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Topic: Elyon-April-1994

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Aaron, Elyon, Michael, Helen, Steven

TR: Jonathan

Session 1

April 6, 1994


Aaron(?): I come to share in your presence and offer encouragement. You have enlightened and been enlightened. You take for granted now things which you would not have believed in years past. It is encouraging to see your efforts, to know the expanse of your outlook, and feel combined in your presence with God; ever watching, ever guiding, ever sincere and friendly to your needs. I hope you have nothing but joy to receive from your efforts. They are a blessing.

In the struggle for ease, feel more enabled by your pursuit to minister to those around you and who come upon your lives. It is great indeed what you have seen and felt. But the glory lies ahead always. Seek on to this while attaching yourselves to the reality of circumstance and possibility in your temporal arena. I give welcome to you in our spiritual family embrace. I give thanks to you in your efforts. I say good night.


Path, Ascension

Elyon: Many lessons you have learned. Many trials lie ahead. They are not trials, they are trails, pathways for your unfoldment. When you ascend to the Father the good trail is one that rises and falls, twists and turns, and allows for a variety of experience, for diversity of viewpoint, for an expanse, and for those narrow courses that require you to firm up, to press forward, and make it through. You have been told that the path to God is an ascent. It is not a down hill coast. Effort is required to rise. Each lesson you take into your soul elevates you all into a greater relationship with Him. The times that rain upon you, that soak you through, these are the events of cleansing. Relish times, the sunlight in which you bask in the love, the assurance, of attainment. Let the breeze of the spirit presence of Michael encompass you and lift you up and lighten your journey. Refresh yourself with the nourishment of the spirit and the many compatriots you encounter who help and guide and sustain you.

To one who has begun the journey as you have the road seems long, the destiny distant. There is no hurry. Every point in your progress is the perfect position to be in. No future step is gained by skipping ahead. Take seriously your assignment of the day; seriously in the perspective that your personality growth is to be invested in. But in mind and heart take all lightly, with joy, with enthusiasm.

I am your guide, Elyon. This, my friends, concludes my encouragement to you this evening.


Evelyn: Thank you, that was very nice.

Elyon: You are most welcome, Evelyn.


Evelyn: There was a question about whether we should edit portions of the Friday session. It had phrases that sounded like "chosen ones". Do you have any comment on our discussion of omitting these sections?

Elyon: Lessons gained by you are yours. When we speak we are aware of the processes you go through to record the transaction. Our intention is not to create a manuscript. We do not prohibit your compiling of the information you receive, for we know you benefit from the review offered. Yet, our aim is to serve the spiritual need of each to whom we minister. When we deliver to you as we have recently, we give to those in our jurisdiction. You may share as you see fit, as you would any conversation you have among yourselves that you may feel relevant to a larger audience. This is up to your discretion just as it is up to you how you live the lessons provided. When we deliver and release, the ball is in your court. If there were any prohibitions attached we would certainly let you know. This does not mean that you can't attach your own. Only realize that if we do not, you are free to choose yourselves.


Simeon: I feel a lot of presence. I have a question about a dream I had last night. I was faced with a choice. A man had come to me for my writing skills and offered me a purse of $10,000 for 3 manuscripts. I asked if I had the option for more if they were published, and he said, no, $10, 000 and that's it. He would get all the rights. I woke up with the choice, take it or leave it. Maybe this was lead spiritually, but I felt like, yeah, I would take $10,000 for 3 full length books. It would be an opportunity to be heard in my thoughts and words. Would you have any comments on this dream?

Elyon: The realm of dreams is a maze for discernment. I observe in your description two factors that I would seek to illuminate. First is the awareness for you that you do value and recognize the value of your writings. The second is that you have the passion to release your creative energies even if the reward was small. My comment is that first your endeavors are valuable and, two, worth sharing independent of any gain received. This is the extent to which I will respond this evening. Have I been helpful?

Simeon: Very much so, thank you.


Michael: Do you believe that I can reach out and touch you?

Jonathan: Yes.

Michael: Do you know within that I can hold you, serve you, uplift you, and make you know the truth? You understand that I am here, you read about me. You talk to me and about me. You feel like I am around. But do you trust that I am in you and that you are in me? I can share with you most profoundly in my presence. You ask the presence of myself and Father to be with you. You talk with your brothers and children who have surpassed your understanding. How often do you believe that I can come and talk to you personally? I can do this, you know. It is my nature to be involved. This is my call to you; that in your belief and faith you implace the capability of my dialogue with you in your days. It is the progression to move towards in your pursuit to Father. I embrace you all and accept your questions.

