1993-11-12-Ascension Plan

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Topic: Ascension Plan

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Tarkas

TR: Jim Cleveland



It has been joyous watching you interact this evening. You are truly coalescing as a group. (interference -- words missing)


Ascension Career

The experiences that you have here as mortals on Urantia can never be duplicated in the universe. Your lives here are truly unique and you should take great joy in the fact that you can begin here, at the very beginning, and work forward through the universe ascension toward true spiritual perfection.

(words missing . ... ) For with each unfolding, you will feel closer to the heavenly Father's love and mercy, with a greater endowment of His love and beauty . .. step by step through the long ascension career. If you were to change this divine scheme of ascension, you might not fully appreciate each and every experience you will encounter. I can imagine you saying, why I have seen the great beauty and glorious spiritual joy of Havona. And so these other worlds, as beautiful as they are, might not hold the same appeal for you as (if) you have seen Paradise. And so, take joy in each ascending experience, for through the Father's divine wisdom, these steps are incremental in your growth to spiritual perfection.

It was truly said tonight that learning requires patience, and your faith and love go hand in hand. So once you begin to feel the love of the Father here, I know you can test that. Your patience has somewhat improved as well as the eternal peace and love that you feel. It is glorious to know that with each step in your ascension, you will feel a greater intensity of joy and love because you are getting closer and closer to the heavenly Father.

A quietness has suddenly pervaded the room, yet I long for the kind of conversation and rapport that we can share together. I appreciate your thoughts and ideas and concerns just as I hope you appreciate mine.


Synchronicity, Guidance

HUMAN: Tarkas, I had a wonderful experience last night. I met a person I thought was a real seeker and is a potential new group member. Do all of you on the other side, are you beginning to bring people to us? Or is this just a coincidence? Can we expect new people to join our group by your guidance or do we really need to get out there to express our love of what we know so we can get people in? Can you tell me how you are involved in our expanding and growing and increasing in numbers?

TARKAS: We are involved to a degree in that we place opportunities in front of you to reach out and communicate, share your love and thoughts with your fellows. But it is entirely your initiative and free will that is used in making this contact. So you may look for opportunities in which we have sought to put you together with others who may be receptive.


It is very sad that most of you, speaking in a very broad and general sense, have no interest in your spiritual development. They are not bad people or evil people; it is just that there is no interest in developing spiritually. We will work with you in hopefully kindling the curiosity of many people who are dissatisfied and in various states of turmoil about their spiritual development.

But bear in mind that your numbers will be small, although the contributions you will make in the short term and the long term will truly be great. If you can imagine the continuing expansion and growth of this group in another five to ten years, then you can begin to see what great things can be wrought over this period of time. More and more will become interested.

Teaching Mission

For the time being, we have learned that the Teaching Mission is, indeed, not the conduit to get large numbers of people involved. Fortunately, we are working on many other fronts as well. Just as we put opportunities for service in front of you, asking that you carefully measure your approaches to these people so that this relationship can be established and bear fruit and your numbers can grow, we also hope that you will take initiatives on your own to bring others into the group.

You all know from experience that you must use a measure of discretion in order to pique the interest of the person in the right way. There are many who are suspicious and distrustful and your approach to these people must be somewhat measured and appropriate.

We have the hope that this group will grow to a moderate number. You need other talents and skills to complement the ones that you bring to the group. Indeed, we also hope that you will learn to work together in a very giving, sharing, and cooperative manner. You must know that you come from different backgrounds and have many different perspectives on what is true. This can be a richness that you can explore within a group, these differences in perceptions. Together, as you learn to work together, you will find the true thread that runs through all of these perspectives. You will discover that most of them run directly to the Father's love.

And I had promised that my answers would be more succinct . ...

HUMAN: (Unintelligible question/comment)

TARKAS: In this case, Steve does have a continuing interest in the group and has been in contact with your transmitter and will continue to be active as he is able.

