1995-04-07-Being In Alliances

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Topic: Being In Alliances

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Tomas

TR: Rutha, Gerdean



Opening prayer

DANIEL: Greetings my friends. I am Daniel, your guide and teacher. Tomas and I both greet you with love and respect, with the understanding that you are like ourselves, creatures formed in the likeness of great potential. As you have witnessed this week in your quiet times and times of contemplation on the aspects of last week's assignment about limitations you are beginning to realize that through the outworkings of life limitations are aspects of perception. Indeed, it is the wise individual who seeks a greater Source in understanding the finer points of limitations. There are things within your framework and within your grasp that can be readily changed and can be found limitless if the mindset and environmental conditions are meshed together. There are changes that can only be reached through the greater consciousness of allowing God's abundance, God's grace, to pave the way. Jesus, the Wayshower, understood as His life progressed, those ways of abundance and non-limitation. He also understood some finite limitations of a material existence.

As you continue to pursue the aspects of limitations always allow that time of contemplation, of quiet, wherein gratitude and personal love and personal willingness to follow the pathway is given. This evening Tomas and I will address you regarding the aspect of alliance.


Alliance, Attunement

In your lives each of you has personal fondness towards certain ideas, perceptions, groups, and relationships. To these you pledge you yourself to bringing forth a greater progression in these areas. You have an alliance with these ideas, relationships, etc. Our mission here is and has benefited from your alliance. Through your commitment, the personal steps of growth are manifested for you individually and collectively as a group, and then into the outer world as you live your lives.

One of the aspects that you as individuals have cultivated, nourished and brought into life is your alliance with a firm desire to align yourself with the First Source and Center. This aspect of your being is one that has and will continue to sustain you. It calls to your innermost being to seek further knowledge, understanding and further perpetuation of your own soul growth. When one takes up the allegiance of following the First Source and Center, one is in essence calling upon the omnipresence of our Creator and Creator Son to provide the necessary knowledge, necessary material possession, the necessary understanding to follow this lifestyle.

To be in that alignment with the First Source and Center at this stage of your development does not mean that there is not error or misunderstanding on your part. What it does mean is that you have made a commitment to pursue a certain pathway, a certain way of life, a certain way of viewing life, a certain way of desiring to serve one another. And in this steadfast pursuing you are in essence setting forth a goal which is to further expand the overcare of the First Source and Center. It is, in essence, helping you disperse fear, to be courageous in the face of living your lives. Aligning oneself with the First Source and Center, then, helps you in setting aside those fine fears in your personal relationships, in your material relationship, in your intellectual pursuits. Those who understand the alliance with the First Source and Center understand that phrase of Christ Michael's, 'I have come that ye may have life and live it more abundantly'.[1] Therefore my friends you can lay down fear and readily appreciate the overcare of the First Source and Center knowing that when the time is right, when the arena is prepared, then guidance, action, service, love, etc., etc. will also be provided. And now I will turn this over to my friend Tomas.

TOMAS: Thank you Daniel. Good evening children, loyal students, hearers of our words. This alliance of which we speak, which you have known, have experienced changes you. Be alert to the growth which comes about as a result of your conscious alignment with those powers and energies hailing from Deity. Your alignment with Deity will forever alter your approach to your destiny path and also will change your attitude and behavior regarding those who surround you in the flesh.

Your records speak of Jesus as a man of sorrows and yet He walked consciously in alignment with the will of our Father. How one can know this radiant joy and be confident of such a destiny and walk with sadness is a perception which you will also foster as you proceed on your path. The sadness of Jesus and yourselves often is related to a sense of compassion for those who flounder without alignment, who suffer pangs of isolation and experience fits of anger in their aloneness. In the duality of being mortal with mortal limitations and aspiring for perfection, divinity attainment, your work recently in the realm of limitations shall provide you with a sense of compassion as you behold your brothers and sisters in their fetal state.

Lest you, as the Master, become known by your fellows as sorrowful people, turn your face to the illumination of that drawing power of the First Source and Center and retain your devotion to its radiance. Follow the path of divinity as your heart reveals it to you, in and through your conscious alignment with your Indwelling Spirit; and trust the support and upholding of those who need your efforts in the journey to further the path of the Supreme. Yes, the alliance with the First Source and Center is such that you will more consistently realize your rightful place in this alliance, that when you stop to serve, when you stop to wash the feet of your brethren you will not falter but maintain your alliance. Hold fast to this awareness of your connection with the First Source and Center as you traverse your circles.

