1994-07-24-What You Do Is Not Channeling

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Topic: What You Do Is Not Channeling

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Douglas



The numerous thoughts of the mind. Allow your physical bodies to quiet itself. Relax. Allow. Participate in this quiet time. Reflect upon the Father and His love. There are no distractions. only the quiet, the stillness of the presence of the Father in your hearts and in your minds. Relax and allow this peace to be upon you. The power of the Father protects you. The love of the Father infuses your beings. It is His love that draws you ever nearer to His presence. It is His love that awakened in you the desire for knowledge of Him, thru the text and this mission.

Greetings dear ones. I am Jarel. I am your teacher who loves you and respects you, and hopes always to be a guide to the path that leads to the presence of the Father. I greet you in peace,

GROUP: Greetings Jarel.



JAREL: The lights of your countenances shine brightly today. I see before me new fledglings exercising their wings of faith. This is good. You are all welcome to this setting. Here we have the coming together of those who are experienced in flight with those who are taking their first steps, stretching outward their wings, ready to soar on the air of faith. This is wonderful. This is great. This is joyous for us, your teachers, to see again those coming to this setting to experience the joy, the certainty of knowledge, the certainty of fellowship, the certainty of the love of the Father.

This group and many like it throughout Urantia are exhibiting this love. The love of the Father transmitted thru you, individually and collectively. That is the magnet today that draws humanity to your side. It is the love of the Father that you exhibit in your daily life that will always be the attraction to your fellows to this teaching mission and to that of the text. We have in this setting the desire to enhance our spiritual growth. The desire to be of service to our fellows, wherever they are, whatever their belief systems, whatever they are doing in the way of development. It is your desire to help them towards the path of clear knowledge of direct access to the Father. This is a noble undertaking on your part, and we commend you for your sincerity.

I also would like to thank you and commend you for your efforts always toward development and the furtherance of this cause. It gives me great pleasure to view your development and to be a part of that as your humble teacher. I take great pride in you who are the core of this Arcadia teaching mission, and I thank you for your efforts to further this cause. You are remembered by us to all the members and teachers of this mission.

Transmitting, Channeling

This day I will relate to you for those visiting for this first occasion. I wish to ease the thought processes concerning this mission and the phenomena thereof, the communication with higher spiritual beings. We, the teachers, come from various ascending spheres and we have volunteered to come here to Urantia to assist in the upliftment of all mankind. We make this assistance thru this setting of coming together. Individuals of like mind seeking spiritual development, the higher achievement of your spiritual quotients. It is in this setting that we are able to transmit the lessons, the desires of the Melchizedek's in completion of the desires of Christ Michael for you, the mortals of Urantia, thru individuals who have attuned to this ability to receive our transmissions. This is the definition of transmitter/receivers.

These individuals are not, as you would say, "channelers". We wish to make this distinction clear. We wish to make a separation of the terms clear to your mind and understanding.

Throughout the mission this erroneous idea of 'channeling' has surfaced. These bright souls who have developed the ability to receive our messages are not 'channelers' They should not be refereed to as such. This phenomena that you witness at this time should not be referred to as channeling. We have mentioned this casually upon occasion hoping that the implanted idea would be uprooted. However we have witnessed thru various conferences that this term is being applied to the mission. There are many who have set their hearts against this mission for no better reason than misunderstanding. They have not allowed themselves to understand the process of this communication. Therefore in their fear and ignorance have set themselves against this phenomena.

The phenomena is easy to understand to our way of thinking, perhaps a little more difficult for the mortals. We have attempted on numerous occasions to make plain to your minds this phenomena. Those who are participants in the transmission have also had their doubts, their uncertainties, their insecurities of the true nature of this phenomena. But it is the Spirit of Truth and it is incumbent upon this spirit to reassure to your spiritual minds that this phenomena is real. For those in this group if they will reflect on those exercises we have partaken of in the past, each of those exercises has acted as reassurance of the truth of the phenomena.

We have the term 'transmitter/receiver'. This is the proper designation of those who are participants of this phenomena. Transmitter/receivers. We, the teachers, are transmitting. You are the receivers. You in turn transmit our message to your fellows. So the terminology, transmitter/receiver is appropriate.

"Channelers" on the other hand embody the act of being a funnel, an open vessel, to an extent, of other intelligence. But this intelligence has always been of the deceased nature, of deceased beings. We know thru experience and belief in the text that deceased loved ones are not permitted to deliver messages back to the living. We know from the text and from our experience that no longer are dead, deceased beings or spirits, allowed to inhabit the physical bodies of mortals. We, your teachers, do not inhabit your bodies. We do not direct you to lift your arms, move your legs, or other extremities. We are not in control of your physical bodies. We are not in control of your minds and spirits. We are conjoint actors with you in the use of mindal energies to formulate word symbols that accurately reflect the messages of our lessons. We allow you to use your voice mechanism because you are in control of all aspect of your physical beings. You invite us to partake with you in this experience. Therefore we are able to communicate thru these energies. But we have no voice of our own. We can also communicate thru writing. The use of your physical nature, pen and paper. We have the ability to communicate thru the electronic media of computers. So there are various means of transmitting and receiving, but always the process is the same, the transmitter/receiver is in control of his physical being. We only relate to the mindal energies. Does this clarify for your thinking ?