I'm sure that you will understand that all people will not have an interest as you do. This may be difficult to understand: why so much spiritual knowledge and joy is not accepted. This must be a very difficult time to have patience. You are so enthusiastic about sharing the love of the Father and what you have learned that it can be frustrating.

I say to you that your role is, as has been said, to plant seeds, thoughts and ideas, and it is not your responsibility to make them grow. To use that analogy, very often seeds will remain in the earth for many years before they germinate and sprout into new life. And so it is with some of the people who have been exposed to the Urantia Book and the Teaching Mission. These seeds will eventually sprout and the person will truly find spiritual growth.

Often something must happen to jar a comfortable and complacent lifestyle. It is in the face of diversity, struggle, challenge, and problems that you begin to return to spiritual answers and return to spiritualized thinking. That is just the way it is with mortals. You must have adversity in order to grow. So, many seeds will be planted, many seeds will grow. Some of you, perhaps, will be lost. But have no doubt that progress is being made at a remarkable pace and you see evidence of these things all around you.

HUMAN: (Unintelligible comment/question)

Teacher Contact

TARKAS: Your good intentions are well noted, dear _____ . You are much loved by us on this side and there is much love for you in this room. Your inability to make contact with one of the teachers or the personal guides can be a product of many things, from a very busy mind with many thoughts to a mind that is greatly troubled by addictions and traumatic experiences which you are well aware. And these things do hamper the process.

It is not such a matter of trying. It is achieving a release of these troubling problems that can distract your mind. Rather than a condition of trying, it is a rather a condition of release, a wholehearted release that comes from first wanting to have close spiritual guidance with you all the time and the faith and trust to know that it is at hand.

There are things which hamper the communication process. But they can be overcome. Daily practice makes the process more comfortable for you. Should you make an attempt over several days time and perceive that you are getting no results, you are still becoming more comfortable with the process and, hopefully, developing open-mindedness that would perhaps make you succeed on the fourth or fifth day. All the while, you should be gaining real benefits from the daily attention to worship and prayer. At the same time, our communication is somewhat subtle and perhaps you are looking for something more?

HUMAN: I am cognizant of something going on whether it be you, my Thought Adjuster, or other guides and teachers.

TARKAS: Our celestial personalities have visited with you, indeed with each member of the group. I hope that often you can feel their presence. Be also aware that as you consciously and deliberately ask questions, the answers you seek will not be realized rapidly. Just as the answers to your prayers may take time to unfold, which they invariably do. And as you reach up sometimes with troubling questions that you need answers to, those answers are planted, more or less, in your higher levels of consciousness and sometimes take a while to filter down. But you are probably aware that, from time to time, strong impressions may suddenly appear in your mind and you do not know the origin.

Be assured that we are actively working to help you with insights and ideas for your consideration. Again, bearing in mind that your free wills are preeminent and that none of us would abrogate that free will in seeking a greater realization of the Father's love. I urge you to continue your prayer and worship and be very cognizant of the loving and helpful impressions that we seek to leave with you.

Prayer, Inquiry

QUESTION: Are you and your helpers giving us with impressions on a daily basis based on what we ask for as guidance from God? We were taught by you that when we make a prayer to make it specific because there are lots of angels and other creations that are ready to go and take action on our prayers. I would assume that there are angels and creations that are making impressions on our minds in helping to guide us, if that's what we ask for. Is that true?

TARKAS: This is very true. There are many celestial influences. We should not make the mistake of thinking that it is me personally, always in communication with you. Sometimes I am there; sometimes I am not. Always there is your Indwelling Spirit, your Thought Adjuster. So very often the answers come from deep inside, especially with a number of you who have made great progress in establishing some level of communication with your Thought Adjuster.

Teachers work on different levels, always compatibly and always, as has been said, we ask that our influences be considered as one. Just as you seek to align your will to the Father's, so do we.