Jonathan: You know so well that I seek to receive your guidance. I don't have a question but do offer my willingness to be guided and admonished if I steer off course. After years of devotion to you I know you have never failed me in this.

Michael: Good son, you believe most faithfully, and this draws you only closer to take the constancy of my presence with you to know that communication freely comes. As any other you receive. There are so many children who do not have your faith and circumstance. I call to all so that they can truly believe it is me who comes to them in all endeavors that I can surely impart knowingly and otherwise.

Daniel: Recently I very much felt your presence and guidance. I appreciate that you are with me at these times and that you guide me at all times.

Michael: I touch your presence and you feel the touch. As you open your heart you increasingly grasp the realities that come forth. You have faith that I can speak to you at any time. I would speak through you now. (changes TR)

Live your lives in dedication to the love from our Father. Share my message with my other children with whom you may come in contact. Remember, as I told my apostles of long ago, that my children are hungry for the knowledge. (tape flipped) . ..the Father of all, the Fatherhood of God, and His love for each of you and all others. Recognize in them His presence and you can not help but love them as your brothers. This was and is my message.

Jonathan: Thank you.

Michael: My peace I leave with you.


Elyon: I am Elyon and I am desirous to leave you with a small task this week. Make an effort to remind others of the bounty, the spirit blessing to be received by all. Let them know they are lovingly cared for with angelic embrace. This will instill within another individual the necessary germ for realizing the expanded comprehension, the multitudes that surround them. Again, make effort to bring this to the attention of your fellows, that they are cared for personally.

Daniel: Thank you, Elyon.

Elyon: You are welcome and I shall say good night.

Session 2

April 10, 1994


Elyon: Greetings again, my friends. I am Elyon. That which I offer to you is for you to freely choose. I do not require firm adherence to my outward expressions, for that would defeat my purpose. It is best in all that you receive, to seek the awareness as Jesus did in his years here, measuring with your high ideals who the Father is in your experience.


Correcting Time

I am always happy to provide myself as one who can serve in upliftment to those willing to lift themselves. It is very good to be working with you all who care and can see the importance of a greater understanding about life. It is few the group number who actually live their comprehension. There is much in the future to keep us all very busy. In the joyful aspect it has much to provide fulfillment for us all, since we each long to serve the Father. Presently much can be accomplished, for we are allowed by you to function directly. Without this permission I would not accomplish what has been set before me. Thank you for the opportunity to join in the Urantia effort of reconstruction. The benefits are great for all concerned.

Your planet is tipping toward progression that will change its face as time unfolds. It is those like yourselves that make the change permanent. You do rub off on others more than is recognized by you. Your efforts are extremely important. I am just one, but we are many. As we work together we will accomplish our dreams, our hopes to bring enlightenment, awareness, stability, and hope to our brothers and sisters. I am now willing to receive from you questions, comments.


Expression, Honesty

Mark: Hello, Elyon. I'm perplexed by our discussions with the rest of our group. How much is it of benefit to the others to be honest with our feelings, and how much should that be tempered by love that would limit my being honest and direct?

Elyon: I offer that as you feel the need to express your position that you look at the other individual with the eyes of Michael and also as if looking into the eyes of Michael. Then you will know when to be honest and when to be compassionate, allowing for difference and yet holding true to what your belief has faithfully demonstrated in your life. There is no service in tearing down another. That includes yourself by refusing to stand for your feelings. Infuse your desires with that spirit presence and you will be guided appropriately.

It is important to be as harmless as doves, truly loving. But do know that many run with an agenda that is solely their own, and you must be wise as serpents, expressing your wisdom carefully and judicially, defending your understanding and trusting that you do seek the light of truth. You know that others do as well. Everyone falls victim to close sighted perspectives. Is this fulfilling?

Mark: Yes, it helps. It has been an issue of debate. Thank you.

Mary: I like the advice of looking not only with the eyes of Jesus but into the eyes of Jesus.

Elyon: It is one I apply with the effort of doing so continually. I agree with you it is very helpful in gaining an understanding of the other and not losing sight of the high calling of the spirit. Many times we are easily lost in the activities of the moment and make our decisions looking for results to appear soon. Jesus struggled with his apostles continuously in this way. Knowing how far-seeing Michael was in the conduct of his life helps each of us to grasp that we may not enjoy the fruit of our labors immediately. We may even be pricked by the thorns. In the end the harvest will be plentiful, and your work will bring high yield.


Mary: I think of being spiritual ambassadors as being out there dealing with other adults, and I find myself spending most of my time at home with my kids. It's a big adjustment to how much work it is raising children. I need reassurance that the path is a good one and the harvest will be plentiful in this labor, too. I know this but I need to hear it, that working with these little people needs doing, too. I feel out of the spiritual mainstream sometimes. It is hard to stay focused on spiritual things when you're dealing with such physical needs.

