2000-06-04-Femininity, Avoidance

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Topic: Femininity, Avoidance

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Olfana, Lantarnek, Tomas

TR: Jonathan, Ginny, Gerdean



Olfana (Jonathan TR): Allow this to begin. I am Olfana once again with you, pleased to be in association. I perceive such luminous souls. It is a beautiful landscape; your personalities manifest such variety; your intentions are quite uniform. This diversity and similarity is what contributes to the beauty of your arrangement together. From the viewpoint of morontia eyes, it is quite colorful. To be as you are, such seekers for truth, those who are on the quest for goodness, you display an art that is cherished by those from our vantage point. Much as you enjoy a scenic viewpoint from the world whereon you are stationed, we also behold the beauty of your expressions and take delight in your discoveries, your emergence, much as you delight in the growth and maturation of spring into summer and fall.

I will not occupy all your time today. I am visiting and send you my love and greetings.



Elyon (Ginnie): Good morning. This is Elyon. You all have this morning shown us that diversity can exist within unity. Your unifying aspect is your truth-seeking self, and yet you all display a variety of aspects that enlarge this unifying principle of truth seeking. We are all amazed at your eagerness to explore further your own comfort level. It is indeed a mark of a maturing soul to welcome, or to at least allow, varying aspects to be considered so that you may embellish your own gem of a soul. In fact, the analogy of a gem with its many facets is a good image to use as you discuss this important question of truth seeking.

A gem has many facets. According to the way you look at it, according to where you are standing, according to the position of the gem, according to the amount of light, each facet will be seen differently. Sometimes one facet is brilliant and glowing while another may be expressing a color. Even some may not be showing at all or may seem dark. But it is still a gem. The dark sides will at sometime look bright and beautiful, and the bright side will at some time not be so bright. Taking it as a whole, a beautiful object which presents itself in many colors is a way of looking at the evolving soul, the evolving personality, and as you rub against each other you polish yourself.

As you progress in your ascension career, as any child progresses in their life, their first career, you know that you can only act from where you are. As you grow into maturity, as a child grows into maturity, you reach a point where you no longer need to act the way you did when you were a child, and you put those things away. As you mature you can begin to smile at your foolishness, because at that time that is all you knew. The ascension career is designed specifically for growth, for evolution, which means setting aside something that is no longer useful to take on something new. As you know your ascension career is very, very long and you have many, many chances to regroup, to re-choose your master, whom you will serve.

In Michael's time on this planet he at all times showed that he was no respecter of persons. He gave himself to whomever revealed a desire to follow him. So, my friends, be eager and patient with yourselves as you progress in maturity. In all your discussions, in all your thoughts, have one clear purpose, which was Michael's purpose, that the Father's will be done, that the Father's will be manifest in your life, and this will guide all your thoughts and all your actions.

I take leave now as there are others present who would like to speak. I bid you peace.


Lantarnek (Jonathan): Lantarnek Melchizedek speaking. I have a lesson to share. It is in reflection upon the words "engagement" and "avoidance". You are taught of potentials and actuals, and it is freely expressed that potentials exist, that you may actualize them. But I must alert you to the truth that potentials are non-existent. By this I mean that they are not items that you select. They emerge into a latency from nothing based upon your selective choosing and the dynamics of your experience. The existence of actuals takes upon themselves relationship. The reorganization of actuals creates new relationship. This relationship is the intervening space between actuals; that shifting creates those potentials that emerge if you actualize them.

Avoidance is simply choosing another actual, not the refusal of some potential. To perceive oneself as avoiding is really to be engaging in some other form of expression. You need not fear that there is lurking about you some condition which will foist itself upon you and overcome you with a situation in which you have no selective options.

The beauty of the dynamics of the universe condition is the discovery of actuals as they emerge from potentials, or, to put it another way, the emergence into reality that which did not exist. As these latencies emerge, new conditions arise and hitherto inexpressible actuals are made known, are lived out, are realized, are attained. This brings me to my point: you each are islands of original creativity. Father Of All has not mapped out a script of potentials that you must cleverly discover and select to please Him or to qualify as a spirit ascender. He has left to you the mechanisms of the universe, the circuits of mind, and the reality of spirit presence that you may create out of apparent nothingness truth and goodness and beauty.