QUESTION: Tarkas, when I do a lesson in the Course of Miracles and I have a question, I do go into the stillness and I do ask God. The answers sometimes come to me intuitively. When I do get the answer this way, who is answering?

TARKAS: The answers come from sources coalesced into one source for we endeavor to speak with a oneness. Often you feel that indeed your prayers are being answered. Do you feel impressions, from time to time, that seem to be remarkable insights into questions that have been troubling you?


HUMAN: So you are receiving benefits and it is possible to tap into the cosmic mind to some degree which can guide and inspire you in creative ways. It is possible here as it has never been possible before. The Father has heard your cries of suffering. As a result, Michael and the mission are here, as they are on all the worlds of the rebellion, to correct the problems wrought by this rebellion.

Rebellion, Exploitation

You must remember that on normal worlds progress has been quite uniform. It has been guided by the Princes, Material Sons and Daughters, and other powerful and benevolent spiritual beings. But with the quarantine on Urantia, you find a world that has grown up in a great imbalance. The more, so-called progressive civilized races have turned upon native cultures who are not on the same level of advancement, and exploited them very cruelly and oppressively because of the imbalance. Whereas if all the people and races of Urantia had remained part of the Father's plan, there would be much more uniformity and cooperation. It is when . ... peoples in the throes of Lucifer-like thinking are able to achieve power over others and continue to fight for their own material gain and profit that you find the great injustices that occur.

So this time of correction, hopefully, will bring your people to a uniformity of vision. Obviously, this will take some time and it does not change the great suffering that has been wrought on the so-called less advanced cultures. They have been destroyed by the so-called advanced cultures. The truth is that some of the so-called uncivilized, unadvanced, or savage cultures have had a great deal more spiritual essence than their conquerors. This has been rarely appreciated. Much destruction, death and suffering have been inflicted in the name of progress, and even in the name of the churches.

But these are things of the past; they cannot be changed. We can do much changing of the present and the future by working together now. It is time to quit reciting the follies of man and begin to change civilization as we know it for the better by spiritualizing the thinking of the people, putting God in their lives. Yet another dissertation from your teacher . ...

HUMAN: Thank you, Tarkas.

HUMAN: Did you answer my question?

TARKAS: I am not sure if I answered your question. Perhaps you would re-phrase it?

HUMAN: When I put in a question in order to get some insight, sometimes the same day the insight will come to me. Does my Thought Adjuster bring that about, the Holy Spirit. DId I somehow have connections to the pool of minds?

TARKAS: Your question is where the answer comes from. It is difficult to say exactly for, as has been said, there are many influences working together.

The teachers work quite closely with the guardian angels, to some degree with each Thought Adjuster, and even the Midwayers, who live here among you. So all of these influences can play a role. Hopefully, the influence will be one and the same no matter the source. One that leads you to the Father's love.

I believe that you all have a well-developed sense of goodness and truth and beauty, and there is a strong intuitive sense that has been developed within you. You know these things without really having to worry about it. I submit to you . .. now is just to build upon this foundation. There are so many beautiful and inspiring works being written and produced. I would suggest that you begin to devote time reading and learning and expanding your spiritual knowledge.

Entertainment, Growth

So many people unconsciously spend a great deal of time in mindless entertainment that really contributes little to your growth. There are many other choices that could be made that would give you greater enjoyment and joy in life.

You will find in coming years that your people will truly grow and mature. They will become saturated with the so-called entertainment that you now have and will begin to disdain the violence and conflict that is so present in all of your books and films and programs of various kinds..

At present, the thinking is that there is no story without conflict. And yet, as you develop a higher level of consciousness, you will begin to substitute conflict for growth, and you will find truly fascinating stories of growth . .. spiritual development. Just as many of you find so much fascination with conflict, so even the face of your entertainment and interests will be changing in the years ahead. Always from your free will choice based on your expansion of consciousness.


