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Topic: Goodness

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Unknown



Opening Prayer: Prayer of St. Francis


Daniel: "Good evening my friends. I am Daniel your teacher. Upon being with you this week and observing you here tonight I am anxious to tell you all that even though the road is steep, you have been very willing to put one foot in front of the other, rather than side slipping or falling back down. You have, despite your adversities, been willing to turn your life over to the Father. You are becoming ever more conscious of His will and trying to bring your will in line with it. And, you see, even though you are desiring to be that apostle for Christ Michael, you will daily face the unfolding of life. My friends, it is how you take this unfolding and work through it that will bring you evermore closer to doing His will, if you can remain focused upon the higher purpose of life. Those who would turn their eyes from this will stagnate and will not feel that inside joy/bliss that accompanies all, even in the face of adversity. The peace of the Lord is that which fills one's being when one is able to remain in a God-conscious awareness. This state will become more and more a part of your being when you willingly work toward that end.

And so, even though this week has been one of many joys, so too, has it been one of challenge and trials. Each in your own life has had those things which have called them to seek higher purpose in the face of human weakness. I admire you all. Continue on this steadfast path, for as you do so you will be evermore able to make decisions based on spiritual strengths that will transcend the material, human weaknesses.

Do not misconstrue my words to mean that because you are human you are weak, rather understand that because you are human you are working toward perfection, to become more Godlike. And in order to do this, one must be guided through spiritual insight, rather than through human will. And so, take my words to mean that you are striving to become more Godlike, to attain more perfection.



This evening I would ask you to recall last week's lesson on expanded love. How many of you were able to realize love as truth, goodness, or beauty? This is often a trying, hard assignment when one does not see love as part of these attributes. Continue doing this, that in all that you do, the umbrella of love will broaden, will encompass more of the beauty of life, the truth of the Father, the truth of existence, the goodness of the Father and the goodness that is within each of your brothers and sisters.

Goodness is a wonderful avenue for transgressing to a higher level in human relationships. This week with those whom you meet, I ask that you recall, you search, you observe, you find some quality that will show the goodness of this person. You see, when you can begin to see the good in others, when you can understand and believe that all of your brothers and sisters manifest good, you will begin to see all life in this greater Godlike perspective. Christ Michael never saw the sinner, that is, never saw the performance, rather He saw the individual, the creature that was created by the Father, by the loving Parent. And so, my friends, as you continue on your steadfast path towards perfection, towards doing the Father's will, take the example by Christ Michael, and you, too, look to one another to find that which is good in them. As you can do this, you will, in time, begin to mirror goodness. And as a mirror reflects from all the different aspects, as goodness is reflected off, it is captured by others. The image is brought to their attention. And as more goodness is reflected in the world, then that which is in error will begin to rescind for good always triumphs over evil. When there can be more goodness projected, then evil will become less and less an aspect of life.

So, as with all things, this week begin by seeing the goodness first within your own being. Realize the qualities of your being which are good. This is an important assignment for until you can understand the goodness that you have, how difficult it will be to understand and see the goodness in others. As you come into that understanding about your nature, then proceed to the outer realm. And with every person you meet, make it a habit to reflect on the positive, on the goodness, rather than on the weakness, the negative of that individual. When you do this, your relationship with that other person will change, for they will be seeing their own goodness reflected back by you. Always see your brothers and sisters as if you were seeing through the eyes of Christ Michael, as if you were looking through the eyes of the First Source and Center. Those things which are negative will not go on with person. All good is kept. All good transcends forward. How much more this world would have if all could see the good in one another!

This is a very big assignment. This is an assignment that will need to be thought about and worked on. Do not be afraid to think good thoughts about yourself. Do not be afraid to allow yourself to look at the good in you. When you can see yourself in this higher perspective, you will begin to live and understand in a higher mode as well. You will overcome those things which are weak within you. When you can keep the aspect of goodness in the forefront, when you seek guidance from the Father and the Indwelling Spirit in this regard, then you turn over your being to the Indwelling Spirit to really be able to give you guidance in this regard.