DANIEL: Questions?


Liberty, Limitations

Isaac: Tomas, this is Isaac. May I ask you a question to clarify something you said last week?

TOMAS: You may ask.

Isaac: I will read the sentence that I am not fully understanding. You said in referring to the Lucifer Rebellion...' And now let me ask you to what extent do you feel that the effects of the Lucifer Rebellion are still influencing your own appreciation of your limitations? If, in fact, the Manifesto spoke of unbridled liberty then with good intentions and well rationalized motives it would seem that liberty can continue indefinitely, unless restriction/limitation is placed upon some aspects of your thinking processes and subsequent behaviors'. As I was typing this I was wondering if that last sentence...' It would seem with good intentions and well rationalized motives that liberty could continue indefinitely'. I thought perhaps that this would be Lucifer's idea and that you were presenting it as something to be disavowed. Did I misunderstand that totally? What did you mean by that?

TOMAS: One moment. I would first agree with you that the structure of the thought put forth is somewhat convoluted. Yet my intent and purpose was to question whether sometimes you limit yourselves in fear that your liberty might be to unbridled. You often censor yourselves. I have witnessed it in all of you that you constrain yourselves lest you be totally free to say what your heart desires to say. You censor the perceptions of your hearers. You limit your expression and therefore limit the comprehension of your hearer. And I have suggested that sometimes your own restrictions may be in fear that you are being 'Luciferian' in your free reign, in the liberty of your expression. Does that help clarify my garbled and too hazy statement?

Isaac: Well, yes. And since it was I who spoke of the dangers of unbridled liberty and not recognizing limitations, now I can understand what you were after there. So that's very helpful, Tomas. And perhaps other readers of the transcript who read this one will ... (maybe in the first place didn't share my confusion) and now will share the clarification. So I appreciate that clarification. Thank you very much.

TOMAS: Thank you.

Busyness, Stillness

PamElla: Tomas, your answer brings me to a further question. I was sharing earlier today that I am not looking forward to company this weekend just because I'm tired and I want to structure my own time. I don't know what all is going on other than I just don't have much time to myself and so I have projects that I want to do and etc. And I have been feeling torn and wrong in that perhaps I was limiting myself by those feelings that I should be looking forward to my company and being open to the new experience. Anyway, I have been feeling wrong about my reactions and that it was coming from my self limitations. And now what I hear in your clarification is perhaps I am limiting myself in not being honest with my company about how I am feeling about having company. I definitely am feeling limited and I am recognizing that I am limiting myself. But I am not sure in which direction or if I am limiting myself in both. Is that clear?

TOMAS: It is clear. My child, the first thing you need to address is your exhaustion. You cannot make any satisfactory, soul satisfying decisions as long as you are harried. It occurs to me why you would, if indeed you are so weary, set upon yourself the desire, the ambition to attack several new projects. This seems contra-indicated if you are, indeed, tired. If you intend to set out to experience peace and quiet and meditation in the hills to take in energy as the Master did, this might be a wise approach to structuring your time.

Yet remember that often when you have been under stress and have been too busy to the point of fitful exhaustion the presence of a friend can provide the uplifted heartfelt satisfaction that relaxation and diversion, which also would set your mind at ease from your efforts. Remember the condition of friendship is an end in itself that the love which you may express or receive in any friendship is unlimited, whereas time/space projects and the like are fraught with limitations.

Lest you perceive that I am making your decisions for you remember my initial admonition, and that is to seek stillness and rest. From there your path will unfold more naturally and happily.

PamElla: Thank you Tomas. Part of my difficulty is that...I understand what you are saying about projects. The projects I have in mind is my yard work which I find very restful. But what I have been having difficulty finding is that rest because it seems that there are so many demands on my time that involve people or that involve alliances or involve earning my living that I really can't see where I can cut back at this point, other than weekends that I like to save to myself for sleeping and going to the hills. I definitely like to do that on the weekends. I am thinking about what you are saying about friendship. My perception is since I don't want to have friends over into a cluttered and very dirty house that there are certain aspects that go along with having people such as getting my house clean. Anyway obviously I am feeling very limited and I realize I am limiting myself in my beliefs about what needs to be done and how things have to be a particular way in order for this to happen or for that to happen. And I guess I don't want to let go of them. So I guess I am wanting to be limited. I guess I'll shut up. (laughter)

TOMAS: Fastidiousness itself is a limitation, for although it does provide order and beauty and a sense of control it, like all efforts, is only valuable to you if it provides some satisfaction, that is, if you approach it with joy. Any service to your fellow man or to yourself that is not done in joy is valueless. It is filler and extremely limiting to your happiness.

