2002-03-07-Happiness, Part 5

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Topic: Happiness, Service

Group: Stillness Foundation


Teacher: Welmek

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Welmek: Greetings my friends. This is your friend and teacher, Welmek. It gives me great pleasure to be with you once again this evening, for I was in observance at the meeting last week, but was not able to address you in person. So I am very happy to be here again and to see your bright and eager faces before me.


Tonight, we will conclude the series of discussions on the topic of happiness; the most desired state of being in the human experience. This term connotes what you desire most-to be happy. We began this series with an in-depth exploration of what are the elements of happiness that you could piece together as an overall picture of happiness. And from your feedback we identified those components of contentment, peace, a sense of being blessed, a sense of being fortunate. We discussed why it was so difficult for people to find this contentment and peace, which led us to the second discourse on the topic of being in the "now", being in the moment, how to live in the moment, how to stay connected with the spiritual presence within you that foster these feelings of contentment and peace. and of being blessed and guided. We looked at the ways in which you have blocked this and how to overcome this. Then we looked at the ways in which you could see yourself, the good qualities that you have to offer, when you stay in the eternal "now" and you see yourself in this connection with God. And we talked about how you could share these qualities that you have with other people; for when you shared them you felt happy. And this now leads us to the culmination of the discourse on happiness and that is to be in loving service to your fellow human beings. And this is what I wish to explore with you in depth now. For it is the reciprocation and the full encircuitment of the Father's love that you receive, and then you expend in loving another person that is the opening within that person to share the love with others and to feed or be fed by that love of God within them. There is a deeper reconfiguring of the Father's love on your planet that feeds back into you and so it is the culmination of this ability to stay in the flow. And so tonight we will address how this flow of service works and how, in being in the service mode, you stay in the flow of the Father's love.

We talked about the idea of the gifts you have to offer; those good qualities that you share with other people that make them feel good, and make you feel good in administering them to your brothers and sisters. So let us further our exercise that we began in our last discussion. Center yourself now in the beauty of whom you are as a child of God. Each of you has felt this. Each of you has tasted of this but now I want you to sense more of this. And so in asking this sensing of the beautiful child that you are, open your heart and receive this sense, this awareness from God. Say to your Spirit: "My Divine Creator, I am in you; being your creation, your child and therefore I am beautiful in you. Reflect that idea into my heart so that I can feel what that means, so that I can see and feel my beauty." When you have centered yourself in this flow, I want you to identify what one thing it is that you like about yourself, that you find particularly compelling and attractive. And then I want you to see how you can share this with another person. And when you share this with the another person that you have in mind, I want you to feel the exchange, feel the dynamic, how you feel toward that person and how your act of service and kindness and your reflecting your beauty into that person makes that person feel. And I want you to feel the reciprocation from that person.

Are there any questions about this exercise before we move into the spirit of it? I will give you a few moments to center yourselves and then we will continue.

Do you see the simplicity in the exchange? Do you sense the freedom and the freeness in offering yourself to another person to help them, to share who you are with them? Can you sense the gratitude of the other person's deeper level of goodness and beauty that they sense in you? Do you sense how important your loving them and showing your love for them makes them feel?

When you feel ready, I would ask that you to share with me some of these ideas. Simplicity - freedom - helping them to feel important - gratitude. What comes to mind in your experience? Please share this with me when you are ready and then we will continue our discussion.


Student: Welmek, I'm glad to be back here, but two weeks ago I worked with my daughter on a "Who Am I" weekend, so we got into this, on very similar subjects, on our self image, and then we had to write down and then read what we wrote, to keep it balanced. What I want to thank you for is the preparation that I had for that weekend with my daughter, who was very full of emotion from a very hard climb to service, but willing all the time. But, what I came up with in humility was, a can do spirit. A memory of my confirmation in the Catholic Church and somewhat my first communion and my first moral decision as a baby and a sense of consecration which offers to others, a steady pulling spirit which is short of stabilized, maybe in a psychic circle level or and definitely with Thought Adjuster guidance. But the sense of consecration to promoting a friendly universe seems to be the building of I don't want to say self-esteem, but righteousness, maybe. And I'm starting to latch on to fragments of Jesus' character and having even been literally to Nazareth and felt the optimism of even the people in that town. But the pulling spirit, maybe, in summary.

Welmek: Pulling in what direction?

Student: Pulling towards the universe program of feeling of pulling towards the release of hunger tension for Paradise perfection, pulling like, repenting almost like, what Billy Graham would say, a turning towards the character of Jesus with a steady pull and willing to share the can do spirit with others.

