1994-10-30-Your Choices Today Affect Future

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Topic: Your Choices Today Affect Future

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Douglas



The presence of God surrounds us. The love of God enfolds us. The power of God protects us. Wherever we are He is with us. Greetings.

Group; Greetings Jarel.

Jarel: My love be with you all. We are few in number, but many in spirit. Much faith and belief in the God and His mission. I thank you for your presence. For your efforts of sincere love and for aiding your fellows. You, dear students, are what this mission is about. It is to teach you to be of one mind in unity and love for all of humanity.


Decision, Future

Your concerns and efforts for this one of your group is exemplary of your concerns and efforts to all of mankind. It is with joy and great pride that we, your teachers and celestial friends, observe your growth in this manner. I take great pride in the fact that you aided him, and without hesitancy come to the aid of your comrades. This is the spirit, this is the challenge, to be able to assist one another in this setting, and in the future to assist mankind with the same zeal, sincerity, and speed that you exhibited this day.

You, and we on this side, are aware of the great confusion that exists in this day, in this time, regarding this planet and the direction that their leadership would have it to go. This confusion of government is of concern to you and to us. Christ Michael has inaugurated this mission to be the guide for you and others through practice of the principles that are indeed the foundation of this teaching mission. You become strengthened and more aware of decisions, proper decisions, to make choices in your lives that will effect not only you individually, but you as a group, you as members of the family of God, and you as a person living this experiential life on Urantia.

Your choices today will affect the future of mankind and us, and the future of Urantia. This is the reason you must study the text and interact in the mission with your fellows. You need fuel, information in order to arrive at proper conclusions, to make accurate and adequate choices. You need to be fed with information and experience. It is you, dear students, who once you have been clothed with the knowledge from the text and this mission, it is you who will decide your place in this world. Will you pick up the banner of Michael and assist your fellows. Will you take this knowledge and make a better life for yourselves and for humanity. Will you with your conscious choice, based upon this interaction and experience and revelation from the text, help to bring Urantia into the era of Light and Life.

You, dear students, have monumental decisions to make. The world as you know it is in need of your help. Just as you are dependent upon one another, although you know what is truth, the need of your fellows will always be present. You, dear students, will always need each other and others who come into this enlightenment. Your choices today are to ignore this revelation. To become stagnant, non productive, non growing , and watch as evil engulfs humanity. Or the alternative is to take unto yourselves Light and Life, knowledge of the text and this mission. Grow and develop into fine bright spiritual beings, grounded with the foundation of love and dedication to the Father and His son and your fellows. This alternative has a bright future for not only you but the planet as a whole.

You, dear students, can shape the future of the universe through your sincere desires to be of service. That your understanding, collectively, is correct. You have input with one another to solve the confusion and problems of one another. Heed your own counsel, is my message for you. You have developed individually to stages where wisdom is predominate in your life. Confusion enters only when you fail to recognize the wisdom that has come to you. You understand much in the way of our lessons, in the way of the text. However application and practice of these principles will do much to solve the confusion of your lives.

You dear students, are progressing greatly. Pride is the word that I carry on my chest. Pride in each of you and the group as a whole. Great is my pride viewing your love. I trust it is also as a result of love that I, your humble teacher, have shown you through my efforts and that of Verona and other celestial visitors to show you an example of the love of the Father, unconditional in all aspects, to embrace you unconditionally coming as you are to receive the benefits of fellowship here in this mission.


Practice the stillness, of this coming to the Father. Open your mind and hearts to His love and guidance, this will keep you grounded correctly where confusion will not reign supreme in your lives, It is but a fleeting moment for you to be confused or have doubt. It will not last. The truth of the revelation, the example of our Master, is everlasting for you and generations to come. The universe will acknowledge the example of your Creator Son in the flesh. Here is the pattern that will go down in the annals of future generations as the ways to the Supreme. Michael of Nebadon lived as a man, as a mortal. He was confronted with all of the issues that are present in your life. Michael of Nebadon surpassed this test of human existence to astound a sleeping world, and the worlds that were enlightened by His noble, humble gracious spirit. By His example of supreme love He has set the standards of the universe. You His children must follow that example as you did earlier this day. Give sincere counsel coming from the foundation of love. Your answers, solutions will have merit as they were born out of a sincere desire to assist. I commend you as always for this great outpouring of love and concern.