PamElla: Thank you, Tomas. I will try and approach it with joy.

Isaac: From what you just said, Tomas, I can see another conclusion. If you are not doing service out of joy and it is nothing but filler and etc., then you are doing your duty or something duty like, then maybe you shouldn't do it.

Group comments: Not clean your house?? -- Well I love it, not cleaning the house but the garden. Nothing is as boring as cleaning the house! But even cleaning the house is beautiful. I enjoy cleaning the house when I have the energy. I love to put on music and clean the house. It's just that I don't want to do it tonight. What's wrong with tomorrow? Well no, the plane comes in and I am neighbor representative and I supposed to organize the cleanup before I can do that.

Luke: Thank you, Tomas and Daniel, for bringing up the subject like we had last week. I sure felt the limitation on self as well as each individual at the time I was sitting here last week. It is a good subject. I hope you will keep us on line and keep us striving to overcome our limitations. Thank you.

DANIEL: Thank you Luke for your words. Tomas and I are dedicated to a fault, perhaps, in striving to be agitators to your comfort zone.


Leetah: Well, I am a bit agitated! (Laughter). Tomas when you were talking about being free to say everything you think and not to limit yourself because you might limit the other person's comprehension, with tongue in cheek I would like to ask if you as a mortal ever said things that you thought might be appropriate and seeing shocked looks on faces and complete silence; and did it add to your fear or take away?

TOMAS: Leetah. You have asked me a most provocative question which I will, indeed, answer to satisfy your curiosity. But before I do that I wish to clarify that when I spoke of expressing yourself freely I was speaking in a higher sense such as telling a friend about your spiritual experiences. You are inclined to restrain yourself lest they not comprehend and you limit your joyous and free expression of your personal religious experience as well as their Thought Adjuster who eagerly awaits the opportunity to take those impressions and align the mortal of its indwelling with the First Source and Center. This is the freedom of expression to which I made reference.

Your question infers that I and all evolving mortal creatures will and do say rude, thoughtless, and outrageous things to other individuals without restraint or sensitivity to their acts (continuous chuckling and laughter). Indeed the other side of the coin of my elongated question which Isaac referred to earlier speaks to that also -- [Tomas gets lost] -- for there you see in another long question I have even lost myself! (Loud laughter) And you see, Leetah, more clearly, perhaps what I meant?

Leetah: Yes, Tomas. I really do. I was thinking of my rude mouth (laughing)..and it really wasn't rude. Maybe inappropriate. Someone was talking about their body going to end or something like that and I said in the teachers' supply room in front of many people that 'Well, that doesn't mean you are going to end'. And there was just total silence! And their faces were just blank! And I thought, 'Oh, dear, I have put my foot in my mouth again!' That's what I was thinking about.

TOMAS: Do not limit such expressions for those are the kinds of expressions of your faith which plant seeds, despite the expression on their face. Obviously something was impressing them. It is not for you to determine whether it was positively or negatively received. Plant your seeds freely!

Leetah: Thank you Tomas. I will remember that. That is really a very good admonition for me because I often interpret faces according to my feelings at the moment instead of the reality that might be happening. Thank you for that insight.

Luke: Well it's like always, our intention is to be good, to help others. And as you mentioned, it doesn't mean you will go on. The way we know ceases to exist. The intention is really what counts in the end.

DANIEL: Indeed will you all be greatly joyed, overcome when you resurrect and are able to sensually understand ascension, where faith will be affirmed.

PamElla: I'm confused again. I apparently misunderstood your statement which you clarified now further. I would like you to address maybe the other aspect of what you, of limiting our expression. There is a lot of expression that is inappropriate, socially inappropriate, rude and insensitive if one is trying to be responsible for someone else's feelings. But it is also honest. What is the balance between being honest and letting other people take responsibility for their reactions to one's words and being a good, loving, caring person? And I guess even as I am asking this question I'm thinking that time in the quiet tempers our responses so that they are honest without being destructive. Could you comment further on that, please?

