring us to a higher level. In my past I have always called that creative bluffing in that sometimes I haven't felt like doing something but I knew it was the better thing to do so I did it. Is this what you had in mind?"

Daniel: "On your first question, very perceptive. Yes, this is what I meant. To be sure and keep your foundation firm and add another layer to broaden it, heighten it. Your second question on doing something that is not always conducive to your perception at any given moment, yes, creative bluffing is a unique way of stating this. You see, often times when one is doing things for another there is the human element involved. And let me backtrack a little bit. You all have a firm desire. You all have a desire to be of loving service for one another. And the First Source and Center knows this. And this is all important. Also is known the fact of your material existence and often times those things within your material life cause you to not always be able to be in that loving service, to always have that fervor, that desire. Yet, when you are able to do, during some aspect of the doing, you will achieve that motive of loving service. Some part of what you will be doing will be enveloped in that area. And all good is kept, belongs to you forever. And often times what appears to be a struggle at first, is pleasure at the end. So know that as you continue to serve one another you grow in this ability to do so. It becomes more of a natural extension for you. It is like the struggling musician who sits at the piano. And during the first one hundred times they go through a certain piece of music, it is not what is wanted, is desired. But then there comes that day when the recital is flawless. The notes flow from the piano as an outreach from the person who performs this musical piece. And so you see, there will be many times when you will play the music and it won't come out just right. But there will be those times when it will be flawless. But it cannot become flawless without the practice, the work behind it. Is this more helpful?"

V1: "Yes, Daniel. Thank you."

N2: "Daniel, this is N2. I am glad to be back in your teaching circle again. I want to introduce to you my daughter T4 who has begun reading the Urantia Book and is going to be with us for a good part of the summer."

Daniel: "Thank you N2. And I too am glad you are back, that you made it through all of your weddings, graduations, and company. And welcome T4. I am happy to have you a part of our group here this evening. I hope you will continue. You are beginning to come alive on your spiritual path. You have opened many doors lately. Please continue and grow in this aspect. Welcome."

B2: "Hi Daniel. This is B1. I wanted to thank you for a lot of things. Your kindness toward T2 and also your help for the people from Coeur d'Alene who now have a teacher. I'm sure you are aware. They are very happy and grateful for the transcripts of your lessons. And I'm sure they will continue to receive them and benefit from them. And I want to thank you personally for all the guidance you give me in the lessons and in my personal life. And I feel more emboldened and less timid in my actions. And a lot of it is due to your kindness and service. And I really appreciate that."

Daniel: "Thank you B1 for your beautiful, kind words. They fill me with awe. And when I see you growing, you and all of you, I am inspired. And I take to heart ever more the importance of this mission. I am pleased for all of you. I am happy that I can serve and help you. And know that there has been an upliftment in all of your lives since you started reading the Urantia Book and since the teachings have come for you. And I am pleased that Evelyn is working so hard. And this group will benefit from their own teacher, yes!"

B2: "Can you help with the pronunciation of their teacher's name? Is it Elione or Elyon, or do you know?"

Daniel: "Elyon."

B2: "What is the spelling on that?"

Daniel: "E.l.y.o.n."

Teaching Mission

B2: "I also wanted to ask one more question. Ham mentioned last week . .. I believe it was Ham, or Abraham . .. that they were into the second phase of the teaching mission. Is that particularly the group in Salt Lake City or is that in general? Can you shed some more light on that?"

Daniel: This is twofold. The second stage in that the teachings are getting out. More people are aware of the teachers that are coming on board from many areas of the country. And you see there is this aspect of it. The second aspect deals with the group in Salt Lake, that many of them have reached a point of moving to a higher level. And as I have pointed out to you here this evening, this group also is ready to take the next step. So it is an upstepping in many areas."

B2: "Thank you."

N1: "Hello, Daniel. This is N1. It is good to be with you here again. I've had a number of questions, been collecting over the week. Some of . .. seem to pertain, but I don't know. Are you aware of the questions I have written down?"

Daniel: "In some respects yes."

N1: "Is this an appropriate time to ask some of them or should they be kept for a private session?"

Daniel: "If they are of a personal nature, which some are, please hold off for a private meeting. Those that will bring forth spiritual growth for the group, answer for them, may be asked."

Thought Adjusters

N1: "Thank you. One question I have has to do, and maybe I just need to read the Thought Adjuster papers, and please tell me if that's the case,... one of my questions has to do with the concept of God as the Creator of everything and God in it, and everything being God and this idea being contrasted with the idea that we have the Fragment of God with us, the Thought Adjuster. Without Thought Adjusters say like the animals or the trees or like children before they receive an adjuster or even like our vehicles, things like that . .. can we think of them as being God, of having God? I see my dad shaking his head." (Laughter from group)