I admire all of you. You all have so many wonderful traits, wonderful aspects about yourselves. You need to know that about yourself as well! This week take time to address this issue. It may even behoove you to write out those traits which are good. It may even behoove you to share them with another. Pray for guidance this week, that you will come into the reality of your goodness. I will now accept a few questions.


V1: "Hello, Daniel. This is V1."

Daniel: "Hello V1."

Vision, Human Condition

V1: "I really appreciate your lesson tonight. I think probably your assignment is going to be very difficult. I think to recognize the good in oneself is perhaps the most difficult thing even though you may know it in your head. But to erase those things that we have heard most of our lives..and of course it is often said that one debit erases a thousand credits..and so I really don't know exactly what my question is, except that I guess I'm feeling that this is just next to an impossible task. And then to accept on a gut level the goodness in other people that you fear, even though intellectually you know they are loving to someone and someone loves them and they are as a human experiencing those things..and so I guess my question is, is this just part of the human dilemma that everyone feels? I'm picking up on what I read from the transcript last week that K2 said that she knew she had always been different, and that she had always been lonely and I'm just wondering if that is also the human dilemma. Is it because we are truly different in that we are really seeking God's will in our lives, I don't know??"

Daniel: "As I have said, this is a difficult assignment, indeed! And as you have mentioned is impossible to fully complete. However, if you can have some understanding and begin somewhere with the goodness that you have, then as you come into further acceptance at the gut level of this goodness, then that which you know in the intellect can be meshed with your inside being. And once these two are married, that becomes you in your outer world, your outer life, your outer relationships with others. And, over time, as you can begin to understand more goodness, and as it becomes a part of your being, over time you will become more and more whole. When you sit down to think about your goodness, think through the eyes of Christ Michael. Do not think through the eyes of those who have told you in the past about those things that were not good in you. You are asked now to see with a little higher, more spiritual vision. This assignment is given that you can, because you can see and understand and realize goodness within you, that you can also see it in those around you. There will, of course, be many who cross your path that you must come to only the realization that this person is good because God is working through them, because of their Indwelling Spirit; that perhaps at this point in time you are having difficulty in discerning goodness. If this be the only principle, it is a start. And every thing must have a start. That is the seed that is being planted and over time it will be, hopefully, able to take root, that you can begin to see this person with higher regard. The paradox here is that you as a material being are working to gain spiritual perfection. And there will always be a dilemma in keeping the alignment between the two in harmony. What is asked of you in following the Father's will is that you always strive to put His will in first place over yours. When you can see goodness in others, you are seeing God working and unfolding in this universe, even though they are imperfect as you, they too are on that ascent. You will often see weaknesses, but in the weakness do you not see strength also? Does this help?"

V1: "Yes, Daniel, it does. My one thought is that..maybe you don't want to direct anything to this..but I wonder if the human dilemma is loneliness on this path that we have chosen. Certainly not loneliness in this group, but loneliness in that so often it seems like I am the only one thinking this way. You know, the 2 percent that is thinking of healing this planet or whatever. And I guess I think in terms of that being a very lonely position most of the time."

Daniel: "Yes, as part of the 2 percent that think in this regard, you are on the founding level. As more and more is projected into the outer, more and more will this percentage rise. The Christian religion as it is known today began with one man, Christ Michael, and the help of His apostles. And even though it had not the total understanding of the words of Christ Michael, this religion spread and grew and transformed many. This is a very hungry planet. There are many searching souls, many looking for the light, many trying to find the boat. Be that light, be that reflection for others. Yes, often you will feel like you are alone in this temporal plane. In the spiritual domain you are in grand company!"

V1: "Thank you, Daniel!" B1: "Daniel, this is B1."

Daniel: "Hello, B1."

Teaching Mission

B1: "Thanks for your words of encouragement at the start of your lesson tonight. I think a lot of us felt that we have been plodding and so forth and it was nice to know or to have your evaluation of progress. It certainly helped me. Can you validate or invalidate this thought that I have received or thought on my own about our group and the one in Indianapolis being in some sort of communication? Can you validate or invalidate that that is an idea that we should pursue?"