QUESTION: I really need some advice here. I have a situation going on in my church group. Almost everyone in there is making very harsh judgments about homosexuals. I'm about the only one to speak as an advocate in terms of loving them and treating them as brothers as God loves us in a fatherly kind of way. I see it as a box within a box; I see myself making judgments about those people making judgments about other people.

I don't know whether I should speak about loving one another that I've learned from this group and the Teaching Mission and reading the Urantia Book. Or, should I stay out of that controversy and continue in the individual way that I can express love to other people and just pray that they would stop making judgments. Last time, you gave such a wonderful lesson about our attitudes towards people who are criminals and in prison, and those who have done heinous things. I don't know how I can best serve all the people there in order to express God's love. I don't know how to view the whole homosexual issue. There's just such bias, prejudice, and hatred towards homosexuals.

TARKAS: I would certainly not make a harsh judgment against the attitudes of your church friends. No more than you would make judgments about people because of their sexual orientation. Judgment should not be part of the equation.

However, I would recommend that you communicate with people in your church by words, deeds, and example, not in a judgmental manner but truly expressing the thought that Jesus loved everyone, no matter their position or wealth, or their degradation from prostitution or violence. And so if Jesus did not judge these people but only sought to embrace them and give them love and share with them their potential for salvation through the heavenly Father, then that is what you should do with people whose behavior does not agree with your own.

It must truly be frustrating that people at church would make harsh judgments as I believe you have said they are doing. I think your loving words and example in your life can actually influence people in this church into taking a more moderate and tolerant position. I would encourage you to stay within the group and not consider deserting this group but rather to exert your loving presence as an example. And share your opinions with them. In more than one way, you are truly representing the love of Christ Michael.

As has been said before, by choosing to be in this group, and by continuing to be involved in its activities, you are in fact working for Christ Michael. Ask yourself what he would have you do in this case. I think he would not retreat from the confrontation, and yet he would not instigate the confrontation or disagreement with the people in the church and only firmly and with love express the truth.

The truth is what you represent. We must love our brothers and sisters as ourselves. If you look at someone being misguided, twisted, even psychotic, you must realize the traumas of the past have made this person what they are, and their true essence, their true identity is spiritual, pure, loving, and innocent. This is what you must look for in all of your brothers and sisters though it is truly disturbing when churches, which supposedly represent truth, beauty, and goodness turn judgmental.

In time, churches will change, and I say to you, they are beginning to change now in greater measure than you can realize. Even, perhaps, through the controversy in the church which you mentioned.

HUMAN: I really appreciate it, Tarkas. I love you. You are always so kind and helpful to me. Thanks a lot.

TARKAS: And I love each of you as well. I find it truly amazing that we can be friends over so much time and distance. Yet we are here together and I am making friendships which I will cherish for a long time as you continue to move from where you are. I look forward to being able to embrace you and share an even greater measure of love on the other side. However, I'm sure you are in no rush to get here.


Energy, Circuits

HUMAN: Tarkas, two weeks ago a light force came over the Greater Cincinnati area. Can you tell us what we need to do with the energy that was brought in?

TARKAS: I can say to you that this energy is very real and the changes going on are very real. Some circuits are being opened, some are being introduced, many are being realigned. With all of this, which is quite complicated from the mortal point of view, the opportunity grows ever larger for you to tap into this higher level of consciousness which we all seek and which I trust you will all receive in large measure in the years to come.

Be particularly open and ask for, specifically ask for, a greater measure of light and understanding. The earth is undergoing some tumultuous changes which are necessary at this time for reasons that I cannot explain. You can actually feel some of this energy and its actual vibrations, so to speak, in the body. And also within the mind to a certain elevation of sensation that can be associated with feelings of other awareness, understanding, and peaceful joy. It is possible to have these things burgeon outward from within you. If you are receptive to these spiritual forces now and hold yourself open to the Father's love there are many personalities here now who are designed to embellish this energy in each of your individual personalities so that you get a higher level of consciousness.