Welmek: And what would you say when you are in this flow of can do spirit? What is the temperature of the environment within you? What is that you experience?

Student: It's a little calmer. It's a little more like when I was traveling around the world, a sense of cool daring, maybe, and a simplicity and a thought of "obedience to law is liberty", the more you fall into it, the more liberty you have to serve others without hurting them. Your more in-tune to enlightened honesty.

Welmek: What is the feeling within you that you most crave now to become?

Vincent: More like a humble servant, a progressive, that point about putting my attention on the intention of finding God's - Jesus' character.

Welmek: This is not what I am talking about at the moment. You mention an attitude of calmness or freedom or cool daring. Which one of those would you say is the most desirable for you to operate from?

Student: Apparently with my genetic package, the calmness and the clear thinking.

Welmek: And would you say that you experience more of this when you are in time of service than at other times?

Student: Yes. And the service might be praying for others or planning for another, even away from them, but I would say it is much more pleasurable to be in service.

Welmek: So you would find those moments of calm to be more tangible within you when you are in these attitudes of service? Is that a correct statement?

Student: Yes, and I'm thinking of the library placements I did. Quite often I was in the flow, as I think back on it, and that was the right calm state. Having much movement of materials and distances seemed to help.

Welmek: And so what can you do in your day to day life now, from moment to moment, that would foster this idea of calmness, of being of service? And this is not something that I expect you to answer at the moment, but I am suggesting that you take this idea into stillness. If you are making the identification now that you are more calm when you are in attitudes of service, then what would be the attitude to be in throughout the day that would foster this calm environment within you? Are you clear on what I am suggesting?

Student: I think so. Constant rededication to help find Jesus' character.

Welmek: And so your prayer might be then, "Father when I am most calm and most connected, I am serving. I ask for those opportunities each day, albeit small, that will foster this sense of calmness within me. Lead me to those experiences where I can most help another person and this will thereby foster that receptive environment within me to stay connected with you". Do you see how this will assist you in staying in this calm state? Do you have any other comment on this idea?

Student: One major comment. I'm finding out that it is easier to help people than I thought. Reading Billy Graham's book on "Angels," one out of three people seems to feel that they've had some sort of awakening and I thought it was far fewer than that. I'm finding it easier to share values now a days. And valuing the calm seems to be where I was heading, I think.

Welmek: It is actually easier for people to people to relate to spirit for the severed connections of [[the circuits|spiritual circuitry] are not longer affecting this planet or the people. But what you say is of utmost importance, for in that sense of calmness, people will find within you a center that they themselves seek; kindred spirit of centeredness, which is at the very core of the relationship with the Father as a child of God. When you are in the center, you are the magnet of love that draws people in to a relationship with the Father. This is what is what is so attractive about the service motive. It draws people in to the family into relationship, one with the other, God's spirit to God's spirit. The more you stay centered, the more you stay calm, the more drawing power you avail yourself and the more effective you can become. Do you see?

Student: Yes, I see and I believe it.

Welmek: Thank you.

Student: Welmek; During that exercise, I found myself visualizing just the small interactions of everyday and how I'm starting to develop a sense of transparent freedom, I think would be a word for it, of reaching an understanding with people even over the phone on calling about some simple business matter. And somehow reaching places of agreement where we're both working toward solutions and I find myself more aware lately of the level that they are understanding like things. And I find myself better able to communicate with them, just by having that sense of calm awareness, that isn't too attached to results and I seem to get better results then, when I just let go of the result and become more involved in the process with that person toward getting a solution and at the same time, feeling good, which sometimes means bringing a little humor into the situation, or whatever it takes to just take care of business, but not be too attached to the business of it, somehow. It seems like every interaction I have throughout the day is a form of service in that sense that. It doesn't matter who wants something from somebody else as much as the process itself, and how that proceeds and how people's awareness is affected and their feelings are affected and all that. And so, I've just found that the little interactions of daily life as opposed to big important transitions were what I was visualizing as being pretty important. You can make somebody's day with a small interaction.