Daniel: "It is our hope that many groups will be able to work in communication processes for development more broad communication between groups, between individuals. This is an idea that is becoming more acceptable by the groups. You who are a part of groups must be able to utilize the time you have as well as you can. You understand that because of scheduling that this is sometimes very difficult. Whenever groups can make prior arrangements for these kinds of sessions, of course your teachers and spiritual guides will and are ever ready to help and be of service. As a group you can decide if you would like to do this and contact other groups. It may be only sporadically, but it is helpful. It will aid you in communication in the future. We understand the difficulty of this communication for you, however, as you prepare and come together as groups you will become more adept at receiving and transmitting messages. You must decide as a group if you wish to work on this. We are willing to assist. Does this help?"

B1: "Yes, Daniel. I understand, I can see its utility in learning to communicate with other groups in these special ways. I guess what I was wanting to know is if this concept that I thought I received during a practice session with Alkon was just my own idea or perhaps was presented as coming from Welmek. And I have my doubts about how accurate my receiving skills are at this point, so I wanted to know, as well as the idea itself if you knew whether Welmek had suggested that to me.(Editor's note: after checking the written transcript I discovered the idea was presented by Alkon on behalf of himself and Welmek, not Welmek as I had just stated.)"

Daniel: "You are receiving messages quite correctly. This was not from Welmek, rather it was relayed through Alkon. However, there was much input from you in desiring this to happen. However, the basic underlying consensus is that we do wish for groups to have this time frame to practice and develop this form of communication. And so, while you were not receiving direct input, you were understanding in a broad sense. Do not doubt those communications which are founded on premises which you have allowed yourself to hear. When you can come to your transmitting/receiving in the full service to the Father, when you can remain in that light, you will not be erroneously guided. Remember that it is Father's will that you are striving to follow rather than your own. You are doing well, Isaac, so do not come into such doubt with yourself. Continue asking and requesting guidance and it will be forthcoming."

B1: "Thank you very much, Daniel. That is very encouraging. And it is true that I have a lot of self doubt about this, so I will take your words to heart. I really will. Thank you." C2: "Daniel, this is C2."

Daniel: "Hello, C2."

C2: "First I want to thank you for the guidance. I often wonder if it is the teacher that I am not in touch with in terms of hearing, or if it is my Spirit Guide or whomever, and I guess it really doesn't matter to me who does it because I feel that it is the holy and it is the power of the Ultimate source and center that feeds me and gives me strength and nurture. So in one way I would like to ask, 'who is it?' and I guess it really doesn't matter a whole lot. I don't want to get tied up in all the whos and whats and hows."

Daniel: "It is good when one can accept on faith that guidance given, when one can realize that it is all from the First Source and Center that the spiritual guides, teachers, Indwelling Spirit work. So, again, have the faith that whoever is at any given time giving you that help which continues to bring you into the path to the Father, that a name is not important, the process of becoming is."

Attunement, Discernment

C2: "And in the conversation that you just had with B2, is not that the wondrous mystery of alignment, in that we really are enmeshed with and in line with the Ultimate Source and Center so that we are not God, we are so much closer that it is the mystery, that there isn't the separation; so that it would be difficult to separate out whose is ours and whose is His or all of that kind of thing, as we look attruth, beauty, and goodness and all those attributes that are part of the gift for us?"

Daniel: "Exactly. For as you see when you are realizing the gifts, when you are in that spiritual alignment, you are transcending the human bounds. You are giving over in faith and trust, that you are being led, that you, because you want to do His will, because you work within the framework of the fruits of the Spirit under the umbrella of love, or in this case, the roof of love over the foundation of the fruits of the spirit, then you are, indeed, a part in understanding the mystery. Yes, the Father is mystery. Yet those who work to know Him, to love Him, to serve Him, are further into this unfolding of Him than those who do not work along this path. And when you keep yourself following that path, the guidance that comes through will be true in the very spiritual sense.

One must, however, be able to realize that every thing that enters the human thought process in a quiet, meditative condition is not necessarily spiritually guided. If you can remain in that prayerful asking for this guidance to be from the Father, you will discern that which is you, that which is guided. Those things which bring forth spiritual growth, are soul promoting, bring about a sense of joy, bring about completeness of spirit, bring about a higher road to moral decisions, can readily be ascertained as coming from spiritual guidance. Those things that deal with pure ego or other baser things, of course, would not be spirit guided, and you would discern this readily."