This will happen in gradual increments. Too much change can be quite disruptive. So these changes, elemental changes in the earth's forces as well as individual changes in each person's mind and personality must be crafted quite carefully so that the progression will be progressive and steady. This is the watchword. But I say to you: you should be open for these spiritual energy vortexes, which are very real and something you should be cognizant of. Is that helpful?

Grid, Correcting Time

HUMAN: Yes. What is the grid? Why do they talk about grids?

TARKAS: I interpret this as a particular geographical zone much like a map which has grids. For the number of personalities involved in these operations they have more significance than they have to me. It is a matter of energy overcontrol. Much was changed in the worlds of the rebellion, very negatively changed. And so we are in the process now of correcting many disrepairments that happened during the long years of the Lucifer rebellion. It will take time to make all of these corrections but progress is being made.

Grids are, so to speak, ways of keeping tabs of the energy flow and making them work more efficiently in raising the consciousness of your world. I find it difficult to find English words sometimes to convey my exact meaning but know that, in general, spiritual energies are growing much more intense, and this is for the purpose of elevating your consciousness and helping you to spiritualize your thinking. A monumental task complicated, somewhat, by the fact that all actions take place as a result of the free will of each of you, which makes it difficult to predict the exact outcomes.

Nonetheless, great changes are being made and we are cooperating in these changes together. Indeed, your free wills are highly respected. We are merely encouraging you to join with us and we have found many able workers to join in this task. So we work these things out together.

HUMAN: (unintelligible)

TARKAS: You are not expected to get the details of body chemistry. The events that have transpired through your long troubled history. I can say that elemental changes were made and that these are being corrected. And, as I said, we will work together, mortals and your celestial helpers with the guidance of the Melchizedeks, and of course Christ Michael and this mission, to more fully align your bodies with the spiritual essence. I will say to you that the changes that Lucifer committed in the rebellion are a lasting detriment that will be corrected. Now that the adjudication is complete, this mission is proceeding. I should perhaps say no more than this.

HUMAN: (unintelligible)


TARKAS: You should always go to the heavenly Father with your concerns and worries, and pray to Father or Christ Michael to help you when you have troubling decisions to make. Too many times, humans wait until they are truly in dire straits before they ever turn to the Father. If they had turned to prayer earlier, often the problems could be avoided.

The help begins as soon as the request is made. Do not make a hard and fast decision now concerning your future life. Sometimes time is required for conditions to work out. With patience and understanding between the two of you, there is truly no rush to your situation, which could have pitfalls. There is ample time to talk through all of your concerns with the Father, especially the Father's presence inside each of you. Don't be hasty making a decision. Here again, patience is a virtue. We should consider all things thoroughly.

The time you have given yourself is well advised, for you still have not been able to turn loose of your past, so to speak. This must be accomplished. You must look at your life beginning now, taking the lessons you have learned, and truly focus on what you can do the remainder of the time. Do not dwell on past mistakes, past problems.

If the person with whom you are involved truly is the one you would share your life with, this will be evident in time. Sometimes, as I've said, it takes time to work these things out together. You must develop the ability, between the two of you, to share and listen and communicate on a very close and loving basis. It is difficult for humans sometimes to open up their thoughts, fears, and concerns with another because they fear judgment or misunderstanding.


As we have talked about judgments recently, this is another reason why you should not make harsh judgments against your brothers and sisters. This truly sends strong negative and damaging energies and promotes fear.

Fear is the opposite of love. Adopt love and cast out the fear and be patient. You have a wonderful life ahead of you and you should get to the point where you are looking forward to living it. I hope this has been a little helpful. You are much loved. If you will stay close to the heavenly Father, He will show you the way.


We begin our meetings by enacting the first, most important, and abiding lesson, and that is: worship, prayer, forgiveness and service. Perhaps, at the next meeting we will open by actually doing this together. That would be helpful to the group?

(group assents)

(words lost) . .... After which we will have a lesson and questions. I look forward to these times together. May God's love shine brilliantly upon you till we meet again. Good night to all of you.