I encourage you to be engaged in this activity, and I would play yet with your word "avoidance" that it is a void dance. All the power resides within your choosing, your selectivity, you keenness of perception, and your application of insight.

Thank you for receiving my words.


Tomas (Gerdean): Thank you for voicing those words, for now my transmitter has opted to engage! I have been having a hard time coming through, for she has been using the excuse of a cold to not hear me. I have no particular profound pronouncements, but as always it is a pleasurable opportunity to present myself to you in personality presence under these social gatherings of learning and sharing. I would personally feel remiss if I were not able to at least say hello.

The message I would bring would relate to the charismatic presence of our sister Olfana, whose charm of character is such that she can represent for us in this setting today the divine equality of the feminine as Jesus taught was truth when it comes to sons and daughters of God. I won't go into the philosophic differences between formats and forums, for we could get lost in discussions of planetary administration and social arts and competitive skills ad infinitum. But the charm and strength of the feminine is a fact that is still undermined and overlooked in your world. The culture has a way to go before understanding and appreciating the strengths of the mother. The archetype of the male, administrative god and male dominated aspects of spirituality are in many ways obstructions to the full breadth of what spirit reality is, for there are realms of thought and feeling that will not be incorporated unless and until that element of reality is embraced. It is an encouragement, yes, but more than that; it is an invitation to balance.

I will not pursue this jellyfish further. Having had an opportunity to greet you and embrace you, I look forward to our continued association today and throughout the week and look forward to next week when we are stronger. Thank you.

Jonathan: Should Gerdean feel like it, I have a question.

Tomas: I am happy to receive your question, and she is happy to acquiesce, as well.

Friendship, Loyalty

Jonathan: Thank you both. I received a letter from a friend, and we have differences of opinion. I want to respond lovingly yet express what I believe. Can you help me focus my approach.

Tomas: I will ask some questions. What are your motives in responding?

Jonathan: To maintain this friendship of several decades and to stand up and fight, to hold my sense of validity.

Tomas: I commend your feelings and your yearning to represent truth while having the continued association of what has been a mortal comrade. These friendships lend quality to life, and as years go by they lend history, as well, thus expanding your scene. Your life is not only made more meaningful but made more, time-wise. You may realize that the need to remain friends with someone is, for all of its value, a lesser reason to maintain an argument or a stance than to uphold the truth or the principle, itself. If the point is important enough, it will not matter to you whether or not the relationship survives, for the relationship between you and your reality, your comprehension of what is real, to wit, your god, may require that you set aside that loyalty to your friendship for that loyalty to that which overrides and oversees all other lesser relationships. It would seem however that this is not a situation that will call you forth from your loyalty to God but to the echelon of followers. So, it is a sociologic matter and not really worth losing friends about. You might want to take a point or two to be fraternal, but in the long run, will it make any difference in their soul? If they have found a truth that works for them, that will only become greater if resisted. You might do well to commend them for their loyalty to their belief system and not worry so much that it diverges from yours.

The fact that it is in public, it is a public forum, has of course added an element of face. Your admitted negligence to use spell-check has left you with egg on your face in public, and you would perhaps like to clean up your act and indicate to your friends that you are intelligent and can express yourself, and they know this clearly. So, assuage yourself and your rightfully healthy ego and only say so much as would be said to an old friend, trusting in that friendship. I am saying this to not lose sleep over these matters which are in the long run temporary. That's my two cents.

Jonathan: Thank you. You busted me on that website posting. My burning passion is to post an updated version of that article, I am more bothered by that than the misunderstanding between friends!

Tomas: Perhaps then you have clarified for yourself a better understanding of what the nature of the project is.

Jonathan: I will take to heart upholding this fellow's point of truth and not tear him down in defending myself.

Tomas: This is an indication of healthy balance such as I indicated in my reference to the value of the feminine. There is balance also in the masculine. There is a certain dance even now ongoing between the male egos of which you refer. The stags who lock horns, who get their antlers entwined with each other in season, and their elemental dance of survival. These are subtle but they interfere in the greater portrayal of your true reality. That is all.

Jonathan: Thank you.

Ginnie: Jesus said to not tear down another's belief, to find fault. Always add something to it instead.

Jonathan: Truth will crowd out any error. You don't have to weed out the error, just provide light.