Welmek: I would say that you are gleaning one of the secrets of universe living. Each moment is precious. Each moment can be of sacred exchange of love between people; and does that not foster peace and well-being in both parties? Many times in day to day life you overlook the small because it does not seem significant, because it does not seem to have an impact what your world has valued as productive or fruitful. What I say to you in the spiritual realm that this is entirely the point. How well you love one another in the smallest moments is the measure by which you show that you are the very embodiment of God. God's nature does not change from moment to moment. God is the same in love, in compassion, in tolerance, in patience. Every moment through all of your daily activities, God's love for you is never changing. God ministers to you in the most secret and minuscule and minute ways. And the more you sense this, the more you say, "Father reveal to me all the of tiniest ways you minister to me, the smallest of the small, the moment to moment ways your spirit touches me," the more you will see how you stay in that flow. And so each moment becomes a sacred exchange when you are reaching out to your brothers and sisters, and you find the rules of spirit that now dominate your actions. You are living in the ways of the Father; you are Father-like, God-like, Spirit-like. You are no longer just your own will and desires; You are moving into that new dimension where there is more freedom and more ease and more effortless outflow.(end of tap and part of this statement was lost and also part of the next student's)

Student: (To paraphrase from memory was asking in a general way how to best handle his new responsibilities involving his new roommate)

Welmek: Is this something that you have within your heart fully come to a deep understanding of, or do you sense that there is now confusion or perhaps the word would be, apprehension within you about what your commitment should be to him?

Student: What I've experienced is like there has been apprehension in that, I have to be very direct with him and really communicate clearly to him of what I want from him. And like, today, I left for him a tape of the "Stillness Meditation" for him to experience and also the pamphlet on that. So I'm slowly trying to integrate some of my own experiences, and my own spiritual experiences to him. But, I know it has to be a slow process. But, yes there has been apprehension.

Welmek: I would say at this point in time to be very circumspect with what you share with him of your spiritual path. It is not that you are trying to coerce him into believing what you believe, but there must be that opening when he comes to you and says, "I am interested in what you have come to experience in your spiritual life and I would be willing to listen to what you have to say." What you are offering him right now is a place of security. This is what he most needs from you. To know that he can be there in security and in safety, without judgement, without any sense of expectation. And, it is good that you have laid some ground rules down. And then, you now can see, is he willing to, as you say, tow the line? In your own sense of how deep your commitment to him will be, is in how much you feel he is going to be able to maintain the rules of your home. So now you are in this dance, this new experience of getting to know one another and where your limits are. And so I say to you, if you wish to continue this relationship, to begin to see him as your child, and to begin to offer and extend yourself in the ways in would to your son and daughter, with patience, with an idea of "am I in this in the long haul or just as an opportunity to stabilize him?" I want you to search your heart and find that place within that feels right and center yourself in the Father and say, "Father, I now have this person in my home and I wish to be a stabilizing and healing force in his life. Center me in what it is and how it is I can best serve him." Each moment God will show you the little ways in which you can minister to him. But it becomes incumbent upon you to go into stillness and ask for an alignment of the Father's will with your commitment to him. Does this help?

Student: Yes, very much so. I was apprehensive, not only for him, but because all the other things that are going on in my life. And I thought, gee, I've already raised two kids, I'm not raising another one, but I see how that relationship is manifesting.

Welmek: You cannot at this point in time appreciate all or the effects that it will mean within your life and his. You can only move forward in faith and trust that the Father will lead you to even deeper levels of love, understanding, compassion, kinship, in helping another brother find his way back home. (Student: To a safe harbor) Yes. Do you have any other comments or questions? (Yes, but I'll wait) Thank you.

Student: Good evening Welmek, this is S. Last time you gave me such a sense of peace and in my life I really did see how I was being led to my new home. And it certainly was an uplifting experience, but also a very humbling and confirming experience. And out of that - when I go into San Francisco I am so deeply touched by all the homeless people, the people who are truly hungry. And I stop and I talk and I give what I can, but it has been, it has hurt me deeply in my heart, not to be able to change lives or to bring comfort into the moment for all these people. I find in my new home that already I have some people that just by being there to listen and to offer whatever assistance I can, that it truly connects me to my spiritual side in being able to serve in small ways. But I know in my heart that I'm really seeking how to serve many more people and to do what I can, because my life has been so blessed. Sometimes it's frustrating because I love to be able to do so much more.