Helen: I am Helen. I am granted this opportunity to respond to your question. Your feeling is received and your hope for contact with your adult children is noted. The rewards of your (..?..) is one that is continual and draws you to increased contact. The activities of our mission are manifold. The service of support to one another is essential for us all to continue in the bringing together of all in the light circle of holding hands. And you know that there is no greater service than to bring up these two in the awareness of love and trust of God. You may brush shoulders with your friends periodically, but you touch the very core of these two continually. You shape their destiny. You initiate the course, you lay the tracks. You provide the foundations, for it is established here. It is much easier to accomplish now than all the correction or reconstruction that can be had in the years that follow.

Rest in the assurance that you do very well and that as you do the contact with your friends that you can receive this, you can understand that your current assignment is one of high nobility and not a burden. I trust you understand this. I thank you for this opportunity to be in communion.

Mary: Thank you for coming and talking to us. I know it's all true, I just need reassurance. I realize that both my children are gifts from God and I want to do right by them.

Helen: Being the central point in their lives at this point, you are the reflection of the Father and the Mother Spirit. It is a sacred trust. I am wonderfully pleased to observe your success. I am happy to be involved with you here watching the four of you grow in your comprehension of reality in each stage you are at.

Teacher Contact

Mary: I hope I haven't let you down by not having more energy for prayer and meditation, but I do often turn my thoughts your way and realize you are here. I count on it even though I don't spend time concentrating on you and your presence. I think I do lean on that reality. I appreciate your efforts.

Helen: You are welcome, sister. It is not as important that we always communicate as we work together in fulfilling plans for our planet. We will work side by side and independently, but we work always together and our purpose is united. I do not seek for attention. I only seek that we grow in relationship and we fulfill our purpose. I thank you for your concern, your desire to reach, and I take all things as they come in time.

Evelyn: My question is about how these sessions are conducted. Hearing from Helen was touching. In our group sessions, even if the group is very small, we generally hear from Elyon, occasionally from Machiventa and others. Do the personal teachers only speak on request or if their students are present? Why hasn't Helen spoken to the group?

Elyon: We have not established a policy for who will or will not speak. As you may note Will opened our last session. Though I am your group teacher I am not always the one to initiate the contact. Many teachers are present at the gathering and often will wave vigorously to respond and I will allow. If you request it can be made available. The dynamics of contact with your receivers can influence the success. So, the result isn't always as we thought. We do try to meet your needs each time, though we do not have a formula that we follow. Is this helping?

Evelyn: Yes. I'm glad you mentioned that Will spoke, our recording missed the start and I had forgotten.

I've only heard from Darid in personal sessions and I just want you to know that if it required my request, then I certainly want to make known my request. The things you all convey are wonderful and it isn't important who says them.

Elyon: Your personal teachers are quite busy all day with you. Wednesday night they send you to the babysitter. (laughter. comments about Elyon being our babysitter.)

I must still put you to bed on time.

We are always happy to be in your presence and more than happy to be in conscious contact as we are now. For so long you all on this world have wandered without the awareness of our presence or the faint flicker or distorted perception of who we are. These are changing times. It is as exciting for us as it is becoming for you. At last we meet.

Mark: Is my personal teacher out there amongst those available for comment today?

Elyon: He is and is willing. Have you a request for him or do you desire that he speak freely?

Mark: I desire that he speak freely.

Steven: Hello, brother. I am Steven. I acknowledge our partnership. It is good to make this contact here. It is not necessary that Jonathan be involved. As you know it is only a matter of time and appropriate positioning where our contact directly can begin. Know with a certainty that the patterns are being established, that success is attained at times. We are working in harmony. I hope with the same fervor that you do, and I know that the time is close. You need not worry that you are doing wrongly or being absent minded. Our clearance to proceed will be granted, and there is no reason to doubt our efforts as we proceed now, for this works to the result that we long for. Your response?

Mark: I give my whole-hearted acceptance, approval, appreciation. Any efforts that need to be made on my part I whole-heartedly give them. I wish to work more closely with you in implementing the Father's will. If you need my permission to do it, then let's do it.

I'm still troubled about my physical recovery. Do you see the possibility of a complete recovery?

Steven: You will experience complete recovery. This has been a hindrance to our work together. It is now at a point where our contact would not burden you. It is with great sadness that we observe the infirmities of your races. It is a cause for faith in each of us to answer why the Father allows life in the forms we encounter that tear down. But it has been brought to our awareness that your success in overcoming the obstacles before you is far greatly improved with these difficulties. I wish I could convey to you how vastly different life is to you than it is to us. The greatest hurdle to overcome is the hurdle of physical life, the transition into the morontia way. I feel compassion as you struggle to overcome. You are doing well. Hold hope high. I am thankful to be in assignment with you.