TOMAS: Yes. It is a matter of different circumstances requiring different approaches. The gracious soul is more able to handle difficult personalities. The wise soul is frequently able to eschew difficult personalities. The clever individual can get the point across without alienating the difficult personalities, etc. You are correct that one who aligns himself and herself with spirit sources is more able to respond appropriately to the moment. Remember that much of your dealings with your society are based upon limitations of your culture, your gender, your language, your etc., and are really not real as far as your spirit truth is concerned. A farseeing individual who is not too tired can perceive the necessary avenue in a situation. Always remember the admonition of the Morontia Companion who suggests that communication is the key, that when you can align yourself with the integrity of the other personality you stand a better chance of conveying truth. Is that addressing your subject?

And may I also say that when one question leads to another it is not that you don't get it or that I don't get it but that we are communicating. We are expressing further, making deeper inroads into an understanding. It is never a concern for the teachers when a question is asked and asked again in different phraseology.

PamElla: Yes, Tomas, you did answer the question and it did lead to another question. I am thinking about limits and I know that I limit myself when I am concerned about being inappropriate or rude or hurting someone else's feelings or displaying anger inappropriately. Well here is my question. Sometimes I have feelings and I am afraid if I were to express them honestly I would err in overdoing. And so I will therefore err in underdoing it and not expressing. And I realize both are errors. I guess I don't know if I do have a question. I want you to tell me which one is better! (laughing) Anyway, maybe I don't have a question but that is what I was thinking about when we were talking.

TOMAS: I will address that which has struck me as being the issue of your soul's need. And that is that you feel the need to express, but do not want to offend or alienate or be inappropriate in expressing your feelings. This is possible by letting it be known in advance that you are going to emote, and then emote freely until you have spent that soul need. Then pick up your pieces, embrace your friend who has allowed your expression, laugh and go on.

PamElla: Thank you, Tomas. As long as they allow that expression it would be fine.

Isaac: Well since we are having this conversation, as you just said, this is delightful to me. I wanted to add my two cents about one thing here. I'm thinking of the clarification that the Urantia Book has given me regarding Jesus' somewhat contradictory, as some people see it, modes of expression where, and it is recorded in the Bible as well, He denounced certain people with pretty strong language: snakes and vipers and etc. According to the Urantia Book He did that only at the end of His life when He knew these people had rejected His teaching and were turning from the truth. I don't believe He ever used those kind of tactics when He was trying to build bridges of communication. Do you agree with me on my interpretation of the Urantia Book on this issue? Do I have it right, I should say. Can you talk about that?

TOMAS: I feel we rather see it eye to eye. However, I do not feel that He was making His statements simply because He was about to exit. No, but rather He felt the necessity of assigning certain evils and sins to the record. It is wise to understand that Michael had the advantage of a more sublime vantage point than you or I in that regard. It is often the case in the observation of evolving beings that certain snakes and vipers appear and spread their threats, poisons, and toxins to the detriment of all. It is not, however, incorrect for a thinking, God-conscious mortal to in the same fashion address the individual and express that this is how you feel in the presence of this individual. And if their response is clear you may wipe the dust from your feet and walk away trusting that their judgement will be made by beings of higher and more infinite wisdom than your own, which is considerable, even at this point.

Isaac: Thank you very much for that sharing. And so I have nothing further.

TOMAS: It would be only fair to admit that when you, any of you, opt to express your feelings to a mind/heart/soul which is limited by its own constraints, you are most often going to encounter their response, their feelings also. You might want to weigh carefully what you are emoting, with whom, and for what purpose. I am not suggesting you limit yourself but to think carefully before manifesting this process on the first person who comes along. (self conscious giggling in the background) I am certain that Daniel will conform to the belief that the most readily available entity with whom to speak freely one's feelings, thoughts, and reactions to limitations would be that Indwelling God Fragment, that portion of the First Source and Center which is your best friend, your most loyal companion.

DANIEL: Very well spoken my dear Tomas! It is to your benefit and a tribute to your growing awareness that you are able to see humor in your weakness, for those who can see and understand the incongruities of their nature are those who are also more likely and more willing to change and to do the work necessary to bring about change.


So with that Tomas and I ask you to laugh freely at yourselves, to lighten up. During this week of great reverence on your planet may you see and understand with a great awareness, and not limitation, the message of Christ Michael to this 'planet of the cross'.

Go in peace. Our love. Good night.