GROUP: Yes. That helps a great deal in our understanding of the process.

JAREL: Good. We are pleased. We don't particularly like being confused in this mission with those who are unscrupulous practitioners of the art of 'channeling'. We are teachers of the highest order of Melchizedek. We are teachers who are assigned thru our voluntary wills to assist you. We desire the highest standard of spiritual assistance for you. Nowhere will you find in this mission any higher standard than that set by Christ Michael, thru Machiventa Melchizedek for us. We hear. We obey. We carry out the will of the Father thru this mission to you. So we ask for you who are participants that you no longer refer to this phenomena of communication as channeling. We would greatly appreciate it if you would share this information with your fellows.

The transcripts of this group and others are being widely circulated. Soon you will experience more of the teachings of the other teachers within this mission, and other groups will experience your mission transcripts. This interaction is essential. It is necessary. It is verification of the unity of the mission for you and for others.

Urantia Book, Service

There is, as we have said to you on numerous occasions, much to be learned. Much wisdom and knowledge to be gleaned from the transcripts. But I caution you to not let the transcripts overshadow the great work of the text, the Urantia book, in your mind. These two instruments, these tools, work conjointly for the single purpose for the upliftment of mankind collectively, and you individually in your spiritual development. Remember the two work together. This will help you to arrive at a higher state of development.

For you who are visiting, this message is essential also. You have come because of your Adjusters urging. You are feeling within yourselves the great pulling of spiritual development. Your hearts are desiring more spiritual clarification. Your hearts are desiring to experience that peace that comes from the Father. My message to you, young fledglings, is to experience the truth of the text. Take it into your heart. Come to this setting often and share the love of this group. The sincere desire to be of help. Service is our watchword. Service is our goal. We serve the Father thru His Son, thru your fellows.

Here is the simple chain of command. If you would be of service to the Father, then reach out to your fellows. Do this daily. Do this as each opportunity comes to you, as you work, as you relax, You have ample opportunity to effect the spiritual development of others. To share Gods love. A kind word is a suggestion. A comment concerning the Father and His love will go a long way towards winning others to the truth of the text and this mission. Be kind watchmen over your fellows. When you see them in error, offer kindness and assistance. Do not attempt to correct them, only to show the love of the Father thru your example.


To you who are fledglings it is essential that you seek the stillness. The stillness is the time you set aside for the Father. You should do this daily... ( Pause...) Yes, you should take the time in your daily affairs to sit quietly in prayer and meditation. Quieting your mind, and allowing the presence of God to overtake your surroundings. Allow the presence of God to infuse your being. In this setting of quiet and peace you can receive the Father's message. You may receive His love directly communicated to you. You may take from the stillness this love and use it to enhance your day, to reach out to others. The stillness is important. We cannot over stress its importance. We must reiterate the importance of taking time with the Father. Here is your key. This is the key to your development. Turning toward the Father, seeking His peace, His comfort, His love thru the stillness. Being in unity with your fellows in the stillness.

The stillness will supply you with that confidence, reassurance, certainty of the Father's Love. It will put you in unity with your fellows who are of like mind. It will give you the faith you desire to assist you on your road, on your path toward oneness with the Father. So use this great tool as others have used it, to be in harmony, in love and unity with the Father and your fellows. Use this tool to enhance your development, your spiritual growth.

I will entertain your questions at this time as I greet you with joy, peace, and happiness at your presence here.


MARLIES: Greetings Jarel. I have a question regarding channeling and transmitting. If we are in the presence of someone who is transmitting, say from a teacher, and we are given instructions to wave our hands and shake our feet or get up and do some physical movement, would that be channeling rather than transmitting ?

JAREL: Greetings Marlies. No, giving instructions is one thing. Controlling the physical body is another. We do not control your physical bodies. We may suggest or direct, but we do not have control of your physical being.

MARLIES: So would that mean that the person who is making these movements involuntarily.. would that be channeling instead of transmitting ?

JAREL: It still would not be channeling per se as we understand it. Channeling is associated with the negative aspects of communication. Our communication is transmitted to your minds thru mindal energies.

MARLIES: That is correct. So to be able to discern, how would be able to recognize what is channeling and what is true transmitting?

JAREL: It is not a discernment on physical ability. This one can arise. This one can move. It is not on the physical. It is always on the mindal and spiritual.