Daniel: "The hand, so to speak, of the First Source and Center is involved in everything. The Father is not nature, is not any of the material trappings you see. They are of Him, but He is not them. And so, you see, prior to the Thought Adjuster there is, as you read in the book, many things that are given to the evolving creature that brings him/her to a higher level; that continually urges them to progress, to seek, to learn, to know. And when evolutionary creatures reach that point where more of the animal attributes fall to the wayside, then at that point, those who are evermore attuned, evermore following a higher road, are given a Thought Adjuster. This Fragment of the Father indwells their being. And prior to Pentecost there were many ascending beings who did not have this Thought Adjuster within their being, for they were not at that point in their evolution, in their ridding of animal instincts. But when Christ Michael came, and when the Spirit of Truth prevailed through the land at Pentecost, when all mortals were then capable of being indwelt by this Father Fragment. And this Father Fragment is very special and cannot be thought of as anything less than it is, cannot be thought of as in machines, in the out-trappings of the physical world. It becomes a part of you, a part of your bonding, a part of your faith and hope, is all encompassing with the Father. It is this Mystery Monitor who dwells in you that ever strives to bring you closer to your next step to where the next truth that is revealed to you has something that has meaning for you. And so know that you cannot hold a rock and contemplate it as being God. You may hold the rock and contemplate it as beauty, created by the First Source and Center. Do you see?"


N1: "Yes, I do. That was, I guess, sort of what I figured you would say. So I don't know why I asked it. There are just some sort of things I am struggling with. I suppose, since you brought up the rock, I have read other places that Shamans say that memories are in rocks and that rocks speak to us. Could you comment on that? Are these just psychic people who are able to connect through rocks, or how does that work? And when I said memories, I meant memories of things that have happened in that place through time."

Daniel: "All of the universe is created of energy. It is created of vibrations. And all things have a vibratory rate. All things are in motion, even though you with your limited eyesight are not able to see this. If you were to take this rock apart you would be able to see all of the little small molecular structures in motion. And so you see, because things do have vibrations, do have energy, those who are in alignment, often are aware of many things that are not readily available to you. I cannot comment on Shamanism or the like. These things are, again, out of my jurisdiction. Know that there are many psychic individuals, many individuals who are very sensitive to certain vibrations that others are not. My coming through D3 is somewhat of an example for you, in that, because of her particular electro-magnetic make-up it was easier. This is not to say that others cannot receive input other ways. But know that certain individuals are more aware of these vibrations. Know that seeking past memories of certain areas is not always the necessary route, is not always the path that leads you to the First Source and Center, is often fraught with digressions that lead you further away and take longer for you to traverse back to the path. Do you see?"

Sleeping Survivors

N1: "Yes, I think so. Thank you. I have one more question that I would like to ask tonight. I think I have resolved it for myself, but I would like some confirmation. I have been wondering about why some people are resurrected in three days while others have to sleep so long. Will's family is still sleeping! (Tallahassee group's teacher). For some reason that really upsets me. When I first heard that I had this real heavy feeling of, once again, this idea of judgment and achieving by your works and I have been trying to put that sort of idea together with a loving First Source and Center. And what I decided is that the sleep must be necessary for them in some way, as a healing time, so when they wake up they are ready to follow the Father instead of wanting extinction. Is that correct, or does it in fact have something to do with works?"

Daniel: "Those people who are on a direct course, who have understanding of the cosmic citizenship, of their oneness with the First Source and Center, who have been ones who have dedicated their lives to doing His will are already on a course that takes them beyond this earth plane. They are already beginning to see with morontia vision, are beginning to feel it as a part of their being. And these people are those who resurrect within three days for they are already evolving past a very earth plane. Those who have not been able to make those choices that bring resurrected in three days. For they will, at the proper dispensation time, be brought forth to make their choices, to go with the Father or not. Those who have resurrected within three days have very emphatically made their choice while on this plane, are all ready to continue with their ascending careers. There are records that are reviewed upon death that designate those who have made their choice on this plane. This is not to be looked upon as anything that is judgmental, anything that is lowering of status for those who are in sleep. So do not worry, do not concern yourselves with this aspect, for you will all, those who decide to continue their ascension, reach Paradise Isle. The only difference will be a matter of time. And once you leave this plane, time and space take on different meanings. And so you see, you are viewing it from a very human understanding. Know that you will all make it to Paradise Isle. And do not concern yourself on this plane if you are one who receives the benefit of sleep. Your ascension is a personal thing between you and the First Source and Center and there is no judgment attached to the timing. And so do not judge yourselves on this plane in that regard. Do not look with fear that you may not be one who is resurrected in three days, for it matters not. What matters on this plane is your coming to the understanding of who the First Source and Center is in your lives, and your staying in that boundary, that love frame, that area in your life that brings about harmony, as you stay on the path to the First Source and Center. Do not put any strings on any of your feelings. Do not have fear, for your ascent is always assured. For you are the one that makes that choice. And by your being here you have already made a choice to follow the Father. So concern yourself not with the resurrection or the sleep. Concern yourself with the problem of this plane. The next plane will be enough when you go there. And you know you have plenty to worry about, all of you, while you are here. Is this helpful?"