Welmek: Coalesce a network of small acts of service around you so tightly that every action, every breath will be for others. Your thoughts are prayers; your words are healing balm. Your hands smooth the furrowed lines of worry and tension in people you touch. This desire that you have within you is unmistakably a call to a higher level of day to day commitment to love and to heal others. The agent of change that you wish to become is unfolding right in front of you. It is not your responsibility to assess how you help another person. Some people you will help with one kind word, and it could change their life dramatically. Other people, you could have live with you, and not change them one bit. So you must never assess what it is that you do as being small or big; they are all equal and they all have an effect. When you are in loving service with another person, I want you to envision, if you are willing, that the Master is right there with you and you are going to him and saying, "Master, you were the embodiment of service; I wish to learn from you now. I have this person before me now. Show me how to touch that place within them that will give them what they need. Help me to see that what it is, so I can identify how I may best serve them". In this way you are staying within that flow and you are weaving this web of service energy around you so tightly that your whole life can become a consecration of love. Do you understand my meaning? (Student: I do thank you.) Do you need any elaboration or clarification on this?

Student: It feels so at home within myself. It feels very great.

Welmek: Thank you.

Stacia: Good evening Welmek, I'm S. This is my first time in your presence and I thank you for teaching and your exercise tonight. What I'm realizing is how important the first piece of the instruction was for me. First, it is necessary to find within myself what it is that I value in myself and what is my gift because I realize for me to feel that I have it. I have to recognize that I have something of value to give before I feel like I can give it in service and that I've made the true service. And recently, I've had a lot of gratitude for the people who come to see me in my work because I've only recently realized that they come to me because they feel I have something to offer to them and that I am in service to them. And it feels, it feel different now in these contacts and am so appreciative. More and more I do recognize that I really do have something to give, a lot and I want to be more in service as I recognize this. And as you were starting the exercise, I can't imagine just how utilized I can be? More in service to friends and acquaintances and how it just made me feel happy, actually to imagine myself, to visualize myself in key service, rather than consumed with the interaction as an exchange. And, so looking forward to bringing this awareness and this quality to my interactions.

Welmek: I welcome you here tonight and am very appreciative of your comments and of your participation. I sense your intention to grow in love and in devotion to service to your fellow humans.

As this awareness unfolds in you, and seeing the ways in which you offer help to another person, you are effectively broadening your sphere of operation as the influence that you impress upon other people begins to bear fruit in them. You see how your broader effectiveness brings happiness to other people. This will give you a greater sense of who you are and afford you more insight into the personality you are becoming as a child of God.

And while I address S with this answer, I hope all of you will begin to see this, that the more you love and the more you serve and the more you show your love to individuals, the more you are able to find new ways and new meaning and new values within you that call forth within your fruits of the spirit and experiences, and show you who you are in a new way. There is no limit to who can become or how beautiful you can become. Your value is infinite; your range of operation can be as infinite as your value, the more you love. And, so what you are now doing is beginning to taste the deeper level of the beauty and the realness of you, of your personality. And how can that not fill you with happiness and joy, in just the mere fact of being alive and being able to love one another? You all have been so richly blessed, and the more you feel this, the more beautiful you will become. And the more beautiful you become the more real and the more Father-identified. That will give you more of the ability to have greater latitude within the universe to express yourself in ways that give you a sense of freedom of boundless joy, of infinite pleasure, in becoming as you are as a child of God. Do you understand my meaning, S, or do you have comments or questions on this answer?

Student: I do feel that I did get your meaning on the questions, and I do appreciate it very much. Thank you very much, and I feel very happy.


Welmek: All of you are priceless, of such high value, of such exquisite beauty, just the way you are right now, in all of your imperfections, and all of your untested experiences. I want you to go to that place of deep, deep awareness of this, at the core of your being. And when you are there in that place, I invite you to say these words: "Father this is my gift to the world. You have made me in your image, a child, so beautiful and so multifaceted. It is my soul's desire now, to take this beauty and to share this with others, and so I consecrate myself to that journey of revealing who I am in the world, to help your children find beauty within themselves. Use me as your magnet, your beauty magnet. I offer myself to you in this way." Thank you for your willingness to participate in this exercise. Before we bring the meeting to it's conclusion, I invite you to share any last comments or questions and then we will conclude.

Student: Welmek, I was trying to gather up, the ability to evaluate that white noise and it turned out to be very dense for me as well. I didn't like it, however the music at last Sundays' church service, the Gregorian, the Russian Gregorian chant, was a prelude to group worship, like I've rarely ever felt. So maybe on the one hand, the white noise was really dense, but the beautiful chanting was truly inspiring.

Student: There are those sounds that are honey on the ears and within the body. And those noises that create a jamming signal within the spiritual connection within you. Seek those that are sweet and open the circuits and avoid those that are not. (Tape ended)