(One of the new students is quietly sobbing uncontrollably).

LUCILLE: Jarel, could you help and explain to her what she is experiencing ?

JAREL: This one is experiencing the release of many years of wonderment. This one is experiencing the love of the Father. It has come about from you all. Each of you are participating in this experience. Take hold of the hands of your fellows and let her feel your love for her. (The recorder fell out of 'record' for about five minutes. In essence the new student was quite calm and the sobbing ceased as Jarel led us in quiet meditation and prayer).

( A question was then asked about those that we present the U-book to who do not seem interested. Is the text not meant for them ? The tape then picked up the end of the answer as follows.)

JAREL: . .. If there are will creatures residing in the depths of the ocean, or on the highest mountain, Mt. Everest at 29,141 feet high, if one was to sit at this peak and is a will creature, then the text is meant for him.

Spirit of Truth

LUCILLE: Jarel, last night in my quiet time I was trying to find out the will of the Father, and I had a feeling of Christ Michael's presence and that He would help me find the Will of the Father. This was the Spirit of Truth of course. Does the Spirit of Truth enter into our stillness in seeking the Fathers Will ?

JAREL: The Spirit of Truth surrounds each of you continuously, constantly. It enters into your quietness in all aspect of your seeking to know Him. It is incumbent upon the Spirit of Truth to make plain to your spiritual being that, the truth you are seeking in dealing with others, and the questions that come to mind concerning others, that we are looking for solutions. We are looking to solve problems of interaction with others. Here the Spirit of Truth is very valuable because it may bring to your consciousness the facts of dealing with others in a fair and equitable way. It brings concerns to your consciousness. It allows you to relay those gems of truth that you have learned in order to proceed properly in your direction of growth. If it were not for the Spirit of Truth you would react to your fellows on your more baser animal levels. You would attribute their actions based upon your animal origin instincts instead of your spiritual quotient. Do you understand this ?

LUCILLE: Yes. Thank you.....

Come now dear ones. We have experienced great spiritual enlightenment in the fact of sharing this love. I am sure that you have other concerns that you would like to address.

LUCILLE: Mercedes, do you have any question or comment ?


MERCEDES: I am concerned about my children's spiritual growth. I recognize my limitations. I don't know what to do. I want them to be aware of these wonderful truths, and to have a right heart, and be humble. How can I do this ?

JAREL: Well dear one. First, welcome. I thank you for having the spiritual desire to attend this setting. I welcome you with open arms, with love. This is your place. You are welcome here amongst those who are believers in Christ Michael, and the truth of the text and this mission. I am pleased and most happy at your presence.

Your children of whom you have great love and concern will gravitate towards the truth that you will exhibit to them.. You, dear one, must read the book and take upon yourself the knowledge that is there. Turn to the Father who is seeking the stillness within you. Allow Him to direct His presence in your life. Reflect Gods love. Do not attempt to influence their belief systems at this point. Allow the Father to work with you to ease your heart and your mind. To empty your heart of the negative. To fill your heart with positive love energy. Then you can reflect His love, not only to your children, but to others who you come in contact with. It begins with you dear one. So relax, allow yourself to ascend your path one step at a time. The Father will make plain to you all that you need to know. Allow your brothers and sisters here to assist you and aid you in your growth. Take their counsel. Accept their love. This will help you greatly.

HAL: JAREL: This has been a tremendous experience.

Mansion Worlds

I have a question that I feel has spiritual value in our growth. One of our famous inventors, Thomas Edison, said that the body's function is merely to carry the mind around. So the mind is the important thing about us. We reflect our mind to others with our facial features, our conversation, our body language. In the morontial world and our next existences, do we have facial features that we express ourselves with ? We will have a morontial body , do we have body language ? Is our spiritual communication in any way similar to our physical communications here ? How do we communicate in the morontial form ?

JAREL: In the morontial worlds you have a morontial body which is part physical and part spiritual. It has a function. The morontial worlds are physical worlds. You need a physical body to walk on the physical worlds. Expression thru that body will be similar to expression here. However you are of a higher spiritual content and growth. Your luminosity is visible. Your abilities and senses are heightened far beyond what you experience on this sphere. So all of these things work together conjointly to allow you to relate to your morontia fellows your desires and your expressions.

HAL: This spiritual luminosity is that what you can see in us in our physical bodies, however limited it is ?

JAREL: Yes. We view your spiritual luminosity here, but it is enhanced many many fold on the morontial levels.

HAL: We will then be able to see the spiritual luminosity of our friends.

JAREL: Indeed, and communicate with them. Do this experiment now. Hold your hands up as this ones hands are resting, up in the air. You should feel a pulsating energy similar to magnetism, momentarily. Is it present. . . You are aware of your fellows thru this energy. You can feel the proximity of another, but it fluctuates. It pulsates. On the morontial worlds you are aware of other beings, who are not necessarily physical, thru this energy field.