Mark: I am also thankful you are in assignment with me. I apologize for these delays, but hang in there with me, and I will do the best I possibly can.

Steven: I assure you it will not be long. I know you know what has transpired already. Let it come as it will. Do not worry that it is not soon enough, for at the foreseen point of arrival you hold in your view, you will then begin another process, bewildering as much as you will be encouraged. Thank you for your request that I might offer to you.

Mark: It is an open invitation. Thank you for speaking with us today.

Steven: You are welcome.


Elyon: I am Elyon, and I am going to close our session. Please apply my assignment this week. I encourage you to seek the opportunity to do this. I assure you I do not grade your performance. As you respond I will only offer new advice regardless of the course you take. I am here to guide, I am not here to drag. Realize that wherever you are so is the Father. Farewell.

Session 3

April 13, 1994


Elyon: Your discussions are so insightful and entertaining. It is wonderful to see you delve into an issue such as prejudice and bias. You learn through each other in this manner as well as you learn from any teacher. Your communication skills grow, and you adapt better usages of language and understanding. There is an interworking within your minds that will replay the conversations you hold. You make note of similarities for affirmation and the dissimilar characteristics and mannerisms of others. It is a signal of your growth when you can let go of the characteristics which seem as quirks of behavior to see the relation of information from another for what it truly is. This is the releasing of bias. Prejudice and bias build up from lack of communication. This can dissolve with some work towards finding the common ground.

I have found in my relation to you many different mannerisms among the individual students. Nothing I have seen would lead me to believe that any are without a distinctive measure of merit in their pursuit. You will understand your brothers and sisters as each feels the comfortablility to relate their vision within their manner and character.

The forum established whereby you communicated with each other now is a step. You will find an easing in your patience to let time heal the misperceptions. I am Elyon. It is good to be here with your presence. (Pause)



Evelyn: If you would take a question, I would like some comment on Jesus' statement about not offering unsolicited advice. I try to find ways of making suggestions and yet not have it come across as unsolicited advice. If people are uninterested, then so be it. I'm grappling with this a bit.

Elyon: It is difficult to hold back from saying what you would see as the proper attitude. While you may have full knowledge of what is right in a given circumstance, truly it will not aid one who is unwilling to embrace. The difficulties one can possess in discerning the steps are most profound, for generally your knowledge is incomplete at this level. In your reaching you can find other ways to touch someone without specific advice on their behavior or pursuit.

In an ideal society in the settled stages of light there is so much harmony because there is a general support for each other that goes beyond everything. If you can simply embrace a person with no regard for their beliefs, then how much easier it is for you to then build a rapport which can develop the communication.

Does this give insight?

Evelyn: I think so. The irony of the situation I'm thinking about was that the advice I wanted to give was for the person to not give advice. I felt kind of stuck. I think I could have found other ways of presenting that same idea in a form other than advice, maybe it didn't matter, or just let it ride.

Elyon: Yes, there will be a difference of approach in the paths. Tolerance, time, and association bring a unison in view.

Daniel: Elyon, were you watching us this week with regards to the assignment you gave us last week? Was it making progress with us at all? Is this an assignment we should continue with? Do you have a new one for us?

Elyon: You should always continue when the advice seems to be of an ongoing nature. You knew this. I saw that you all did connect views with many, and I saw the timidity of your approaches with some. This is good that you grapple with these issues, for nothing is cut and dry.

As a current exercise I would simply direct you to the ongoing harmonization of yourself to your Indwelling Presence. Constantly seek to expand the relation, the awareness, the time in thought and effort. May you think of asking Him to aid each time you find the difficult choice and even to share in the simplest. Realize more faithfully that you are all good in nature, and trust yourselves to be pursuant of the highest thought.

Do you think that this would be a task worth pursuing?

Daniel: Very definitely, a wide open task-- difficult, yet not.

Elyon: It is not to difficult if you believe that progress occurs constantly when you seek. Only does the difficulty come when you subside temporarily. (pause)


I thank you for being a participant in the endeavors we attempt to manifest.

Mary: I thank you, Elyon, for being a participant in the endeavors we attempt to manifest.

Simeon: I second that emotion.

Evelyn: And greetings to all the observing student teachers....

?: *We are beyond embarrassment in your understanding. Thank you for your welcome. We learn from you as well as from your teachers. It is an experience we will carry with us. Thank you once again. [[Category: N. Idaho TeaM]