Take pride in yourselves in your ability to assist one another and Christ Michael. Take pride in yourselves. Be firm in your knowledge that you are indeed an important part of this mission. That you are indeed contributing to the overall good and benifit of your home planet. Take pride, dear ones, that you have achieved that state of development that allows you the great love for humanity. This great compassion for humanity. this great desire to reveal the truth. To be one of the noblest of services, as a teacher and friend to one another. I thank you for your efforts,. the Father applauds you.

It is indeed wonderful as always to be in your presence. I am quite aware of your time constrains. However I do not posses the devise, a watch. It is wonderful that we can share in your growth as always. Let us continue to remember that we are coworkers and friends, and love the peace and harmony. Let us ever come together to aid one another.

Well , dear hearts, let me receive your greetings and perhaps a question or two.


Group: Greetings Jarel

Jarel: How do you fare , dear ones ?

Betty: I am continually trying to let the Father lead and be more and more conscious of that in my mind. It proves to me at times how full of pride I am. I find that when I surrender to my circumstances and put myself on a higher plane rather than in what is happening that things go a lot better. I am much happier and the people around me are happier. It is a contagious thing that once you calm yourself down and allow yourself to be an authority, because that is how you have placed yourself. It seems to be a lot less confusion. The choices I make, I know are important as long term goals, but the direction of how I get there is up to God. I am struggling to be more and more conscious of the important things in my life and to let the trivial things drop by the wayside. I struggle to tell the truth. To be a good friend and to want to be a part of my loving family, both here and my physical family. We have had such a wonderful healing.. That’s the way it is. That’s where I am.

Jarel: This is wonderful. Your thoughts are clear, there is no confusion.. The one in control is the Father. The prayer "Father" acknowledges Him as the God Head. It shows your willingness to accept His guidance. The acknowledgment of His presence in your life. This we all must have . When we allow Father His rightful place in our lives our life becomes less traumatic. More productive. Not that we will not have difficulties and achieve knowledge from these adversities, but they will not have the detrimental impact that they could have without the presence of the Father. So, dear one, continue on your path that will be to greater understanding love and development. Continue to keep in mind that the Father indeed loves you and has need of your assistance.


Betty: Thank you Jarel; I have one more question. From the book I am reading "The Way To The Kingdom" It talks about, rather than sharing your disappointments or your troubles or tribulations with other people, the outpouring of these emotions, hang on to them for a while and let God do the work inside of you. Give Him a chance to respond to what’s going on with you rather than be so quick to vent your negative opinions or hurts. I don’t think this means therapy, and coming together in a group to let people you love help you. But I mean in your everyday life to hold on to it for awhile and let God work it out with you. I wondered how you felt about this. Is it on the right track. Do you have some wisdom on this ?

Jarel: Dear one. Where is the Father ? Does He not indwell each and every one of His will creatures. It is not necessary to wait and allow Him to act. When you share with your fellows who are equally endowed with His presence you are allowing Father to act, as He has always acted, thru the agency of others. The concept that would deny the participation of your fellows I could not adhere to. I, as your teacher would like to see much more interaction, of use with one another when you have come together and shared from a sincere heart your problems and offered your solutions Father is working great works through you, through these Adjusters. He is present and contributing to your solutions. Do you understand ?

Betty; Yes. Thank you.

Jarel: Dear ones, allow me to leave you this day with words of encouragement, of love and peace. There is great harmony in efforts of you in coming together for the purposes of fellowship. This harmony is proof that you are not only of like minds, but are indeed of like spirit. Your spiritual growth is similar. You desire the same goals. Service, dear ones, is still the watchword. To be of help to one another and mankind as a whole is the goal. There is revelation coming at various times. Do not allow these events of this era to cloud your spiritual development. If, dear students, the materialization’s as expected do not transpire you still have to develop spiritually for survival status. You still have the love of the Father to help you have immortal existence. Your development is not coupled with any pre-event or non event. Your spiritual development hinges upon your desire and continued practice of seeking Father and His counsel first.


So, I say to you practice, practice, practice. Come to the stillness. Come to salvation, come to enlightenment. Come and be embraced in the love of the Father. My peace I leave with you. A thousand blessings be upon you. Go forth in love and service. Be a shining example of truth and revelation that you are. Farewell.

Group: Farewell Jarel. Thank you and we send our love with you.