HAL: Then it is more of an awareness than a vision of them.

JAREL: Awareness and vision, and sensing. Again you are limited on this sphere in your perception of others and your proximity to them. On the morontial worlds this is greatly enhanced

HAL: Can we develop this spiritual awareness here ? We feel that this was one of the advantages that Jesus had. He could visualize the spiritual nature of the people he met.

JAREL: Did you feel the pulsating energy. Were you aware of it?

HAL: Yes.

JAREL: Then you can develop it.

HAL: We then become aware of the energy fields around the people we meet, is that what you are saying ?

JAREL: Your spiritual luminosity will touch that of another. You will be aware in a positive or negative way. It is similar to when you enter a place and feel certain vibrations. Certain uneasiness of spirit. This can be because of negative energies of those present. Your spiritual energies works as an alarm. It warns you that there is negative energy. You may act appropriately. You may leave that setting or be on your guard to not let negative energies influence you. Not allowing it to reduce you to your low animal instincts of anger, distrust, fear.

BETTY: Jarel I understand that one of the paths before us is to learn to control our thoughts so that we reject the negativity before it becomes a part of us ?

JAREL: Yes, dear one. This is true. If you develop spiritually your luminosity will warn you of all negative influence, and you may reject that influence. Or you may choose to use that influence in some way that is positive.

Reading, Demonstration

BETTY: You know, Jarel. So many people are not readers. Are they just unable to read because of their training and culture or are they somehow afflicted with a disability that does not allow them to read very well so that it is a struggle for them. It seems so many people are not capable of reading the Urantia book. So then I feel it is up to me to pass the good word to these spiritual seekers that I meet. Yet I feel I do a very bad job of it, with a lot of confusion and anxiety about my progress and my effectiveness in the world. Can you comment on this ?

JAREL: This is true. Many people are not literate enough to read the text. This is the importance of you individually, taking on the text in your being. Living this truth. This is what the Master desired two thousand years ago. His mission was not about a book. His mission was not about the written word. His mission was about the living gospel. This mission is the same today. He desires you to take on this gospel thru reading and understanding the text. But the application is thru this mission. Thru your spiritual participation, developing yourselves to the highest ability to discern the truth and reflect the Fathers love.

Here is the test. Here is the answer for those who do not read. You live this truth. You be the example. They can relate easier to your example than to the written word. So we find we have the additional aids. We have the written word. We have the spoken word. We have the living word in you. You have not been left in confusion. You have allowed doubt to enter to a degree. You have sought to judge yourself based upon the success of the acceptance of those who you wish to influence.

Again we remind you, you cannot judge yourself. You are not to be the judge of yourself. You are to do the best that you know, and allow all of the spiritual forces to assist you. Live the truth. Speak the truth. Allow the truth to be implanted in others. It will grow. Nurture it. Be sincere seekers and helpers to your fellows. This is the real lesson. Do you understand this ?

BETTY: Yes. Thank you Jarel. I feel that I am a good friend. I reach out my hand to help all that I can. I feel that is my ministry. I am not responsible for the experience of another. Only my willingness to give them the Fathers love thru my experience.

JAREL: You are correct my dear one. We know you to be a sincere person with much compassion for your fellows. So continue in this way. Stop doubting yourself and your abilities. You do well.


Dear ones, if there are no further questions I would leave you at this time with a few words of encouragement. That you daily seek the stillness of the Father.

We asked several meetings ago for each of you to make a particular effort to spend that quiet time with the Father for one week. We desire you to evaluate yourselves in that regard, after seeking the stillness diligently for one week.

Some have continued in this practice, others have not. We do not judge you. We encourage you to make an effort to seek His presence diligently for one full week of your time. After that time you will know the value of this practice and make it a part of your daily lives. This will help you. This will ease your thoughts, your concerns. This will help you with your mortal problems by putting them into perspective. This is your aid to all circumstances. It lies within seeking God the Father thru the stillness.

Remember to pray, dear ones. Pray not only for yourselves, but pray for Urantia, for this sphere of Michael's nativity. Pray to the Father to relieve the suffering of all of your fellow humans. Pray that the confusion which is the residue of the rebellion dissipates from this sphere. Pray that the confusion in each mortal mind, that leads man to inhuman acts against his fellows, be relieved.

Pray for the Spirit of Truth to infuse the beings of all, and urge them and guide them toward the path of the Father, whatever their belief systems.

Pray for the healing of your planet, and pray for the healing of your fellows. Be sincere in this prayer. I assure you the Father will answer. If you are diligent. If you are sincere it starts, not with your neighbor. It starts with you.

I thank you dear ones for being here this day. I look forward to our practice session.


GROUP: Farewell Jarel. Another very meaningful lesson.

JAREL: I thank you.