N1: "It is helpful. But I still have the question of what is the purpose of sleep. You did say 'receive the benefit'. Is there healing that occurs during the longer sleep? I still don't understand why we all don't resurrect in three days. I understand the distinction between who resurrects in three days and who doesn't. I still don't understand the why behind it."

Daniel: "This is not of my jurisdiction to say. This is the direction from the First Source and Center and it is not my understanding or knowledge to talk with you about these things, this type of thing. There are many aspects in the ascension world that are not understood. This is one that, because of my level, I do not fully understand myself. My advice is to know that it has nothing to do with any judgment. There is benefit in rest. There is a positive effect in this. I am not aware of all of its ramifications. Know that it does work for the betterment of the ascending mortal in the choice made.."

N1: "Thank you very much Daniel. I guess I am going to have to wait a very long time to get some of my questions answered. And I really appreciate your patience with me. Thank you."

Daniel: "You are welcome. And I am sorry for the fragmented discourse. D3 is tired and things are difficult. I will now accept a question or two more."

S2: "Hi, Daniel. This is S2. I don't have a question as much as a thank you. And it deals with the question I asked you last week on free will and the individual that I knew. And I just want to thank you for the comments you gave me last Sunday because it helped me accept what happened later in the week when he finally got the prognosis that he couldn't come off of the machines. He would be on a respirator from there on and never get out of the hospital. He told them just to pull the plugs, that he was ready to go. And it made it a little easier. It's never easy to accept, but it did make it easier for me to accept his decision and the fact that he is now gone, and I thank you for those comments last week."

Daniel: "You are most welcome, S2. And know that this individual is OK. You will again meet up with him. And know that there are many times in life when the unfoldment of life itself is not understood by the individual. And in this case the apparent irony will not be known for a long time. All things work toward the good, regardless of immediate appearances."

S2: "Thank you."

Teaching Mission

V1: "Can I ask another question? I don't know if anyone else has one going? Daniel, I don't want to take away from anyone else here but I do have another thought on the fact that you said we were ready for the next step. And I'm not sure what my true feelings are, but as I listen to the tapes from Salt Lake I think the word is astounded, that so many of them are getting individual teachers and some hear their Thought Adjusters and appear to have far more contact with otherness, or the other world, or a different plane than I live on. And I'm wondering if this is what you have in mind when you say a higher step?"

Daniel: "Those who seek the stillness faithfully, who are ever ready to be open to the Father Fragment, to the Otherness, will in time hear it. This does not imply that you, V1, are not faithful to your stillness, rather it implies that many in Salt Lake are opening up more, have been able to let go of the fears that some of you are still harboring. The next step for this group, for you as individuals, is to be more in line with God-consciousness, God awareness in your lives. And, of course, the stillness. This is what brings God-consciousness and awareness into your lives, so you know which course to take.

Each teaching group has various things they are asked to do, various routes to take. And we are still forming, molding, and growing in our group. We, you, we should never look to other groups as an example of the course that will be followed by any other group. For each group is unique. Each part of the mission has its own benefit, has its own course that will be understood as time moves on. Do not think that because this group is presently not getting individual teachers or because we have not many other visitors, that there is something less going on here. For this is not so. Do not judge. Be open. Be ever growing. Be ever mindful of your path, which is to find the Father."

V1: "Thank you Daniel. I have, of course, wondered if it was a level of spirituality, rather than simply a difference. In trying to find and search out your own motives and know yourself, I think it is a very difficult thing. And I do think that our mind is not our spirit or our soul and yet it is very difficult in our minds to understand what our spiritual motives or levels are, that my feelings are not verified with what you say, that we are growing, that we are becoming on a higher path, because I find myself still dealing with the same issues that I have always dealt with. And that is loving everyone I come into contact with, which is not always easy."

Daniel: "You see. That is the message for all life, for everyone, to love everyone. And it will never be the easy path. The easy path is to turn your face and not love. The hard path, the path the Father asks you to take is look at each individual as having merit, as being indwelt, and therefore loveable. And know that it is true that you are not aware of your spiritual growth nearly as much as the growth that you have in your material life. From other planes it can be witnessed, can be viewed. You can measure this by the amount of feeling you have, the amount of adversity you must cross over. When you can see that the path you are taking, even though it is bumpy, is still a comfortable path, then you are growing. And if you could remember back through your life how certain things bothered you which now seem very trivial, then this is a way for you to measure your growth. V1, especially when you look at the God you viewed as a child, to the God you view now, you can see that your path has grown, that your spiritual light has brightened manyfold over. So, you must take again on faith that you are all reaching higher planes; that you are taking those steps to bring you to them. And as you continue to, you will be able to measure those steps in your outer life with more clarity."

V1: "Thank you Daniel."


Daniel: "I must take my leave this evening. I wish for you all to know that I love you; that there are many times that you will come to forks in the path on your road, and at times you must make a decision of which route to take. When you are in communication with the Father, the green light will go on for the path you are to follow. You will know. My love to all of you. I will be back next Sunday. Good evening."

Group: "Good night."