C2: "Thank you Daniel."

Depression, Inner Life

K2: "Daniel, this is K2. And I would like to thank you very much for last week's lesson. It helped me a lot. And tonight and last night at home with my niece and nephew and everybody in their incredible depression, you know, talking about clinical depression and functional depression. K3 and I talked about this on the way down. I want to ask you if you will give some sort of an idea about depression. Is it something that we as human beings have a free will to choose or not to choose?"

Daniel: "Depression often is brought about by chemical imbalances, brought from physical conditions. There is a dividing line on depression which can be looked at as being that which is real or organically caused, and that which is on the other side, caused from the circumstances in life. And those which are of this nature, with these kinds of depressions there can be a will choice to remain in this. If a person continues to view themselves as a victim, or as unhappy, or whatever the circumstance, then they are willingly choosing to remain in this state. You see, often depression of this nature stems from the fact that the person in this state is relying on the outside events in life for their own happiness rather than looking to the inner life as the mode for providing the impetus for being happy. And when one must rely on the outside, and the outside does not measure up, the depression will set in. All will experience this at some time or other. All will have those things in life that will bring sadness, that will bring unhappiness. It is in the ability to work through this state that one can willfully change their outlook. In the case of facing the death of a loved one, there are various stages that one must work through. If one becomes trapped in one of these stages, they are not able to let go and depression will set in. It is always important to realize that there are certain inevitabilities in life, among which is death, among which is the ending of relationships. When you can work through these grieving processes and get to the point where you can let go, then, so too, will the heaviness and the depression be released. When one can realize that it is not the outer world that must bring happiness to the individual, but rather the individual and his inner world that brings the happiness, then any kind of a grieving process will be much easier to work through to the state where there can be this letting go. When you work with your family, K2, help them to realize that it is not the outer world that gives happiness, but the inner. Does this help?"

K2: "Yes, that helps a lot. I just sometimes see my nephew who is fourteen and prozak didn't work, so they are going to give him another heavy duty drug, and if indeed it is a chemical imbalance and he needs that, that is ok. And I am personally very uncomfortable with him having to be on drugs. And I don't want to impose. I don't want to be too strong about what I am going to say. I just hope he is going to be ok. Thank you very much. I appreciate all your help."

Daniel: "Continue to pray for guidance for him, for you see, because you are not the mother, you cannot step in as you would like to. Pray for guidance for both the mother, your nephew, and for the doctor who is prescribing this, that they can ascertain the cause of the depression. Knowing whether it is organic or because of will is very important. For all of you, pray for others that this can be recognized. Far to many across this country and the globe are given these medications which are not necessary. It becomes very important for the knowledge of the Father's Kingdom to be spread for all so that in its spreading the reality of the inner life becomes important; that the happiness in life stems from this aspect; that the temporal only supports that which is strong in the inner life. I will accept one more question."

K3: "Good evening, Daniel. As you know your letters are going to Oregon and they read them faithfully. Is there something that you can tell them, to assist them in some of their doubts and fears that they have right now? Thank you."


Daniel: "All groups as they are coming into the reality of the teaching mission, will go through these phases of ecstasy and doubt, ecstasy and skepticism. And yet, those who are open and those who seek the Father will come into the reality of that which provides truth, that which is truth. Those who are ready will understand immediately. Those who require time will see when the time is right for them. As this group and groups in Oregon are coming into greater awareness, ask that they continually go to the Father daily in prayer and thanksgiving, and that they ask for guidance. These people are going through a natural process. Assure them that even this group has had the same understanding and feelings. Please give my love to all there. And thank them for their willingness to be open; that they will within time have their own teacher. And my friends let me close with this. While you may feel that you are having trouble coming to the stillness, look not upon the stillness as your only reason for doing so is to talk with a teacher. For if this is your thought, you will not talk. The purpose of the stillness is to meet the Father, to come to Him daily, to thank Him, to recommit yourself to following His will, to become knowledgeable about Him, to sit in worship and awe and love with the Father. Over time, and in time, a benefit that will come to you after your time with the Father will be your teacher. My love to you all. My peace to you all. Know you are good. Know your goodness. Good evening."

Group: "Good night, Daniel."