Gender, Authority

Kirk: It seems the potential of fear and hatred has been brought to the highest. Power has been male oriented. To have that change, for love to come to the planet, would it coincide that more leadership on the planet would be female? Nurturing, loving; would you look for that for a change in a planet?

Tomas: In future the male and female will co-administrate. If your planet had been able to maintain its Material Son and Daughter you would have been nurtured under a dual administration of the male and female. It will take a long time before Urantia is able to embrace such an ideal. It is unfortunate, but it falls upon enlightened men and women to establish the tone, to set the standard.

You are all very vulnerable to the same legacy as the unenlightened. You are in fact no different than those who are ignorant in that you have the same propensities and tendencies as everyone. Rise above your animal legacy and find your way through the Spirit of Truth that you have any advantage at all. In that advantage is a terrible responsibility, the fact that each of you sitting here is dual natured is a circumstance within you that comprises the male and the female, the human and the divine. It is the territorial male as well as the territorial female. It is the lesser of all potential and the potential of all great. Thus you must make choices based on the best possible garnering you are capable of. Someday there will be co-administration. In the meantime you know what you are dealing with; it is less than the ideal. Rather than base it on what has been, one might look at what it can be and see the ingredients are there that would allow it to grow in that direction.

The planetary government of your nation, your world, has been suffering from the default, as well. The inability of the president and the first lady to co-administrate the nation is an example of how it has gone awry. We would have it be the president and vice-president and their wives who are called upon to behave as wives, not as administrators. It's all confused. It will be a long time before there is true clarity, but you can certainly begin to appreciate what's needed and begin to deny all animalistic tendencies and search for those more idyllic tendencies. That means balance. It means openness to change. It means an appreciation of feelings that is sensitive to others. It is not all letter of the law but spirit of the law, as well. It is not possible for me to edify you in (a) one morning message what all is necessary for you to learn to look for in your fellows and develop in yourselves that will lend itself to greater co-administration of future regimes, including the regime of your own home and your own soul. Again, you are encouraged. ` Did I confuse you?

Kirk: No, thank you.

Lantarnek (Jonathan): This is Lantarnek and I would like to also address your question.

The acts of hatred and fear arise from possession or the desire to possess or the desire to not lose. Love is all-embracing and accepting. It is boundary eliminating, and this is hard for an animal origin being to do. The male has been conquer-oriented, but the female likewise has the tendency to preserve clan or family. This loving energy you seek that has been better expressed by the female gender in your race is resident in both sexes. In order for you individually to have an effect upon the evolution of this planet such that the rulership expresses this quality of love, address, focus, yourself to your family. The more balanced the parents, the more balanced the individual child that rises to take roles within society. Regardless of the gender, that individual will be better able to express the qualities that are ideal in either.

At this stage in your evolution it is beneficial that the female side of the human race have more input and influence upon the makeup of society; you know full well she has been for a long time in the background.

Michael of Nebadon rules with Nebadonia. This equal partnership is the model for all function throughout this universe. Tomas has expressed well how even this world ought to have had this same co-rulership structure. Without it in the planetary administration the next level wherein this effect may occur is in the family unit of each one of you.

I am done.

Ginnie: We are given the mind spirits of Nebadonia and the Indwelling Spirit of the Father. We have those actuals, latent talents.

Tomas (Gerdean): As well as the Spirit of Truth.

Ginnie: I'm going to re-read the sections on the Material Sons.

Tomas: It is a concept that is hard for you to understand, granted, for your frame of reference seems to come from the eating of the apple, and of course it was Eve's fault. Therefore man took over and has kept control ever since. It is a distorted picture of reality at best. You will begin to understand the value of co-administration and how our Sovereign Son has established the sovereignty of his and Nebadonia's universe as a joint project wherein each has their assigned tasks and wherein each confers mutual respect upon each other and no creative decisions are made without the full support of each other. This is not something that is that difficult to do; it's just that you don't think of it. You have not had role models. You must establish in your hearts those role models that Adam and Eve would have been and Michael and Nebadonia truly are. Even though they rule from worlds away, they are working in your hearts as you evolve. So you will be able to talk about what they would have you do if you counsel with them in your evolution of this great ideal of the spiritual equality of the male and the female.

That is all.